Top 30 Greatest Croatia Movies of All Time

Top 30 Greatest Croatia Movies of All Time. You should check out these Croatia Movies. These Croatia Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. We’re No Angels (1989)

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Director: Neil Jordan

A couple of convicts from the 1930s who are stuck in a small town near the US-Canada border are taken away by a cruel warden. They’re mistaken for a priest couple at the monastery and try to escape across the bridge, but it’s almost impossible because of misunderstandings and a search party.

Ned and Jim keep pretending to be priests, and they’re welcomed by a laundress and a prostitute named Molly. They decide to go on a procession to her sister’s church in Canada, but each priest has to bring someone they need help with, so they bring Molly’s daughter, who’s deaf and mute. – Croatia Movies

2. Murina (2021)

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Director: Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović

The film follows the life of Julija, a quiet yet independent teenager who lives on a remote island off the Croatian coast with her parents Ante and Nela.

During the weekend, Julija watches her parents prepare for Javier’s visit, an old friend of hers, as her mother and Javier flirt with each other and Nela tries to convince Javier to buy their land and build a luxurious resort.

However, the weekend quickly turns into a confrontation between the two, with old resentments and family tensions erupting. Julija, who is a fan of swimming and spearfishing, is often seen in one-piece swimsuits and retreats into the ocean throughout the weekend.

She urges her mother to pursue a romantic relationship with Javier in order to break away from Ante. Still, Nela refuses, claiming that Javier will forget them the moment he boards the plane. – Croatia Movies

3. Safe Place (2022)

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Director: Juraj Lerotić

The story follows a family that is torn apart by a tragedy that disrupts their daily lives. As if they are fighting a war that is invisible to the outside world, their lives are torn apart. The story is based on the author’s own experiences, and the director plays himself in the film. – Croatia Movies

4. Death of the Little Match Girl (2023)

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Director: Goran Kulenovic

Fero, a newly divorced pathologist, returns to Rab Island, where he spent much of his childhood with his father. He arrives to attend his friend’s daughter’s funeral but soon finds himself involved in the investigation of the murder of a local Romanian prostitute.

As they search for the murderer, they are haunted by the memory of a terrible mistake they made in their youth, and Fero finds himself having to investigate the case alone due to the presence of ghosts from his past. – Croatia Movies

5. Escort (2023)

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Director: Lukas Nola

Miro is a successful, married, and father of two kids, but his life is about to take a huge turn after one night with a hooker and two hotel workers who forced him to do something he shouldn’t have.

He was on a business trip when he spent the night with the hooker, which was the first time he’d ever done that kind of thing. After sex, he woke up to find the hooker dead in his bathroom.

He tried to cover up the incident with some help from two hotel employees, but they soon started asking him to do something for them.

It started out as a small favor, but soon their requests started piling up. The two co-workers ended up playing a huge part in his life, and it’s one that he’s never going to be the same. – Croatia Movies

6. Sixth Bus (2022)

Director: Eduard Galić

The film follows a young American individual as they attempt to locate a man from their past who has never been found in the midst of the largest conflict in Europe since the Battle of the Bulge.

The protagonist’s search for identity is accompanied by a desire for faith, connection, and salvation. In a world where truth is often limited, difficult to come by, and even feared, the protagonist’s search for truth is a journey of self-discovery and freedom. – Croatia Movies

7. The Uncle (2022)

Director: Andrija Mardešić

A Yugoslavian family hosts a traditional Christmas dinner for their uncle, who has recently returned from Germany. However, the festivities are interrupted when the uncle’s smartphone rings, signaling that the family is no longer living in the 1980s and that the tension and the turkey can no longer be handled without the use of a knife. – Croatia Movies

8. The Last Serb in Croatia (2019)

Director: Predrag Ličina

Seven years after the declaration of bankruptcy in Croatia, the world is in a state of war. Water has become more valuable than oil, and the powerful are attempting to acquire it through war, conquest, destruction, and the introduction of a zombie-borne virus.

Mico (played by the protagonist), a Zagreb-based man who frequents massage parlors, restaurants, and cinemas to watch a series of films featuring his beloved actress, is caught off-guard by the onset of the zombie-borne epidemics. However, he is determined to embark on a journey of self-discovery, accompanied by his beloved film heroine, with the sole aim of surviving. – Croatia Movies

9. You Carry Me (2015)

Director: Ivona Juka

The story follows three daughters as they struggle to find acceptance, redemption, and new chances. Dora is an underprivileged girl who dreams of being a football manager. Her dad, an outlaw, comes into her life and they form a bond.

Ives is a director who looks after her dad while he deals with Alzheimer’s. After he passes away, she slowly loses her footing.

