Top 30 Greatest Titan Movies of All Time

Top 30 Greatest Titan Movies of All Time. A list of best Titan Movies. You should check out these Titan Movies. These Titan Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Titan Movies

1. The Titan (2018)

Top 30 Greatest Titan Movies of All Time

Director: Lennart Ruff

Professor Martin Collingwood is leading the effort among scientists to look to Saturn’s moon Titan as a potential new home for humanity in the year 2048 when Earth is overpopulated and plagued by violent conflicts.

U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Rick Janssen agrees to take part in an experiment involving 14 test subjects that challenges human bodies to acclimatize to Titan’s ultra-low oxygen atmosphere and super-cold methane liquids.

He is joined by his wife Abigail, a medical researcher, and their son Lucas. The preliminary findings are encouraging. Rick gains the ability to swim incredibly fast and submerge himself for 42 minutes. – Titan Movies

2. Attack on Titan (2015)

Top 30 Greatest Titan Movies of All Time

Director: Shinji Higuchi

Eren joins the scouting legion to exact revenge on the creatures who slaughtered everyone in his hamlet on a planet where enormous humanoid Titans prey on people. Eren Jaeger, a young man, must battle with the military and use his unique talent to defeat the giant race.

When these terrifying, man-eating monsters threaten to wipe out the final remnants of human civilization on Earth, mankind is on the verge of annihilation. Humanity will be terrified of the Titans in 100 years.

A species of monsters that mimic humans but are much larger and devoid of sexual organs. They exist solely to feed on people. To shield itself from the terror of the Titans, humanity locked itself in three 50-meter walls. – Titan Movies

3. Immortals (2011)

Top 30 Greatest Titan Movies of All Time

Director: Tarsem Singh

Long after the Gods defeated the Titans in their legendary battle, a new evil now threatens the land. King Hyperion, possessed by his power, has sworn war on humanity. Hyperion has ravaged Greece in search of the fabled Epirus Bow, a weapon of unparalleled power fashioned in the sky by Ares, amassing a ruthless army of men deformed by his hand.

Only the owner of this bow has the power to free the Titans, who have been imprisoned beneath Mount Tartaros’s walls since the beginning of time and are itching for vengeance. The bow would destroy the Gods and rain destruction upon humanity at the hands of the King.

But according to ancient law, the Gods cannot get involved in a dispute between humans. The only person who can help them stop Hyperion is a peasant named Theseus. Until then, they have no other option. – Titan Movies

4. Clash of the Titans (2010)

Top 30 Greatest Titan Movies of All Time

Director: Louis Leterrier

Perseus, the demigod son of powerful Zeus, the king of the gods, was born a god but was nurtured by humans. When he sees his mortal family die, Perseus swears to exact revenge on Hades, the dreadful ruler of the Underworld.

The fatal city of Argos transforms into a battlefield as the human species musters the resolve to revolt against the gods of Olympus, and Hades threatens to unleash the mythical sea monster, Kraken, unless the fair Princess Andromeda voluntarily gives herself as a sacrifice.

Perseus sets out on a brave, dangerous journey to thwart the forces of evil before Hades throws the world into anarchy and darkness because he has nothing left to lose. But before Perseus can survive the never-ending barrage of demons and terrifying foes, he must accept his destiny. – Titan Movies

5. Wrath of the Titans (2012)

Top 30 Greatest Titan Movies of All Time

Director: Jonathan Liebesman

In a small village, Perseus and his son Helius work as fishermen. Zeus warns Perseus one evening that since people no longer pray to the gods, they are weaker. He claims that Tartarus’s walls are coming down, all the demons will be let out on Earth, and Kronos will be freed from jail.

Zeus and Poseidon travel to the underworld to join forces with Aries and Hades, but Zeus is betrayed and taken prisoner. Poseidon escapes from Zeus’ Temple with fatal wounds and runs into Perseus there.

