Top 30 Greatest Turkish Dramas list

Top 30 Greatest Turkish Dramas list. A list of Turkish Dramas made by Turkish Dramas studios. You should check out these Turkish Dramas. These Turkish Dramas will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Dirilis: Ertugrul (2014)

Top 30 Greatest Turkish Dramas list

Director: Metin Günay

One of the most renowned fighters of his era and the father of Osman (the founder of the Ottoman Empire), the Turkish warrior Ertugrul from the 13th century is the subject of this series. He is a driven individual who desires to establish justice and peace for his people. He is at war with the Byzantines on one side, the Crusaders on the other, and the viciously advancing Mongols who massacred many Turks on the third. He is engaged in a psychological struggle between love and destiny in between these events.

2. Elif (2014)

Top 30 Greatest Turkish Dramas list

Director: Betül Durmus

Elif resides with his mother Melek, stepfather Veysel, step-brother Murat, step-sister Zeynep, and her step-siblings. Despite being almost 5 years old, Elif is much older than her friends. She is incredibly helpful while yet having the fortitude to put up with her abusive stepfather. Melek and child Elif are tortured by Veysel, a vicious and hopeless gambler. Elif will be sold by him in order to cover his gambling debts. Melek learns of his husband’s ulterior motives and locates the passport on behalf of her daughter through pure coincidence. She ultimately makes the decision to call her devoted friend Ayse and ask for her help in rescuing her kid. Melek used to live with the rich Emiroglu family, where Ayse is a servant.

3. Ask Laftan Anlamaz (2016)

Top 30 Greatest Turkish Dramas list

Director: Burak Sağyaşar

The daughter of a fisherman from Giresun village, Hayat Uzun, is under pressure from her stern, traditional father to find work in Istanbul or she will have to return to the country and be pushed into an arranged marriage. Currently, she resides with her closest pals Ipek and Asli, with her mother Emine occasionally paying a visit. She receives employment at the international textile company Sarte as the personal assistant of Murat Sarslmaz’s assistant thanks to a case of mistaken identification. The position was originally assigned to Suna Pektas, a family acquaintance of Sarsilmaz.

4. The Promise (2019)

Top 30 Greatest Turkish Dramas list

Director: Serkan Mut

Reyhan was taken to Istanbul by Hikmet to wed his pampered son Emir. Reyhan initially refused to wed a total stranger, but her uncle persuades her by explaining his illness. She unwillingly consents for the benefit of her uncle. Due to his intense love for his independence, Emir did not want to be married. But only after his father coerced him. However, he vowed to treat Reyhan poorly so that she will separate from him on her own. Emir and his mother Cavidan mistreated Reyhan, but she found solace in her uncle and her sister-in-law Suna. Things shift. Emir and Reyhan developed a romantic relationship. Reyhan, though, is debating whether or not to break up with Emir at the end of the season.

5. Kiralik Ask (2015)

Top 30 Greatest Turkish Dramas list

Director: Metin Balekoğlu

When Defne Topal, a waitress, desperately needs a lot of money to pay off her brother’s debt, she is caught up in a love game. Defne takes care of her older brother, her younger sister, and her grandma. When Defne and her siblings were very little, their father passed away, and their mother departed to begin a new life with another man. One day, a man by the name of Mer Plikçi (Barş Arduç) unexpectedly kisses her in front of the restaurant where Defne works to avoid going on a blind date set up by his aunt. Unbeknownst to Defne and Mer, Neriman (Nergis Kumbasar), Mer’s aunt, sees them kissing. After that, Neriman approaches Defne with an offer to get married before leaving her husband’s nephew, Mer, for whom she is currently renting her.

6. Dolunay (2017)

Top 30 Greatest Turkish Dramas list

Director: Cagri Bayrak

Ferit is a very successful, charming, and enigmatic businessman who lives in the present exclusively via work and extreme organization in both his personal and professional life. Ferit has a dark history. Nazli, a young woman from a poor family, lives with her younger sister and best friend, studies, and works to support them financially and to pursue her dream of becoming a chef. The differences between Ferit and Nazli are considerable. Due to fate, two separate paths in their lives that ought to have never crossed instead become intertwined. When Ferit’s sister and brother-in-law are killed in a car accident and their son has left an orphan, everything changes. If Ferit and Nazli wish to have a future together and create a family for themselves as well as Ferit’s orphaned nephew, they will have to confront animosity, surmount challenges, allay fears, and resolve misunderstandings.

