The 30 Best Poland Movies You Should Watch

The 30 Best Poland Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Poland Movies. These Poland Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Body (2015)

Poland Movies

Director: Dan Berk

Holly, Cali, and Mel, three young women, were gathered at Mel’s residence to celebrate the Christmas holidays on the evening preceding Christmas Eve.

While Holly and Mel were inclined to retire for the night, Cali managed to persuade them to venture out and engage in some recreational activities.

Little did they know that their impulsive decision would lead them to an abandoned mansion, replete with luxurious automobiles and an abundance of alcoholic beverages.

The narrative primarily revolves around the psychological mechanisms that can ensnare individuals when a foolish misstep poses a threat to their future well-being, and how conventional moral values can be overshadowed by ill-conceived notions of self-preservation. – Poland Movies

2. Aftermath (2012)

Poland Movies

Director: Władysław Pasikowski

Upon his return to his homeland following the passing of his father, a Polish gentleman uncovers a clandestine truth regarding the Jewish inhabitants of his village who have since passed away. – Poland Movies

3. The Word (2014)

Poland Movies

Director: Anna Kazejak-Dawid

Lila, a young student deeply entangled in a romantic relationship, finds herself confronted with the heart-wrenching reality of her boyfriend Janek’s unfaithfulness. Driven by a desire for retribution, Lila initiates a series of actions that set in motion an unstoppable chain of events, ultimately culminating in harrowing consequences. – Poland Movies

4. Afterimage (2016)

Poland Movies

Director: Andrzej Wajda

The film posits that the plight of a genuine artist is a woeful one, regardless of their geographic, linguistic, or cultural background. Wladyslaw Strzeminski, a renowned painter, is enduring a period of personal turmoil amidst a significant social upheaval in Poland.

He has lost his employment, had his artist license revoked, and is disregarded in all aspects of his life. Despite the efforts of his students to provide support, their assistance proves insufficient. As a result, a brilliant artist is left to confront the harsh realities of life, suffering from hunger and illness. – Poland Movies

5. The Lure (2015)

Poland Movies

Director: Agnieszka Smoczynska

On a somber evening, by the waterfront, a talented family of musicians crosses paths with the enchanting aquatic sirens, Silver and Golden.

After providing reassurance that they pose no harm, these captivating sirens are invited to join the esteemed Figs and Dates band at a vibrant dance club illuminated by neon lights in Warsaw.

As fate would have it, Silver finds herself entangled in a romantic affair with the alluring blonde bassist, Mietek.

However, the astute Golden, unable to escape her inherent bloodthirsty nature, harbors concerns that her sister’s relationship may jeopardize their shared aspiration of embarking on a new life in America through swimming. – Poland Movies

6. Demon (2015)

Poland Movies

Director: Marcin Wrona

The groom finds himself under the influence of a restless spirit during the course of his own nuptial festivities, presenting a clever interpretation of the Jewish folklore surrounding the dybbuk. – Poland Movies

7. katyn (2007)

Poland Movies

Director: Andrzej Wajda

When the Soviet Union invaded Poland, Anna Aleksandrowna made the decision to leave her residence in Krakow in order to locate her husband, Captain Andrzej, who had been taken captive by the Red Army along with other officers.

After a brief encounter with him, Andrzej was abruptly forced onto a train destined for a prison camp in Kozelsk, Russia.

Consequently, Anna and her daughter Nika found themselves stranded in the Soviet-occupied zone, unable to return to Krakow in the German zone. However, their fortunes changed when a courageous Russian captain came to their aid, facilitating their escape. – Poland Movies

8. The Saragossa Manuscript (1965)

Poland Movies

Director: Wojciech Has

During the Napoleonic wars, a military officer stumbles upon an ancient book that chronicles the remarkable tale of his grandfather, Alfons van Worden, a valiant captain in the Walloon guard.

Renowned for his unwavering honor and bravery, Alfons embarks on a perilous journey through the treacherous Sierra Morena, in search of the shortest route.

