The 10 Best Sudan Movies You Should Watch

The 10 Best Sudan Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Sudan Movies. These Sudan Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Sudan Movies

1. Surfer, Dude (2008)

Sudan Movies

Director: S.R. Bindler

The narrative of Steve Addington, a contemplative surfer, is one of an existential quandary that arises when he is faced with a prolonged absence of waves for over a month. During this time, producers approach him with an offer to participate in a reality show, which he declines as his primary objective is to surf and he continues his quest for waves along the California coastline. Ultimately, the waves return after a month-long hiatus. – Sudan Movies

2. Retreat to Paradise (2020)

Sudan Movies

Director: Brian Brough

Ellie diligently attends to the needs of the ailing and irritable Jordan during his recovery from a shoulder injury. Despite his arduous efforts to regain the use of his arm, Jordan’s demeanor initially leaves Ellie with a desire to abandon him to his affliction. However, as they become better acquainted, Jordan begins to recognize Ellie as the ideal companion, and he fervently hopes that Ellie reciprocates his sentiments. – Sudan Movies

3. Pearl in Paradise (2018)

Sudan Movies

Director: Gary Yates

Magazine photographer Alex Anderson and author Colin Page embark on a quest to uncover the enigmatic blue pearl in the idyllic Paradise of Fiji. Alex’s aspiration to secure the creative director role hinges on capturing the pearl’s essence for the magazine’s 30th-anniversary edition, while Colin seeks to revive his dwindling book sales by penning a guest article on the elusive gem. Unbeknownst to them, their journey may lead them to discover that love is the most elusive treasure of all. – Sudan Movies

4. He’s Such a Girl (2009)

Sudan Movies

Director: Sean Carr

Whitney, a gentleman with some socially feminine traits, seeks to strengthen his longstanding relationship with Taylor, a bisexual woman who predominantly identifies as a lesbian.

The dynamics of their relationship are in question, particularly about their level of commitment and who holds the reins. Whitney takes on domestic responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, and ironing, and aspires to elevate their relationship to marriage following the passing of his father.

Conversely, Taylor desires to continue exploring her options and indulging in alcohol, while concealing her activities from her strict and devoutly religious parents.

Complicating matters is Aldo, a male model and former prom date of Taylor’s who resides with them and actively undermines their relationship in an attempt to win Taylor’s affection for himself. – Sudan Movies

5. The Ferryman (2007)

Sudan Movies

Director: Chris Graham

The narrative follows a cohort of individuals in their twenties who have embarked on a chartered boat journey to Fiji, seeking an unforgettable adventure. However, their plans are disrupted when they encounter a malevolent force that seeks retribution at any cost.

During their voyage from New Zealand to Fiji, the group’s idyllic vacation is interrupted by an enigmatic mist that appears on the second day of their journey. Shortly thereafter, they receive a distress signal via radio and decide to offer assistance to the vessel in peril.

As they approach the source of the signal, they come across a drifting fishing boat and discover a sole survivor. Upon bringing the survivor aboard their yacht, inexplicable occurrences begin to unfold, and the passengers’ behavior becomes increasingly erratic. – Sudan Movies


6. This Is Not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection (2019)

Sudan Movies

Director: Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese

An 80-year-old widow discovers a new desire to live and inspires the spirit of perseverance in her community as the forced relocation of her village due to reservoir building is threatened. – Sudan Movies

7. Mother, I Am Suffocating. This Is My Last Film About You (2019)

Sudan Movies

Director: Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese

The locals in Lesotho’s dusty streets look at the young woman, who, like Jesus, carries a wooden cross on her back. She turns to face them while gazing at mystically lovely landscapes, a flock of sheep, and a pair of hands that are knitting nonstop.

The black and white and the slowed-down visuals make what she sees more visually precise and abstract, and it is filtered via memories. A raw voice-over arranges the progression of pictures into a cinematic lament, aware that the people it is speaking to are not hearing it.

Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese is successful in chronicling a radicalizing sadness in this essay film, one that gradually broadens in scope from a heartfelt farewell to the mother to a politically conscious departure from the country. From the perspective of today, in exile, in Berlin, the difficult process of changing from an internal image of the little African country to an external one is visualized and remarked on in a highly intimate way.

The passage is accompanied by a lovely angel. This uncommon lament on an African immigrant story shines a light on a taboo area of experience that isn’t just restricted to the movie industry in a powerful, agonizing way. – Sudan Movies

8. The Forgotten Kingdom (2013)

Sudan Movies

Director: Andrew Mudge

A young man reluctantly travels to Lesotho, his ancestral home, to bury his estranged father. While there, he becomes intrigued by the magical beauty and struggles of the people and the place he had forgotten. Atang travels to the isolated, mountainous town where he was born to bury his father after leaving the slums of the major metropolis.

When he befriends an orphan herdsman and is moved by childhood memories, he falls in love with Dineo, who is now a charming young instructor. Atang encounters his bittersweet reckoning through her as he is pulled to the mystical beauty and hardships of the people. – Sudan Movies

9. American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (1990)

Sudan Movies

Director: Cedric Sundstrom

When a foreign nation’s Delta Force unit attempts to flee from a pursuing ninja squad, most of them are slain and the remaining ones are arrested. Colonel Scarf Mulgrew, an anti-American former British police officer who has teamed up with Muslim terrorist Shiekh Ali Maksood and aims to smuggle a suitcase nuclear device to New York, is the leader of the hidden Ninja Army.

If a 50 million dollar ransom is not paid, Mulgrew threatens to burn the commandos alive and deploy the nuclear weapon. To free the detainees and defeat the terrorists, agents Carl Brackston and Sean Davidson are dispatched on a secret mission. Sean and Carl jump in and meet Pango, their contact.

Mulgrew and the dishonest local police force led by O’Reilly confront them as they are interviewing a local informant named Freddie. Mulgrew kills Freddie, but Sean, Carl, and Pango manage to flee.

Pango brings them to Peace Corps nurse Dr. Sarah, who hides them from the authorities. Soon after, ninjas launch an attack, killing Pango but saving Sean, Carl, and Sarah, who are then imprisoned in a former British fort and subjected to Mulgrew’s torture. Mulgrew hits Sarah, and it is later discovered that Mulgrew murdered her father. – Sudan Movies

10. Cry Freedom (1987)

Sudan Movies

Director: Richard Attenborough

The liberal newspaper ‘Daily Dispatch’ in South Africa is led by Donald Woods as its chief editor. After meeting Steve Biko, the author, who has published multiple articles criticizing his beliefs, changes his mind and draws the attention of the security police. He creates a book about Steve Biko when Biko passes away while in police custody. The only way for Woods to get it published is for him to flee the country without permission. – Sudan Movies