Barbados Foods: 20 Most Popular Barbados Dishes

Barbados Foods: 20 Most Popular Barbados Dishes. When people return to Barbados, they will remember the food more than the sun, sea, and sand.

The Isle of Man, a small island, is renowned for its unique cuisine, as its location, history, and culture have combined to create a wide variety of Bajan cuisine. This article will provide an overview of some of the best dishes to enjoy in Barbados.

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1. Cou-Cou and Flying Fish

Barbados Dishes


This particular dish is served in conjunction with other customary recipes like pudding and souse.

It involves boiling pork in salted water with an abundance of herbs, subsequently simmering it with sweet potatoes, and finally stuffing the mixture into thoroughly cleaned pig intestines, resembling a sausage.

The dish is then steamed before being served. These delectable treats are consumed in large quantities every Saturday on the island. – Barbados Foods

2. Black Pudding and Souse

Barbados Foods: 20 Most Popular Barbados Dishes


Pudding and Souse is a customary Saturday lunch for numerous Bajans. The souse comprises primarily pickled pork, while the “pudding” is composed of steamed sweet potato.

However, nowadays, many individuals prefer to utilize lean pork meat instead. The pudding is conventionally presented in a casing of pig intestines, resembling sausages, although this is not obligatory.

Each Bajan possesses their preferred dining establishment to relish this delicacy or has a designated “pudding and souse lady” from whom they place weekly orders. – Barbados Foods

3. Roasted Breadfruit

Barbados Foods: 20 Most Popular Barbados Dishes


Roast Breadfruit is a traditional Caribbean fruit that is traditionally cooked on an open charcoal or wood fire, however, this version is made using an oven, which is both safe and easy to prepare. Learn how to make whole breadfruit so that you can enjoy it as a savory, gluten-free, and versatile tropical fruit in your favorite Caribbean dishes or as a side dish. – Barbados Foods

4. Yellow Split Pea Rice & Salt Fish Gravy

Barbados Foods: 20 Most Popular Barbados Dishes


Split Peas are another delicacy that can be found outside of the Caribbean, South America, and parts of India. They are cooked with herbs and salted pigtails, another Caribbean dish that is also popular in Chinese cuisine. The pigtail is dried, cured with a large amount of salt, and then sold.

When cooked with the split peas, all the salt, pork fat, and other ingredients dissolving in the water add to the flavor. Once the split peas are cooked and the pigtail is salted, add some rice to absorb all the flavor. Now, on to the gravy!

Salt fish is also dried and cured in the same way as the pigtail. To make the gravy, fry some fresh vegetables in butter and sauté some herbs in salted water. Add the salt fish to the gravy and bring it to boil until it thickens. Pour the gravy over the split pea and rice and enjoy at your own pace. – Barbados Foods

5. Bajan Chicken Soup

Barbados Foods: 20 Most Popular Barbados Dishes


Chicken Soup Barbados is one of the best chicken soups in Barbados. It is loaded with herbs and spices that can help fight off colds, flu, and viruses, as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients such as garlic, herbs, garlic powder, garlic powder, parmesan powder, turmeric powder, ginger powder, and thyme powder. Follow our recipe guide to learn how you can make homemade chicken soup for your family and friends at home. – Barbados Foods

6. Conkies

Barbados Foods: 20 Most Popular Barbados Dishes


Conkies are a type of confectionery made from the fresh grating of pumpkin and, to a lesser extent, coconut. Coconut is a popular fruit in Barbados and is cultivated on a large number of trees throughout the Caribbean.

The mixture of coconut and pumpkin is then seasoned with aromatic spices, vanilla extract, sugar, and currant. The confectionery is then covered in banana leaves and baked in a large pot until it is tender.

The resulting confectionery is delicately shaped, creating a silky, aromatic pocket of sweetness. – Barbados Foods

7. Fish Cakes

Barbados Foods: 20 Most Popular Barbados Dishes


These delectable treats are made with a combination of salt, flour, and herbs, and are fried until golden brown. They can be enjoyed in their original form or with a variety of sauces, such as local pepper sauce, sweet and sour sauce, ranch sauce, or even barbecue sauce. When they are fresh off the grill, simply pile them on a plate and enjoy. – Barbados Foods

8. Pickled Chicken Feet

Barbados Foods: 20 Most Popular Barbados Dishes


Chicken feet aren’t the most common part of the animal around the world – except maybe in Chinese cuisine – but we love them here in Barbados!

This dish involves boiling the chicken feet (or steppers) in salt water until they are cooked through. They’re then served with a large bowl of fresh pickles.

The pickles are made by combining diced cucumbers, Scotch bonnet peppers, and lemon juice with a healthy pinch of salt. – Barbados Foods

9. Jug – Jug

Barbados Foods: 20 Most Popular Barbados Dishes


This is another classic dish that is usually enjoyed around Christmas. This dish is made with many different kinds of peas and many different kinds of meat: Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Beef, and even Pigtails.