Along the way, he finds himself seeking refuge at an inn known as Venta Quemada, where he unexpectedly encounters two captivating Islamic princesses.

Astonishingly, they claim him as their cousin and skillfully seduce him, only for Alfons to awaken the next morning to a gruesome scene of lifeless bodies hanging from a gallows. – Poland Movies

9.  In Darkness (2011)

Poland Movies

Director: Agnieszka Holland

IN DARKNESS is a compelling account of the heroic actions of Leopold Socha, who selflessly put his own life on the line to rescue a group of twelve individuals from certain death.

Despite his initial self-serving motives, Socha, a notorious thief and burglar, demonstrated remarkable courage and compassion by providing shelter to Jewish refugees for a period of fourteen months in the underground sewers of Lvov, a town under German occupation in former Poland. – Poland Movies

10. Three Colors: White (1994)

Poland Movies

Director: Krzysztof Kieślowski

In the second installment of Kieslowski’s Three Colours trilogy, Karol Karol, a Polish immigrant, is faced with the loss of his marriage, job, and country when his French wife, Dominique, divorces him after only six months due to his impotence.

Following the dissolution of their jointly owned business, Karol is compelled to depart from France. He seeks the assistance of fellow Polish expatriate Mikolah to clandestinely transport him back to their homeland. – Poland Movies

11. Ida (2013)

Poland Movies

Director: Paweł Pawlikowski

In the year 1962, in the nation of Poland, we find ourselves introduced to Anna, a young woman who has spent her formative years under the care of nuns within the confines of a convent.

As a novice, she is on the precipice of taking her sacred vows. However, before she embarks on this solemn commitment, it is imperative for her to meet with Wanda, her sole surviving relative.

During their encounter, Wanda imparts upon Anna a revelation of their shared Jewish heritage.

This newfound knowledge sets in motion a profound journey for both women, as they endeavor not only to uncover the tragic narrative of their family’s past but also to ascertain their true identities and sense of belonging.

In this quest, they find themselves questioning the very foundations of their previously held beliefs, seeking a deeper understanding of their place in the world. – Poland Movies

12. Cold War (2018)

Poland Movies

Director: Paweł Pawlikowski

Sophisticated conductor Wiktor and his producer Irena embark on a search for fresh-faced singers to assemble a state-sponsored Polish folk music ensemble.

Their journey takes them to remote villages in cold, late 1940s Poland where they discover the pretty and talented Zula. Against the backdrop of the Cold War, the Iron Curtain, East Berlin, and Paris, a desperate whirlwind romance ensues between Wiktor and Zula, defying reason.

The question arises whether the star-crossed lovers are meant to be together and if they can overcome the insurmountable obstacles that stand in the way of their happiness. – Poland Movies

13. Forgotten Love (2023)

Poland Movies

Director:  Michal Gazda

Professor Rafal Wilczur, a highly esteemed surgeon, experienced a life-altering event when he became the target of a mugging, resulting in the loss of his memory.

This unfortunate incident occurred after his wife abandoned him. Years later, he continues to endure the hardships of poverty while grappling with his amnesia.

However, amidst these challenges, a heartwarming tale unfolds as he reunites with his daughter. This narrative beautifully illustrates the power of love, which triumphs over all obstacles and guides individuals destined for one another to ultimately find their way back together. – Poland Movies

14. 365 Days (2020)

Poland Movies

Director: Tomasz Mandes

Massimo Torricelli, a distinguished and charismatic leader of a prominent Sicilian Mafia family, finds himself compelled to assume control following the tragic assassination of his father.

Meanwhile, Laura, a highly accomplished sales director at a prestigious hotel in Warsaw, enjoys a thriving professional life but yearns for a more passionate personal existence.

Determined to salvage her faltering relationship, she embarks on a final endeavor with her less-than-intelligent boyfriend Martin and a group of close companions, venturing to the captivating island of Sicily.

Unbeknownst to Laura, her path unexpectedly intersects with that of Massimo, the island’s most formidable and perilous figure.

