Top 50 Greatest Mexico Movies of All Time

Top 50 Greatest Mexico Movies of All Time. You should check out these Mexico Movies. These Mexico Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. The Colour of Olives (2006)

Mexico Movies

Director: Carolina Rivas

The Color of Olives is a documentary that captures the daily life and challenges of the Amers, a Palestinian family residing in Masha, a village located 15 miles away from Tel Aviv.

Despite being separated by the West Bank wall, Hani Amer, a farmer, and his family refused to abandon their ancestral land, which was surrounded by Israeli military checkpoints and barricades.

The documentary showcases the Amers’ work routine and their perseverance in the face of adversity. While the family is often quoted by Rivas, the film relies on minimal dialogue to convey their story. – Mexico Movies

2. Daniel and Ana (2009)

Mexico Movies

Director: Michel Franco

Daniel and Ana, siblings and inseparable companions find themselves at a crucial crossroads in their otherwise fulfilling lives. Ana stands on the precipice of matrimony, while Daniel, an outgoing teenager, embarks on a self-discovery journey, exploring his identity and sexuality.

However, their idyllic existence is abruptly disrupted when they fall victim to a kidnapping, thrusting them into a situation that compels them to confront their deepest desires and fears.

In an instant, their familiar lives become a distant recollection, forever altered by a shocking turn of events. From this point forward, nothing they once knew will ever be the same again. – Mexico Movies

3. I Dream in Another Language (2017)

Mexico Movies

Director: Ernesto Contreras

A language that has existed for a thousand years is now in a state of decline: Its last remaining speakers, Evaristo and Isauro, who are both in their 70s, disagreed half a century ago and have not communicated with each other since.

Martin, a linguist, has taken on the task of reuniting the two old friends and persuading them to speak once more, for him to document the language. However, there is a hidden secret within the language, buried in the depths of the jungle, which makes it difficult to believe that the spirit of Zikril will be revived. – Mexico Movies

4. Chronic (2015)

Mexico Movies

Director: Michel Franco

David is initially observed in his vehicle, patiently waiting outside a residence. Subsequently, a youthful lady emerges from said dwelling, enters her automobile, and departs; David proceeds to tail her. Later on, he can be observed perusing photographs of Nadia Wilson on the popular social media platform, Facebook.

It is worth noting that Nadia Wilson is the individual he had been discreetly monitoring. Upon further investigation, it is revealed that David is a compassionate male nurse. His initial patient, Sarah, is unfortunately afflicted with the terminal illness known as AIDS.

Demonstrating utmost tenderness, he dutifully attends to her hygiene, assists her in dressing, and adeptly manages her daily routines. This includes the delicate task of politely requesting her visiting relatives to depart when she requires rest, as well as aiding in preparing her meals.

Tragically, David arrives at his workplace one fateful day to receive the distressing news of Sarah’s passing. With a heavy heart, he enters the room where she has peacefully departed, meticulously cleansing and adorning her for the final time. In a poignant display of respect, he attends her funeral, where her niece approaches him with a request to discuss her late aunt. However, he politely declines the offer. – Mexico Movies

5. The Amazing Catfish (2013)

Mexico Movies

Director: Claudia Sainte-Luce

A language that has existed for a thousand years is now in a state of decline: Its last remaining speakers, Evaristo and Isauro, who are both in their 70s, disagreed half a century ago and have not communicated with each other since.

Martin, a linguist, has taken on the task of reuniting the two old friends and persuading them to speak once more, for him to document the language. However, there is a hidden secret within the language, buried in the depths of the jungle, which makes it difficult to believe that the spirit of Zikril will be revived. – Mexico Movies

6. My Mexican Shivah (2007)

Mexico Movies

Director: Alejandro Springall

The film depicts the commemoration of a man’s life after his passing. By Jewish tradition, every individual is accompanied by two angels, one of light and one of darkness, from birth until death. Moishe’s demise at the age of 75 brings his loved ones together in Mexico City to observe shivah, a seven-day mourning ritual.

The camera captures the presence of Aleph and Bet, the divine accountants who keep a watchful eye on the family and determine which angel will guide Moishe’s soul to the afterlife.