7. Kiraz Mevsimi (2014)

Top 30 Greatest Turkish Dramas list

Director: Eda Teksöz; Aslı Kahraman

Öykü is to become a successful fashion designer. She lives with her mom and her younger brother Cem. She has loved her best friend Mete, Burçu’s brother, since childhood. But Mete feels different. One day, Mete falls in love with the selfish friend of Öykü, Seyma, while Öykü abandons Mete. Öykü then meets by accident the best friend and associate of Mete, Ayaz Dincer. Ayaz is a very beautiful man, he immediately falls in love with Öykü, and even if she repels him, he always returns. One day, Burcu, Öykü’s friend, sends a box of chocolates and a love letter to her brother, who she signs as Öykü. When Öykü learns, she rushes to Mete’s office to pick up the gift with the word before he sees it. On his arrival, Ayaz has already seen the present and is shocked to see him coming from Oyku. He discovers that the woman he loves is in love with her best friend. At that moment, Mete arrives and asks to whom this gift is intended.

8. Erkenci Kus (2018)

Top 30 Greatest Turkish Dramas list

Director: Çağrı Bayrak

Sanem, a young lady who hasn’t been able to secure a stable job yet, decides to work at her father’s grocery store with the hopes of one day being a well-known author. Sanem hurries to a job at the advertising business her sister works in after her parents offer her the alternative between getting a professional job and an arranged marriage. There she starts her experience with the two bosses, Jan, and a series of circumstances lead to her falling in love with Jan.

9. Black Money Love (2014)

Top 30 Greatest Turkish Dramas list

Director: Ahmet Katiksiz

Omar works as a policeman. He feels a great deal of pain following the loss of his fiance. The body of Sibel, Omar’s fiancée, was discovered in a car next to an elderly, wealthy businessman on top of a cliff. Omar understands that there is more to her suspicious murder after the shock of her unexpected death and the charges that his love had cheated on him. He makes the decision that he will stop at nothing to show everyone that his fiance was not cheating on him and to find the person who killed her. On the other hand, Elif, the middle child of Ahmet and Zerrin’s three daughters, loses her father in a murder in which Omar’s fiancée’s body was discovered in the same automobile.

10. Emanet (2020)

Top 30 Greatest Turkish Dramas list

Director: Ayhan Özen

Kevser was raised in a lowly, impoverished neighborhood, and when she marries the son of the wealthy Kirimli family, her father severed all links with her because he disapproves of their union. But when Kevser’s husband passes away, she is left alone and stranded with her 5-year-old son Yusuf in the desolate Kirimli mansion.

11. The Protector (2018)

Turkish Dramas list

Director: Umut Aral

A young man learns that he possesses exceptional abilities. To defend the city and all of humanity from the evil powers that wish to destroy Istanbul, it is now vital to learn how to use these forces. There is no other option on this voyage but to cooperate with his supportive buddies.

12. Midnight at the Pera Palace (2022)

Turkish Dramas list

Director: Emre Şahin

Esra, a young journalist who was abandoned as a child and now lives in Istanbul, is tasked with writing a piece about the Pera Palace Hotel’s impending 130th birthday. She meets the hotel’s manager, Ahmet, who gives her a tour and provides background information on Pera Palace’s notable guests. The tale of Peride, a young woman who allegedly saved Mustafa Kemal from an assassination attempt instigated by the British in 1919, when the British were occupying Istanbul, particularly intrigues Esra.

13. Ethos (2020)

Turkish Dramas list

Director: Berkun Oya

Meryem, a part-time cleaner from a traditional family who lives on the outskirts of Istanbul, is the subject of the tale in Ethos. She has fainting spells and sees Peri, a psychiatrist with a very different background from Meryem’s. Peri is educated, wealthy, and secular, and she has prejudices against those who practice open religion. The therapist Peri herself visits laments the rising conservatism in Turkish culture.