In a shocking turn of events, Massimo abducts Laura, holding her captive and presenting her with an extraordinary ultimatum: she has 365 days to succumb to the depths of love for him. – Poland Movies

15. The Green Border (2023)

Poland Movies

Director: Agnieszka Holland

Upon relocating to Podlasie, psychologist Julia finds herself inadvertently thrust into the midst of harrowing events unfolding along the Polish-Belarusian border.

Fully cognizant of the associated risks and legal ramifications, she willingly aligns herself with a group of activists dedicated to aiding refugees who have sought refuge in the forested areas within the state of emergency zone.

Simultaneously, a Syrian family, fleeing the ravages of civil war, and their Afghan teacher, unbeknownst to them, unwitting pawns in a political scheme orchestrated by the Belarusian authorities, endeavor to reach the borders of the European Union. In a twist of fate, these individuals will cross paths with Julia and the young border guard, Jan, within the confines of Poland. – Poland Movies

16. The Next 365 Days (2022)

Poland Movies

Director: Barbara Białowąs

The stability of Laura and Massimo’s relationship is currently in a precarious state as they endeavor to surmount trust-related challenges and feelings of jealousy. Meanwhile, Nacho, who is determined to drive a wedge between them, persists in his efforts. – Poland Movies

17. The Quack (1982)

Poland Movies

Director: Jerzy Hoffman

Following abandonment by his wife and daughter, a renowned surgeon succumbs to alcoholism, resulting in a head injury and subsequent memory loss. Over time, his medical expertise resurfaces, leading him to become a healer within a rural community, all while remaining unaware of his true identity. – Poland Movies

18. 365 Days: This Day (2022)

Poland Movies

Director: Tomasz Mandes

Laura and Massimo have returned with renewed vigor. However, the complexities of Massimo’s familial connections and the presence of an enigmatic suitor vying for Laura’s affection have added a layer of complication to the couple’s lives. – Poland Movies

19. The Peasants (2023)

Poland Movies

Director: DK Welchman

Kobiela employs a skilled team of animators and painters who meticulously craft a visual adaptation of a Nobel prize-winning novel. This literary masterpiece delves into the life of a Polish peasant woman during the early 20th century, whose audacious decision to wed an affluent elderly gentleman leads to a series of tumultuous events. – Poland Movies

20. Girls to Buy (2021)

Poland Movies

Director: Maria Sadowska

Emi is a driven and aspiring young woman who has long harbored a desire to explore the wider world. She seizes every opportunity that presents itself with unwavering determination, ultimately leading her to become an exclusive escort.

As her reputation grows, Emi is invited by Arab sheiks to recruit Polish misses, celebrities, screen stars, and models. However, the opulent and seemingly unattainable world she has entered soon reveals its darker side. – Poland Movies

21. Heaven in Hell (2023)

Poland Movies

Director: Tomasz Mandes

Olga and Maks are separated by a 15-year age gap. Olga, an accomplished woman with a well-established position, is also a mother to an adult daughter. On the other hand, Maks is a charismatic young man who embraces a carefree lifestyle, living solely in the present moment.

At first glance, it may appear that these two contrasting worlds will never intersect. However, destiny has intervened, bringing them together unexpectedly. – Poland Movies

22. Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight (2020)

Poland Movies

Director: Bartosz M. Kowalski

The narrative begins with an elderly woman washing her blood-soaked clothes in a tub filled with water. Upon arrival, a postman hears noises coming from the basement of the house, mistakenly believing someone to be trapped there.

After ripping off a board blocking the entrance, the postman enters the basement, only to be pulled into the basement by an unseen force and disappear. Subsequently, thirty years later, a mobile-free camp for adolescents was initiated, with all the participants surrendering their mobile phones to the camp directors.

The adolescents are divided into groups, with the main protagonists forming a group and embarking on a three-day trek through the woods with counselor Iza. As they traverse the forest, they encounter a dead, decaying deer, yet Iza disregards this and instructs them to continue their journey into the woods. – Poland Movies

23. Doppelgänger. Sobowtór (2023)

Poland Movies

Director: Jan Holoubek

Hans and John Bitner are two individuals who are separated by the Iron Curtain. Hans resides in France, where he pursues a tranquil existence.

