The 10 Best Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies list

Top 10 Best Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies list. You should check out these Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies. These Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. The Congress (2013)

Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

Director: Ari Folman

Robin Wright’s career prospects have been hindered by her reputation for unreliability and inconsistency, as well as her advanced age. Additionally, her son Aaron is suffering from Usher syndrome, which is gradually causing him to lose his sight and hearing.

Despite the challenges she faces, Robin is able to manage her son’s condition with the help of Dr. Barker. Recently, Robin’s agent Al introduced her to Jeff Green, the CEO of Miramount Studios. Mr. Green proposed purchasing Robin’s likeness and transforming her into an animated version of herself using cutting-edge technology.

Recognizing the potential impact on her future employment opportunities, Robin agreed to the proposal in exchange for a substantial payment. As a result, she has decided to retire from acting altogether. Miramount Studios may also use Robin’s digital likeness to create films featuring computer-generated characters based on her physique. – Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

2. Battle for Terra (2007)

Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

Director: Aristomenis Tsirbas

Mala, a highly intelligent and promising young woman, resides on the enchanting planet Terra, renowned for its emphasis on tolerance and harmony. Little does she and her fellow Terrians know, that the remaining inhabitants of Earth have exhausted the resources of not only their own planet but also three others, and are now in search of a new home.

However, the Earthforce claims that in order to make Terra habitable for humans, a Terraformer must be utilized, which would unfortunately render the planet toxic for the Terrians. In a distressing turn of events, Mala’s father, Roven, is taken captive as the Earthlings forcefully invade Terra.

In a courageous act, Mala rescues and conceals Jim, a human pilot who has crash-landed, in an effort to save her father. As Mala tends to Jim’s injuries, a deep bond forms between them, and they devise a strategy that could potentially save both the human race and the planet Terra.

They quickly realize that in order to achieve peace, they must stand against the malevolent political forces that will stop at nothing to gain power for power’s sake. Despite the profound message of Terra, which emphasizes that peace is ultimately a matter of individual choice and free will, Mala and her young companions’ unwavering determination drives the narrative forward. – Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

3. Loving Vincent (2017)

Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

Director: DK Welchman

Joseph Roulin, a postman, has made a request to his son, Armand, to send Vincent van Gogh’s final letter to his brother Theo, one year after the artist’s suicide. Van Gogh had previously expressed a calm and normal attitude in his letters, leading Roulin to suspect the cause of death. Armand reluctantly agrees to the request and travels to Paris.

Upon arrival, Armand is informed by a Montmartre art dealer, Père Tanguy, that Theo had passed away six months after Vincent. Tanguy advises Armand to visit Dr. Paul Gachet in Auvers-sur-Oise, who had sheltered Van Gogh after his release from an asylum, shared his love of art, and attended his funeral.

However, upon reaching Auvers-sur-Oise, Armand discovers that Dr. Gachet is away on business. He decides to stay at the same inn where Van Gogh had been a guest. There, he meets Adeline Ravoux, the temporary proprietress and a fan of Van Gogh, who was also shocked by the artist’s passing. Ravoux suggests that Armand speaks with the local boatman, who reveals that Van Gogh had been good friends with Marguerite, Dr. Gachet’s protected daughter. – Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

4. Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank (2022)

Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

Director: Chris Bailey

Hank, an endearing young canine with a strong desire to become a valiant warrior, embarks on a journey to discover his destiny. Amidst his travels, Hank, a destitute hound, stumbles upon a feline community in dire need of a hero to safeguard them against a nefarious adversary’s scheme to obliterate their village from existence.

Our protagonist must assume the role of the town’s samurai and collaborate with the locals to thwart the villain’s plans, with the guidance of a hesitant mentor who will impart the necessary skills. However, a significant obstacle presents itself as the feline population harbors a deep-seated animosity towards their canine counterparts. – Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

5. Extinct (2021)

Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

Director: Raymond S. Persi

The protagonist endeavors to convince the flumes residing in the Galapagos Islands in 1835 of the arduous journey she has endured. She has come to realize that the imminent eruption of the island’s volcano poses a grave threat to all inhabitants.

