Afghani Dishes: 30 Most Popular Afghanistan Foods

Afghani Dishes: 30 Most Popular Afghanistan Foods. Afghan cuisine comprises a blend of culinary traditions from India.

The key components borrowed from Indian cuisine include garam masala, chilies, pepper, and saffron. The influence of Mongolia is evident in the preparation of dumplings and noodles.

Afghan food possesses a distinctive culinary tradition, characterized by its own unique style.

The inclusion of fatty dishes assumes significant significance, as they serve as an excellent source of energy and nourishment, particularly during the winter season.

Most Popular Afghanistan Foods

1. Kabuli Pulao

Kabuli Pulao Recipe

Kabuli Pulao, a renowned Afghan rice delicacy, enjoys global recognition and is commonly offered in Afghan cuisine establishments.

This delectable dish combines lamb pulao with succulent sweet carrots and dried fruits. It can be savored on its own or accompanied by BBQ, salad, and an assortment of Chutneys.

This customary delicacy entails the amalgamation of steamed rice, infused with an assortment of dried fruits such as raisins and almonds, alongside caramelized carrots and an array of aromatic spices.

The rice platter, cooked to perfection, is accompanied by generous portions of succulent lamb meat. – Afghanistan Foods

2. Kofta Challow

Kofta Challow Recipe

Kofta Challow, a cherished dish in Afghanistan, is a traditional food that is widely relished by a significant portion of the population. It consists of a delectable blend of boiled rice, a medley of Afghan spices, and meatballs, typically made from beef or lamb.

The rice is then either steamed or baked, while the meatballs are garnished with egg, onion, and garlic to enhance the flavor.

This delightful dish can be savored in various ways, with some individuals preferring it with vegetables and others opting for a heartier meat accompaniment. To further enrich the taste, tomato or onion sauce can be included. – Afghanistan Foods

3. Mastawa

Mastawa Recipe

This winter rice dish is a classic from Afghanistan, and it’s made with a few different ingredients. Lahndi meat is the main ingredient, but you can also add short-grain rice and chickpeas.

To make it even more special, you can add a bunch of spices like narenji peels, Turmeric, Garlic, Dill, Mint, and Coriander. First, sauté the dried meat, then pour the water over it and simmer it down until it’s soft.

Finally, add the rice that’s been soaked for a few hours and cook it until it’s cooked through. After that, cover the pot with a cloth and a lid and cook it on a very low heat until it’s done. It’s usually served on one big plate, so you can split it up at the table. – Afghanistan Foods

4. Aushak Dumplings

Aushak Dumplings Recipe

Afghanistan is known for its Aushak, also known as Leek and Stallion Dumplings. It’s a vegetarian dish that’s usually served on special occasions or holidays.

It’s made of pasta with no cheese or meat, and it’s full of veggies. You can add leeks and onions to make it even better.

It’s usually served with tomato sauce and some dried mint. Some people also like to add minced lamb or beef to it. – Afghanistan Foods

5. Mantu

Mantu Recipe

Mantu, a traditional Afghan dish similar to the renowned Chinese dim sum, is a low-oil, gluten-free snack that is a healthy alternative to morning tea.

It is stuffed with meat, either minced or ground, and flavored with a variety of Afghan spices.

The meat is then cooked until it is tender and can be served with a variety of sauces, such as yogurt, tomato, sour cheese dip, and more. – Afghanistan Foods

6. Kahwah

Kahwah Recipe

Kahwah, a traditional tea, is typically prepared in a copper kettle called a samovar. The samovar, originating from Russia, features a central cavity that serves as a fire container, where live coals are placed to maintain the tea’s warmth.

Adjacent to the fire container, there is a designated area for water to boil, allowing the tea leaves and other ingredients to be infused.

However, due to the constraints of modern urban living, Kahwah can also be made using regular pots and kettles, as the use of elaborate samovars may not always be feasible.

Occasionally, milk is incorporated into the Kahwah, although this practice is primarily reserved for the elderly or those who are unwell. – Afghanistan Foods

7. Ayran

Ayran Recipe

The Afghanistan food scene boasts a diverse selection of invigorating beverages. Aryan, Shomeleh, or Dough, for instance, is a traditional Afghan drink crafted from yogurt, salt, and water.

This Afghan-Persian beverage is typically served chilled during the summer months. Ayran is exceptionally delectable and revitalizing, although its flavor may require some acclimation for foreigners and necessitate a period of adjustment.