He gives Perseus his trident and tells him to meet his son and the demigod Agenor in the country of Andromeda and beg them to help him locate the one who has fallen. They start their saga with Andromeda to free Zeus and stop Ares and Hades from freeing the extinct Titan Kronos. – Titan Movies

6. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

Top 30 Greatest Titan Movies of All Time

Director: Thor Freudenthal

The son of Poseidon and his pals set out on a voyage to the Sea of Monsters in search of the legendary Golden Fleece to revive their dwindling haven while fending off the rise of an ancient evil. In this sequel, Percy Jackson makes a comeback.

Percy and Annabeth are rushing to the Sea of Monsters in search of the Golden Fleece, which has the power to save their planet. Percy and his comrades combat hordes of mythological creatures with abilities beyond human comprehension in their quest to defeat the supreme evil. – Titan Movies

7. Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

Top 30 Greatest Titan Movies of All Time

Director: Adam Wingard

The terrible Godzilla and the mighty Kong square off against one another in the dramatic last chapter of the cinematic Monsterverse, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance. Godzilla and Kong, two of nature’s most formidable forces, square up in a jaw-dropping battle for the ages in this epic duel of legends. A plot to eradicate all life, both good and bad, from the planet threatens as a squadron sets off on a risky mission into amazing undiscovered territory in search of clues to the Titans’ very origins and mankind’s survival. – Titan Movies

8. The Great Wall (2016)

Top 30 Greatest Titan Movies of All Time

Director: Yi-Mou Zhang

William Garin and Pero Tovar, remnants of a small mercenary band looking for gunpowder, narrowly escape an attack by a band of nomadic bandits during the Song Dynasty two days ride north of the Great Wall.

The two companions immediately flee to a supposedly secure cave, but the next day they are discovered in chains before Commander Lin Mei and Strategist Wang as they get ready for an all-out monster assault in the coming hours.

William and Pero will eventually find themselves embroiled in a conflict with a shockingly intelligent Beast-Queen and her unstoppable army, which will determine freedom and the fate of the entire human race. – Titan Movies

9. A Quiet Place (2018)

Top 30 Greatest Titan Movies of All Time

Director: John Krasinski

The Abbotts are fighting for their lives in the barren urban jungle of New York City, a death trap marked by a new era of complete quiet, on a shattered Earth overrun by unstoppable predators of possible extraterrestrial origin.

Indeed, even the smallest sounds can be fatal since this new breed of intruder is drawn to noise. The tenacious Abbott family is still standing strong even though it has now been a year since the first reports of the terrifying beasts. Learning the fundamentals of survival in this subdued dystopia is essential. – Titan Movies

10. Love and Monsters (2020)

Top 30 Greatest Titan Movies of All Time

Director: Michael Matthews

Joel Dawson and the rest of humanity have been living underground since enormous beasts overran the landscape seven years after the Monsterpocalypse. Joel rekindles his love for his high school sweetheart Aimee after speaking to her on the radio from a beach colony 80 miles away.

Joel resolves against all reason to get to Aimee despite the frightening creatures that lie in his way as he realizes that there is nothing left for him underground. Michael Rooker and Ariana Greenblatt also appear in the entertaining and action-packed journey. – Titan Movies

11. Annihilation (2018)

Titan Movies

Director: Alex Garland

Lena, a professor of cellular biology and former soldier, is under quarantine at “Area X”, a government facility on the US southern coast. Her four-month excursion into the anomalous, iridescent electromagnetic environment known as “the Shimmer,” of which she and her husband Kane are the only survivors, is debriefed.

After going missing on a mission for close to a year, Kane, an Army Special Forces man, resurfaces in their house in a flashback. He suddenly becomes quite ill and has no recollection of that time. Kane and Lena are taken from the ambulance by a government security team to Area X, a location close to where the Shimmer first started to spread three years previously. – Titan Movies

12. The Host (2006)

Titan Movies

Director: Bong Joon-ho

The protagonist of the movie is Park Hee-bong, a guy in his late 60s. He lives with his two kids, one daughter, and one grandchild, and operates a modest snack store alongside the Han River. The Parks appear to lead a fairly routine and calm existence, but they might be a little less wealthy than the typical Seoulite.

