Top 20 Greatest Armenia Movies You Should Watch

Top 20 Greatest Armenia Movies You Should Watch.


Armenia Movies

1. Vodka Lemon (2003)

Director: Huner Saleem

Hamo, an empty-nesting widower with a pathetic pension and three incompetent sons residing in a distant, secluded Yazidi Refugee village in post-Soviet Armenia, makes the daily drive to his deceased spouse’s grave. He encounters the charming Nina who is in a relationship with her deceased husband there.

They both work at a nearby bar that is going to close, and he has been obliged to start abandoning his little commodities. They are both depopulated. Everything appears to be hopelessly dark, but when Hamo starts courting Nina, their shocking love provides them fresh beginnings. – Armenia Movies

2. 3 Weeks in Yerevan (2016)

Directors: Vahik Pirhamzei

In this heartwarming humor: two Los Angeles-based producers journey to Armenia to make a feature film about an American Armenian of the third generation who travels to Yerevan to adopt a 12-year-old. The team joins forces with a local playwright and starts the difficult process of casting for the roles, seeking sites, and obtaining the final finance.

A perfect sequence of strange encounters, shocking revelations, and crazy occurrences combine to destroy what appears to be the perfect plan. The culture minister, Metropolitan commissioner, the CEO of Hyefilm Studios, oligarch…They all agree to help, but they all have their conditions.

For example, they may want to change the story’s premise, set it in a different era, put a relative in an important part, or perhaps even turn the straightforward, heartwarming tale into a biography of an oligarch. The chemistry between Rubo, Armen, and Raffi makes for incredible humor, and their quest to fulfill their dream puts them in contact with fascinating individuals, fantastic circumstances, and breathtaking scenery. – Armenia Movies

3. The Cut (2014)

Director: Fatih Akin

This movie is based on the 1915 Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire, that caused the Armenian minority to be brutally deported. Nazaret Manoogian, a young family man from Mardin, is deported one day by the Turkish government along with all the other Armenian males. By coincidence and a deed of compassion, he survives the mass massacre, but he loses his family, his voice, and his faith.

He ultimately comes to work as a slave laborer. The distressed Nazaret learns at midnight that his daughters could be still alive and didn’t pass away from malnutrition, assault, or rape on death marches like their mom.

To look for them, Nazaret sets out from his small town through the Mesopotamian deserts and toward the sea, constantly searching for anything that could point himself in the direction of his kids. From Asia to America, from a fresh ending to a new beginning, this is where Nazaret’s amazing adventures will take him. – Armenia Movies

4. Earthquake (2016)

Director: Sarik Andreasyan

Leninakan, Ukrainian SSR of the Armenian peninsula, 1988. Konstantin Berezhnoy, a 50-year-old Russian, and Robert Melkonyan, a 28-year-old Armenian, combine to rescue the last remaining individuals after the devastating Spitak earthquakes on the seventh of December. – Armenia Movies

5. Life and Fight (2016)

Director: Mher Mkrtchya

Tigran loses the girl he loves, and to get over his nervousness, he engages in the Nagorno-Karabakh war.

6. Agent 044: Operation Garni (2023)

Director: Hayk Kbeyan

The celebrated Argentinian-Armenian detective Henzel Brutents once more serves as the protagonist of the narrative. This time, he is asked to track down the well-known journalist who was abducted by an enigma. Henzel is currently collaborating with Lieutenant Anna Abrahamyan, a new collaborator, on this investigation.

Henzel and Anna appear in several amusing scenarios throughout the movie as they follow the clues left by the criminal, and Henzel is compelled to take on different personas to learn the truth. As a result of Mr. Brutents’ refusal to reveal himself in the future, the entire investigation develops into a joyful and adventurous adventure. – Armenia Movies

7. Poker AM (2012)

Director: David Babakhanyan

The protagonist of the movie works inside one of the most prominent restaurants in the area. He would propose to his fiancée, and he was able to purchase everything he would need for the occasion, including a ring and even a vivid blue tie.

He additionally sought his closest friend Garik for help, but the latter had the poker champion final “at hand” and there was also an emergency at his place of work. Garik requests assistance, and Musho, of course, cannot refuse. What effects it had, too… Everything spirals out of control, and the main guy assumes the lead role in instances that are hilarious, dangerous, and even fatal for him. – Armenia Movies

8. Spitak (2018)

Top 20 Greatest Armenia Movies You Should Watch

Director: Alexander Kott

God is attempting to fly from Moscow to Armenia to find his family, they are trapped at the center of the earthquake. Once there, Gor quickly searches for his modest house among the remnants of the town. He encounters many different kinds of folks along his road trip, each of whom is dealing with a personal tragedy and difficulty.

The villagers undertake an effort to locate their loved ones, no matter if they are living or deceased; the latter is desirable because it allows for a decent funeral. Despite the lack of medications, doctors endeavor to treat those who have survived, working day and night and performing surgeries with the available resources.

To clear the debris, servicemen, and volunteers put their lives in danger. God doesn’t give up hunting for his family and discovers that his wife and infant daughter are still alive beneath the fallen buildings. But there is hope as long as there is love. – Armenia Movies

9. Songs of Solomon (2020)

Top 20 Greatest Armenia Movies You Should Watch

Director: Arman Nshanian

This movie is about an early childhood constitute that is torn apart by a terrible dictatorship on a mission to destroy everything in its path comes from the two-time Academy Award-winning producer and director of “Green Book” and is centered on true events.

In an era of extreme prejudice, a courageous lady sacrifices her life and the lives of her family to save the closest companion who is being pursued due to her religious convictions. a musical and emotional journey brings us to Constantinople at the start of the century in an epic visualization.