Despite the odds being stacked against him, due to family conflicts and the selfish motives of his friends, the Chevreman, a member of the Sacred Funeral Society, takes advantage of the situation by overcharging for shivah essentials such as kosher food and slippers.

Esther, Moishe’s daughter, who is emotionally unstable and obsessed with youthfulness, breaks down during the shivah, lamenting over a lost tooth and announcing her plans for plastic surgery. – Mexico Movies

7. Seven Days (2005)

Mexico Movies

Director: Fernando Kalife

U2 is coming to Mexico for the first time in their storied career, and to make sure they have enough money to make it happen, Claudio Caballero decides to take a big risk. He bets half a million dollars to get the band to Mexico. – Mexico Movies

8. A Monster with a Thousand Heads (2015)

Mexico Movies

Director: Rodrigo Plá

When her insurance provider denies her husband the necessary treatment to enable him to stay alive, Jan Raluy’s Sonia Bonet decides to take action. She is confronted with a bureaucracy that is determined to prevent her husband from receiving the care he needs, as well as a staff that is not interested in helping her. With the help of her son, she is driven to the point of despair. – Mexico Movies

9. The Untamed (2016)

Mexico Movies

Director: Amat Escalante

Alejandra, a married woman with two young children, is unhappy with her husband, who is having an affair with her brother, Fabian, in public he sneaks around and mocks Fabian and homosexuals in general. She is desperately unhappy with her marriage and sexually frustrated.

She masturbates in the shower and is close to orgasm when her children interrupt her. She visits an old couple who have an old tentacled creature from a meteorite that lives in a barn.

She visits the creature for years and has sexual encounters with it, but when she tells the elderly couple that she wants to keep visiting the creature, they forbid her to do so as the creature has become dangerous to her. She is bitten in the abdomen by the creature, and in the hospital, Fabian takes care of her and she becomes friendly with him. – Mexico Movies

10. Casi divas (2008)

Mexico Movies

Director: Issa López

The story follows four ambitious and gorgeous young women, hailing from four different parts of Mexico. Like hundreds of thousands of other people around the world, they are swept up in the excitement that follows when one of Mexico’s most powerful producers, Alejandro Mateos, plans a nationwide talent search for his next lead in his big-budget film.

But all of this is new to Alejandro’s long-time, on-and-off paramour, Eva Gallardo, a multi-hyphenate diva who expected to land the role. While Eva plans to get the part, our four leads embark on their careers on the road to stardom. – Mexico Movies

11. Silent Light (2007)

Mexico Movies

Director: Carlos Reygadas

Johan, a devout Mennonite living a tranquil and uncomplicated life in the countryside of Mexico, is confronted with a complex ethical dilemma when his romantic relationship with Marianne, a neighbor, becomes public knowledge. As he carries out the rituals of his life in the countryside, he must balance his devotion to Marianne with the preservation of his marital bond, his family, and his religious faith. – Mexico Movies

12. Alamar (2009)

Mexico Movies

Director: Pedro González-Rubio

Jorge, a young man from the Mayan tribe, and his son Natan, who is half Italian and half Mayan, spend a few days together living off the coral reef at Banco Chinchorro before they say goodbye. – Mexico Movies

13. The Violin (2005)

Mexico Movies

Director: Francisco Vargas Quevedo

In a region of Latin America that bears a strong resemblance to Mexico, the government is engaged in a campaign of brutality, aggression, rape, and homicide against a rural rebellion. As the soldiers approach a town, they attempt to cut off the rebels from a cache of ammunition stored in a field. The rebels in the hills include a family composed of a grandfather, a son, and a grandson.

The grandfather, carrying a violin, attempts to pass through the checkpoint, claiming to be in the process of cultivating his corn. The commanding officer allows the grandfather to pass but requests that he attend a daily music lesson to facilitate the transfer of the ammunition in the violin case. – Mexico Movies

14. Sleep Dealer (2008)

Mexico Movies

Director: Alex Rivera

Memo Cruz is employed at a factory, where he is one of many sleep dealers. These workers are linked to the network through suspended cables that connect to nodes in their arms and back, enabling them to control robots that have replaced them as unskilled labor on the other side of the border.