Natasa is a successful producer who is pregnant and when things start to fall apart, she decides to stand up to her long-lost dad. All three daughters carry their dad around with them, but they all need to face their own truths. – Croatia Movies

10. General (2019)

Director: Antun Vrdoljak

This movie is supposed to be a comedy, but it’s more like a serious drama about the life of a famous Croatian general. It’s got the same kind of dialogue as “The Room” or some of Leslie Nielsen’s work, but it’s definitely not a comedy. – Croatia Movies

11. Just Between Us (2010)

Director: Rajko Grlić

The narrative of the film, which is set in the city of Zagreb, revolves around the lives of two middle-aged brothers, played by Manojlovic and Navojec, and their parallel lives, which are characterized by complicated relationships with their spouses, mistresses, and children. It has been characterized by critics as a study of loneliness, infidelity, and urban life, and has been acclaimed for its genuine representation of modern Zagreb. – Croatia Movies

12. The Diary of Paulina P. (2023)

Director: Neven Hitrec

This narrative follows the journey of Paulina P. as she navigates her way through the classroom and home life, as well as the challenges she faces throughout the school year. Drawing on a renowned children’s book, the story follows Paulina’s conversations about her relationships, relationships, and family issues through humorous scenarios. The narrative is set in the contemporary world, with a hint of enchantment. – Croatia Movies

13. Metastases (2009)

Director: Branko Schmidt

This drama follows four friends from a neighboring neighborhood as they struggle to sustain their relationships amidst the difficulties of alcohol consumption, drug use, gang activity, criminal activity, and the legacy of their homeland’s past. It evokes images of cancer and examines the diseases that afflict the nation of Croatia after the end of the war.

The story follows four young addicts in the city of Zagreb as they grow up in the aftermath of war, and captures the small-mindedness, violence, prejudice, and sentiment that permeates the nation like a plague that plagues the nation with no end in sight. – Croatia Movies

14. The Parade (2011)

Director: Srđan Dragojević

A Serb gangster is stuck in a tough spot, so he decides to team up with a gay wedding planner to create a plan to make sure the pride parade in Belgrade is safe. In exchange, his girlfriend gets to have the wedding of her dreams. – Croatia Movies

15. Shooting Stars (2015)

Director: Lyubo Yonchev

Lilly is a 47-year-old divorced mother of 2-year-old Martin and 5-year-old Alex. On a cold winter’s evening, Martin picks up Alex from nursery school. As they walk down the dark street, they are caught up in a life-altering accident that will forever scar them both. – Croatia Movies

16. H-8… (1958)

Director: Nikola Tanhofer

A bus and a truck are driving side-by-side on a two-lane highway. At the start of the film, we are informed that a careless driver will cause the two vehicles to collide while attempting to overtake the bus. We are also informed which seats will be the cause of death for the passengers.

The remainder of the film follows two parallel timelines, allowing us to get to know and empathize with a wide range of characters, and to anticipate which of them will be the victims of the accident and which will be the lucky ones. Finally, the epilogue provides further surprises. – Croatia Movies

17. The High Sun (2015)

Director: Dalibor Matanić

This movie follows three different love stories over the course of three decades, taking place in two villages in the Balkan region that have a long-standing history of animosity between different ethnic groups. It’s all about the risks – and strength – that come with being in a forbidden relationship. – Croatia Movies

18. Vegetarian Cannibal (2012)

Director: Branko Schmidt

Danko Babic is a ruthless and amoral gynecologist at the leading fertility clinic in Croatia. When his rival, Bantic, is appointed as the clinic’s head, Babic begins a vicious campaign to take him down. He is distracted by his campaign and makes a series of mistakes that lead to a patient’s death.

The corrupt coroner and the corrupt police cover up his crimes. Babic becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol and begins performing illegal abortions on prostitutes working for a gangster, Jedinko.

A prostitute dies after a botched abortion and the police get suspicious, but Babic’s shady contacts save him again by destroying the evidence. Babic fakes test results to incriminate his hated rival, Banti, and then replaces him as the clinic’s chief of staff.

Now that Babic has finally achieved his goals, he wants to get rid of his connections in the criminal underworld, but his friends request him to perform an abortion on a heavily pregnant woman. – Croatia Movies

19. Divljaci (2022)

Director: Dario Lonjak

Zolja and Jasmin try to steal some money from a gas station to get into the World Cup finals, but they end up running away from the cops and ending up in a camp full of terrorists. – Croatia Movies

20. Aleksi (2018)

Director: Barbara Vekarić

The story follows Aleksi, who is 28 years old and fresh out of college but unable to find work as a photographer. She returns home to live with her parents and is left to fend for herself.