Gang-du, Hee-bong’s older son, is a 40-year-old immature and incompetent guy whose wife long since left the family home. The youngest son, a complainer without a job, is Nam-il, and Nam-joo, a medalist in archery and a member of the national team, is Nam-il’s daughter.

Gang-du’s daughter Hyun-seo is taken hostage by the monster and vanishes one day as it unexpectedly emerges from the Han River’s depths, causing panic and death. The loss of a very dear family member has caused enormous suffering for the entire family. However, they decide to save her after learning that she is still alive. – Titan Movies

13. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (2018)

Titan Movies

Director: Ari Sandel

Sarah Quinn, a teenager, resides in Wardenclyffe, New York, with her mother Kathy, and younger brother Sonny. Sarah is using her essay on fear to apply to Columbia University. Sam Carter, a buddy of Sonny’s, will be watched over by Kathy while his father is away.

After school, Sonny and Sam, who are seeking to launch a garbage cleanup business, are asked to clean up an abandoned home. They discover a locked document within, and when they open it, Slappy the Dummy emerges. By reciting the magic words they find in his pocket, they unintentionally bring him to life. Bully Tommy Madigan subsequently steals the book from the library.

Slappy shows up to Sonny and Sam when they are at home working on their science project—a miniature reproduction of Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower—and earns their trust by using magic to complete their homework and chores. Sam is also present. When Sarah meets her boyfriend Tyler at a party, she discovers that he is kissing another woman. – Titan Movies

14. Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004)

Titan Movies

Director: Dwight H. Little

The rare Blood Orchid only blooms once every seven years, deep within Borneo’s thick jungles. Unaware that the location is home to a violent subspecies of huge anacondas, a team of researchers sent by the New York pharmaceutical company Wexel Hall travels to the island in search of this unusual herbal source of youth and immortality. And to make matters worse, the traits sought after by the ambitious scientists have boosted the snakes’ strength as well as their already gigantic size. – Titan Movies

15. Mortal Kombat (2021)

Titan Movies

Director: Simon McQuoid

A rival clan commanded by Hanzo Hasashi is assassinated in 17th-century Japan by assassins led by Bi-Han, who also slays Hanzo’s family. Hanzo battles Bi-Han after killing the attackers, and Bi-Han stabs him with his kunai.

When Hanzo passes away, his soul is doomed to dwell in the Netherrealm. Later, the God of Thunder Raiden transports Hanzo’s still-living child to safety. A squad of champions chooses Cole Young, a retired MMA fighter, to join them in a crucial fight to stop the Outworld from occupying Earth. – Titan Movies


16. Arrival (2016)

Titan Movies

Director: Denis Villeneuve

After twelve mystery spacecraft start to emerge all over the planet, a linguist collaborates with the military to speak with alien lifeforms. When enormous spacecraft touch down at 12 different locations around the world, linguistics professor Louise Banks is in charge of an elite team of investigators.

Banks and her crew are in a race against time to figure out how to connect with the extraterrestrial visitors as the world teeters on the brink of nuclear Armageddon. She risks her life and maybe the survival of all humanity in an attempt to solve the enigma. – Titan Movies

17. Cloverfield (2008)

Titan Movies

Director: Matt Reeves

Since Rob is set to move to Japan, his lover, Beth, and pals decide to throw a huge surprise farewell party to honor his significant promotion.

The celebrations, however, will be quickly interrupted by a tremendous explosion, the appearance of a huge, gangly, scaly monstrosity, and the decapitation of the Statue of Liberty as all hell breaks loose in New York City.

A daring race to save Beth begins as the reptile giant decimates Manhattan; at the same time, the chaos and carnage are all captured on camera by a handheld camcorder. – Titan Movies

18. Pacific Rim (2013)

Titan Movies

Director: Guillermo del Toro

When enormous sea creatures known as Kaiju began to emerge, a conflict that would claim millions of lives and deplete humanity’s resources for a very long time began. Massive robots called Jaegers, which are commanded simultaneously by two pilots whose brains are bound in a neural connection, were developed as a particular kind of weapon to confront the huge Kaiju.