The term “sleep dealers” derives from the fact that prolonged work in this capacity can lead to physical collapse. The narrative unfolds as a flashback, with Memo reminiscing about his hometown, Santa Ana Del Rio, Oaxaca.

Despite his father’s desire for him to contribute to the family’s meager homestead by cultivating crops, Memo’s true passion lies in electronics and hacking. The homestead has also suffered due to the construction of a nearby dam owned by the private corporation Del Rio Water, resulting in its depletion.

To obtain water, Memo and his father must embark on a journey on foot, purchasing it in bags while under the watchful eye of security cameras equipped with machine guns. American hi-def TV broadcasts depict glimpses of a technological dystopia, albeit with a positive spin and superficial manipulation.

As a hobby, Memo constructs an electronic receiver capable of intercepting communications. With each iteration, its range expands to encompass distant cities. – Mexico Movies

15. The Chambermaid (2018)

Mexico Movies

Director: Lila Aviles

Eve, a reserved young woman, is employed as a maid at a prestigious hotel in Mexico City. Her boss commends her exceptional work and hints at the possibility of a promotion, which would entail cleaning one of the more exclusive floors.

One day, a male colleague approaches Eve with a request to assist a guest who specifically asked for a female attendant. To her surprise, the guest turns out to be an overwhelmed mother who seeks Eve’s help in watching her baby while she takes a shower.

Initially hesitant, Eve gradually develops a bond with both the guest and her child as she reluctantly fulfills this daily responsibility.

The guest, hailing from Argentina, even goes as far as suggesting that Eve should consider moving back with her. However, upon returning to work one day, Eve discovers that the woman has abruptly departed, leaving behind a sense of uncertainty and longing. – Mexico Movies

16. Circo (2010)

Mexico Movies

Director: Aaron Schock

A traveling circus that traverses the Mexican countryside in search of paying customers. To keep the family business alive and please his father, Ponce has enlisted his young children as performers while working tirelessly to keep the circus financially afloat.

However, his wife’s growing resentment towards their difficult lifestyle suggests that trouble is on the horizon. Circo not only documents the harsh realities of circus life but also delves into the inner workings of the Ponce family, exposing generational differences and financial concerns that threaten to destroy their marriage.

With the help of Calexico’s indie-rock score, Schock’s film presents a sympathetic yet realistic portrayal of a disappearing way of life. By avoiding sentimentality, the film’s plot twists become even more poignant. – Mexico Movies

17. Good Day, Ramon (2013)

Mexico Movies

Director: Jorge Ramírez-Suárez

Ramón, an 18-year-old young man from a small northern Mexican town, has made five unsuccessful attempts to cross the US border. Despite facing these challenges, he remains determined not to resort to a life of crime.

Instead, he decides to embark on a journey to Germany, where he plans to reach out to a friend’s aunt for support. However, his plans take an unexpected turn when he is unable to locate her.

Struggling to survive on the streets, Ramón finds himself ill-prepared for the harsh weather conditions and lacking in financial resources.

It is during this difficult time that he crosses paths with Ruth, an 80-year-old retired woman who is also lonely. Despite the language barriers and societal prejudices, an extraordinary bond forms between them, leading to a remarkable friendship. – Mexico Movies

18. Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017)

Mexico Movies

Director: Issa López

Estrella, a young girl, finds herself amidst the chaos. While engrossed in a fairy tale writing assignment, Estrella’s classroom is abruptly interrupted by the sound of gunfire echoing outside the school walls. Amid the ensuing panic, Estrella’s teacher urgently hands her three pieces of chalk, claiming that they possess the power to grant three wishes.

In the aftermath of this harrowing incident, the educational system is forced to indefinitely suspend classes, leaving Estrella and her peers in a state of uncertainty and vulnerability.

Meanwhile, Shine, a street orphan, cunningly manages to steal a gun and an iPhone from Caco, a henchman of the notorious crime boss Chino, who unbeknownst to many, is the influential politician Servando Esparza.

