Top 10 Greatest Afghanistan TV Series of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Afghanistan TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Afghanistan TV Series. These Afghanistan TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Afghanistan TV Series

1. Afghan Star (TV Series 2005)

Afghanistan TV Series

Director: Wahid Qasemi

The Afghan Star format bears resemblance to that of British Pop Idol or French Nouvelle Star, along with their numerous derivatives. However, it is important to note that Afghan Star was produced independently and not a licensed adaptation.

The program commences with auditions from young aspiring singers in their late teens and early twenties. A panel of judges then selects the most promising candidates and advances them to the public voting round of the competition.

During this phase, each week, the contestants perform and the audience utilizes their mobile devices to cast their votes for their preferred singer. In each round, the participant with the least number of votes is eliminated until only one remains, who is crowned the winner. – Afghanistan TV Series

2. Homeland (TV Series 2011)

Afghanistan TV Series

Director: Lesli Linka Glatter

In the critically acclaimed television series Homeland, a CIA operative grappling with bipolar disorder becomes convinced that a prisoner of war has been radicalized by al-Qaeda and is plotting a terrorist attack on American soil.

The show, which has won six Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama Series, follows the story of Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody, a decorated hero who may also pose a serious threat to national security.

CIA officer Carrie Mathison, despite her struggles with mental illness, is a top performer in her field and is tasked with uncovering the truth about Brody’s allegiances. The tension between these two complex characters, fueled by deceit, suspicion, and desire, drives this gripping and emotionally charged thriller, in which the fate of the nation hangs in the balance. – Afghanistan TV Series

3. United States of Al (TV Series 2021)

Afghanistan TV Series

Director: Mark Cendrowski

This heartwarming comedy centers around the bond shared between Riley, a Marine combat veteran navigating the challenges of civilian life in Ohio, and Awalmir, his former Afghan interpreter who has recently arrived in the United States to embark on a new chapter in his life. – Afghanistan TV Series

4. Afghanistan: Getting Out (TV Series 2022)

Afghanistan TV Series

Director: Jack Macinnes

Discovering a resolution to terminate a war is a complex undertaking. Those with insider knowledge recount the protracted and tumultuous narrative of a disorderly conflict, exposing the political influences that contributed to the outcome of Afghanistan. – Afghanistan TV Series

5. My Fighting Season (TV Series 2016)

Afghanistan TV Series

Director: Peter James Stednick Jr

This documentary series chronicles the experiences of American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, featuring authentic footage captured by on-the-ground cameras. – Afghanistan TV Series


6. The Fighting Season (TV Series 2015)

Afghanistan TV Series

Director: Ricky Schroder

In the rural areas of Afghanistan, there exist pockets of insurgents who conceal themselves among the local populace. The 10th Mountain Division’s Task Force Spartans have been assigned the critical mission of locating and neutralizing the Taliban militants who launch rocket attacks against their forward operating base.

Additionally, they are to provide support to the Afghan army in their efforts to clear out the long-standing Taliban stronghold in the Tangi Valley. Meanwhile, the 82nd Airborne’s Task Force White Devil has been entrusted with the responsibility of capturing or eliminating a high-ranking Taliban Leader, who goes by the code name Arctic Fox.

This individual is responsible for overseeing the flow of weapons and fighters across the border from Pakistan. The White Devils are operating from a high mountain pass near the Pakistan border and are advancing towards a village that is infested with Taliban insurgents, where they anticipate encountering significant resistance. – Afghanistan TV Series

7. Our Girl (TV Series 2013)

Afghanistan TV Series

Director: David Drury

Molly Dawes, an 18-year-old resident of London’s East End portrayed by Lacey Turner, discovers that her boyfriend has been unfaithful. This revelation leaves her feeling aimless and without direction, prompting her to decide to enlist in the army.

With the support of Sergeant Lamont, played by Paul Fox, Molly initially keeps her intentions hidden from her family, which includes her overbearing father Dave, portrayed by Sean Gallagher, and her loving mother Belinda, played by Kerry Godliman.

However, when her secret is revealed, Dave demands that she reconsider her decision and threatens to disown her if she does not comply. Despite the heartbreak of leaving her family behind, Molly remains steadfast in her resolve and heads off to training camp.

There, she faces initial skepticism from Corporal Geddings, portrayed by Matthew McNulty, but perseveres and earns the respect of her fellow soldiers. Molly even reconciles with her mother Belinda, who visits her to apologize for Dave’s actions. – Afghanistan TV Series

8. Ross Kemp in Afghanistan (TV Series 2008)

Afghanistan TV Series

Director: Ross Kemp

During the summer of 2007, Ross enlisted in his father’s former regiment, 1 Royal Anglian, and embarked on his first deployment to Afghanistan. Ross was immediately integrated with frontline troops, where he lived the life of a soldier for extended periods, engaging in combat against a fanatical and resolute enemy.

In addition to his duties on the battlefield, Ross recounted the experiences of those who risked their lives fighting the Taliban, including stories of soldiers who lost comrades in battle and the profound impact such losses had on their loved ones back home. Ross’s account was conveyed in a manner that could only be achieved by living alongside his fellow soldiers on the frontline. We commend Ross for his exceptional work and dedication. – Afghanistan TV Series

9. Battleground Afghanistan (TV Series 2013)

Afghanistan TV Series

Director: Brandon Unis

The narratives of the Gulf Company’s soldiers, belonging to the 2nd Battalion, who are stationed on the front line of the Afghanistan war, are a testament to their unwavering commitment and bravery. Despite the withdrawal of tens of thousands of troops from the region, these soldiers remain steadfast in their resolve to persevere in the ongoing conflict. – Afghanistan TV Series

10. The Voice of Afghanistan (TV Series 2013)

Afghanistan TV Series

Director: Qais Ulfat

The program utilizes a distinguished panel of four coaches who evaluate the performances of the artists and provide guidance to their respective teams of chosen artists throughout the duration of the season. Additionally, the coaches engage in a competitive aspect to secure a victory for their team, thereby earning the title of winning coach.

The inaugural panel comprised of Aryana Sayeed, Qais Ulfat, Nazir Khara, and Obaid Juenda, while the second season’s panel included Ulfat, Juenda, Khara, and the newly appointed coach, Fereshta Samah. – Afghanistan TV Series