A theatrical release about music—ancient pagan music—as an instrument of feelings of affection, optimism, courage, betrayal, and depression. music that’s capable of merging a whole community with the cosmos and the earth, the streams and the stars. the musical works of Solomon, commonly known as Komitas. – Armenia Movies

10. Yeva (2017)

Director: Anahid Abad

After her husband’s disastrous passing away Yeva, a young woman, departs her powerful in-laws with her daughter Nareh and seeks sanctuary in one of the villages of Karabakh, Azerbaijan. Yeva is a total outsider in this community of people and is forced to go with her normal activities in incognito. – Armenia Movies


11. Apricot Groves (2016)

Armenia Movies

Director: Pouria Heidary Oureh

Aram, an eleven-year-old Iranian Armenian immigrant who relocated to the United States as a child, made his first trip back to Armenia to request his Armenian lover marry him. On the one-day excursion, Aram encounters a variety of cultural, religious, and national distinctions, but more difficult obstacles lie coming. – Armenia Movies

12. Honest Thieves (2019)

Armenia Movies

Director: Gor Kirakosian

To report the robbery to law enforcement officials and receive a reward, five misfits try to take away a centuries-old familial relic. – Armenia Movies

13. Ktor me yerkinq (1980)

Armenia Movies

Director: Henrik Malyan

provincial town in northwestern Armenia around the turn of the twentieth century. Little Torik has been placed in the care of his maternal grandparents Turnanta and her spouse Grigor-agha mourning the passing of his parents.

He emerges as a peaceful, honest, and caring young boy. It was supposed to be fine till he turned into an adult. He marries brothel girl Anjel after falling in love with her. The town holds him in disdain and could not pardon him. As a result, Torik develops into a tenacious and courageous supporter of his fulfillment. – Armenia Movies

14. Vorogayt (2015)

Armenia Movies

Director: Roman Musheghyan

A widely recognized athlete retires sports to pursue art, but against his will, he finds himself in a criminal setting. The hero, who was just a teenager, is seen in jail for upholding his girlfriend’s reputation.

Prison’s strict “laws” and hard life don’t break him; instead, they transform him stronger. But after being freed from jail, he is once more faced with an impossible choice. This time, the cost of his freedom is the life of the man he loves. – Armenia Movies

15. Avetik (1992)

Armenia Movies

Director: Don Askarian

The documentary presents numerous interpretations of Armenian background and is organized around the main protagonist, who is an Armenian pursuing to make a life for himself in the West. – Armenia Movies

16. Moskvich, My Love (2015)

Armenia Movies

Director: Aram Shahbazyan

An ancient farmer surname Hamo and his beloved wife resided in a little village high in the Armenian mountains. They can only subsist thanks to the money their son sends them from Russia.

But Hamo still harbors a desire to acquire a Moskvitch, the most perfect vehicle ever created and the one that the Soviet Union had been promised but which he had never experienced. The dream of Hamo endures beyond the fall of the Communist bloc. He finds out that one is being sold in an adjacent neighborhood. – Armenia Movies

17. Life Triumphs (1977)

Armenia Movies

Director: Henrik Malyan

Throughout the Armenian Genocide of 1915, Nahapet—which meant patriarch in Armenian—lost his family, his home, and all of his personal belongings. He resembles a withered tree because he is shy and self-absorbed.

He takes refuge in a tiny town made up only of half-destroyed homes and burned dirt on the slope of Mount Aragats. Could Nahapet muster the inner fortitude to construct a new home, raise a new family, and restore the things his fate had banished? This everlasting tale of regeneration serves as a historical reference for the Armenian people. – Armenia Movies

18. Lorik (2018)

Armenia Movies

Director: Aleksey Zlobin

In this morally superior family body-swap, a lonely, self-absorbed theater the player is thrust into the harsh realities of individuals who have been victims of social injustice. Lorik, a lonely, selfish and wants and self-absorbed theater performer, lives in a universe made up of his previous characters.

Unexpectedly, he is thrust into the world of those who are victims of unfairness in society. After befriending a girl who is seriously ill, he tries to rathe funds to pay for her medical care. But this turns out to be insufficient, forcing him to take the last, hopeless measure. – Armenia Movies

19. Garegin Nzhdeh (2013)

Armenia Movies

Director: Hrachya Keshishyan

Before the outbreak of World War I, Nzhdeh traveled to the Caucasus following an amnesty granted by the Russian government in 1914 to take part in the establishment of Armenian volunteer regiments inside the Russian army to combat the Ottoman Empire.

He was chosen in 1915 to serve as Drastamat Kanayan’s deputy commander, who oversaw the 2nd Volunteer Battalion, during the early stages of the conflict. He then oversaw a unique Armenian-Yezidi military squad in 1916.

Nzhdeh’s battalion participated in the clashes at Alaja following the Russian Revolution and the Russian army’s evacuation, providing a safe route for Armenian forces fleeing into Alexandropol. – Armenia Movies

20. Bravo Virtuoso (2016)

Armenia Movies

Director: Levon Minasian

Alik, twenty-five, was brought up by his grandfather, the leader of a renowned classical orchestra in post-Soviet Armenia, where the criminal underworld is linked with oligarchs and cultural institutions are failing. When the orchestra’s main benefactor is killed, saxophonist Alik, the orchestra’s virtuoso, faces grave danger for his or her ongoing survival.

One night, Alik finds the unusual phone belonging to a hired killer, which is used exclusively to order hits. Alik chooses to adopt the persona of the murderer known as “The Maestro” and attempts to carry out the agreements he makes after being coerced by a crook’s daughter with whom he falls passionately in love. Alik also resolves to save the symphony at all costs. Alik is not a killer; instead, he is a master composer. – Armenia Movies