Top 103 Horror Movies of All Time

Top 103 Horror Movies of All Time. Everyone loves Horror Movies. A list of best Horror Movies. You should check out these Horror Movies. These Horror Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. The Babadook (2014)

Top 103 Horror Movies of All Time

Amelia, who lost her husband in a car accident while traveling to give birth to Samuel, their only child, finds it difficult to adjust to life as a single mother. Samuel’s persistent dread of monsters and violent response to them doesn’t help her cause either, and her friends grow away as a result. They read a bizarre novel about the “Babadook” monster that lurks in their home when things appear to be at their worst. Even Amelia appears to be affected by Babadook and makes unsuccessful attempts to destroy the book. The rest of the plot is formed by the terrifying encounters the two had.

2. Hereditary (2018)

Top 103 Horror Movies of All Time

A bereaved family is plagued by tragic and unsettling events. Annie, her husband, son, and daughter all lament the death of Annie’s mentally ill mother. The family tries a variety of coping mechanisms to deal with their sadness, including Annie and her daughter dabbling in paranormal activity. They individually start to encounter unsettling, paranormal events that are connected to the evil secrets and emotional pain that have been passed down through their family’s centuries. With a history of mental instability in her family, Annie is a wealthy model maker. To the dismay of her skeptical husband, Steve, Annie, her troubled daughter Charlie, and finally her teenage son Peter start to have weird visions and compulsions after the death of their elderly mother.

3. Drag Me to Hell (2009)

Top 103 Horror Movies of All Time

Bank loan officer Christine Brown is concerned about her situation in life. She is competing with a capable coworker for the post of assistant manager and is unsure about her relationship status. She declines to grant an extension on a loan to an elderly woman named Mrs. Ganush, who is currently facing foreclosure and the loss of her home, out of concern that her supervisor will think less of her if she displays weakness. She finds out that the old woman cursed her as payback, telling her that in a few days, she will be sent to hell. She tries to exorcise the demon with the aid of a psychic, but she encounters several obstacles.

4. Let the Right One In (2008)

Top 103 Horror Movies of All Time

A Vampire Girl (Eli) who doesn’t come out in the daytime, gets the company of a young Boy who gets bullied in school by his classmates. She needs Human Blood to survive every night. Her Guardian takes care of her by killing the persons in a society where they newly arrived to feed her every night. The film ends with the Girl taking revenge on the guy who bullied her Boyfriend.

Twelve-year-old Oskar lives in the Stockholm suburb of Blackeberg and is bullied at school by Conny and two other students. At home, Oskar fantasizes about getting even with the bullies. Eli, the 12-year-old boy who lives next door and only shows up at night on their building’s playground, becomes his friend. Eli’s father, a serial killer, draws blood from his victims to provide Eli, allowing her to avoid killing. Oskar follows Eli’s advice to react to Conny fighting back, but he quickly learns that she is a vampire, and he feels both dread and love for the young woman.

5. The Lighthouse (2019)

Top 103 Horror Movies of All Time

Ephraim Winslow, a reticent former lumberjack, and Thomas Wake, a grizzled lighthouse keeper, set foot in a remote and perpetually grey islet off the coast of late 19th-century New England as the wavering cry of the foghorn fills the air. The tight-lipped guys will be forced to put up with each other’s annoying quirks, pent-up animosity, and developing hostility over the ensuing four weeks of backbreaking labor and terrible circumstances. The keepers of the pale beacon are then marooned in the already hostile volcanic rock by a fierce and never-ending storm, ushering in a protracted period of ferocious hunger, agonizing pain, frenzied isolation, and terrifying alcohol-induced visions. Now, the uncanny grip of madness becomes stronger.

6. Get Out (2019)

Top 103 Horror Movies of All Time

Chris Washington, a photographer, is getting ready to meet Rose Armitage’s white parents while spending the weekend at their Lake Pontaco home. The Armitages are utterly unaware that Rose, Chris’ longtime love, is black despite their five months of dating. Chris will soon discover that the family is surrounded by black servants in the complete seclusion of their gorgeous, yet remote home in the woods when he finally meets Rose’s mother, a doctor who specializes in hypnosis, and her father. The uncomfortable mood paired with pure fear will swiftly shatter the family’s peaceful façade as the cordial and polite atmosphere gradually gives way to an indistinct, rather unrecognizable danger.

7. The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

Top 103 Horror Movies of All Time

A group of five adolescents departs for a weekend getaway to a remote cottage in the woods. When they get there, they discover that they are completely alone and have no way to contact the outside world. They naturally descend to look when the cellar door flings open. When one of the ladies, Dana, reads from a book, she awakens a family of dangerous zombie murderers. They discover a weird assortment of artifacts and curios. But there’s a lot more going on than first appears.

8. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

Top 103 Horror Movies of All Time

The movie begins with a shot of Bad City, a large wasteland filled with oil drilling equipment and ominously close to being a ghost town. Here, Arash does his hardest to make a livelihood by working as a gardener for a wealthy family despite being a lonely teenager with a drug-addicted father who frequently owes money to a dealer. He has no idea that a young, lonely vampire, whose name we never learn, lives in the city. She takes on the role of a vigilante, picking out the “bad” people to prey on and killing them without showing any mercy. She will eventually understand the possibilities that love brings and the fact that there is still a sliver of hope even in Bad City when she runs into Arash one night.

9. Host (2020)

Top 103 Horror Movies of All Time

During lockdown, six buddies gather for their weekly Zoom call. Haley is in charge of planning the activity this time, and instead of a quiz, she has scheduled a séance with a medium. Jemma decides to have some fun and creates a tale about a boy at her school who committed suicide by hanging when she is bored and feeling naughty. Her trick, nevertheless, allows a demonic force to get through and assume the form of the boy from Jemma’s made-up tale. The demonic presence starts to manifest itself in the homes of the pals, and they soon discover that they might not make it through the night.

10. It Follows (2015)

Top 103 Horror Movies of All Time

Jay discovers very quickly after sleeping with a handsome stranger that she has acquired a very bizarre curse: wherever she goes, lumbering, half-naked phantoms follow, and their only aim is to put her to death. Jay seeks assistance from her devoted group of friends and younger sister out of desperation. But over time, Jay discovers that the only way to survive the curse is to sleep with someone else. However, Jay’s pals are blind to the oncoming phantoms, and it soon becomes clear that she is running out of time. The young woman is now on the verge of death and must make a difficult choice if she wants to escape her horrible ordeal.

11. It (2017)

Top 103 Horror Movies of All Time

A gang of mistreated youngsters bands together to slay a shape-shifting monster that preys on the children of Derry, their small Maine town, and disguises itself as a clown. Local children in Derry are gradually disappearing one by one. A gang of seven children in an area called “The Barrens” are brought together by their bizarre and gruesome encounters with an evil clown and their resolve to kill It.

It follows a group of children known as “The Losers’ Club” in the summer of 1989 and their startling encounters with a shape-shifting demonic creature, which is rumored to reappear every 27 years and preys on your phobias. This follows recent occurrences of local children going missing in the town of Derry, Maine. A group of seven children learns that the murderer is not a man when young children in the little Maine town of Derry go missing. Evil clown Pennywise, who can transform into whatever you are most terrified of, is the murderer. The Losers Club, a group of young people, decides to battle and kill It.

12. It Chapter Two (2019)

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The Losers Club has grown up and moved away 27 years after their first encounter with the evil Pennywise, but a heartbreaking phone call forces them to return. The demonic clown Pennywise, who was vanquished by members of the Losers’ Club, comes back 27 years later to terrorize Derry, Maine, once again. The childhood pals have long ago drifted apart as adults. But when people begin to vanish, Mike Hanlon summons the others to his house for a last stand. To defeat the shape-shifting Pennywise, who is now more potent than ever, the united Losers, damaged by the scars of the past, must face their innermost fears.