But in the face of the unrelenting Kaiju, even the Jaegers are proving to be almost defenseless. On the edge of defeat, the forces preserving humanity are forced to rely on two unexpected heroes—a retired pilot and an inexperienced trainee—who partner up to operate a storied but now-extinct Jaeger from the past. As the end of the world draws closer, they represent humanity’s last hope. – Titan Movies

19. John Carter (2012)

Titan Movies

Director: Andrew Stanton

A grandiose action adventure that takes place on the exotic and enigmatic planet Barsoom (Mars). A war-weary former military captain named John Carter is mysteriously transported to Mars and unwittingly drawn into a great fight. Carter rediscovers his humanity in this crumbling world as he understands that it is up to him to ensure the survival of Barsoom and its inhabitants. – Titan Movies

20. The Thing (2011)

Titan Movies

Director: Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.

Graduate student Kate Lloyd and researcher Dr. Sander Halvorson clash when an alien UFO is found at a research facility in Antarctica. Dr. Sandor Halvorson invites paleontologist Kate Lloyd to join his team in their astonishing discovery.

They have discovered an alien spacecraft that has likely been there for 100,000 years deep beneath the Antarctic ice. They discover the occupant’s remains not far from where the craft touched down. After being removed from the ice and brought back to their camp, the creature reanimates and starts to assault the crew. It also manages to infect them, turning team members into the alien thing. – Titan Movies

21. The Mist (2007)

Titan Movies

Director: Frank Darabont

A town in Maine experiences a tremendous storm, and the following morning, a misty cloud can be seen moving in. Several individuals, including artist David Drayton and his five-year-old son, become stuck in a nearby grocery shop as the mist quickly envelops the neighborhood.

The locals quickly learn that there are a variety of terrifying, otherworldly species living in the mist that came through an interdimensional rift, presumably brought on by a construction project on a nearby military post. The terrified population struggles valiantly to survive this post-apocalyptic catastrophe as the world around them transforms into a literal version of Hell on Earth. – Titan Movies

22. Troll (2022)

Titan Movies

Director: Roar Uthaug

After being imprisoned for a millennium, something enormous awakens deep within the Dovre mountain. The beast rushes towards Oslo while destroying everything in its way. After being imprisoned for a millennium, something enormous rises deep below the Dovre mountain in Norway.

The beast, which is destroying everything in its path, is rapidly nearing the Norwegian capital, and city dwellers are attempting to halt what they believed to be an invention of Norwegian legend. – Titan Movies

23. Ragnarok (2013)

Titan Movies

Director: Mikkel Brænne Sandemose

In his quest to discover the meaning of the mysterious runes discovered engraved in rock, Norwegian archaeologist Sigurd Svendsen gathers a small group and unintentionally wakes a massive monster.

The archaeologist Sigurd chooses to embark on an excursion with two of his coworkers and his two children after struggling to come to terms with the concept of Ragnarok, the end of the world in Northern mythology.

Their journey takes them to Finnmark, the most northern region of Norway, and into a region known as “No Man’s Land” between Norway and Russia, where no one has ever been in recent memory. When the truth is revealed, ancient runes take on new meanings. A greater, more spectacular truth than you could have ever imagined. – Titan Movies

24. Warcraft (2016)

Titan Movies

Director: Duncan Jones

In his quest to discover the meaning of the mysterious runes discovered engraved in rock, Norwegian archaeologist Sigurd Svendsen gathers a small group and unintentionally wakes a massive monster.

The archaeologist Sigurd chooses to embark on an excursion with two of his coworkers and his two children after struggling to come to terms with the concept of Ragnarok, the end of the world in Northern mythology.