Struggling to find a way to keep her mind occupied, she follows her urges and falls in love with three different men: Christian (an American photographer) who she falls in love with because of their similar interests.

Goran (a local musician she can’t stand due to his traditional values but has an undeniable physical attraction to) and Toni (a wealthy older playboy from Slovenia who tries to seduce her with his yacht, parties, and expensive drugs). – Croatia Movies

21. Segrt Hlapic (2013)

Director: Silvije Petranović

The ambitious young shoemaker, Lapitch, embarks on a journey of self-discovery after enduring unfair treatment from the ruthless Master Scowler.

With a mere 18 days of production, the film, directed by Sevet Hlapic and produced by Maydi Film, has become the most popular Family film in Croatia since the country’s independence. – Croatia Movies

22. Tereza37 (2020)

Director: Danilo Šerbedžija

The plot of the film follows Tereza, a 37-year-old woman, as she attempts to conceive in the city of Split, located on the Croatian Adriatic coast. After a series of miscarriages, Tereza’s gynecologist jokes that she should try to get pregnant with someone else.

This remark causes Tereza to question her marriage, her relationship with her family, and the people in her life. She decides to take a new path, allowing other men and unfamiliar experiences into her life, without considering the repercussions of her choices or her ultimate purpose. – Croatia Movies

23. Mare (2020)

Director: Andrea Štaka

Mare is a stay-at-home mother who is dedicated to providing for her small family, despite the lack of a washing machine. When an unexpected encounter ignites her desire, she is eager to take advantage of the opportunity. – Croatia Movies

24. Zora (2020)

Director: Dalibor Matanić

Matja is a young man living in a dystopian future where he and his family are confronted with a tragedy that has yet to be resolved. Despite having lost his faith and having difficulty finding his true identity, the protagonist finds that the only effective way to cope with trauma and the forces of evil is to confront them with open arms. – Croatia Movies

25. My Grandpa Is an Alien (2019)

Director: Dražen Žarković

A young girl and an extraterrestrial robot are tasked with a single day to locate their grandfather after he is abducted by extraterrestrials. Una and the robot are given 24 hours to locate their grandfather. Through a remarkable journey, the two companions come to a lasting friendship, the robotic logic is altered by emotion, and Una’s unselfish love ultimately saves her partially extraterrestrial family. – Croatia Movies

26. What Is a Man Without a Moustache? (2005)

Director: Hrvoje Hribar

The plot follows a group of individuals, including a young widow, a widower-to-be, and a bankrupt parish priest, as they attempt to adjust to the postwar world, which is characterized by prejudice, delusion, and a negative attitude.

The story culminates in a romantic comedy, set in a harsh environment, in which the protagonist is in love with the local priest. Although he is not unaware of her affections, he is unable to make a decision between her and the church, until the situation forces him to do so. – Croatia Movies

27. Ne gledaj mi u pijat (2016)

Director: Hana Jusic

The narrative centers around the dynamics of Marijana’s family, and whether Marijana chooses to embrace them or not. Initially, they live side-by-side in a cramped apartment, driving each other to distraction.

However, her domineering father suffers a stroke, leaving him bedridden and forcing Marijana to take his place as the clan leader.

Marijana is forced to work two jobs to support her family, as her mother and her disabled brother attempt to sabotage the ship. Desperately seeking solace, she indulges in illicit liaisons with strangers; however, this brief moment of liberation leaves her craving for more. – Croatia Movies

28. Pelican (2022)

Director: Filip Herakovic

Josip, a professional footballer, is recuperating in a health spa after sustaining a knee injury that could have ended his career. In between sessions with his therapist and visits from his ex-partner and ex-best friend, it is evident that he must rediscover himself in order to be content with his current identity.

When he mistakenly finds out that a sales conference is taking place at the spa, and is mistaken for a sales representative who has never shown up, he decides to join in the festivities.

He adopts a new identity and begins to look at life from a different angle in an effort to find his authentic self. However, when he begins to step outside of his own consciousness, many boundaries begin to be blurred. – Croatia Movies

29. Exorcism (2017)

Director: Dalibor Matanic

The film is based on a true event, following a young girl who is possessed and a group of individuals, including a priest, a religious zealot, a psychiatrist, a journalist from a conservative television station, and her cameraman, who embark on an exorcism.

However, they are unaware that the individuals who entered the haunted basement that night are themselves being held captive by the forces of Satan. – Croatia Movies

30. Comic Sans (2018)

Director: Nevio Marasovic

After suffering a nervous breakdown caused by his unfaithful fiancée and professional setback, the graphic designer returns home to the sea where he and his long-lost father attempt to come to terms with the concept of love and their own self-discovery. – Croatia Movies

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