13. The Witch (2015)

Horror Movies

William, a farmer, and his family are expelled from the Puritan plantation that the church controlled in New England in the seventeenth century as a result of differing religious tenets. William moves to the edge of the woodland after leaving the area with his wife Katherine, adolescent daughter Thomasin, son Caleb, and the twin’s Mercy and Jonas. In the meantime, Katherine gives birth to Samuel as they construct a little house and a barn. Samuel inexplicably disappears as Thomasin and Samuel are playing one day close to the woodland. Sam is unsuccessfully sought after by the family, and Katherine spirals out of control, abusing and blaming her daughter for everything that goes wrong in their lives. William, however, ventures into the forest to go hunting because the crop has failed. Caleb and Thomasin leave for a morning hunt in the woods with their dog and the family horse.

14. Green Room (2015)

Horror Movies

Due to financial difficulties, Pat, Sam, Reece, and Tiger’s punk rock group has a concert planned by radio presenter Tad abruptly canceled. To pay the band, Tad arranges a performance with his cousin Daniel in a pub out in the country. They discover the venue is a skinhead pub when they get there in their van, but they manage to pull off their performance. When they return to the van with their equipment after receiving their payment, Sam notices that she left her mobile in the dressing room, and Pat enters without knocking. He finds a girl named Amber, her friend Emily lying on the ground bleeding from a head wound, and a pub patron holding Amber. When Pat tries to run away and dials the police, the bar staff apprehends him and his band and locks them in the green room with Amber. The bar’s owner, Darcy, entices the cops and chooses to get rid of the witnesses.

15. The Invisible Man (2020)

Horror Movies

The protagonist of the movie, Cecilia, learns about the suicide of her violent ex-boyfriend. She starts to improve the quality of her existence. Her perception of reality is called into doubt, though, when she starts to wonder if her supposedly murdered boyfriend was alive. Cecilia Kass, an optical scientist, is trapped in an abusive marriage to Adrian Gryphon and manages to flee him in the middle of the night with the aid of her sister Emily. Adrian has been Diazepam-drugged by Cecilia, but as she flees, Cecilia releases their dog, setting off the car alarm and waking up an enraged Adrian who pursues her. Adrian discovers the narcotic bottle Adrian left behind as Cecilia and Emily make their getaway.

16. Us (2019)

Horror Movies

A peaceful beach vacation for a family becomes chaotic when their doppelgängers start terrorizing them. The Wilson family travels to Santa Cruz, California for a getaway from their hectic lives to visit their friends, the Tyler family. Their young son Jason nearly gets lost on a day at the beach, which makes Adelaide, Jason’s mother, protective of her family. Four enigmatic individuals burst into Adelaide’s childhood house where they are spending that evening. The family is astonished to discover that the invaders resemble them but are dressed in strange ways.

17. Mandy (2018)

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This is the greatest revenge flick ever made. Shadow Mountains in the 1980s. Red Miller, a quiet lumberjack, and Mandy Bloom, a kind artist, struggle to lead a peaceful life in the heart of a never-ending chilly and dark forest, cut off from the rest of the world. The happy couple then meets Jeremiah Sand, the drug-addled spiritual leader of the deluded Children of the New Dawn sect, in a fatal encounter. The LSD-addled biker gang of the Black Skulls robs Miller of his bliss, driving him to the brink of insanity as cruel misfortune results in suffering and sacrifice. No force on Earth can stop Red’s razor-sharp battle axe from seeking revenge right now.

18. Ready or Not (2019)

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When a bride’s eccentric new in-laws make her participate in a deadly game, the happy couple’s wedding night takes a sinister turn. The compassionate groom, Alex Le Domas, warns his delighted young bride, Grace, that the ceremony is far from done and that they still have a long night ahead of them after a beautiful wedding ceremony at the lavish estate of the opulent Le Domas dynasty. Soon, Grace will have to perform a seemingly innocent game and hide someplace in the enormous mansion’s huge halls and winding passages until daybreak as part of a sinister long-standing family ritual. The armed-to-the-teeth Domases are now coming for Grace, and it’s going to get ugly whether or not she’s prepared.

19. His House (2020)

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Nyagak, the daughter of Bol and Rial, are refugees from South Sudan’s civil conflict. They embark aboard a crowded motorboat to cross the Mediterranean with other refugees traveling the perilous open sea in pursuit of a better life in Europe. Although they make it through the perilous crossing, many others, including their daughter, do not. Three months later, they are eventually given probationary refuge in Britain, and the government assigns them to a run-down house on the outskirts of London with deteriorating walls and drab furnishings. They are subject to tight limitations or risk being deported. Their tenement neighbors are racist and hostile towards them.

20. Under the Shadow (2016)

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Shideh, a former left-leaning medical student, wants to re-enter the university in the 1980s during the war between Islamic post-revolutionary Iran and Iraq but is turned away by the dean. Shideh, who is furious, goes back to her home and refuses to take their daughter Dorsa to his parent’s house when her husband Dr. Iraj is assigned to serve in a war zone. Dorsa, who adores her doll Kimia and has a persistent fever, and Shideh prefer to remain in their flat. When Shideh asks who taught her folklore, Dorsa replies that her friend lives downstairs because she is terrified of demoniac Djinns. When Shideh begs the neighbor’s mother to warn her son not to tell Dorsa scary stories, she discovers that the youngster is silent. Then the Jane Fonda workout tape belonging to Kimia and Shideh vanishes. The neighbors leave Tehran when a missile hits their building, but Shideh stays behind with Dorsa, who becomes more and more uneasy.

21. Wolf Creek (2005)

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Ben Mitchell and his two British girlfriends, Liz Hunter and Kristy Earl, purchase a used vehicle in 1999 so they may make a tight-budget trip to Australia’s outback. In the remote Wolf Creek National Park, they make their first stop to see a meteor crater. They discover their automobile won’t start when they go to it, so out of desperation they decide to spend the night in it. Hillbilly Mick Taylor, a nice local, later stops his truck, offers to help the group, discovers that they need to replace the coil, and suggests towing them to his camp so he can fix the vehicle. When they agree to the proposal, their idyllic getaway becomes a terrifying nightmare.

22. Wolf Creek 2 (2013)

Horror Movies

Gary Bulmer and Brian O’Connor, two highway patrol officers in North Western Australia, are stationed beside an outback road to write as many speeding fines as possible to satisfy a quota. They pull over Mick Taylor as he passes while traveling below the speed limit and accuse him of doing so. The two officers humiliate and ridicule Mick before issuing him a speeding penalty and a directive to abandon his truck. Soon later, as the police leave, Mick shoots O’Connor in the head in retribution, forcing the car to fall into a ditch. Despite Bulmer’s cries for help, Mick breaks the officer’s leg, stabs him in the back with a bowie knife, and then puts the fatally injured policeman back into the car before igniting it with petrol.

23. Creep (2014)

Horror Movies

Freelance videographer Aaron is on his way to a client’s house where he will work for eight hours. He arrives at a house in the bush, the front door being reached by a flight of steep stairs. Aaron knocks but receives no response, so he chooses to wait in his car. He tilts the camera to the ground, where an axe is laying. Josef arrives out of nowhere and hugs Aaron. They enter the home that Josef claims he and his family have spent many summers in. Josef explains that he wants to pay Aaron to film him for his fetus. He tells that he needs to have an incurable brain tumor removed and that he wants his son to have a memento of him. Aaron consents to record him.

24. Creep 2 (2017)

Horror Movies

In search of work, a video artist travels to a secluded home in the woods to meet a man who claims to be a serial killer. She quickly realizes, however, that her decision to spend the day with him was a fatal one. The intimacy of lonely men is a major theme in Sara’s video art. She responds, thinking she might have found the topic for her upcoming project because one web advertisement excites her so much. She travels to a remote home in the woods, where she is met by a man who claims to be the poster of the advertisement and, as stated in the posting, to be a serial killer. She agrees to spend the day with him since she can’t pass up the opportunity to make something that is genuinely shocking. But as the day goes on, she becomes aware that she might have put herself in a situation from which she is unable to recover.

