Top 20 Greatest Ecuador Movies of All Time

Top 20 Greatest Ecuador Movies of All Time. You should check out these Ecuador Movies. These Ecuador Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Maria Full of Grace (2004)

Ecuador Movies

Director: Joshua Marston

María Álvarez, a 17-year-old Colombian rose-packager, is facing a monotonous life and a dead-end relationship with her boyfriend Juan. Despite being independent and feisty, she is underpaid and struggling to make ends meet.

However, her situation takes a turn for the worse when she unexpectedly becomes pregnant and gets into an altercation with her unfair boss.

To make matters worse, she is offered a risky opportunity to become a drug mule, smuggling drugs from Bogotá to New York City. As her life spirals out of control, the possibility of a peaceful future for María and her unborn child seems to be slipping away. – Ecuador Movies

2. S.O.S. Operation Bikini (1967)

Ecuador Movies

Director: René Cardona Jr.

The Secret Organizational Service (S.O.S.) is a highly accomplished international crime syndicate that operates covertly through a fashion model agency, headed by Lady Bristol and her associate Luigi. The International Service, a governmental secret agency, has decided to put an end to S.O.S.’s illicit activities.

An agent has successfully infiltrated S.O.S., but her safety is now compromised after sending a coded message to her supervising Inspector. Consequently, agents Alex Dinamo and Adriana are tasked with collaborating and providing assistance to the undercover agent. – Ecuador Movies

3. Submersible (2020)

Ecuador Movies

Director: Alfredo León León

Narco Submersible crew members must take drastic action to avoid being sunk with their valuable cargo. To prevent slipping with their valuable cargo, the crew of a narco submersible must resort to extreme measures. – Ecuador Movies

4. The Longest Night (2019)

Ecuador Movies

Director: Gabriela Calvache

The protagonist is an idealistic young woman who finds herself in a situation where she is forced to turn to prostitution to provide for her daughter. However, her daughter’s medical condition and drug addiction make it impossible for her to deliver her customary income to the ringleader, prompting her to take legal action to regain control of her situation. – Ecuador Movies

5. La Chica del Lago (2021)

Ecuador Movies

Director: Jorge Bastidas

A young woman is said to undergo a trial of her enchanting abilities. This trial serves the purpose of aiding individuals of a virtuous nature while simultaneously administering retribution upon those who engage in corrupt practices.

The landowner has been engaging in deceitful practices against the fishermen and scheming to gain control of the lake for undisclosed motives. It is rumored that a mythical mermaid emerges once every century, possessing a penchant for dispensing karmic retribution to individuals requiring assistance. – Ecuador Movies

6. Take Me for a Ride (2016)

Ecuador Movies

Director: Micaela Rueda

Dr. Frosta is a bad doctor in a horror movie. He’s got all the crazy, demented stuff you’d expect from a researcher. His goal is to beat death, which is why he spends a lot of time messing around with corpses. All the rejects he finds end up in the swamp.

Meanwhile, his long-suffering girlfriend, Simone, has announced that she’s leaving him for another guy, a nightclub singer named Richard. Doctor Frosta’s got a tough job on his hands, as he’s got a devoted police inspector in the form of Fernando Sancho. – Ecuador Movies

7. The Swamp of the Ravens (1974)

Ecuador Movies

Director: Manuel Caño

Navigating the highs and lows of high school can be a daunting experience, particularly when one’s classmates make them feel like an outcast. However, in many cases, the pain is only made sweeter by the discovery of a true friend.

In the novel, the protagonist, Sara, is a loner in her senior year who is ostracized by her classmates due to her “weirdness”. She retreats to a hidden spot behind the school for her lunches, where she indulges in smoking.

However, one day, she is discovered by a new student, Andrea, and the two fall in love with their shared passion for books and seclusion. Although Sara’s life may appear to be on the mend, the world intervenes and threatens her happiness. – Ecuador Movies

8. Amor en Tiempos de Likes (2022)

Ecuador Movies

Director: Alejandro Lalaleo

The advent of the internet has brought about a significant transformation in various aspects of life, including love. The following five stories serve as a testament to the fact that while love may have evolved, it still drives us to engage in the same irrational behaviors. – Ecuador Movies

9. Misfit (2021)

Ecuador Movies

Director: Orlando Herrera

The story of Julia, a Latin American teenager who has been living in the United States for her entire life, is told through the eyes of the creators of the popular YouTube series.

When her family is forced to move back to Ecuador, Julia is faced with the challenge of adjusting to the new culture and Catholic high school environment.