With the stolen possessions in hand, Shine confronts Caco, his intoxicated state rendering him oblivious to the theft. However, despite his desperate intentions, Shine finds himself unable to pull the trigger, leaving him grappling with a mixture of conflicting emotions. – Mexico Movies

19. Red Lips (2011)

Mexico Movies

Director: Rafa Lara

Ricardo, a family man in Mexico City, faces mounting responsibilities until he secures a new position as creative director for an ad agency. However, his troubles only escalate from there. His boss proves to be a strict disciplinarian, and Ricardo’s performance in the bedroom suffers as a result.

His wife, whose alluring red lips have always driven him wild, is disappointed by his apparent lack of interest. She seeks counsel from friends and attempts to add some excitement to their relationship. Meanwhile, Ricardo is confronted with other temptations at work. – Mexico Movies

20. Made In Mexico (2012)

Mexico Movies

Director: Duncan Bridgeman

This documentary examines the work of some of Mexico’s most renowned artists and musicians in the present day. A captivating exploration of the renowned artists and performers shaping the contemporary Mexican art scene is presented in this compelling documentary. – Mexico Movies

21. Duck Season (2004)

Mexico Movies

Director: Fernando Eimbcke

Flama and Moko, who have been friends for a considerable time, decide to spend their Sunday afternoon playing video games at Flama’s house while his mother is away. They have all the necessary entertainment, including video games, pizza delivery, sodas, and manga pornography, and the absence of parents adds to their excitement. However, their regular day takes an unexpected turn when the power goes out, turning their leisurely activity into an adventure. – Mexico Movies

22. Museo (2018)

Mexico Movies

Director: Alonso Ruizpalacios

Juan Núñez and Benjamín Wilson, both aspiring veterinary students, devise a plan to carry out a daring heist at the esteemed National Museum of Anthropology. Their objective is to pilfer a collection of invaluable Mayan, Mixtec, and Zapotec artifacts.

With meticulous planning, the two individuals successfully infiltrate the museum amidst the festive atmosphere and manage to abscond with a multitude of precious pieces.

However, upon returning to their abode, they are confronted with the harsh reality that their audacious act has been widely condemned as an assault on the entire nation. This realization leaves them with an irrevocable sense of remorse, as they come to terms with the irreversible consequences of their actions. – Mexico Movies

23. Chavela (2017)

Mexico Movies

Director: Daresha Kyi

Chavela skillfully selected her favorite tales and brought them to life, leaving a lasting impact. From her humble beginnings as a 14-year-old runaway from Costa Rica to becoming a globally recognized and Grammy-winning Mexican icon, Chavela transformed fragments of her identity and aspirations into tangible achievements.

Despite not publicly embracing her true self until the age of 81, Chavela meticulously crafted a public image as a formidable, rebellious, and free-spirited outsider – an alluring and daring figure who fearlessly paved her path. Her legacy endures even after she departs from this world at the remarkable age of 93. – Mexico Movies

24. Pastorela (2011)

Mexico Movies

Director: Emilio Portes

Agent Jesus Juarez has consistently portrayed the role of the Devil in his local Nativity Play. However, this Christmas, a conflict arises between him and the new pastor of the church when the pastor decides to assign the role to someone else. This sets the stage for a fierce confrontation between the two men, symbolizing the eternal struggle between good and evil. – Mexico Movies

25. The River and the Wall (2019)

Mexico Movies

Director: Ben Masters

Five companions traverse the Rio Grande River from El Paso, New Mexico, across the United States’ southern border with Mexico by bicycle and horseback, as well as canoe, to discover the connection between the Rio Grande and the proposed American-Mexican border wall. – Mexico Movies

26. Cinco de Mayo, La Batalla (2013)

Mexico Movies

Director: Rafa Lara

A small number of Mexican military personnel bravely faced off against the United States’ largest and most powerful military force in a legendary struggle for liberty and self-determination. – Mexico Movies

27. Radioactive Dreams (1984)

Mexico Movies

Director: Albert Pyun

In the wake of the nuclear holocaust, Phillip Hammer has spent fifteen years alone in a bunker full of junk from the 1940s and classic detective stories. Now, at the age of nineteen, he leaves his shelter to discover a world of mutants, monsters, and cannibalistic savages. In the process, he becomes one of the world’s most famous detectives in a race for the only two keys that can detonate the ultimate nuclear weapon. – Mexico Movies

28. Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent (2016)

Mexico Movies

Director: Lydia Tenaglia

This is a biopic about a complex man, as well as a study of the forces that came together to create a new American style of cooking and the cult of celebrity chefs. Tower is a consummate party animal, and his life spans from the wild sex and drugs of the 70s to the high rollers of the 80s.