25. The Mummy (1999)

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An American serving in the French Foreign Legion accidentally awakens a mummy who starts to wreak havoc as he looks for the reincarnation of his long-lost love at an archaeological dig in the ancient city of Hamunaptra. Evelyn Carnahan, an English librarian, develops a keen interest in beginning excavation at the ancient city of Hamunaptra. After sparing Rick O’Connell from death, she enlists his assistance. The fact that another group of explorers is interested in the same excavation is something that Evelyn, her brother Jonathan, and Rick are not aware of. To everyone’s regret, this party succeeds in casting a curse that was placed on the deceased High Priest Imhotep. Now that ‘The Mummy’ is awake, it will take a lot more than just firearms to return him to his original location.

26. The Mummy Returns (2001)

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The Scorpion King commanded a terrifying army in Ancient Egypt long ago, but after selling his soul to Anubis, he was forgotten. He is now only a myth, or is he? Along with their 8-year-old son Alex, Rick and Evelyn O’Connell continue to unearth new artifacts. They find the Anubis Bracelet. But another person wants the jewelry. After being raised from the dead once more, High Priest Imhotep seeks the bracelet to command the army of the Scorpion King. The issue is not limited to that. With Alex now in his possession and the bracelet still on him, Imhotep is towards the end of his days.

27. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)

Horror Movies

The witch Zi Yuan cursed the terrible Emperor Han centuries ago, turning him and his army into mummies. The British government invites the explorer Rick O’Connell and his wife Evelyn O’Connell in 1946 to travel to China with a relic, the diamond “The Eye of Shangri-La.” Emperor Han can be revived by the old stone, and it can also show travelers the road to Shangri-La and the pool of endless life. When the pair arrives in China, they run upon Evelyn’s brother Jonathan Carnahan and their son Alex O’Connell, who has found the Han tomb. Their buddy Prof. Roger Wilson, who is connected to General Yang, betrays the O’Connells. Yang revives the mummy and leads the way to Shangri-La because he wishes to serve Emperor Han. They are informed by Lin, the guardian of Han’s tomb, that the only way to end Han is to either stop him from traveling to Shangri-La or to stab him in the heart with a cursed dagger.

28. The Mummy (2017)

Horror Movies

A princess from ancient Egypt emerges from her tomb beneath the desert, bringing with her horrors beyond human imagination and malice cultivated over millennia. An ancient princess, whose destiny was wrongfully robbed from her, awakens in our time, bringing with her a malevolence cultivated over millennia and terrors beyond human comprehension, despite being safely entombed in a crypt beneath the merciless desert.

29. The Evil Dead (1981)

Horror Movies

Five college students take a break from their studies to relax at a distant cabin. When the incantations in a book and audio tape are recited aloud, the evil therein is revealed to be potent. The companions discover they are unable to halt the evil as it devours them one by one, leaving only one survivor among the horrible dead who valiantly struggles to survive till dawn.

Ash Williams travels to a cabin located far into the Tennessee woods with his girlfriend Linda and three other pals. The cottage, which they rented for a bargain and without having seen it, is in good shape, but they start hearing unusual noises and occurrences practically as soon as they get there. They discover a bizarre book and cassette recordings with a translation of the text in the basement. They unleash an evil force that is out to murder them when they play the tapes. They each become possessed in turn and start attacking the others. Only one will live till the end.

30. Evil Dead II (1987)

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In a remote cabin in the woods, a young man named Ash plays back a professor’s taped recital of chapters from the Book of the Dead. Ash is with his lover Linda. Ash and Linda are both threatened with being transformed into hideous Deadites by the spell, which summons an evil power from the woods. The night becomes a non-stop, horrifyingly humorous combat between a demon horde and a flying eyeball on one side, and the professor’s daughter and her entourage on the other, when they arrive at the cabin with the professor.

31. Army of Darkness (1992)

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Accidentally transported to 1300 A.D., a cynical hardware shop employee must find the Necronomicon and fight an army of the dead to get back home. A discount store employee gets time-traveled to a medieval castle besieged by demonic creatures in this Evil Dead sequel. He is initially mistaken for an enemy, but he quickly proves to be the foretold hero who can seek out the Necronomicon, a book that has the power to banish evil. Sadly, he mispronounces the tome’s magic words while gathering it, unleashing an army of skeletons under the command of his Deadite doppelganger. What happens next is an exhilarating, but ironic, battle between Ash’s 20th Century strategies and the evil forces.

32. Evil Dead (2013) 

Scary Movies

A young woman is seen strolling through the woods at the start of the movie. She is covered with blood. Eventually, a person jumps her after stalking her, drops a sack on her head, and has his redneck friend strike her with an axe. The woman awakens in a cellar with a woman who can only speak Welsh next to her and is surrounded by what seem to be burn victims. The young woman is confronted by her father. When she asks for her mother, the father accuses her of killing her. As the elderly widow begs the father to kill his daughter, he kills her by gassing her. The young woman threatens to eat his soul before he can light a match. She appears demonic and begins thrashing as the father drops the match and her eyes become yellow. Her head is shot off her shoulders by her father after he tells her he loves her and lifts a shotgun.

33. Don’t Breathe (2016)

Scary Movies

Rocky, a young lady who wants to make things better for herself and her sister, decides to join her boyfriend Money, and their friend Alex in robbing the home of a wealthy blind man. The group must figure out a way out of the blind man’s house before they become his newest victims, though, as he proves to be a more cunning foe than he first appears to be. For the main character, Rocky, to permanently relocate to California, three Detroit burglars plan to loot a blind man’s home in exchange for a substantial cash payment. They have to find a way out of the house in the dark and are unaware of the blind man’s powers or the house’s hidden secret.

34. Don’t Breathe 2 (2021)

Scary Movies

In the years that follow the first deadly home invasion, Norman Nordstrom lives in peace until his past transgressions catch up with him. Norman Nordstrom, who has been hiding away in a remote cabin for years, adopted and nurtured a young girl who was left orphaned after a home fire. When a group of kidnappers appear and steal the child, Norman is forced to leave his haven to save her, shattering their peaceful existence. A young girl who lost her parents in a house fire was taken in by and raised by The Blind Man while he has been hiding out for years in a remote cabin. The Blind Man is forced to leave his safe sanctuary to save the girl after a squad of kidnappers arrives and disrupts their peaceful existence.

35. The 8th Night (2021)

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Long ago, after defeating a demon, Buddha tore out his red and black eyes and hid them in two caskets, one in the East and the other in the West. An archaeologist who discovers the red eye in the desert is shunned by the public and loses his reputation. Nine years later, however, he hatches a plan to bring the eyes together and reawaken the demon, using six people who had attempted suicide to carry the red eye, see the Virgin Shaman, and join the black one. The only person left who can save humanity is a former monk and protector of the black eye who uses an axe and prayer beads to locate the Virgin Shaman and prevent darkness on Earth.

36. We Are Still Here (2015)

Scary Movies

Paul and Anne relocate to the peaceful New England countryside to try to build a new life for themselves after their teenage son is killed in a car accident. But the mourning couple unwittingly becomes prey to a family of malevolent spirits that lives in their new house, and soon they learn that the town they’ve moved into appears to be serene, but it conceals a horrifyingly terrible secret. The evil spirits now threaten to drag their souls – and the soul of their lost kid – into hell with them, so they must find a method to fight back against both the living and the dead.

37. Orphan (2009)

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Following the death of their child, Kate and John Coleman are working to repair their strained marriage. A child will be adopted by the couple. They fell in love with the intelligent orphan, 9-year-old Esther, the moment they encounter her at the St. Marina Orphanage. Their deaf-mute daughter Max is first enchanted by her, while their son Daniel is resentful of his new sibling. Kate eventually gets the impression Esther is manipulative and might even be psychologically damaged. John won’t pay attention to his wife’s reservations. Sister Abigail at the orphanage answers Kate’s phone call and tells her that Esther has a complicated past. Esther is not who she seems to be, Kate learns as she digs deeper into her past.

