The 10 Best Saint Lucia Movies You Should Watch

The 10 Best Saint Lucia Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Saint Lucia Movies. These Saint Lucia Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Saint Lucia Movies

1. Shantaye’s World (2022)

Director: Guillaume Rico

Shantaye Anderson is a confident, striking, intelligent, and ardent individual with a deep passion for love. She was born in rural St. Lucia during the post-colonial era and has faced significant challenges, including the loss of her mother shortly after her birth.

Despite this, she has found solace in the loving care of her paternal grandmother, Mam Lucess, who has endeavored to prepare her for the world. Shantaye’s father, Edson Anderson, has also done his best to provide for her after his wife’s passing.

However, when he remarries, Shantaye is subjected to the unreasonable jealousy of her stepmother, which significantly alters her life. Shantaye’s life takes a dramatic turn when she falls in love with Jean Claude Le Marche, the handsome son of the community’s white doctor.

Jean Claude is a charismatic young man who pledges to love her until death. However, their relationship is met with disapproval from Shantaye’s family and the community at large. To prevent what he perceives to be a grave mistake, Edson sends Shantaye to England, which is still reeling from the effects of World War II. – Saint Lucia Movies

2. Security (2017)

Director: Imran St.Brice

Secure is a gripping tale of vengeance, centered around the character of Jason, a young man in distress, portrayed by Anarcisse Alexander. In his quest for retribution against his former employer, Jason seeks the assistance of a dubious ally, Imran St. Brice.

The object of his wrath is Kyvon Edwin, a callous and unscrupulous individual who has caused significant upheaval in Jason’s life in recent times. This adrenaline-fueled thriller is replete with unexpected plot twists and surprises at every juncture, ensuring that the viewer remains captivated until the very end. – Saint Lucia Movies

3. 21 Days (2014)

Director: Guillaume Rico

The narrative of 21 Days centers around six youthful fishermen who embarked on a customary fishing excursion from the Gros-Islet fishing village, only to disappear without a trace. These individuals went missing on February 15, 1985, after commencing their fishing expedition. – Saint Lucia Movies

4. Soucouyant (2015)

Director: Sean Field

Residing in the quaint Caribbean island of St. Lucia is an age-old entity known as Soucouyant. This untouchable being is impervious to confinement, capture, or demise. The inhabitants of Gros Islet have been confronted with this stark truth, as Soucouyant has already claimed the lives of eight individuals and is currently on the hunt for her next victim. As she traverses through the town, her spirit commences the arduous process of seeking out a replacement for her tormented skin. – Saint Lucia Movies

5. Harvest (2008)

Director: Nicolas Jolliet

Harvest is a musical documentary drama that follows the journey of a Rastafarian man who aspires to leave his island and pursue a music career.

However, for island dwellers, obtaining a visa and funding for travel expenses is a daunting task. In an effort to achieve his dreams, Jahweve decides to cultivate marijuana in the mountains.

Unfortunately, his mission is fraught with challenges, as the army frequently arrests farmers and destroys their crops. The film was primarily shot in St. Lucia, featuring local actors, with additional footage captured in India and Europe.

The majority of the dialogue was improvised in Patois. The film also features the band performing on stage, interwoven with scenes from the movie, as they narrate the story through their music. – Saint Lucia Movies


6. From Paradise with Love (2023)

Director: Ryan Dewar

An ornithologist and journalist have joined forces to protect an endangered bird species in the Santa Lucia jungle. As they work together, they develop a deep appreciation for the natural world and each other, ultimately falling in love. – Saint Lucia Movies

7. Water (2005)

Director: Deepa Mehta

This is a thesis picture that takes place in colonial India during Gandhi’s rise to power. The story follows the journey of Chuyia, an eight-year-old girl who is widowed and sent to a home to live in penitence.

Her presence in the home has a profound impact on the other residents. In 1938, Gandhi’s party was making strides in women’s rights, and Chuyia’s story highlights the challenges faced by widows in traditional Indian society.

Despite being married at a young age, Chuyia is left at a bare and impoverished widows’ ashram by tradition. The ashram’s leader, to secure household funds, pimps out Kalyani, a young and beautiful widow.

Narayan, a follower of Gandhi, falls in love with Kalyani and seeks to break with tradition and religious teachings to marry her. The ashram’s moral center is Shakuntala, who is deeply religious but conflicted about her fate. – Saint Lucia Movies

8. Firepower (1979)

Director: Michael Winner

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has enlisted the services of a mercenary to locate a highly elusive criminal. Concurrently, a woman is pursuing the same individual for personal reasons.

The individual in question is Carl Stegner, a drug lord who is facing charges of fraud, bribery, and corruption by the United States government.

However, prior to Stegner’s indictment, the government’s primary witness was murdered. In light of this, Adele Tasca, the widow of the deceased, proposes that Stegner be abducted and brought to the Justice Department.

She recommends Jerry Fanon, a former lover and professional bounty hunter, to apprehend her husband’s killer and return him to face the consequences of his actions. – Saint Lucia Movies

9. Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (2006)

Director: Richard Lester

Richard Donner’s original concept of Superman II depicts the Man of Steel facing his most formidable challenge yet. Three malevolent outcasts, namely Non, Ursa, and their leader, General Zod, are released from the Phantom Zone, unleashing havoc, devastation, and chaos upon Earth.

Meanwhile, Clark Kent and Superman, who have been revealed to Lois as the same, engage in a forbidden romance that culminates in the relinquishing of his powers as Earth’s greatest protector for the woman he loves, despite the warnings of his father, Jor-El.

In the meantime, Superman’s arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor, escapes from prison with the assistance of Miss Teschmacher. Upon discovering the Fortress of Solitude and learning of the Three Deviant villains, Luthor rushes to their aid in their quest for world domination and revenge against Superman.

The story culminates in an epic battle that brings together themes of revenge, love, and a legacy between father and son. – Saint Lucia Movies

10. Doctor Dolittle (1967)

Director: Richard Fleischer

Dr. John Dolittle, a veterinarian with a unique ability to communicate with animals, resides in a quaint English village. However, when he is wrongfully institutionalized for freeing a lovesick seal from captivity, Dr. Dolittle’s animal companions and two trusted human confidants, Matthew Mugg and Tommy Stubbins, orchestrate his escape. Together with Emma Fairfax, they embark on a sea voyage in pursuit of the legendary Great Pink Sea Snail. – Saint Lucia Movies