Key conversations with celebrities and celebrity chefs demonstrate Tower’s impact on modern food culture, as well as how he changed the restaurant business and, in the process, changed how we eat. – Mexico Movies

29. One Man’s Hero (1999)

Mexico Movies

Director: Lance Hool

Tom Berenger plays Jon Riley, a Roman Catholic soldier who was born in Ireland. He’s part of a group of Roman Catholic soldiers who are facing religious discrimination in the US Army, which is mostly Protestant.

In the middle of the Mexican War, he and some of his buddies go to a catholic church and get punished for it. To get out of it, they join the Mexican Army and meet a group of guerillas led by Joaquin de Almeida, who they form an unlikely alliance with. – Mexico Movies

30. Lucía, Lucía (2003)

Mexico Movies

Director: Antonio Serrano

The story follows Lucia, an author of children’s books, as she attempts to locate her missing husband. On their way to Brazil, he suddenly vanishes.

Lucia goes to the police station, receives a ransom demand, and, as she searches for him, makes friends with an old man downstairs and a young man upstairs.

Things take a turn for the worse when she realizes that the abduction may not be as straightforward as it appears. – Mexico Movies

31. Octaman (1971)

Mexico Movies

Director: Harry Essex

A group of researchers, led by Dr Rick Torres, traveled to Mexico to investigate radioactive material in the aquatic environment. During their stay, they encounter several octopi that appear to possess a human mutation and bring them back to the laboratory for further examination.

However, their harmless kidnapping of the parent octopus awakens the octopus’ parent octopus, thus posing a risk to the lives of the researchers. The octopus, known as Octaman, employs a variety of predatory techniques, including strangling and hypnosis. – Mexico Movies

32. Cronicas (2004)

Mexico Movies

Director: Sebastián Cordero

Manolo Bonilla goes to prison in Ecuador to talk to Vicente Cepeda, a driver who caused a stir by running over a woman. When Cepeda says he knows where the monster of Babahoyo killed a girl, Bonilla gets out on bail hoping to find out more about the case. He finds the body, but as he gets closer to the story of his life, it looks like Cepeda is hiding something. – Mexico Movies

33. Bandido (2004)

Mexico Movies

Director: Roger Christian

When the CIA throws Max Cruz, a notorious burglar, under the bus, he’s forced to help them out on a big mission. A Mexican gangster named Beno has stolen some important info from the CIA, and Max has to get it back.

He tries to stay under the radar, but he’s surrounded by bad guys and can’t trust anyone, not even Natalie, the gorgeous CIA agent who’s supposed to be keeping an eye on him. But then he finds a surprising ally in the form of Beno’s sexy girlfriend, Sofia. – Mexico Movies

34. Gloves of Stone (2009)

Mexico Movies

Director: Miguel Necoechea

Abner Torres, a young man from the Mexican city of Juarez, seeks to use professional boxing as a means of escape from grinding poverty, prostitution, and drug dealing, as well as the bullying of the local police.

His domineering father has already abused him in an illegal boxing match, keeping the proceeds for himself. Abner is supported by his sister, Silvana, his best friend, Wilo, and his girlfriend Paulina, all of whom are supportive of his aspirations.

Dr. Frank, a caring figure in the area, is also actively involved in helping Abner out of the ghetto. His son, Jimmy, is also attempting to make a career in boxing in the United States, even though he is too old for boxing and has a broken arm.

Through Silvana’s intervention, Jimmy begins to train Abner at a local gym while simultaneously falling in love with his sister. However, just when Abner’s prospects appear to be brightening, tragedy strikes. – Mexico Movies

35. Cabeza de Vaca (1991)

Mexico Movies

Director: Nicolás Echevarría

The film follows the journey of Juan Diego de Vaca, who, in 1528, embarks on a journey to become a prominent Spanish conqueror.