38. No One Gets Out Alive (2021)

Scary Movies

Ambar Cruz ultimately pursues a new life as an undocumented immigrant in Ohio after years of caring for a dying mother. Ambar leases space from Red and his enigmatic brother Becker in a boarding home. Ambar soon starts experiencing dreams about an unknown creature in an old stone box and visions of women haunting the house. Over time, Ambar also briefly meets Freja, Petra, and Maria, three other immigrant women who board in the house. Ambar explores the border-exclusive, hidden study while Red is preoccupied. Ambar discovers artifacts, recordings, and documents gathered in Mexico by Professor Arthur Welles and his wife Mary, who were the parents of Red and Becker. The papers describe human sacrifice-related Mesoamerican ceremonies as well as the stone box from Ambar’s dreams.

39. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (2022)

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Craig, the teenager who became friends with Mr. Harrigan and helped him out with odd jobs, places his smartphone in his pocket before burying him. The lonely teenager is astonished to receive a reply SMS after sending a message to his deceased pal. Young Craig, who lives in a tiny village, becomes acquainted with Mr. Harrigan, an elderly, reclusive billionaire. The youngster and the guy bond via books and an iPhone, but after the man dies, he learns that not everything dead is truly dead and can contact his friend through the iPhone that was buried with him.

40. The Privilege (2022)

Scary Movies

The Privilege appears to be a collection of horror clichés and tropes combined into a German film that resembles almost something passable. A movie that features exorcisms, cults, evil spirits, seances, quack mediums, and hallucinations is in desperate need of some additional rewrites. Unfortunately, what we are left with is an unimpressive, typical plot with flat characters and a glaring absence of dread. A rich teenager and his friends at an elite private school uncover a dark conspiracy while watching a series of eerie supernatural events.

41. The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring (2013) - skysaki

When Carolyn and Roger Perron relocate their family to a run-down farmhouse in Rhode Island in 1971, weird occurrences quickly begin to occur there, intensifying in increasingly terrifying nightmares. Carolyn requests help from renowned paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren to investigate the house out of desperation. What the Warrens find is a region rife with a demonic poltergeist that is now following the Perron family around wherever they go. The Warrens will need to use all of their abilities and spiritual fortitude to battle this ethereal threat that threatens to obliterate everyone involved to stop this evil.

42. The Conjuring 2 (2016)

The Conjuring 2 (2016) - skysaki

Peggy Hodgson’s husband left her to live with a neighbour in 1977, she is struggling financially to support her children, Margaret, Janet, Johnny, and Billy. Peggy initially doesn’t believe her daughter Janet’s claims that she can communicate with an elderly man’s ghost when she sleepwalks. But soon after, she notices paranormal occurrences in the home and concludes that Janet is under the control of a demon. Police are called by her neighbor and friends, who also witness the enigmatic event. One of them informs the local priest, and Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine Warren receive an invitation from the church to visit London where they will join forces with paranormal researchers Maurice Grosse and the sceptic Anita Gregory to determine whether the incident is real or a fraud.

43. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021)

The Warrens look into a homicide that might have been caused by demonic possession. A terrifying tale of fear, murder, and unexplained evil that even veteran paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were horrified by. One of the most dramatic cases in their files begins with a battle for a young boy’s soul and goes far beyond anything they had ever seen to become the first murder suspect in American history to use demonic possession as a defense.

44. The Nun (2018)

The Nun (2018) - skysaki

Two nuns are moving towards a door that says “God ends here” in a dark hallway at the Carta Monastery in Romania in 1952. While Sister Victoria, a younger nun, begins to pray, the older nun enters the room via the door in search of some sort of artifact. After being attacked and bleeding, the older nun appears and warns Victoria to flee before she is dragged back into the shadows. The demon nun Valak, Victoria’s attacker, approaches her slowly but steadily while holding a key in her hand. Before Victoria leaps and hangs herself, she prays to God for forgiveness. Sometime later, a man by the name of Frenchie finds her decomposing body.

45. Malignant (2021)

Malignant (2021) - skysaki

Gabriel is a psychiatric patient being treated by Dr. Florence Weaver, Victor Fields, and John Gregory in 1993 at Simion Research Hospital. Gabriel had unique abilities, including the ability to command electricity and use speakers to transmit his thoughts. Gabriel becomes violent one evening and murders a number of the institution’s employees. After feeling unwell at work due to her pregnancy 28 years later, Madison Lake, a pregnant Seattle resident, returns home to her husband Derek Mitchell. Madison locks herself in the bedroom and goes to sleep after Derek hits her head against the wall during an altercation. Madison has a dream about a guy breaking into their home and brutally killing Derek, and she later awakens to find his body.

46. Dead Silence (2007)

Dead Silence (2007) - skysaki

A ventriloquist doll is sent to Jamie Ashen and his wife Lisa in the mail, which they find pretty weird. It arrives not long after Lisa is discovered dead. To learn the truth and put an end to the terrible force pursuing him, a somber Jamie must return to Raven’s Fair, where he was raised. He only needs to remain completely silent throughout his quest to learn the truth. If he doesn’t, the long-dead spirit of the identical monster that abducted Lisa and is now pursuing him—the ghost of Mary Shaw—will then possess his tongue.

47. Sinister (2012)

Sinister (2012) - skysaki

The murder case that a controversial true crime author is currently investigating may be the work of an unidentified serial killer whose legacy stretches back to the 1960s, according to a box of Super 8 home movies that he discovers in his new home. Ellison Oswalt, a crime writer, moves his family into a home where a terrible crime occurred in the past, but his family is unaware of this. To write a book about the crime, he starts investigating it. To further his research, Oswalt investigates video recordings he finds throughout the house, but he soon learns more than he had anticipated.

48. World War Z (2013)

World War Z (2013) - skysaki

Gerry Lane, a former employee of the United Nations, travels the globe in a race against time to halt a zombie plague that is overthrowing armies and governments and endangering humanity as a whole. Former UN investigator Gerry Lane and his family appear to be leading happy lives. A mysterious disease that transforms entire human populations into ravaging, mindless zombies suddenly spreads over the world. Lane is persuaded to embark on a mission to look into this disease after just about managing to escape the turmoil. To learn the answers before human civilization collapses, Lane must undertake a risky journey around the globe.

49. Hellhole (2022)

Hellhole (2022) - skysaki

A newborn with a distinctive scar on his chest is attempted to be killed by a priest in a church in 1957 who refers to the child as the “spawn of evil.” The Milicja arrive and shoot the priest before he can continue. Father Marek and Prior Andrzej meet in a remote church that doubles as a sanatorium where women who are believed to be demon-possessed are taken for exorcism thirty years later. Marek unpacks his belongings in his room and opens a secret box to find a gun, a torch, and other objects that are prohibited on the property along with a newspaper clip about a missing woman. He eventually bares his chest, displaying a strange scar that resembles the baby. He starts to notice unusual occurrences in his room, such as the wall cross rotating, the bathroom mirror breaking, and the wardrobe making unsettling gurgling noises.

50. Prey for the Devil (2022)

Prey for the Devil (2022) - skysaki

As she gets ready to perform an exorcism, a nun encounters a demonic power with enigmatic connections to her past. As the first female exorcist, Sister Ann feels as though she is heeding a calling. Ann applies for a spot at a Catholic Church-reopened exorcism school as a result of an increase in demonic possessions occurring across the globe. The Rite of Exorcism had only been taught to priests at these schools up until this point, but a professor recognizes Sister Ann’s abilities and decides to train her. Sister Ann is forced to fight for the soul of a little girl, whom Sister Ann believes is possessed by the same demon that plagued her mother in the past, with fellow student Father Dante.


51. Old People (2022)

Old People (2022) - skysaki

Ella and her children are traveling back to her hometown to attend her sister’s wedding. The little, isolated community has undergone significant change since she last visited: young people have long since fled, leaving primarily the elderly behind, seemingly forgotten by the rest of the world. The night of the wedding, a severe rainstorm sweeps across the small town, and the residents of a retirement community begin acting suspiciously. A bunch of senior prisoners, led by a huge retiree, brutally attack the youthful carers. They escape through the security doors as the lights go out into the chilly rain. They are drawn to the wedding by the music, but Ella will soon have to defend her family’s existence.