Nonetheless, locals relish it immensely. A solitary glass of this beverage will replenish your energy and vigor after a tiring day. In certain establishments, it may be garnished with lime juice, black pepper, and mint, although these additions are discretionary. – Afghanistan Foods

8. Aush

Aush Recipe

Aush, a renowned dish in Kabul, is a traditional Afghan food. Originally, it was a non-vegetarian soup comprising beef sauce and kofta.

However, it can be transformed into a vegetarian alternative by replacing kofta with vegetables. The soup features nutritious pasta immersed in a thick tomato broth, with the noodles being flat and sticky in texture.

To complete the dish, a delectable caramelized yogurt sauce is added as a topping. Aush is widely regarded as a gratifying choice for those who appreciate noodle soup. Its taste is both indulgent and creamy, making it an ideal culinary delight for a chilly evening. – Afghanistan Foods

9. Afghan Karahi

Afghan Karahi Recipe

This renowned Afghan cuisine possesses an enticing aroma and appearance. Karahi is also widely enjoyed in various other South Asian nations, such as Pakistan and India.

It is a delectable stew consisting of meat (chicken, lamb, or beef) combined with fragrant Afghan spices and vegetables. The outcome is a zesty dish that embodies the authentic flavors of Afghan gastronomy.

It is elegantly presented with a garnish of fresh coriander leaves. Karahi pairs excellently with rice and roti. We highly recommend savoring this delightful Afghan delicacy alongside tandoori naan or roti.

These breads serve as ideal companions for dipping and savoring every bit of the flavorful sauce. A morsel of roti, combined with the sumptuous karahi, provides a truly heavenly taste. – Afghanistan Foods

10. Korme Kofta

Korme Kofta Recipe

The local name for lamb meatball curry is korma kofta. This traditional and essential street food is widely enjoyed in Kabul.

It holds a significant place in Afghan cuisine, particularly during the celebration of the new year, known as Nowruz. The dish comprises succulent meatballs immersed in a rich and flavorful gravy.

It is accompanied by a selection of fresh vegetables, salad, and rice. In some establishments, fruits are also served as a complementary side dish.

Each bite of this Afghan delicacy offers a tender explosion of flavors. The dish emanates an enticing aroma and carries a delightful spiciness. It is typically served during lunch or dinner, providing a satisfying mealtime experience. – Afghanistan Foods

11. Bamia

Bamia Recipe

Sajji kabab is an iconic food of Afghan cuisine that just bursts with natural flavor. It is also one of the most famous street foods in the country.

The dish is traditionally made from lamb meat. Some of its variants also substitute chicken with lamb. The meat is marinated in salt and then roasted between medium to well-cooked.

This traditional Afghan food is served whole or in skewers. It is usually enjoyed with naan. Some places also serve it with papaya paste and rice on the side. – Afghanistan Foods

12. Sajji Kabab

Sajji Kabab Recipe

Sajji kabab, a renowned dish of Afghan cuisine, is known for its delectable natural flavors and is a popular street food in the country.

Typically prepared with lamb meat, some variations of the dish use chicken instead. The meat is marinated with salt and roasted to a medium to well-cooked perfection.

Sajji kabab is served either whole or on skewers and is commonly accompanied by naan. Some establishments also offer papaya paste and rice as side dishes. – Afghanistan Foods

13. Chopan Kabob

Chopan Kabob Recipe

Chopan kabob, a delectable Pashtun dish, comprises succulent lamb meat skewered and grilled to perfection. Before grilling, the meat is marinated with a blend of onion juice, ginger, salt, garlic, and yogurt, and cooked over a traditional Afghan charcoal brazier known as mankal.

The dish is typically prepared using premium cuts of meat such as shoulder, loin, or belly, and seasoned with sumac or gard-e-ghooreh, a sour grape powder. It is com – Afghanistan Foodsmonly served with naan bread, making it a delightful meal.

14. Gosh-e-Fil

Gosh-e-Fil Recipe

Gosh-e fil, a fried pastry from Iranian cuisine that is also popular in Afghanistan, is shaped like an elephant ear (goosh) and deep-fried in oil.

It is traditionally served in the city of Isfahan, a prominent city in Iran known for its delicious sweets.

In Isfahan, Gosh-e fil is enjoyed alongside a refreshing local doogh, which is a combination of water and sour yogurt.

This culinary tradition has deep historical roots and remains a cherished part of the local food culture. – Afghanistan Foods

15. Malida

Malida Recipe

Malida, a traditional sweet dessert, is widely enjoyed by Pashtun and Persian households in Afghanistan and Hyderabad Deccan, as well as by individuals in northern India and Pakistan.