However, his journey is interrupted by a shipwreck, which marks the beginning of a difficult eight-year journey, which takes him through the Mexican Gulf, Texas, and the Pacific Ocean, where he encounters a variety of Native American tribes.

In the process, he progresses from being an oppressed slave to a mysterious shaman and a devoted ally of the nations he had once attempted to conquer. – Mexico Movies

36. Nicotina (2003)

Mexico Movies

Director: Hugo Rodríguez

A male computer science enthusiast, Lolo, is involved in a confrontation with a group of Russian mobsters after mistakenly delivering them a faulty computer disk, resulting in the adverse effects of drugs and tobacco consumption. – Mexico Movies

37. Innocent Voices (2004)

Mexico Movies

Director: Luis Mandoki

Chava was just 11 years old. His dad had gone to the US at the beginning of the civil war, leaving him behind. His family lived in a small town in the middle of the country, where the Salvadoran army was fighting the guerrillas.

Mommy sewed clothes for the family, and Chava sold them in stores. When he wasn’t in school, he worked for a bus driver, announcing stations for them as part-time help.

He was getting closer to his twelfth birthday when the Salvadoran army tried to recruit him into the guerillas, and he saw a 12-year-old kid from his school being recruited inside.

He was also 10 when he tripped another kid as part of a bad joke, and he was beaten up when he tried to run away. His teacher almost got shot trying to protect him. – Mexico Movies

38. Darker Than Night (2014)

Mexico Movies

Director: Henry Bedwell

Greta relocates to her aunt’s home after her mother passes away, where she and her friends begin to throw extravagant parties. However, what initially appears to be the happiest summer of her life quickly turns into a battle for survival after her aunt’s beloved cat, Beker, is tragically drowned in the pool. – Mexico Movies

39. The Other Conquest (1998)

Mexico Movies

Director: Salvador Carrasco

Topilzin was a scribe who was Montezuma’s illegitimate son, but he soon found himself in trouble with the Spanish government. He didn’t believe in the new Christian faith, so he attacked a friar and was taken away by his brother.

He was brought to be executed by the army, but his life was saved after he was flogged and had a spiritual experience. He then decided to leave his life of scribing and became a monk, following the teachings of a friar named Diego. – Mexico Movies

40. It’s Not You, It’s Me (2010)

Mexico Movies

Director: Alejandro Springall

Javier, a heart surgeon, and Maria, his girlfriend, decided to leave Mexico and move to Florida for a fresh start. When they got married, Javier bought two fish at a pet store and met Martina Gonzales.

The couple got married and Maria went to Miami to get ready for Javier’s arrival. But when Javier was about to fly out, Maria called and said she didn’t want him to come and that she was with Jorge Rubio.

He was really upset and moved back to his parent’s house sold his car and started seeing a psychiatrist. – Mexico Movies

41. Find a Boyfriend for My Wife… PLEASE! (2016)

Mexico Movies

Director: Enrique Begne

Paco, exasperated by his wife’s incessant complaining, comes up with a brilliant solution to break up the marriage: he hires a professional seduction expert known as “El Taiger” to seduce his wife and get her away from him. – Mexico Movies

42. Rudo y Cursi (2008)

Director: Carlos Cuarón

Beto and Tato, who will eventually be known as Rudo and Cursi respectively, have a complicated relationship. Beto works on a banana plantation while Tato lives with their extended family, which includes their mother, an abusive stepfather, Nadia, Beto’s wife, Toña, and their kids.

The family is from a rural peasant family and they’re struggling to make ends meet. But then Batuta comes along, a soccer scout and both brothers are naturally talented at soccer.

Beto is a goalie and Tato is a striker, Beto has always wanted to play professionally, but Tato has other ideas. Beto’s life and Tato’s life have ups and downs, and the ups and downs are based on things that are more important to them– Beto loves fast women, especially TV’s Maya, while Tato loves to sing.