52. Smile (2022)

Smile (2022) - skysaki

Dr. Rose Cotter, a therapist who experienced trauma after seeing her mother commit suicide when she was 10 years old, sees graduate student Laura Weaver in an urgent appointment after being checked into Mount Pleasant Hospital. Laura furiously believes she is being tormented by an evil ghost whose curse has consumed her life and no one but her can see. Laura had just witnessed her professor Gabriel Munoz smash himself with a hammer. Laura insists that the entity can manifest as other people while wearing an unnerving smile, despite Rose’s diagnosis that she is experiencing hallucinations. Laura immediately flips out, saying she’s going to die, then starts smiling menacingly before slicing open her neck in front of Rose with a shard of a broken vase.

53. The Others (2001)

The Others (2001) - skysaki

Grace Stewart, a widow, and her children Anne and Nicholas dwell in a lonely old mansion in Jersey, Channel Islands, in 1945. Because Anne and Nicholas are photosensitive and Grace lost her devoted husband Charles in World War II, she keeps the curtains drawn and the doors locked to shield them from the sun. Grace upholds tight discipline and adheres to moral standards when rearing her children. The odd housekeeper Mrs. Bertha Mills, the mute maid Lydia, and the gardener Mr. Edmund Tuttle who had requested employment are all hired by Grace. The home experiences weird occurrences out of the blue, and Anne alleges that a boy named Viktor visits them.

54. Lasso (2017)

Lasso (2017) - skysaki

Lasso is an enjoyable ride. Activists opposing animal abuse approach a group of elderly people as they get out of their coach to start their day at the rodeo. Their list of worries nearly reads like a horror movie checklist, and it includes things like animals held in tiny cages, forced breeding, and branding. You might as well go all out if you’re going to do rodeo horror. All the gory scenes that you might anticipate from this scenario are shown by director Evan Cecil, yet they unfold in unexpected ways.

55. 28 Days Later (2002)

28 Days Later (2002) - skysaki

Animal rights activists break into a lab to liberate chimpanzees being used for experiments who have been exposed to a virus that makes them enraged. The foolish activists disregard a scientist’s advice to keep the cages shut, which has terrible effects. Our main character, Jim, awakens from a coma alone and in an abandoned hospital twenty-eight days later. When he starts looking for anyone else, he discovers that London is empty, seemingly devoid of any living beings. He rushes for his life after coming upon a chapel that has been taken over by zombie-like individuals determined to kill him. He is saved from the stampede by Selena and Mark, who also update him on the horror and devastation that occurred as London tore itself apart.

56. Death of Me (2020)

Death of Me (2020) - skysaki

A weird video that appears to show one of a vacationing pair killing the other must be solved. Couple Neil and Christine are on vacation on an island off the coast of Thailand when they wake up groggy and with no memory of the previous night. They discover a video on Neil’s camera and horrifiedly watch as Neil appears to kill Christine. As a typhoon threatens the island and there are just 24 hours before the next ship, Christine and Neil try to piece together what happened that night but find themselves caught in a web of murder, black magic, and mystery.

57. The Black Phone (2021)

The Black Phone (2021) - skysaki

A 13-year-old boy is trapped in a soundproof basement after being kidnapped by a child killer, and he begins receiving calls on a disconnected phone from the attacker’s past victims. Finney and Gwen are close-knit siblings who fear their violent father and the masked serial killer as their city is terrorized by the horrific fame of the sneaky child abduction known as The Grabber. Two local detectives set out on a time-sensitive mission to solve the complex child disappearance cases after the horrific Grabber abducts yet another helpless boy. They struggle to piece together thin pieces of evidence. The deranged kidnapper’s well-soundproofed basement’s wall-mounted, disconnected black rotary phone, on the other hand, never stops ringing.

58. The Woman in Black (2012)

The Woman in Black (2012) - skysaki

Lawyer Arthur Kipps is still in mourning in London four years after the passing of his beloved Stella during the delivery of their son Joseph. As a last-ditch effort to keep him on staff, his boss gives him the task of visiting the isolated community of Crythin Gifford to look over the records about the recently dead Mrs. Drablow’s Eel Marsh House. Daily and Arthur become friends on the train, and Daily lends Arthur a ride to the Gifford Arms Inn. The innkeeper gives Arthur a chilly welcome and claims that he never received Arthur’s request for a reservation and that there are no rooms left. Arthur meets attorney Jerome the following morning, who urges him to go back to London. But when Arthur visits the lonely manor, he quickly learns that the vengeful ghost of a lady wearing black haunts Eel Marsh House. Additionally, he discovers that the mother lost her son, who drowned in the marsh, and that she sought retribution by abducting the kids of the terrified townspeople.

59. Behind the Trees (2019)

Behind the Trees (2019) - skysaki

The plot was promising, but the film it’s was so predictable that you can even predict the “happiness montage”. A couple from Los Angeles unintentionally witnesses the eerie exorcism of an eleven-year-old girl while on a romantic holiday in the Indian countryside. They opt to save her. A Los Angeles couple on a romantic retreat in the forest unintentionally watches an 11-year-old girl being exorcised of her haunting spirit. They decide to try and save her on their own.

60. Run Sweetheart Run (2020)

Run Sweetheart Run (2020) - skysaki

Single mother Cherie is first uneasy when her boss requests she meets with one of his most significant clients, but she quickly becomes relaxed and enthusiastic after meeting charismatic Ethan. Contrary to expectations, the powerful businessman charms Cherie. But when the two are left alone together at the end of the night, he shows his true, vicious side. She runs, battered and terrified, starting a never-ending game of cat and mouse with a ferocious attacker hell-bent on her complete death. Cherie finds herself in the sights of a conspiracy stranger who is more terrible than she could have ever imagined in this suspenseful dark thriller.

61. Wrong Turn (2003)

Wrong Turn (2003) - skysaki

Chris Flynn is traveling by car to a different city for a job interview. The roadway is blocked by an accident involving a trunk carrying chemical materials, so Chris must find a different path through the West Virginia mountains to complete his timetable. He hits another automobile with flat tires that are stopped in the middle of the road out of carelessness. In the meantime, Chris, Jessie, Carly, and her fiancé Scott attempt to get assistance. Chris then runs upon a group of five friends who had planned to camp in the wilderness. Three vicious cannibalistic mountain guys who have the look of monsters reside in a strange home they discover in the middle of nowhere.

62. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)

The former soldier Dale Murphy is hosting a competitive survival show in Greenbrier Back Country, West Virginia, where the winner receives US$ 100,000.00. The goal of the reality program is to follow set guidelines to survive in the woods under the most challenging circumstances. The candidates quickly discover that they are truly up against a powerful, aggressive, nasty, cannibalistic family that has the look of monsters. Colonel Dale also reveals that a defunct pulp mill’s release of chemical waste into a nearby creek many years ago killed animals and turned the offspring of a local family into mutants with disfigured bodies. The younger generation hunts travelers to feed themselves because they don’t have any animals to hunt or fish to capture.

63. Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009) - skysaki

Four college students are assaulted by the mutant cannibal Three Finger while rafting in the vicinity of the Bluefish River. Only the adolescent Alex can get away via the woods. In the meantime, three guards are accompanying a bus carrying dangerous prisoners from the Grafton Correctional Facility in West Virginia across the wilderness. Sheriff Carver learns about the missing teenagers as they park in a spot near a police station. The tow truck operated by Three Finger strikes the bus as it is being driven by the bus driver, the guards, and the convicts as they arrive at their destination. Three Finger attacks them, and the danger overpowers the guards and the additional captives.

64. Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011) - skysaki

A bunch of pals decides to go snowmobiling during the break, and the story follows them. They take a “wrong turn,” getting turned around in a storm, and seek refuge in a deserted asylum. They are grateful they can escape the elements because the storm has entirely cut off communication with them. The sanatorium, however, has a checkered past, and some of its former patients still call the place home. They are not pleased with the intrusions. The college students must compete in a lethal game of cat and mouse to stay alive through the night.

65. Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012)

 Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012) - skysaki

A group of college students is detained after hitting the patriarch Maynard of a cannibalistic hillbilly family on the road. His boys soon attack the sheriff’s office during a night of robberies. On Halloween in West Virginia, a group of college students visit the Mountain Man Festival and run into a cannibal family. On Halloween, a small West Virginian hamlet plays host to the fabled Mountain Man Festival, where hordes of revelers dress up and congregate for a wild evening of music and mischief. However, when a party of some visiting college students is tricked and treated by an inbred family of cannibal hillbillies, the enjoyment is ruined. The Mountain Man Festival is a Halloween celebration held in Fairlake, West Virginia.

66. Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014) - skysaki

Daria and Nick, two motorcyclists, travel down the Hobb Spring cycling track to a “secret place” that is located far into the forest. Nick is led by Daria to a steaming hot spring, where she instructs him to take a seat. They engage in sexual activity in the pool. Unaware of it, a nasty mutant hillbilly named Three Finger is watching them. Daria and Nick then start riding their bikes away. Nick stumbles and discovers that an arrow has gone through his leg. Daria tries to assist Nick, but Three-Finger shoots him in the face with an arrow, killing him. When Daria tries to flee, she slams into a barbed wire trap that Saw Tooth and One Eye, two additional mutant hillbillies, had put up. When the wire pierces Daria’s head halfway, she yells in agony. Before cutting off her head with a hatchet, Three Finger observes her writhe in anguish for a while. As “Wrong Turn VI” begins to play, her body sprawls forward.

67. Wrong Turn (2021)

Wrong Turn (2021) - skysaki

Before hiking the Appalachian Trail, a group of friends from New Jersey, including Jen Shaw, her boyfriend Darius, couples Adam and Milla, and Gary and Luis, make their way to a little community in rural Virginia. They are cautioned from leaving the designated track by several locals, including a man by the name of Nate. Before the group sets out on their walk, Jen has brief encounters with Edith, a peculiar woman, and Ruthie, a young child who is silent. Gary is killed by a sliding tree trunk a few hours into the trip. The surviving companions made a camp for the night after becoming lost and distressed. The following day, the group learns that Milla and their telephones are also missing.

68. Lights Out (2016)

Lights Out (2016) - skysaki

Paul is killed by a supernatural force in the shadows as he is working after hours. Martin, his son, is terrified by the same entity when he witnesses his mother, Sophie, conversing with a fictional acquaintance named Diana in the background of her bedroom. Martin no longer slumbers through the night. The social worker contacts his step-sister Rebecca, who is older and lives alone. She brings Martin home and thinks back to a time when she was younger and had a similar encounter with Diana. When Rebecca and her boyfriend Bret look into Sophie’s relationship with Diana, they discover a startling truth about their shared past.

69. Land of the Dead (2005)

Land of the Dead (2005) - skysaki

The world has been overrun by the living dead, and the last remaining people are trying to cope while residing in a walled city for protection. The living has constructed a walled city to keep the dead out of it now that zombies have taken over the planet. However, even in the safest places, things are not as they seem since a movement is brewing to unseat the mayor and the zombies are evolving into more powerful beasts.
A small group of ruthless, enterprising opportunists who live in the towers of a skyscraper, well above the impoverished living on the streets below, have created a brand-new society. An army of the dead is growing outside the city gates, though. Anarchy is growing on the inside. A squad of seasoned mercenaries is called in to defend the living against an army of the dead as the city’s survival hangs in the balance.

70. Eden Lake (2008)

Eden Lake (2008) - skysaki

Jenny, a nursery teacher, and Steve, her boyfriend, go on a weekend getaway. Steve has located the perfect location for his marriage proposal: a distant lake surrounded by woods that appears to be empty. A group of annoying kids surrounds the couple’s campsite, upsetting their tranquility. The couple’s possessions are stolen, and their car is vandalized by the gang, who take pleasure in upsetting the grownups and leaving them stranded. When Steve challenges them, arguments break out, and he is subjected to a stunning and severe assault. As she desperately tries to avoid her teenage pursuers and make her way out of the woods, Jenny, who is running for help, is put through a cruel and merciless game of cat-and-mouse.

71. The Purge (2013)

The Purge (2013) - skysaki

The government has authorized an annual 12-hour period during which any criminal conduct, including murder, is lawful in a country where crime is rampant and jails are overflowing. You cannot call the police. Help is halted in hospitals. On this particular night, the populace regulates themselves without considering punishment. One family struggles to decide who they will become when a stranger arrives at the door on this night that is rife with violence and crime. During the annual lockdown, a thief breaks into James Sandin’s gated community and starts a chain of events that could split a family apart. James, Mary, and their children must make it through the night without turning into the monsters they are trying to hide from.

72. The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

The Purge: Anarchy (2014) - skysaki

On Purge Night, three groups of individuals become entangled and abandoned in the streets where they struggle to survive the mayhem and bloodshed. Just as the Purge starts, a couple is on their way home when their car breaks down. A mother and her daughter flee their home when burglars damage it, while a police sergeant enters the streets to exact revenge on the killer of his son. As they struggle to get through the night in Los Angeles, the five people get together.

73. The Purge: Election Year (2016)

The Purge: Election Year (2016) - skysaki

Former police sergeant Barnes now serves as Senator Charlie Roan’s director of security. Roan is a presidential contender who was assassinated on Purge night because she promised to end the Purge. Two years have passed since Leo Barnes restrained himself on Purge Night from carrying out a regretful act of retaliation. Now in charge of Senator Charlie Roan’s security, his goal is to keep her safe as she runs for president and survive the yearly ritual that preys on the helpless and weak. They must stay alive until dawn, or both of them will be killed for their crimes against the state, but when a betrayal forces them into the streets of Washington, D.C. on the one night when no help is available, they have no choice but to survive.

74. The First Purge (2018)

The First Purge (2018) - skysaki

The New Founding Fathers of America, the third major political party in the country, takes office and institutes a lawless experiment on Staten Island for 12 hours. No one is required to remain on the island, but those who do will receive $5,000. This horror/action movie directed by Gerard McMurray acts as a prequel that describes what happened before the first Purge incident. The New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) test a sociological theory that suggests that people release their anger for one night in one isolated neighborhood to lower the crime rate below one percent for the remainder of the year.

75. The Forever Purge (2021)

The Forever Purge (2021) - skysaki

The New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) have recovered the power of the American government in 2048, eight years after Charlene Roan was elected president, and have reinstated the annual Purge with its original regulations. Following their reelection, racial superiority and nativism have increased significantly nationwide, and many people outside of the ruling party are worried that the approaching Purge will cause more harm to the nation than the NFFA realizes. Juan and Adela, a married couple from Mexico, enter Texas illegally to flee a drug gang and start a new life. Juan works as a farmhand on the Tucker family ranch, and Adela starts a job close to Austin.

76. You’re Next (2011)

You're Next (2011) - skysaki

When the Davison family is attacked while on their honeymoon to celebrate their wedding anniversary, the gang of enigmatic killers quickly discovers that one of the victims has a hidden aptitude for fighting back. Aubrey and Paul Davison choose to invite family members to their weekend estate to celebrate their wedding anniversary to repair their damaged family relationships. The festivities are put on hold as a group of unidentified attackers wearing animal masks unexpectedly attack the home.

77. Dog Soldiers (2002)

Dog Soldiers (2002) - skysaki

In the Scottish Highlands, a British squad is sent on a training operation against a Special Operations squad. They carry out their assignment anyhow, ignoring the naive “campfire” tales that have been circulated in the region, and come to discover the gory remnants of the Special Ops Squad as a fierce howling is pitching the night sky. They flee with two fatally wounded soldiers and stumble across a naturalist named Megan who is aware of their pursuers. What they had believed to be a training expedition becomes a life-or-death conflict with the most improbable foes they could have imagined: werewolves.

78. Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

Trick 'r Treat (2007) - skysaki

According to legend, Halloween is the night when the undead come back to life and roam freely. All Hallows Eve customs were created to keep us safe from their nefarious antics, and one little town is about to learn the dreadful lesson that some customs are best kept alive. A group of pranksters goes too far and unearths the horrifying truth hidden in a local legend; a suburban couple learns the risks of blowing out a Jack-o-Lantern before midnight; four women encounter a costumed stalker at a local festival; and a cantankerous old hermit visited by a strange trick-or-treater with some things to say. Halloween’s tricks and treats—costumes and candy, ghouls and goblins, monsters, and mayhem—turn deadly as odd creatures of all kinds—human and otherwise—struggle to survive the spookiest night of the year.

79. Oculus (2013)

Oculus (2013) - skysaki

Dr. Shawn Graham, Timothy “Tim” Allen Russell’s psychiatrist, releases the 21-year-old from a mental facility after finding him to be fully recovered from a childhood tragedy in which his father allegedly tortured and killed his mother before being slain himself by Tim. In the parking lot, his sister Kaylie meets him and drives him home. She then informs them that an ancient mirror that she discovered while working at an auction company needs to be destroyed.

Tim reluctantly pursues his sister after she steals the mirror and remembers bits and pieces of their childhood, including the time when his father Alan bought a mirror for the home office of their new family home. When Alan and Marie’s actions shift as a result of Kaylie and Tim observing a lady with their father in his office, a family tragedy results. Kaylie accuses the mirror, which she now desires to shatter alongside Tim.

80. The Platform (2019)

The Platform (2019) - skysaki

An older man named Trimagasi welcomes a young man named Goreng when he awakens in a concrete prison cell. They are on level 48 when Trimagasi informs him that they are in “the pit.” When Goreng presses Trimagasi for more information, he replies that their meals will be whatever the people up top leave behind. Numerous other cells just like theirs can be seen when Goreng peers through a rectangular hole in the bottom of the cell; he also notices them when he looks above.

When Goreng inquires as to how the pit operates, Trimagasi only states that “they eat,” adding that while the difficulty of doing so depends on where you have been placed, level 48 is not too bad. Trimagasi responds that there are not many layers below them, but that there will soon be less when Goreng inquires about how many there are. Trimagasi tells Goreng not to shout out to the people below them and claims that they won’t respond either.

81. Saw (2004)

Saw (2004) -  skysaki

Two men awaken shackled by their ankles to pipes on opposing ends of a filthy, abandoned lavatory. A deceased man lies between them, holding a revolver and a portable tape player loosely. A cassette for the player can be found in each person’s back pocket. The cassettes are played. One is in danger, but not the other. But one of them must murder the other before 6:00 p.m. or his wife and daughter will perish. They try to cut the chains using hacksaws they find in a toilet, but it doesn’t work.

They are the Jigsaw Killer’s most recent two victims. In a flashback, we are introduced to Amanda, a young woman who is murdered by the Jigsaw Killer. She has a mask on her head that is attached to her lower jaw. It features a timer. There is only one key that can open it, and it is in the stomach of her cellmate who is lying paralyzed on the other side of the chamber. Her bottom jaw will be torn open if she doesn’t uncover the mask in time.

82. Saw II (2005)

Saw II (2005) - skysaki

The diabolical serial killer Jigsaw has locked 8 people in a factory, and a detective and his team must free them. When a SWAT team, other police officers, and Detective Eric Matthews find Jigsaw’s hideout and try to capture him, they learn that this is only a small part of Jigsaw’s plot. Matthews quickly finds out that eight individuals are playing one of Jigsaw’s games while they are confined in an old house. Daniel Matthews, his son, is one of them. Eric discovers that he must also play one of Jigsaw’s games to see his kid once more.

83. Saw III (2006)

Saw III (2006)

Jeff is a distraught guy who laments and misses his kid, who was murdered in a car accident by a drunk driver. He has developed an obsession with getting back with the court, the single witness who declined to testify, and the drunk driver. He has also started to ignore his daughter. A talented surgeon named Lynn Denlon is depressed and cheating on her husband. Both are taken hostage and brought to Jigsaw’s warehouse, where they are forced to participate in two distinct games: Jeff must decide whether to save or let die the individuals he believes to be accountable for his son’s death, and Lynn must keep Jigsaw alive until Jeff finishes his tests or face the lethal repercussions.

84. Saw IV (2007)

Saw IV (2007) - skysaki

Lieutenant Rigg is compelled to participate in a brand-new game that will push him to his absolute limit despite Jigsaw’s passing and to preserve the lives of two of his coworkers. Both Jigsaw and his protege Amanda have passed away. As soon as the town learns of Detective Kerry’s death, two seasoned FBI profilers, Agents Strahm and Agent Perez, show in to help the seasoned Detective Hoffman sort through Jigsaw’s most recent macabre remains and put the puzzle together. But as Jigsaw kidnaps SWAT Commander Rigg and forces him into a game, the last officer standing has just 90 minutes to escape a series of insane traps and save an old friend—or else.

85. Saw V (2008)

Saw V (2008) - skysaki

Seth is caught in the pendulum trap when the movie opens. Seth was exposed to be a murderer who was granted an early release from prison on a technicality. Jigsaw’s puppet advises Seth that if he wants to survive, he must destroy the objects that he has used to kill his hands. Seth is led to believe that the goal of the trap is for him to press buttons inside of two machines that would crush both of his hands before a bladed pendulum descends onto him, but the trap is later shown to be unwinnable. Despite Seth’s hands being crushed, the Pendulum continues to swing since the trap cannot be avoided.

86. Saw VI (2009)

Saw VI (2009) - skysaki

Detective Mark Hoffman frames Agent Strahm even though his body has been entirely shattered and ruined. Because Strahm is thought to be Jigsaw’s apprentice, the FBI is after him. Agent Lindsey Perez has not passed away, Dan Erickson finds out when he phones Hoffman. Dan invites Hoffman and Perez to accompany him to the laboratory to examine the development with the identification of the true voice after discovering a tape with the killer’s voice. The first five envelopes are given to Hoffman by John’s widow Jill Tuck after she receives a box from his attorney containing six envelopes with instructions. William Easton, the immoral CEO of Umbrella Health, and his crew are kidnapped, and William is made to play a game in which he must decide who will live or die to save his family and himself.

87. Saw 3D (2010)

Saw 3D (2010) - skysaki

A group of Jigsaw survivors come together to seek the assistance of self-help expert and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror, as a deadly war over Jigsaw’s horrific legacy rages. After attempting to murder Mark Hoffman, Jill Tuck is taken into custody. When she writes an affidavit admitting that Mark Hoffman is the new Jigsaw Killer, Detective Matt Gibson agrees to place her in protective custody. Bobby Dagen, who calls himself a Jigsaw Survivor, is also put through a series of tests where he has to save both his wife and his friends.

88. Jigsaw (2017)

Jigsaw (2017) - skysaki

The movie opens with a police pursuit of criminal Edgar Munsen. Edgar is surrounded by cops as he runs to a rooftop while holding a gun in his hand after smashing his automobile into several police cruisers. As the other officers are drawing their weapons towards Edgar, he calls for Detective Halloran, who then arrives. He warns Halloran that if he doesn’t choose a victim, Edgar would perish. Just before Edgar fires, Halloran pulls out his revolver. Although someone shot Edgar in the chest against Halloran’s orders, the police manage to blow off Edgar’s hand and destroy the trigger. Edgar announces the start of the game to Halloran while feeling weak.

89. Spiral (2021)

Spiral (2021) - skysaki

Det. Marv Boswick, an off-duty police officer, follows a thief through a sewer drainage pipe during a Fourth of July parade. Boswick is attacked from behind by a man wearing a pig mask, and when he awakens, he is hanging by his tongue in a busy tube tunnel. He is given the option to rip out his tongue and live, or to wait until the next train arrives and die. Boswick is murdered by the train after failing to flee the trap in time. The following day, Det. Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks is given a new partner in idealistic rookie William Schenk by police chief Angie Garza. When Banks and Schenk look into Boswick’s death, they find similarities between it and the recently-deceased Jigsaw Killer.

90. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021)

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021) -skysaki

Raccoon City, September 30, 1998. Claire Redfield visits her now-decrepit homeland, where she spent a terrible childhood in the Raccoon City Orphanage run by the Umbrella Corporation. However, as Claire reconciles with her estranged brother Chris, a terrible T-virus outbreak sweeps the entire city, turning everyone into cannibals who are blind and delirious. Claire, Chris, and a few other police officers now only have a limited amount of time to unravel the mystery of the isolated Spencer Mansion and locate a way out of the zombie-infested town because the city has fallen into pandemonium. But the unstoppable monstrosities of the evil pharmaceutical company are everywhere in the city.

91. Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Jeepers Creepers (2001) - skysaki

During spring break, Darry and Patricia Jenner are traveling back home when they see an unknown individual throwing something down a tunnel. Darry finds a massive, horrifying refuge filled with altered bodies after deciding to find out what was placed there. Darry and Patricia leave to find assistance without realizing that the person now knows who has passed through the tunnel. Darry and Patricia quickly realize that the person or thing after them is not simply a mystery individual but something even more terrifying, with plans far beyond their wildest dreams.

92. Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)

Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003) - skysaki

A team of varsity basketball players, cheerleaders, and coaches are returning from a championship game when they find stranded on the notorious East 9 Highway. However, the crafty Creeper is the one who has damaged their bus. The Creeper has started its last voracious feeding frenzy in Poho County as its 23 terrible days of consuming flesh come to an end. As night falls, the scared team of teenage athletes must overcome their phobias and prejudices and band together in a fight that seems hopeless against a winged nightmare that is determined to gather as many victims as it can for its bloody ritual feast last night.

93. Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017)

Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017) - skysaki

Jeepers Creeper is the finest and the top-notched horror character made in this Movie. Officer Davis Tubbs is enlisted by Sheriff Dan Tashtego and a group of creeper hunters to help halt the monster’s feeding frenzy. Between the first and second movies, as the Creeper terrorizes a nearby rural hamlet, Sgt. Davis Tubbs gathers a task force to finally exterminate the monster while getting closer than ever to discovering its sinister roots.

94. Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (2022)

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (2022) - skysaki

The movie takes place when the Horror Hound Festival hosts its inaugural event in Louisiana, drawing hundreds of nerds, freaks, and ardent horror enthusiasts from all over the world. Fanboy Chase is one of them, along with his compelled passenger lover Laine. But as the occasion draws near, Laine starts to get strange premonitions and ominous visions connected to the town’s past, particularly the local folktale or urban myth The Creeper. Laine thinks that something supernatural has been called and that she is at its center as the festival begins and the blood-soaked performance intensifies.

95. Crawl (2019)

Crawl (2019) - skysaki

Contrary to all reason, competitive swimmer Haley enters the path of a powerful Category-5 hurricane that is barreling towards her hometown in Florida to check on her estranged father Dave. Haley and her father are stranded in their flooded crawl space in their dilapidated home amid a fast-collapsing and alligator-infested town. There, a ruthless pair of six-meter beasts are silently pursuing them. Only their will to live can now, as Haley and Dave are gasping for breath in the cramped cellar, enable them to stand a chance against the formidable jaws of the scaly foes.

96. Army of the Dead (2021)

Army of the Dead (2021) - skysaki

Casino tycoon Bly Tanaka discovers he has left something behind in Sin City: $200 million, when the walled, abandoned city of Las Vegas is overrun with zombies due to a terrible government error. His mounds of cash, however, are currently secure behind a secure casino vault. Tanaka is now prepared to pay Scott Ward and his hand-selected crew $50 million to rescue the money before the US President destroys the entire city. Scott Ward is a decorated former mercenary. Scott can’t turn down this opportunity that could change his life. The game has changed, though, and this time the army of walking dead appears to be better organized than they could have anticipated. Above all, time is of the essence.

97. Annabelle (2014)

Annabelle (2014) - skysaki

John Gordon and Mia are happily married, and Mia is expecting. John buys an old and unique doll named Annabelle for his wife’s collection because he is finishing medical school and won’t have much time to spend with her. However, shortly after killing their neighbors, two members of a satanic cult assault their neighbors next door by breaking into their homes and attacking them. The police officers save Mia and John, and Mia must rest up till giving birth.

However, their home is on fire, and Mia gives birth to Leah early. Before the family moves into their Pasadena flat, Mia discards the doll Annabelle in the trash. However, as she is unpacking her belongings in her new house, she discovers the doll in a box. Strange things happen to Mia, and she becomes friends with Evelyn, a bookshop employee, and finds out about a wicked cult that wants Leah’s soul. Father Perez is brought hurt to the hospital when John and Mia call on him to help them with Annabelle, but evil is more powerful than the priest.

98. Annabelle: Creation (2017)

Annabelle: Creation (2017) - skysaki

Annabelle “Bee,” a seven-year-old girl who was killed when she unintentionally walked in front of a car, was the daughter of doll manufacturer Samuel Mullins and his wife Esther. The couple mourned her death in 1943. After closing their orphanage, Sister Charlotte and six other girls were left without a place to live. Twelve years later, in 1955, the Mullins opened their house to them. Janice, a young orphan with polio, is awakened by a noise, finds a message that reads “Find me,” and climbs into Bee’s locked bedroom despite being warned not to do so. The door has unlocked for some reason. She discovers a key to Bee’s closet and opens it to discover a sinister porcelain doll.

99. Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

Annabelle Comes Home (2019) - skysaki

Unknowingly reawakening an evil ghost imprisoned in a doll, a teenager and her friend are babysitting the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Desperate to stop Annabelle from causing more damage, demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren transport the infected doll to the closed artifacts room in their house, where they place her “safely” behind sacred glass and obtain a priest’s blessing. However, an unholy night of terror is in store as Annabelle stirs up the evil spirits in the space, who all turn their attention to the ten-year-old daughter of the Warrens, Judy, and her friends, as their new target.

100. Insidious (2010)

Insidious (2010) - skysaki

A family fights to keep evil spirits from ensnaring their unconscious child in The Further. This a compelling account of a family looking for assistance for their son Dalton who became unconscious following an unexplained incident in the attic. They have little idea that there is more to this never-ending sleep than meets the eye as they investigate the paranormal and unearth the past, which holds the secret to bringing their kid home permanently.

101. Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) - skysaki

The Lamberts think they have vanquished the ghosts that have plagued their family, but they quickly learn that evil is not so easily vanquished. A police detective questions Renai about the paranormal occurrences in the home. The Lambert family temporarily relocates to Lorraine Lambert’s former home while the authorities look into the residence. Josh exhibits weird behavior at home, and Renai is tormented by a woman in white. In the meantime, Lorraine approaches Specs and Tucker, Elise’s companions, hoping to get clarification.

102. Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)

Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015) - skysaki

Elise Rainier, a gifted psychic, unwillingly decides to utilize her capacity to communicate with the dead to assist a teenage girl who has been targeted by a frightening supernatural entity in a prequel that takes place before the haunting of the Lambert family. Teenager Quinn Brenner tries to communicate with her deceased mother and asks psychic Elise Rainier for assistance, but she declines due to negotiate events in her childhood. Quinn begins to notice unexplained occurrences in her home. Following a terrible attack by a demon, her father returns and implores Elise Rainier to use her gifts to make contact with the afterlife to end the attacks by this enraged demon with a body.

103. Insidious: The Last Key (2018)

Insidious: The Last Key (2018) - skysaki

Dr. Elise Rainier, a parapsychologist, has nightmares of her upbringing in New Mexico, where she shared a home with her brother Christian, her loving mother Audrey, and her father Gerald, who frequently beat her when she insisted on seeing spirits everywhere around the house. Elise declines the client Ted Garza’s request for assistance when she learns that he has been plagued since moving to a home in New Mexico and that the address is the same as the one where she spent her formative years. She eventually changes her mind, accepts the position, and leaves for New Mexico with her aides Specs and Tucker, where they will find a bad spirit in the home.


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