The 10 Best El Salvador TV Series You Should Watch

The 10 Best El Salvador TV Series You Should Watch. You should check out these El Salvador TV series. These El Salvador TV series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


El Salvador TV Series

1. Capitán Centroamérica (TV Series 2013)

El Salvador TV Series

Director: Andrés E. Díaz

To quell the escalating violence in Central America, a consortium of political, scientific, and military figures have embarked upon an ambitious project to develop a highly advanced super soldier.

This initiative aims to combat crime and foster a sense of unity among the nations of Central America, with the ultimate goal of creating a single, cohesive country.

However, as with any complex undertaking, there are hidden complexities and unforeseen challenges that threaten to derail this noble endeavor. – El Salvador TV Series

2. 19 Kids and Counting (TV Series 2008)

El Salvador TV Series

Director: Sean Overbeeke

This documentary series delves into the daily lives of the Duggars, a devout Christian family who homeschool their 19 children. While the program offers an intimate look at the family’s dynamics, some viewers may find the content to be unremarkable.

Despite the novelty of observing a large family coexisting under one roof, mundane activities such as grocery shopping or baking fail to captivate audiences.

For instance, a segment featuring an older sister taking three younger siblings to purchase flour may only occupy a brief ten-minute segment of the show. – El Salvador TV Series

3. Undercover Boss (TV Series 2010)

El Salvador TV Series

Director: Anthony Gonzales

Executives of chain enterprises engage in covert visits to their stores situated in diverse locations, assuming various roles within the store and engaging with employees. The impression garnered from these interactions serves as a litmus test for the executives, revealing the level of significance the employees attach to their respective roles. – El Salvador TV Series

4. Novia con Derecho (TV Series 2021)

El Salvador TV Series

Director: Gilberto Alvarez

The series follows the protagonist, speculated to be named Oscar, as he navigates the world alongside his cousin and “el loco Brayan,” all while evading the advances of a possessive mother who desires to become the protagonist’s wife. The series boasts impressive animation, though it is not without its flaws, including a storyline that occasionally fails to fully capitalize on its potential. – El Salvador TV Series

5. AR Ferdinand (TV Series 2019)

El Salvador TV Series

Director: Fernando Arroyo

This narrative chronicles the misfortunes experienced by AR Ferdinand (Fernando Arroyo) as he navigates a realm that draws inspiration from his musical creations. – El Salvador TV Series

6. Batalla de las Americas (TV Series 2008)

El Salvador TV Series

Director: Jonathan Kebe

An international music competition was held across 23 networks and 50 countries worldwide, featuring Rawy Torres, Sergio Blass, and Jonathan Montenegro, formerly of the band Menudo.

The competition aimed to select the fourth member of the new band, XM2. Esteemed judges, including Maria Conchita Alonzo, Julio Iglesias Junior, and Erica Ender, were tasked with evaluating the contestants.

The event was hosted by original Menudo member Jonny Lazado, alongside Yama as the hostess. The competition was filmed at Univision in Miami, Florida, as well as at various international locations. – El Salvador TV Series


7. Den Bognito (TV Series 1986)

El Salvador TV Series

Director: Robert Arden

Den Bognito is the sole remaining individual who adheres to a vegan lifestyle and maintains a reserved demeanor in a post-modern society governed by the notorious Donald Trump. The program chronicles Den’s escapades and his remarkable odyssey of self-exploration across the dimensions of space and time. – El Salvador TV Series

Extra Movies

8. Ghar Pardes (2009)

Director: Vimal Reddy

This is the account of a young woman, the daughter of a cane farmer in Fiji, who enters into matrimony with a wealthy Indo-Fijian-Australian national and relocates to Melbourne, Australia to reside with him and his kin. The narrative chronicles her challenges and hardships. 

9. Black Shadows (1923)

Director: Edward A. Salisbury

Edward G. Salisbury spearheads an expedition to the South Sea Islands, encompassing the Marquesas and Samoa. During their journey, they encounter cannibals and headhunters in the Fiji and Solomon Islands. The travelogue showcases stunning landscapes, a pilgrimage to Robert Louis Stevenson’s final resting place, volcanoes, war dances, and other indigenous customs. 

10. Adhura Sapna (2007)

Director: Vimal Reddy

This narrative centers around an industrious sugarcane farmer from India whose spouse desires to relocate abroad for better opportunities.

However, concurrently, the wife is engaging in infidelity with another man. The couple’s native landlord endeavors to assist them in resolving their marital and land-related predicaments, despite cultural disparities.

11. He’s Such a Girl (2009)

Director: Sean Carr

Whitney, a gentleman with some socially feminine traits, seeks to strengthen his longstanding relationship with Taylor, a bisexual woman who predominantly identifies as a lesbian.

The dynamics of their relationship are in question, particularly about their level of commitment and who holds the reins. Whitney takes on domestic responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, and ironing, and aspires to elevate their relationship to marriage following the passing of his father.

Conversely, Taylor desires to continue exploring her options and indulging in alcohol, while concealing her activities from her strict and devoutly religious parents.

Complicating matters is Aldo, a male model and former prom date of Taylor’s who resides with them and actively undermines their relationship in an attempt to win Taylor’s affection for himself.

12. The Fantastic Plastic Machine (1969)

Director: Lowell Blum

This documentary follows the journey of a group of American surfers, who are members of the Wind and Sea Surf Club, as they embark on a rematch against Australian Nat Young after a controversial defeat in San Diego.

Narrated by Jay North, the film captures their adventures in the South Pacific and Australia, where they explore new territories and encounter unexpected challenges.

Their journey takes them to Fiji, where they become the first surfers to ride the waves, and to New Zealand, where they are thrilled by the local surf scene. However, their excitement is dampened when they arrive in Sydney and learn that neither Nat Young nor Australia’s second-top surfer, Bob McTavish, will be competing.

The Americans are also introduced to a new type of surfboard called a “plastic machine,” which features a “V” bottom and was invented by American youth George Greenough, who spends half his time in Australia. This innovation surprises and intrigues the visitors, who are eager to test it out.

Throughout the documentary, Nat Young reflects on the commercialization of surfing and how it has impacted the sport. He shares his personal philosophy of surfing as a means of connecting with nature and the sea, rather than as a pursuit of fame or fortune.