14. Fatma (2021)

Turkish Dramas list

Director: Özer Feyzioğlu

When Fatma’s freshly released from jail spouse Zafer suddenly vanishes, her life as a cleaner takes a radically different turn. During her search for her husband, Fatma unintentionally commits a murder. The fact that her spouse is associated with criminals and outlaws puts Fatma’s life at grave risk. Fatma has no choice but to keep killing her enemies if she wants to live. Fatma uses her appearance as a cleaning lady to conceal her murders and transforms this into a ritualistic way for her to get revenge for her past experiences.

15. As the Crow Flies (2022)

Turkish Dramas list

Director: Deniz Yorulmazer

While Gen X makes an effort to stay up with the new world, social media, and commercial methods, they are still unaware of the wider picture. There is no denying the widening distance and significant distinctions between the two generations. We’ll follow Asli’s journey against this backdrop as he attempts to soar like a crow rather than depending on his ability to climb stairs via hard work. Toto reach the top and be the most reputable person at the table, the series will explore whether Asli can win or lose using the strategies of the new world.

16. 50M2 (2021)

Turkish Dramas list

Director: Selçuk Aydemir

An orphaned hitman by the name of Gölge searches for his identity. Gölge is trying to discover what happened to his parents while working for Servet Nadir. Because he was the reason for their demise, Servet knows the truth but won’t tell him. In the end, Gölge locates a journalist who says to be familiar with his family. Stain, a member of Servet’s gang, is sent to kill Gölge but instead shoots the journalist, and Gölge escapes with serious injuries after a struggle with Stain.

17. The Club (2021)

Turkish Dramas list

Director: Seren Yüce

After serving time for murder, Matilda is freed from jail as part of a national amnesty. When the rabbi tells her about her daughter Raşel, who was stolen from her as a baby and is now a delinquent arrested for breaking into a nightclub run by Elebi, the Sephardic Jew applies at the neighborhood community center for travel documents so she can move to Israel. Initially opposed to working with her daughter, Matilda later changes her mind. However, Celebi spots Matilda at the prison and demands that she work for her in the Pera district club despite initially being willing to drop the charges.

18. Yakamoz S-245 (2022)

Turkish Dramas list

Director: Umut Aral

Arman, a free-spirited marine researcher and dive instructor, is about to board a submarine for a research mission. Arman and his scientific team must enter a military submarine when the sun begins killing everyone above in order to survive. Tensions develop amongst the sailors as they try to understand what is going on above them as well as the military sub’s true goal, particularly between Arman and Umut, the boat’s second captain. In addition to fighting for his life, Arman will also earn a second opportunity with his true love.

19. Deniz Inside My Heart (2016)

Turkish Dramas list

Director: Aysun Akyüz

Deniz has a luxurious lifestyle and a happy family life with her two adorable children and charming spouse. She didn’t experience any hardship as a child. She thus has good intentions at all times and has complete faith in everyone in her life. When Deniz’s husband Alihan vanishes without a trace, her world is turned upside down. She worries about her husband’s well-being without realizing that he has abandoned them and fled with his girlfriend Sebnem to begin a new life. She is also unaware that her cousin Hulya orchestrated this illicit romance.

20. You Are Mine (2015)

Turkish Dramas list

Director: Kudret Sabanci

When Ejder and Nagme randomly cross paths, they instantly fall in love and decide to get married without realizing that their respective families will never approve of their union. The name quickly concludes that every door on Ejder’s family’s ranch has a depressing tale hidden behind it.

21. Rüzgarin Kalbi (2016)

Turkish Dramas

Director: Filiz Gülmez Pakman

Ruzgar is a wealthy and handsome young man and he is profoundly in love with Meltem. They want to get married, but just before the big day, Meltem passes away in an accident. Ruzgar is disconsolate and knows that life can never be the same again. He left the city, refusing any contact with anyone who knew him before. A good thing happened with the untimely death of Meltem his heart was given to a very sick girl Zeynep, the night before her marriage, is deceived by her fiance, Kutay.

She has to leave all this to go home, to a small town on the Aegean coast, hoping to find peace of mind. These two broken hearts, Ruzgar and Zeynep, meet and mingle unconsciously with a childish play, plotted by Zeynep’s girlfriends in an attempt to make Kutay jealous. As time passed, Ruzgar and Zeynep fell in love, unaware that Zeynep was the recipient of Meltem’s transplanted heart.