This delectable treat is crafted from leftover bread, known as Dudo among Pashtuns, and Parathas or Rotis in desi households.

The bread is crumbled and pounded before being stir-fried with ghee, sugar, dried fruits, and nuts. During the winter season, Malida is often bestowed upon young children, as ghee is believed to provide warmth to the body and ward off colds.

Additionally, it holds significance as a customary dish for certain Muslims on the last Wednesday of the Islamic month Safar. Furthermore, Malida serves as a popular means to utilize surplus parathas or rotis. – Afghanistan Foods

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16. Bolani

Bolani Recipe

Bolani, a traditional Afghan food, holds the distinction of being the most renowned street food in Kabul. In Afghanistan, it is commonly served alongside various main courses.

This particular type of flatbread is crafted from a mixture of flour dough and is generously filled with delectable ingredients. Among the popular fillings are meat, seafood, spinach, lentils, pumpkin, and mashed potatoes.

Each of these ingredients contributes to the overall healthiness of the dish, providing an ample amount of proteins, fiber, and vitamins.

To fully savor this satisfying flatbread, it is recommended to pair it with the traditional Afghan creamy yogurt and mint dip known as Chakkah. Whether enjoyed as a snack during tea time or as a light Afghani breakfast in the morning, Bolani is sure to please. – Afghanistan Foods

17. Lavash

Lavash Recipe

Lavash, a bread-based delicacy, holds great cultural importance as it embodies the rich food traditions of Afghanistan. This delectable dish is commonly featured in grand feasts during wedding celebrations, symbolizing the promise of prosperity and fertility for the newly married couple.

To retain its distinct flavor, this leavened flatbread is traditionally baked on a tandoor or tawa. It is skillfully crafted into various shapes such as rectangular, round, or square, and is best savored when served soft and freshly made.

Lavash is typically relished alongside cheese or meat, offering a delightful combination of flavors. For those seeking a more adventurous palate, it can also be paired with a spicy meat dish. – Afghanistan Foods

18. Borani Banjan

Borani Banjan Recipe

Borani Banjan, a renowned dish in Kabul cuisine, consists of sliced eggplant complemented by a delectable combination of yogurt, garlic, tomatoes, and mint.

Traditionally, this Afghan delicacy involves frying the eggplants and subsequently simmering them in a tomato sauce infused with a secret ingredient.

The final touch entails the addition of garlic and mint, enhancing the overall taste. In Afghanistan, various renditions of Borani Banjan exist, each varying in spice intensity.

Some establishments opt for a lusciously saucy rendition, while others prefer a slightly drier version. Regardless of the variation you choose, this dish never fails to captivate your palate with its savory and opulent flavors. – Afghanistan Foods

19. Haft Mewa

Haft Mewa Recipe

Haft Mewa is a well-known and customary fruit salad in Afghanistan, consisting of a bowl of seven fruits and nuts. The term “Haft” means seven, while “Mewa” refers to fruits or nuts.

The dish typically includes berries, pistachios, hazelnuts, apricots, walnuts, and raisins, which are soaked in sweet rose water to enhance the flavor and aroma.

The resulting taste is fresh, nutty, and crunchy. This Afghan delicacy is a perfect way to start your day, as it is light on the stomach and very healthy. It is commonly served during breakfast on New Year’s morning and at Nowroz. – Afghanistan Foods

20. Salata

Salata Recipe

Salata, a well-liked dish in Kabul, comprises an assortment of fresh and nutritious vegetables. Typically served as an accompaniment to lunch or dinner, this Afghan delicacy primarily consists of tomato and cucumber slices.

These meticulously sliced vegetables are enhanced with a sprinkle of lemon juice and seasoned with salt, parsley, mint, or cilantro.

The amalgamation of these seasoned fresh vegetables complements a substantial main course. Despite its simplicity, this vegetable salad offers a delightful and invigorating taste. Its light and crispy texture makes it a wholesome addition to Afghan cuisine. – Afghanistan Foods

21. Quroot

Quroot Recipe

Quroot, a traditional Afghan food, boasts a unique salty flavor and is made from a by-product of sheep or goat milk butter. This versatile cheese can be served as a side dish or added to various Afghan dishes and beverages.

It is a popular snack among locals for picnics and long journeys and can be consumed cold or mixed with water for a refreshing drink. Additionally, Quroot is a key ingredient in Qurroti, a popular Afghan dairy product pudding.