As Op, Ed, and their companions uncover the true cause behind the flumes’ extinction, they are met with an unexpected revelation. Our valiant protagonists, a group of diminutive yet resilient creatures, find themselves tasked with the daunting mission of single-handedly preserving their entire species, with little hope remaining.

Following their transportation to the present, two flumes discover the tragic fate of their race, which has already succumbed to extinction, compelling them to embark on a journey back in time in a desperate attempt to safeguard their existence. – Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

6. The Peasants (2023)

Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

Director: Dorota Kobiela

Kobiela skillfully undertakes the adaptation of a renowned Nobel Prize-winning literary work, depicting the story of a Polish peasant woman who disrupts societal norms by entering into matrimony with an affluent, elderly gentleman. This remarkable endeavor is brought to life through the collaborative efforts of a team of highly skilled hand-drawn animators and painters. – Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

7. The Water Babies (1978)

Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

Director: Lionel Jeffries

A 12-year-old protagonist discovers an enthralling underwater realm where innocent young children are being held captive by a malevolent shark and eel. The young boy embarks on a challenging journey to aid the Water Babies in escaping their confined lake and reaching the vast expanse of the open ocean. Only then can he emerge victorious and redeem his tarnished reputation. – Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

8. Felix the Cat: The Movie (1988)

Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

Director: Tibor Hernádi

Princess Oriana, the reigning monarch of the land of Oriana, has received intelligence that her malevolent uncle, the Duke of Zill, is launching an attack on her kingdom through the aid of a local fortune teller named Pearl. In an effort to thwart the Duke’s plans, Oriana and Pearl venture into the cave beneath the castle to confront him.

Their objective is to employ an ancient device known as the “Dimensporter” to travel to another dimension and locate a hero capable of saving the kingdom. Unfortunately, the Duke’s army of robots apprehends them and detains them as he seizes control of the kingdom.

As the Princess is being taken away by the Duke’s “Cylinder” robots, she inadvertently drops a magical tear that enters the Dimensporter in her stead and travels to Felix’s realm.

Felix, the titular cat, is roused from his slumber beneath a palm tree by the tear and is led to the Dimensporter, which is concealed beneath an abandoned gold mine. With the aid of his mystical toolkit, Felix is rapidly transported to the Kingdom of Oriana to assist in its defense. – Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

9. Snow White: The Sequel (2007)

Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

Director: Picha

Prince Charming was expected to start on a lifelong voyage with Snow White after successfully resurrecting her with a true love’s kiss. However, the misguided assumption made by the envious ‘good’ fairy, that the prince and Snow White were destined to be together, is merely the initial distortion in a series of deviations from the conventional virtuous nature of other fairy tale characters.

The malevolent dwarfs undergo an abrupt transformation, morphing into a merciless gang of loan sharks who engage in the despicable practice of blackmail. Sleeping Beauty, once known for her beauty and grace, has now evolved into a covetous, deceitful, and excessively self-righteous princess.

The predicament faced by Cinderella extends far beyond the realm of a mere “rags to riches” tale. To reunite with his charming, innocent, and uncomplicated Snow White, the prince must skillfully navigate through these multifaceted challenges and many more. – Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

10. Hug Me. The Honey Seekers (2022)

Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

Director: Anna Blaszczyk

The narrative revolves around a young bear cub and his father bear, who embark on a noble quest to locate the legendary Golden Land. This mythical place is believed to house an infinite reserve of honey, which they intend to utilize in baking a cake for the young cub’s birthday celebration.

As the cub’s birthday approaches, he yearns to embark on his inaugural journey and explore the fabled Golden Land. However, his father, preferring extended periods of tranquil slumber and indulgent cave baths, is less inclined to venture forth.

In order to achieve his objective, Teddy must not only exhibit his maturity but also convince his father that the expedition through the forest to the Golden Land can be an enjoyable endeavor.

Guided by peculiar clues left behind by bees, the Bears find themselves led to the forest’s edge, where they will ultimately confront the ultimate enigma: the mysterious and perplexing world of humans. – Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies

Equatorial Guinea Animation Movies