22. The Gift (2019)

Turkish Dramas

Director: Ozan Açıktan

Young Atiye has been painting a fertility symbol since she was a youngster, though she is unaware of its significance. She paints abstracts and works as a part-time teacher. Although she has always drawn that sign, she has only ever seen it in her work. Atiye is in a relationship with Ozan, who is the son of a successful businessman by the name of Serdar, but she does not feel at ease in their union. She organizes her first exhibition, displaying the same sign that she has been drawing since she was a young child in various hues and sizes. People adore all of her paintings, so her exhibition is a success.

23. Love 101 (2020)

Turkish Dramas

Director: Meriç Acemi

This show is the perfect example of how teens today crave the nostalgia of the past. It shows a very different group of people and how they come together and create the most positive enthralling chaos I’ve seen in a teen drama. This is one of the most heartfelt shows I ever watched. It beautifully displays the struggles students go through and we get to see many different parts of these students’ lives.

24. Rise of Empires: Ottoman (2020)

Turkish Dramas

Director: Emre Şahin

In an epic war to conquer the Byzantine city of Constantinople, Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II changes the course of history for generations. the expansion of the Ottoman Empire, particularly under Sultan Mehmed II’s rule. The siege of Constantinople in 1453 is the primary topic of Season 1. The second season centers on Mehmed’s friendship and eventual conflict with Vlad Dracula, the ruler of Wallachia.

25. Matter of Respect (2014)

Turkish Dramas

Director: Altan Dönmez

The personalities of Yigit and Emir, two brothers, are completely dissimilar. Yigit is a brave man despite having no formal schooling. He is a brilliant, impulsive, and attractive womanizer. In contrast to his brother, Emir is a quiet, reserved man who just finished law school. They enjoy their lives with their family in Ayvalik, a tiny county in Turkey. They relocate to Istanbul after the death of their grandfather thanks to their mother’s persistence. They liquidate their grandfather’s estate and establish themselves in Istanbul. However, in this vast metropolis, everything changes for them.

26. Mucize Doktor (2019)

Turkish Dramas

Director: Aytac Cicek

When a weird new resident joins the team, a renowned surgical unit is turned on its head. Despite being a fantastic doctor, Ali struggles to communicate with others since he has Savant syndrome. At first, the other doctors don’t like him, but his sincerity and commitment win them over. Ali discovers the family he has always desired in this hospital.

27. My Name Is Farah (2023)

Turkish Dramas

Director: Recai Karagöz

The Iranian woman Farah is 28 years old. She had to stop in Istanbul on her way from Iran to France six years ago after learning she was pregnant and that his baby Kerimsah had an illness. Because of its inherent weakness, the immune system is prone to illness. Despite possessing a medical degree, Farah works as a cleaner in Istanbul without authorization. But overnight, Farah’s entire world is turned upside down. She meets Tahir Lekesiz in a cleaning service after seeing a mafia murder there. The mafia assigns Tahir the responsibility of assassinating her because she was an eyewitness to the murder and they want her dead.

28. Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare (2018)

Turkish Dramas

Director: Kamil Aydin

The serial story of Mehmet and his friends in the Ottoman state ready for the First World War. The only dream is the resurrection and liberation of the state and there is nothing more than a love for the country in the heart. Mehmet has no hesitation in making sacrifices and efforts on behalf of his country. The series began in 1914 in Istanbul and ended in 1916 with the victory of Kût’ül-amâre in Iraq. One of the toughest places of the war was the Iraqi front. In the incident called the Kût’ül-amâre siege, the Ottoman Empire achieved an absolute victory.

29. Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu (2021)

Turkish Dramas

Director: Sedat İnci

The history of the Awakening: the Great Seljuk. It represents the life and triumphs of Sultan Alparslan, the second sultan of the Seljuq dynasty, whose victories extended the empire to the 11th century. The story is excellent, every scene is perfectly filmed, and every episode ends by making you watch the next.

30. Mendirman Jaloliddin (2021)

Turkish Dramas

Director: Efe Kubilay

Mendirman Jaloliddin is a Turkey-Uzbek television series produced by Mehmet Bozdağ. This series tells the story of Sultan Jalaluddin Manguberdi who beat the Mongolians in numerous battles. The series focuses on Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu’s life and the way he confronted Genghis Khan from the Mongolian Empire.