Not only is Quroot delicious, but it also offers numerous health benefits, including being a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin E, and calcium. This Afghan delicacy is especially favored during hot summer days. – Afghanistan Foods

22. Sheer Yakh

Sheer Yakh Recipe

Sheer Yakh, which translates to ‘frozen milk’, is a beloved dessert in Afghan cuisine, particularly among children. Unlike traditional kulfi, this ice cream is made with a unique blend of milk, sugar, rose water, salep, and cardamom.

The addition of thick cream, crushed pistachios, and almonds as toppings only enhances its delicious flavor. Available in banana, sweet lime, and mango flavors, this creamy and thick treat is a popular street food in Afghanistan, especially on hot days. – Afghanistan Foods

23. Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma Recipe

Sheer Khurma is a traditional dessert that is enjoyed during the festive occasion of Eid al-Fitr in South Asian countries such as India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

This decadent and rich vermicelli pudding is made with a combination of milk, dates, nuts, dry fruits, vermicelli, and flavorings such as rose water, saffron, or cardamom powder.

The name “Sheer Khurma” is derived from the Persian language, where “Sheer” means milk and “Khurma” means dates. This creamy and delicious dessert is a beloved treat during this special celebration. – Afghanistan Foods

24. Masala chai

Masala chai Recipe

Masala chai, a widely consumed beverage across South Asia, has its roots in the early modern Indian subcontinent.

The process of making chai involves steeping black tea, typically CTC tea, in a mixture of milk and water, which is then sweetened with sugar.

The infusion of aromatic herbs and spices gives rise to masala chai, although chai is commonly enjoyed without any added spices. – Afghanistan Foods

25. Aushak

Aushak Recipe

Aushak, a traditional Afghan delicacy, comprises dumplings that are typically stuffed with leeks, onions, or chives. This delectable dish is accompanied by a rich tomato-based meat or lentil sauce and creamy garlic yogurt.

Due to the intricate preparation process, aushak is usually reserved for special occasions. However, the process of filling and sealing the dumplings provides an excellent opportunity to bond with loved ones while preparing this delightful meal. – Afghanistan Foods

26. Qormah

Qormah Recipe

Qormas are curries that are typically rich and creamy, often incorporating the use of nuts or nut purees as a thickening agent.

There exists a wide variety of qormas, and among them is the Afghani version called qorma lawand.

This particular qorma features tender chunks of chicken or lamb immersed in a flavorful sauce infused with sweet spices and a hint of onion. – Afghanistan Foods

27. Osh Pyozee

Osh Pyozee Recipe

Osh pyozee, also known as stuffed onions, is a traditional Afghan delicacy that consists of onions stuffed with a delectable mixture of rice, ground meat, feta cheese, and prunes.

The dish begins with layers of boiled yellow onions, which are then topped with a flavorful combination of cooked rice, ground lamb, feta, prunes, and sautéed garlic infused with cumin seeds.

To create this mouthwatering treat, the onion layers are carefully folded around the tantalizing filling, drizzled with oil, and baked until they acquire a delightful golden-brown hue and emit a fragrant aroma.

While typically enjoyed as an appetizer, Osh pyozee can also be savored as a main course or served alongside various Afghan dishes, adding a delightful accompaniment to any meal. – Afghanistan Foods

28. Afghan Burger

Afghan Burger Recipe

The Afghani burger, a popular fast food wrap in Afghanistan, comprises a portion of Afghan bread enveloping french fries, accompanied by chutney, various condiments, vegetables, and occasionally sausages or other meats.

This delectable dish draws inspiration from Afghan cuisine and gained widespread recognition within Pakistan due to Afghan immigrants, particularly in Islamabad, where it has become a quintessential street food, as well as in Peshawar. – Afghanistan Foods

29. Roghani Naan

Roghani Naan Recipe

Roghni Naan is prepared by utilizing white flour, yogurt, milk, and butter in a highly heated clay oven known as a tandoor. These Naans are frequently adorned with a generous amount of sesame seeds and nigella seeds (kalonji), imparting a delightful and savory flavor. – Afghanistan Foods

30. Torshi

Torshi Recipe

Torshi, a popular condiment, is widely consumed in Arab, Turkish, Assyrian, Kurdish, Afghan, Balkans, Armenian, and Iranian cuisine.

The spice mixtures typically consist of whole black peppercorns, ginger, and other ingredients.

It is worth noting that Persian-style torshi tends to have a higher proportion of vinegar, whereas Turkish-style turşu contains more salt, which serves as an antibacterial agent. – Afghanistan Foods

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