She is a popular student who is striving to become the prom queen but soon finds herself the target of three popular school bullies known as ‘La Reinas’. With her newfound popularity, Julia must work hard to gain the affection of her new friends to stay afloat. – Ecuador Movies

10. Alba (2016)

Ecuador Movies

Director: Ana Cristina Barragán

Alba, an 11-year-old girl, spends her days in silence, finding solace in the company of small animals. She has developed the ability to handle her mother’s illness, assisting her with daily tasks such as using the bathroom.

Alba engages in quiet play to ensure her mother can rest throughout the day. However, one fateful night, her mother’s condition deteriorated, necessitating her immediate transfer to the hospital.

With no other caretaker available, Alba is reluctantly sent to live with her father, whom she has not seen since she was three years old.

Adjusting to life with her father proves to be an arduous task, as she grapples with feelings of embarrassment, experiences her first kiss, makes regular visits to her mother in the hospital, navigates Edgar’s tender attempts to connect with her, and endures bullying at school.

These various encounters shape Alba’s journey through adolescence, ultimately leading her toward self-acceptance. – Ecuador Movies

11. Dedicada A Mi Ex (2019)

Ecuador Movies

Director: Jorge Ulloa

A group of individuals attempt to participate in a music video competition to receive a monetary reward, however, they fail to comprehend that they must be proficient in the performance of musical instruments. – Ecuador Movies

12. Octopus Skin (2022)

Ecuador Movies

Director: Ana Cristina Barragán

Iris and Ariel, two 14-year-old twins, are living with their mother and elder sister Lia on a seaside paradise of mollusks and reptiles. Their bond is deeper than mere companionship, and their connection to the natural world around them is one of a kind. However, one day, they are unexpectedly thrust into the city, for the first time in their lives. – Ecuador Movies

13. Island of the Dolls (2018)

Director: Sebastian Mantilla

The story follows a female journalist on a mysterious Mexican island known as the “Doll Island” where a series of blood-soaked murders took place in the 1950s. As soon as she sets foot on the island, strange occurrences start happening, and her friends start to vanish, one after the other. – Ecuador Movies

14. Ratas, ratones, rateros (1999)

Director: Sebastián Cordero

El Salvador is a young and impressionable petty criminal, whose life is abruptly altered when his cousin Angel arrives, a former criminal in search of quick cash and a haven. Salvador becomes involved in Angel’s criminal activities to escape his oppressive environment, leading his family and companions to join him on his journey of crime. – Ecuador Movies

15. El duende sátiro (2016)

Director: Jorge Bastidas

The story of Palmira, a young girl who matures into a beautiful woman, is said to have taken an unexpected turn in her life. She was living in a small town when a demon, who had been expelled from paradise, fell in love with her and caused her great misfortune. Only one person is believed to have been able to defeat the demon. – Ecuador Movies

16. The River (2018)

Director: Juan Pablo Richter

A young man from an inner-city background is sent to live with his father on a timber ranch. As he struggles to define his status as the leader’s son, he is thrust into a world steeped in a culture of enforced violence. – Ecuador Movies

17. Pescador (2020)

Director: Michael Erger

Sara, a professor in biochemistry, is going through a tough time right now. She’s been through a divorce, a nervous breakdown, and a friend who has a medical condition called lazy sperm. She’s invited her grad student and her fiancé to join her in her search for his sperm and help her get back on track. – Ecuador Movies

18. How Much Further (2006)

Director: Tania Hermida

The story follows a young Ecuadorian Literature student from Quito, and a Spanish traveler from Barcelona, as they embark on an unexpected journey to Cuenca from Quito. Tristeza wishes to prevent her summer love, Daniel, from getting married, while Esperanza simply wants to travel.

However, when the Indigenous-led strike prevents them from traveling by bus, they are forced to find a way to get to Cuenca by taking rides from strangers. After a first unsuccessful attempt, they take the ride from two journalists who seem to be interested in the two women.

However, they abandon the two travelers once they reach the road, claiming to be afraid of being attacked by Indigenous individuals. With no one in sight, the two women continue their journey on foot. – Ecuador Movies

19. Short Plays (2014)

Director: Pedro Amorim

This documentary examines the world of football through the perspectives of directors from various countries. Football is observed from the perspectives of directors hailing from various regions across the globe. – Ecuador Movies

20. A Son of Man (2018)

Director: Pablo Agüero

Pipe is enticed to embark on a journey with his enigmatic father in search of the long-forgotten Inca gold. However, as they traverse the depths of the jungle, Pipe realizes that they will not be able to evade the family ennui that follows them. – Ecuador Movies

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