Top 10 Greatest Panama Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Panama Movies of All Time. You should check out these Panama Movies. These Panama Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Plaza Catedral (2021)

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Director: Abner Benaim

Alicia is 42 years old and has been dealing with a lot of grief, so much so that she’s cut off from the rest of society. But her life takes a shocking turn when a 14-year-old boy who loves to look after cars shows up at her house, bleeding profusely. – Panama Movies

2. Boxers and Ballerinas (2004)

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Director: Brit Marling

The story of a Cuban-American boxer and a Cuban-American ballerina, four young people who are forever connected by cultural heritage, but forever separated by the ocean and more than four decades of political conflict and 90 miles of land.

The film follows the lives of the boxer and ballerina from Miami, Florida, and the ballerina and the boxer from Havana, Cuba, through triumphs and disappointments, power and helplessness, and the unique intensity and violence that comes with being young.

The film cuts through Cuba’s romantic mystery, the neon-studded Miami, the politics of the United States-Cuba relationship, the sweat, the sex, the grace, and the aggression that comes with winning a fight, nailing a pirouette and chasing the dream until your body gives up. It’s a film about youth by youth. – Panama Movies

3. The Family Tree (2020)

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Director: Jorge Ameer

Jorge Ameer brings to life a classic Christmas tale based on a traditional Panamanian holiday. The story follows a solitary workaholic, Víctor Gardel, who saves animals for a local animal shelter.

He has been fond of end-of-year celebrations since he was a child, creating life-size dolls made of newspaper and explosives.

However, this year, Victor’s latest creation will be remembered for a long time to come, as it disrupts and educates him on the importance of love, friendship, and family. – Panama Movies

4. God Is a Woman (2023)

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Director: Andrés Peyrot

The Guayaquil Kuna natives of the Guayaquil islands of Panama plan to reclaim a 1975 documentary that depicted their community but was never released to them.

The French Academy Award-winning film director Pierre Dominique Gaisseaux journeys to Panama to capture the culture of the Kuna, a tribe characterized by the veneration of women, and spends a year living with the Kuna, his wife, and their daughter Akiko.

However, the project eventually lapses when the funds are exhausted and the reels are seized by a bank. After fifty years, the Kuna are still awaiting the discovery of their film, which has become a legend among the elders, passed down from generation to generation, until one day a secret copy is discovered in Paris. – Panama Movies

5. Operation Just Cause (2019)

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Director: Luis Pacheco

The United States Army conducted Operation Just Cause, a carefully planned and successful assault on the military of Panama, in order to reclaim the country from the dictatorship of General Manuel Oriega and to apprehend Oriega on charges of drug trafficking.

This operation was the most extensive and complex of the Vietnam War, and saw the deployment of nearly 26,000 troops, with almost half of them from US bases.

The attack was carried out against a variety of targets across the country, with MOUT, air-assault, airborne, and special forces being used in the assault.

The film “Causa Justa” is based on the stories of the individuals who experienced the invasion, such as the officer, the young man who tried to stop his friends from fighting, and the fisherman who relives the events of the day his friend was killed. – Panama Movies

6. Ruben Blades Is Not My Name (2018)

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Director: Abner Benaim

Ruben Blades is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter who was at the forefront of the New York salsa revolution in the 1970s. His socially conscious lyrics and explosive rhythms helped bring salsa music to a global audience.

He went on to win 17 Grammys, act in Hollywood, obtain a Harvard law degree, and even run for President in his home country of Panama. Abner Benaim, a critically acclaimed director, follows Ruben as he lives and tours in New York City and reflects on his 50-year career.

He also reveals that Ruben may still have musical and political aspirations. The film follows this living legend as he struggles to cope with his legacy. – Panama Movies

7. Algo Azul (2021)

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Director: Mariel Garcia Spooner

A dispute between two women over a dress escalates into a car accident. One of the women attempts to rip the expensive garment from the other, who has already tried it on, leading to a police pursuit of the dress burglar. – Panama Movies

8. Everybody Changes (2019)

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Director: Arturo Montenegro

The Ponce family lives in a peaceful mountain town in Panama, and Federico is a great dad. He and Carol have three amazing kids, but even though they look perfect, they have a secret.

When they go out for a night out, they’re accompanied by a funny and confident woman who turns out to be Federico dressed as a woman.

It all starts out as a joke, but it soon turns into Federico’s fight to keep his family close and save his life when he decides to have sex with a woman in Thailand. – Panama Movies

9. Donaire y Esplendor (2017)

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Director: Arturo Montenegro

Donaire is the leader of one of the most powerful carnival queen dynasties in Down Street, while Splendor is the son of the most powerful Queen in Up Street.