Their journey takes them to Finnmark, the most northern region of Norway, and into a region known as “No Man’s Land” between Norway and Russia, where no one has ever been in recent memory. When the truth is revealed, ancient runes take on new meanings. A greater, more spectacular truth than you could have ever imagined. – Titan Movies

25. Monster Hunter (2020)

Titan Movies

Director: Paul W. S. Anderson

Army Ranger Captain Natalie Artemis and her elite comrades discover themselves in another reality while on a dangerous mission to find a lost unit of soldiers.

Captain Artemis and her team are surprised to learn for the first time that their usually lethal military weaponry is now completely insufficient to defeat the enemy there, stuck in a barren desert world teeming with strong foes and underground sand-dwelling creatures.

The group encounters a mysterious local huntsman whose superior combat abilities enable him to keep one step ahead of the powerful beasts in their desperate fight for survival. – Titan Movies

26. The Ash Lad: In the Hall of the Mountain King (2017)

Titan Movies

Director: Mikkel Brænne Sandemose

Erik, the Nordic monarch, commands his heiress Kristian to wed Danish prince Fredrik before she turns 18 since the tradition has it that if she does not, she would be taken by the mountain king’ of trolls. Kristian had previously rejected all suitors.

Instead, she flees into the mountains, and the king offers his hand in marriage and a royal dowry to whoever finds her. When Prince Fredrik and his bulky retainers went off, three peasant brothers presented an unexpected challenge.

Espen Askeladd, a playful and clumsy boy who was never able to complete any duties and always put his farmer father to the test, is only chased away in disgrace after ‘accidentally’ burning down the homestead. To raise the funds necessary to reconstruct the farm, his gluttonous middle brother Pal and his stern older brother Per set out to find the princess. Espen can join them by following his trail. – Titan Movies

27. Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (2015)

Titan Movies

Director: Lu Chuan

The renowned Professor Yang, Hu Bayi, and Ping, the professor’s stunning daughter, are part of the study team tasked with excavating the mysterious creature’s massive fossils. Only a tiny band of survivors remain after a bizarre explosion, deadly bat attack, and fall to the mountain’s base.

They discover a legendary Cyclopean Temple and an Interdimensional Portal that kills a horde of devouring Hell-Beasts, leaving only Hu alive. New York City in the present: Hu, a librarian who now leads a tranquil but troubled existence, researches demonology texts to learn the truth about that terrible day. – Titan Movies

28. Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Titan Movies

Director: Kong: Skull Island (2017)

An uncommonly intricate and self-contained ecosystem lies hidden on the infamous Skull Island, a small unknown sanctuary in the South Pacific encompassed by a never-ending storm system.

An expedition and research team commanded by scientist Bill Randa will bravely venture where no man has gone before, entirely cut off from civilization, to make ground-breaking discoveries but with no idea of what they would find there.

But as soon as acclaimed scientists begin to experience bizarre and illogical encounters with magnificent but unidentified animals, one thing will become abundantly clear: it would appear that humans have never possessed this blue planet. – Titan Movies

29. Legendary (2013)

Titan Movies

Director: Eric Styles

A team goes to China to capture a mythical prehistoric beast. Travis and his team are on a quest to catch a Cryptid that is causing havoc in a rural town before it is murdered by Harker, the fabled bounty hunter, so they journey to China in pursuit of what isn’t supposed to exist. – Titan Movies

30. Godzilla (2014)

Titan Movies

Director: Gareth Edwards

Most workers at the mysteriously destroyed Janjira nuclear power station perished, including Sandra, the wife of supervisor Joe Brody. Years later, Ford, a US Navy ordnance disposal officer, is compelled to travel to Japan to support his estranged father, Joe, who continues to obsessively look for the truth about the tragedy.

By doing this, the father and son learn the catastrophe’s hidden cause right there on the scene of the wreck. This allows them to see the terrifying menace to all of humanity revive, which is made much worse by a second covert rebirth elsewhere. The only thing that can save the planet from this catastrophe may be Godzilla, but even as humanity struggles to comprehend its terrible ally, Godzilla faces a formidable battle. – Titan Movies