Jan Bitner, on the other hand, is a Pole who is actively engaged in the struggle for a liberated Poland. Although their lives are distinct, there is a single element that unites them. – Poland Movies

24. The Devil (1972)

Poland Movies

Director: Andrzej Żuławski

The narrative of the film begins during the 1790s when Prussia invaded Poland. A mysterious figure dressed in black enters a prison where a young man, known as “Jakub”, is being held on suspicion of attempting to assassinate the King.

In the midst of a disturbance, the Stranger releases Jakub, prompting him to return home. He then sends a white-cloaked nun, known as “Zakonnica”, to accompany him.

Initially, it appears that Zakonnica is a symbol of goodness (God) and the Stranger is a symbol of evil. For the majority of the film, she is in a state of disbelief at the events she and Jakub are witness to. – Poland Movies

25. Hellhole (2022)

Poland Movies

Director: Bartosz M. Kowalski

After 30 years, Father Marek shows up at a church that’s used as a sanatorium for women who think they’re possessed by the Devil. Before he goes in, he uncovers a hidden compartment in his room, where he finds a gun, a flashlight, and some other stuff that’s not allowed on the grounds.

He also finds a newspaper clipping about a woman who disappeared. As he’s changing, he unzips his shirt and shows off an unusual scar that looks just like the one on his baby.

He starts to notice some weird stuff in his room – a cross on the wall spinning, a broken mirror in the bathroom, and a scary gurgling sound coming from his wardrobe. – Poland Movies

26. Soulcatcher (2023)

Poland Movies

Director: Daniel Markowicz

Kiel, formerly a member of the Polish security forces tasked with combating terrorism, has now taken on the role of a mercenary for a private military organization. He is joined by his brother, also a mercenary, on a lucrative mission to a nation under the control of a warlord. Despite the seemingly straightforward nature of the mission, Kiel and his brother soon discover that they must contend with a hazardous experimental weapon. – Poland Movies

27. Shameless (2012)

Poland Movies

Director: Filip Marczewski

Tadek, a young man with a rebellious streak, goes back to his sister Anka’s house to find comfort and love. They’re connected by a painful family history and have to figure out a way to get away from each other.

Tadek’s feelings for his sister go beyond what’s expected of siblings, and Anka is feeling the heat too. She’s in a complicated relationship with a neo-Nazi leader, but she’s hoping for a brighter future. This is a daring debut that explores one of the last taboos in society. – Poland Movies

28. Mother’s Day (2023)

Poland Movies

Director: Mateusz Rakowicz

Nina, a former member of the secretive NATO Special Operations team, must utilize her deadly abilities to locate her son, who has been abducted by unscrupulous gangsters. Her search for Max presents her with a double opportunity: a chance to regain her sense of adrenaline and a chance to bring her son back to life, which she had been deprived of for a long time. – Poland Movies

29. Corpus Christi (2019)

Poland Movies

Director: Jan Komasa

Daniel is a committed Catholic who is serving a life sentence for murder in the second degree. His criminal record has prevented him from achieving his ambition to become a priest upon his release.

As a result, he is employed as a sawmill worker in a rural area. While visiting the local catholic church, Daniel feigns religious faith and is welcomed by the vicar, who is fully convinced of his deception.

While the vicar is away for medical treatment, Daniel assumes responsibility for the church and begins to fulfill the obligations of a priest, relishing the process. – Poland Movies

30. Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me (2023)

Poland Movies

Director: Robert Wichrowski

Nina has a typical life, consisting of a steady job, two attractive daughters, and a devoted husband. Unfortunately, the cozy atmosphere of her marriage has been disrupted by the passage of time.

When her marriage is in a state of disarray, she is unexpectedly seduced by a young and attractive intern at her workplace. This unexpected encounter with Jan has a profound effect on Nina, restoring her to the woman she once was before becoming a devoted wife and devoted mother. – Poland Movies

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