Every year, they spend 360 days getting ready to battle it out at Porras Park, where they release feathers, crystals, music, tunes, and floats to show off their power and tradition.

Vanesa Espino, the queen mother of Up Street, is there to help them out, as well as her brothers Pocho, Bertilda, and Caco.

Plus, Analia de DÍaz, the queen grandmother of Down Street, is there, as well as Donaire’s sisters Alegría, and Dinastia. Each character’s actions are the sparks that ignite old grudges, hate, and endless fun. – Panama Movies

10. El Sacrificio (2022)

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Director: Alberto Serra

Two sisters must battle for their lives after coming to a farm belonging to their grandmother, a long-suffering elderly woman who has been consumed by a curse. Upon arriving at their grandmother’s farm, the two sisters find themselves in a life-threatening situation as they confront a curse that has taken hold of their long-suffering elderly relative. – Panama Movies

11. Diablo Rojo PTY (2019)

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Director: J. Oskura Nájera

A group consisting of a bus driver, his assistant, a priest, and two police officers are subjected to an inexplicable enchantment, leading them to become disoriented and stranded in the Chiriqui jungle. Their sole sanctuary is the dilapidated “Diablo Rojo” bus, as they confront the perilous creatures that roam the area in order to survive. – Panama Movies

12. Panama Canal Stories (2014)

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Director: Abner Benaim

This documentary examines the impact of the Panama Canal on the lives of individuals over a century. This text can be rewritten as “A collection of five short stories that depict the lives of individuals affected by the Panama Canal over a century.” – Panama Movies

13. Invasión (2014)

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Director: Abner Benaim

The United States invasion of Panama in 1989 serves as a backdrop to the narrative of a documentary that examines the collective memory of an individual nation. It examines how individuals recall, alter, and often forget the past to redefine their identity and become the people they are today. – Panama Movies

14. Gauguin & the Canal (2022)

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Director: Frank Spano

Gauguin was sick and dying in Tahiti and was being tried by French authorities. He was obsessed with painting his last big piece but was confined to his hut by the colonial authorities.

He was forced to create a new painting to save his baby son, but as he struggled with his illness, he was torn between his madness and his reason.

As he painted, he was haunted by memories of his past life, especially his time at the Canal, where his art had started, and his guilt for leaving his family behind in Paris. – Panama Movies

15. The Green Border (2023)

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Director: Agnieszka Holland

When psychologist Julie moves into Podlasie she finds herself in the middle of a dangerous situation along the border between Poland and Belarus.

She’s fully aware of the risks and legal issues involved, but she joins a group of people who are trying to help refugees who have been living in the woods in a state of emergency.

At the same time a Syrian family that has been affected by the civil war and their Afghani teacher, who doesn’t know they’re part of a plan set up by Belarus, are trying to get to the EU border. They run into a young border guard named Jan in Poland. – Panama Movies

16. The Next 365 Days (2022)

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Director: Barbara Białowąs

The stability of Laura and Massimo’s relationship is currently in a precarious state as they endeavor to surmount trust-related challenges and feelings of jealousy. Meanwhile, Nacho, who is determined to drive a wedge between them, persists in his efforts. – Panama Movies

17. The Quack (1982)

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Director: Jerzy Hoffman

After leaving his wife and kid, a famous surgeon turns to alcohol, which causes him to have a head injury and lose his memory. As time goes on, his medical knowledge comes back to him, and he becomes a healer in a small town. – Panama Movies

18. 365 Days: This Day (2022)

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Director: Tomasz Mandes

Laura and Massimo are back with a vengeance. However, the complications of Massimo’s family relationships and the presence of a mysterious suitor competing for Laura’s affection have further complicated their lives. – Panama Movies

19. The Peasants (2023)

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Director: DK Welchman

Kobiela collaborates with a team of experienced animators and illustrators to create a meticulous visual representation of a novel that won the Nobel Prize for Literature. This work of art delves into the lives of a Polish peasant girl during the early twentieth century, whose courageous choice to marry an affluent elderly gentleman triggers a series of dramatic events. – Panama Movies

20. Girls to Buy (2021)

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Director: Maria Sadowska

Emi is an ambitious young woman with a long-standing ambition to broaden her horizons. She is determined to take advantage of every chance she has to become a high-profile escort. As her popularity increases, she is invited to join the ranks of Arabian sheiks, who are eager to attract Polish beauties, celebrities, and screen stars and models. Unfortunately, the luxurious and seemingly impossible world Emi finds herself in soon reveals its dark side. – Panama Movies

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