The way it is made differs from one family to another, but the main thing is to cook the peas with fresh herbs, and all of the finely chopped and deboned meat, until all of the liquid is gone and everything is tender and moist. – Barbados Foods

10. White Rice and Sea Eggs


White Rice and Sea Eggs are a very popular delicacy in the Caribbean. Wild populations have been severely damaged, so fishing is only allowed during special open seasons to allow the population to recover and reproduce.

Sea eggs can be eaten raw with a simple squeeze of lemon, or lightly boiled and spread on top of rice. They are best enjoyed very fresh, no more than an hour out of water.

In this dish, the rice is simply cooked with salt and onions, and sprinkled with herbs. The sea eggs are lightly cooked with onions and fresh sweet peppers and sprinkled with salt and herbs. – Barbados Foods

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11. Guava Cheese


This traditional confectionary has its origins in India, Brazil, Portugal, and the Caribbean, yet its recipe remains the same no matter the culture or country.

The seeds of the fruit are separated from the flesh, and the pulp is cooked in a mixture of sugar and lime juice to form a thick paste. The paste is then cut into a rectangular block and allowed to cool and harden.

The result is a soft, leathery texture similar to that of a very soft cheese, but with a much more stickier texture. The cheese is usually cut into squares, rolled in sugar, and enjoyed in small portions, as it is incredibly sweet. – Barbados Foods

12. Bajan Turnovers


This recipe yields 20 delectable coconut turnovers, a traditional delicacy from Barbados. Featuring a delectable coconut filling and a warm brown sugar crust, these pastries are ideal for breakfast or a mid-day snack.

The Bajan turnover is also rolled in the same manner. After the dough is rolled, it is brushed with an egg and butter mixture.

When the turnover is fresh from the oven, it is brushed again with sugar syrup and then dusted with more sugar. There is nothing better than biting into a freshly risen, warm Bajan turnover and savoring the softness of the dough as it crumbles. – Barbados Foods

13. Currant Slices


The pastry is then brushed with egg, coated with sugar, and baked until it reaches a golden brown. The delightful aroma of baking sugar and spices will remain with you for a lifetime – it is unmistakable! Fresh slices are another local favorite that can be enjoyed any time of the day. – Barbados Foods

14. Meat Rolls


Meat rolls are a popular snack in the Caribbean and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The meat rolls are made by sautéing ground beef or minced meat with spices, then placing it on strips of puff pastry that have been cooled.

The dough is then rolled out into small cylinders and covered with egg and butter, resulting in a flaky, chewy texture and a spicy filling that will keep customers coming back for more. There is no limit to the number of meat rolls that can be consumed in one sitting. – Barbados Foods

15. Salt-Bread


Salt bread is a type of white bread that’s popular in the Appalachian Mountains. It’s made from wheat flour and is leavened by wild bacteria instead of yeast.

It’s usually served with a starter of water or milk, corn, potatoes, or wheat, plus some salt and sugar. You can eat salt-rising bread in a variety of ways, like with sugared coffee, grilled cheese, or buttered toast. – Barbados Foods

16. Rock Cakes


A rock cake, sometimes referred to as a rock bun, is a small cake that has a rough, rock-like texture. The British Ministry of Food promoted them during World War II because they required fewer eggs and sugar than regular cakes, which was an important saving point during a time of severe rationing. In traditional recipes, they were usually topped with oatmeal, as it was easier to find than white flour. – Barbados Foods

17. Sweet Bread


Sweetbread is a delicacy derived from the thymus, also known as the throat, gullet, or neck sweetbread, or the pancreas, or stomach, belly, or heart sweetbread.

It is typically made from either calf or lamb, often referred to as ris de veau or ris d’agneau in French. It is characterized by its rich and slightly gamey flavor, as well as its tender and succulent texture.

Sweetbreads are typically served as appetizers or main courses and can be complemented with a range of sauces and accompaniments. – Barbados Foods

18. Cassava Pone


A delectable delicacy that can be relished throughout the year, this sticky treat is prepared using freshly grated cassava, coconut, currents, and cherries, blended with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and brown sugar to create a fragrant mixture.

The batter is made dense with a generous amount of vanilla essence, flour, and milk. Once baked in a large rectangular pan, it is garnished with spiced coconut flakes and a sprinkle of brown sugar. The result is a perfect square of warm, sweet, and gooey delight. – Barbados Foods

19. Barbeque Pig Tails


This dish utilizes the same cured pigtails used for rice and other dishes. The pigtails are cooked in boiling water to remove any excess salt, then thrown onto a hot grill to be lightly charred.

Finally, they are dipped in a local barbecue sauce and grated on the grill one more time before being served. It is impossible to enjoy this dish without getting one’s hands dirty, and the best part is that all the sauce is licked off your fingers afterward. – Barbados Foods

20. Chicken Pilau


Chicken pilau is a traditional dish that is widely consumed in the Caribbean, and is a popular choice for lunch and dinner. Its distinct flavor is derived from the use of browned sugar, which is the basis of the chicken broth used to cook the rice.

The browned sugar is placed into a clean pot, where it is cooked until it reaches a dark, almost black color.

The chicken is then added to the pot with a pinch of salt, and the mixture is left to simmer for a few minutes. After this, the rice is further seasoned with fresh herbs and vegetables, followed by water, and finally washed rice. – Barbados Foods

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