Beto would give up his football career for a career in Mexican country singing if he could be any good at it. Beto is honest and open about most things, but he’s lying and deceitful when it comes to gambling. – Mexico Movies

43. Desierto (2015)

Director: Jonas Cuaron

This movie follows a group of Mexican immigrants as they try to make their way across the US-Mexican border. But what starts as a peaceful journey quickly turns into a brutal, blood-soaked battle for survival. A vigilante with a gun and a German shepherd chase them through the desert, and they realize they have no choice but to fight back. The odds are stacked against them, but they’re determined to make it. – Mexico Movies

44. Everybody Loves Somebody (2017)

Director: Catalina Aguilar Mastretta

Clara Barron is a young and attractive woman with a seemingly perfect life. She has a successful job, a lavish home in Los Angeles, and a fun-loving Mexican family.

However, she has yet to find love in her life. She is forced to attend a wedding in Mexico and enlists the help of a colleague to act as her romantic companion for the weekend.

When her ex-boyfriend appears at the ceremony, Clara is faced with the decision of whether to pursue her former relationship or pursue a new and thrilling romance. – Mexico Movies

45. El Mariachi (1992)

Director: Robert Rodriguez

El Mariachi cares about playing his guitar and carrying on his family’s legacy. Unfortunately for him, the city he’s trying to find employment in has another guest: a murderer who wears a guitar case for protection. Azul, the drug lord, and his gang of henchmen mistakenly think El Mariachi is the killer. They follow him around town, trying to get him and the guitar case. – Mexico Movies

46. Strawberry & Chocolate (1993)

Director: Tomás Gutiérrez Alea

The story is set in 1979 in Havana, Cuba, where David, played by Vladimir Cruz, is rejected by his wife, Vivian, who is married to an older and richer man.

David reveals that he is a student at the university when he meets Diego, a gay artist who is dissatisfied with the Castro regime’s treatment of the LGBT community and the censorship of culture.

David’s homophobic classmate, Francisco Gattorno, plans to use him to spy on Diego because he sees him as a threat to the Communist cause. Diego starts the relationship with sexual advances, but David rejects most of his advances. – Mexico Movies

47. The Patriarch (2016)

Director: Lee Tamahori

The film follows the rivalry between the Mahana and Poatas. The rivalry is said to stem from the Mahana’s love for Ramona and Ramona’s refusal to marry Poata’s betrothed Rupeni. In the late 1950s, the Mahana family was led by Tamihana, who was the matriarch of the clan. He runs a prosperous family sheep shearing business in Gisborne, while his stubborn grandson, Simeon, struggles with Tamihana’s control. – Mexico Movies

48. Tod@s caen (2019)

Director: Ariel Winograd

Adán is an alluring charmer who thinks he can charm any woman he meets. Mia is a determined producer who wants to have her show about women’s empowerment. As they experiment with each other’s seduction techniques, they soon find out that the harder you try, the more easily you fall. – Mexico Movies

49. Sin Nombre (2009)

Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga

El Casper lives in the Mexican town of Tapachula near the Guatemala border. He brings a young boy, nicknamed Smiley, into his gang after a brutal initiation. Smiley helps Casper carry out his initiation by executing a rival gang member.

Meanwhile, Casper is involved in a romantic relationship with Martha Marlene. He conceals this relationship from his gang because he fears for her safety. His double life causes the gang to question Casper’s loyalty to them.

When Martha shows up at a gathering of Casper’s gang, his gang leader Lil Mago escorts her, even though Casper has doubts about her safety. Mago tries to rape Martha, but ends up accidentally killing her. Afterward, he tells Casper he’s going to find another girl. – Mexico Movies

50. La boda de Valentina (2018)

Director: Marco Polo Constandse

Valentina is a young woman living in New York City with a fiancé who has asked her to marry him. Despite having a promising life, she is thrust into a scandalous situation when her family in Mexico requires her to feign an engagement for some time.

After her green card is denied, she travels to Mexico to consult with her father, an influential political figure, to end the false engagement.

However, she begins to feel remorseful and eventually succumbs to the pleading of her father. This prompts her to pose with her former fiancé, as her emotions struggle to decide whether she should stay with her current partner or fall in love with her ex. – Mexico Movies

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