Top 10 Greatest Guam Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Guam Movies of All Time. You should check out these Guam Movies. These Guam Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Guam Movies

1. Sleeping with Other People (2015)

Guam Movies

Director: Leslye Headland

A self-destructive womanizer and a self-destructive serial cheater embark on a romantic relationship that serves to reform them in many ways, while their mutual attraction intensifies.

After a brief encounter in college twelve years later, the two New Yorkers, played by Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis, discover that they both struggle with monogamy and are unable to sustain a relationship.

Despite their mutual attraction, the two decide to remain friends and make a deal to keep the relationship platonic, a decision that proves to be difficult to maintain. – Guam Movies

2. YellowBrickRoad (2010)

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Director: Andy Mitton

On an early morning in New England in 1940, five hundred and seventy-one citizens of the small town of Friar, New Hampshire, journeyed up a twisting mountain trail into the wilderness, leaving behind their belongings, money, and possessions.

Even their hounds were abandoned, tethered to posts, and left to die. No one knows why, but a search party sent by the United States Army eventually uncovered the remains of almost three hundred of the evacuated Friar citizens.

Many had succumbed to hypothermia, while others had been cruelly or mysteriously murdered. The remaining citizens’ bodies remain unidentified. Over the following decades, a covert operation was conducted to obscure the story of the lost Friar citizens, making it the stuff of legend and backwoods tales.

Although the town has slowly been re-established, the vast wilderness remains largely untracked. The northernmost stretches of the wilderness are inaccessible to local hunters or loggers, and the “Yellow Brick Road” trailhead coordinates were only made public in 2008. This will be the inaugural official expedition into this sinister and twisted wilderness. – Guam Movies

3. Gehenna: Where Death Lives (2016)

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Director: Hiroshi Katagiri

The plot follows a group of developers who visit Saipan in search of a suitable location to construct a new resort. Upon their arrival, they discover an underground World War II-era bunker, which they decide to investigate. As each member delves into their private secrets and the mysteries of the bunker, the results of their investigation lead to a shocking conclusion. – Guam Movies

4. Operation Christmas Drop (2020)

Guam Movies

Director: Martin Wood

Erika, a congresswoman, decides to skip Christmas with her family so she can travel with her boss. She winds up at an Air Force base on the beach and has a run-in with Captain Andrew Jantz who knows her mission is to find ways to cut funding for the base. – Guam Movies

5. Arachnid (2001)

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Director: Jack Sholder

A group of scientists are on a mission to investigate an outbreak of an unknown virus on a South Pacific island. After a man shows up at a clinic with mysterious bites on his body, they start to wonder what could have caused them to get these injuries.

They decide to fly to the island where the man lives, but their small plane goes down and they’re stuck. After a while, they come to the man’s village and find that strange new kinds of spiders have been popping up all over the jungle.

The team made up of medical and zoological experts, plus a security guard named Valentine and their female pilot, decide to investigate. They soon find out that it’s not just an insect, but a giant, spider-like monster that’s been killing people – both locals and tourists – with bites or poison. – Guam Movies


6. Pedro Calungsod: Batang martir (2013)

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Director: Francis Villacorta

The young Filipino man Pedro Calungsod left his native Visayan homeland to join the mission of the Spanish Jesuit priest, Francisco de San Vitores, in the Marianas Islands.

The mission of the San Diego Mission arrived in the Marianas, where Pedro, a well-trained catechist and assistant to the mission, began to baptize Chamorro natives.

Pedro and his father, despite the persecutions and threats of death, continued to preach the holy gospel and spread the gospel of salvation amidst paganism, doubts, and disbelief.

The two missionaries roamed the perilous islands, baptizing many more natives and educating them about Christianity. Today, Guam is a predominantly Catholic state, and this is a testament to the role of the young Filipino saint in this divine mission. – Guam Movies

7. Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon (2004)

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Director: Isaac Florentine

The story follows Max Havoc, a former kickboxer turned sports photographer, as he returns to Guam for a promotional shoot. His act of kindness brings him into contact with the lives of Jane and Christy, vacationing sisters, who have acquired a valuable jade dragon.

Unfortunately, the dragon is owned by the infamous Japanese Yakuza, a gang of ruthless criminals who will do whatever it takes to reclaim it. It is up to Max to prevent the Yakuza from reclaiming the dragon, rescue the sisters, and bring order back to the tranquil island. – Guam Movies

8. Island Soldier (2017)

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Director: Nathan FItch

Micronesia: The Untold Story of Micronesians fighting America’s wars. Follow the Nenas’ journey as one family faces the effects of military service on a beautiful Pacific island on the verge of bankruptcy. – Guam Movies

9. Banner Bandits (2017)

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Director: Don Muna

During Guam’s most iconic cultural event, the Liberation Day Parade, a group of courageous and determined young people came together to bring about a policy shift regarding the use of alcoholic and tobacco signage throughout the island. – Guam Movies

10. Mga dayo (2012)

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Director: Julius Sotomayor Cena

The story is about Thanksgiving Day in Guam, USA. Local newspaper photographer Alex finds himself in a ‘green card marriage’ with his best friend James, who was born in Guam and is a Filipino.

Meanwhile, Miriam, who used to be part of the Filipino press and is now a well-known Guam journalist, is trying to make things right with her husband, an American.

Hotel housekeeper Ella, who has been living in Guam for almost two decades, is struggling to find a way to send her 88-year-old mother back to the Philippines, knowing she won’t be able to make it back.

As Guam celebrates this traditional American holiday, three Filipino immigrants find themselves caught in a tug-of-war of self-sacrifice and meaning, wondering if they should find their home in Guam or somewhere else. – Guam Movies