The 20 Best Pakistani Cartoons of All Time

The 20 Best Pakistani Cartoons of All Time. You should check out these Pakistani Cartoons. These Pakistani Cartoons will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Pakistani Cartoons

1. The Donkey King (2018)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Aziz Jindani

Mangu is a small-time donkey washer who yearns for fame and fortune. Even though his uncle Pehelwan Chacha discourages him from following his dreams, his father Changu’s spirit frequently makes an appearance to encourage him to do so.

The elite Big Cats that prey on herbivores govern Mangu’s territory. The public frequently protests this, but their complaints are fruitless. Mangu approaches the palace while carrying his laundry and encounters the cunning senior adviser, Miss Fitna.

The ailing King Badshah Khan then tells Fitna that he wants to give his inept and conceited daughter Shahzada Khan the throne. When Fitna uses propaganda to persuade the animals to oppose this, the King settles on a type of “democracy,” believing that Shahzada will be unstoppable. – Pakistani Cartoons

2. 3 Bahadur (2015)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

The story opens in a bustling district where a festival taking place. A short while afterward, a gangster of Mangu abducted a young girl. The girl was saved when a man chased after the criminal and defeated him. Mangu fled to a cave, where he saw Baba Balaam, an evil being who gave him wicked abilities and instructed him to guard the key of evil.

Mangu declared himself the new king of Roshan Nagar. He was reprimanded for this by the man who had saved the girl. Therefore, he raised the man to the tower and killed him using his abilities to strangle him. Soon, the small town became known as Andher Basti as a result of the fear that Mangu’s goons had instilled there.

Saadi’s mother tells him not to pay attention to it, but three pals, Kamil, Amna, and Saadi, want to learn about the tower and stop the thugs. The three enter the tower and receive abilities from unidentified beings.

Saadi has been given intelligence and the capacity to understand things cleverly, Amna has been given super speed, and Kamil has been given super hearing. The following night, when Mangu is attacking them, they reenter the tower and drive the goons out. – Pakistani Cartoons

3. Sitara: Let Girls Dream (2019)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Pari, a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in the historic Lahore city in the 1970s, wants to be a pilot. She cherishes her book about pioneer Amelia Earhart and pretend-flies with her younger sister Mehr while remaining oblivious to the growing conflict between her parents.

It doesn’t take long to figure out why there is tension: Pari is being coerced into marrying a much older man. Only hints are given as to what will happen to Mehr after the wedding, but she joins her mother in accusing her father, and even her brother dismisses the father’s efforts to befriend him.

A written message reading “Around the world every year, the dreams of 12 million child brides will never take flight” comes at the end of the silent movie. As the credits roll, several still images present a different narrative of hope: Mehr is sent to school by his father, who has since learned his lesson. She earns her degree, qualifies as a pilot, and takes off in a plane and attire identical to that of Amelia Earhart. – Pakistani Cartoons

4. Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor (2018)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Uzair Zaheer Khan

The plot, which is set in Pakistan’s northern areas, centers on Allahyar, a little naughty child who finds himself grappling with challenges he never imagined possible. The film aims to raise awareness of illegal and legal wildlife hunting practices. Evil poachers are in their rearview mirror, and Pakistan’s wildness is in front of them, but these particular friends also have one another. – Pakistani Cartoons

5. Dajjal: The Slayer and His Followers (2019)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Rana Abrar

The patriarch of a global network of worship locations will dominate the world in this tale of good and evil faith and proxy warfare for a dominant Kingdom. The fictional film is based on circumstances from the existing world order and fighting to save humanity.

Background Four thousand years ago, Pharaoh, the king of ancient Egypt, himself as God. He was the most ruthless, haughty ruler who reduced people to servitude and forced them to revere him as the only living being. Pharaoh would worship Satan, who gave him power through black sorcery, just as the rest of Egypt did. – Pakistani Cartoons

6. 3 Bahadur: The Revenge of Baba Balaam (2016)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Three young people now have the difficult responsibility of stopping the resurgent babe balm. Mangu, a wanted criminal, fled to a cave where he encountered the repulsive Babou Balam, who gave him demonic abilities and instructed him to guard the key of evil.

Mangu declared himself the new king of Roshan Nagar one evening after emerging from the tower clock. Saadi’s mother tells him not to pay attention to it, but three pals, Kamil, Amna, and Saadi, want to learn about the tower and want to stop the thugs. The three enter the tower and receive abilities from unidentified beings. – Pakistani Cartoons

7. The Glassworker (2023)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Usman Riaz

The Glassworker follows young Vincent and his father Tomas, who own the best glass shop in the nation. Their lives are upended by an imminent conflict in which they have no interest. Their reality is shaken, and the father-son bond is put to the test, when an army colonel and his young, gifted violinist daughter, Alliz, move to their village.

The opposing ideologies of their fathers constantly put a strain on the growing affection between Vincent and Alliz. It is a moment when nationalism and social status are valued higher than independent thought and creative endeavors. Love is irrelevant at the moment. – Pakistani Cartoons

8. The Chronicles of Umro Ayyar (2023)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Syed Arsalan Ali

“The Chronicles of Umro Ayyar” is an animated film produced by Ingenuity Productions and scheduled for release in 2023. It is an action-packed story set in a fantastical world with charming characters inspired by the legend of Tilism e Hosh Ruba.

A Pakistani animation film called The Chronicles of Umro Ayyar 2023 has been released. Afraz Rasool played a major part in the Chronicles of Umro Ayyar film, and many others played supporting roles. The movie was produced by Waseem Shareef under the umbrella of Ingenuity Productions and directed by Syed Arsalan Ali, Haris Basharat, Zafar Abdullah, and Bin Masood Farid. The 25th of December 2023 is the planned release date for the film The Chronicles of Umro Ayyar. – Pakistani Cartoons

9. Swipe (2020)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Arafat Mazhar

A young child who is dependent on the software iFatwa, which crowdsources religious executions, spends his days swiping on the lives of strangers to climb the Ajar Board’s rankings. Swipe is a hand-painted animated short film about Pakistan that was created over a year by a group of 20 Pakistani animators, musicians, storytellers, and performers.

Swipe is our attempt to address a developing dilemma brought on by the convergence of technology, fanaticism, and fascism. It was written, illustrated, animated, composed, and performed all under one roof at Puffball Studios. The confrontation with increasingly harsh, alienating, and divided circumstances and a cry for more empathy before it’s too late are at the center of this tale. – Pakistani Cartoons

10. City of Smiles (2020)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Arafat Mazhar

2071 is the current year. In Pakistan, there haven’t been any documented cases of terrorism or violent crime in more than three decades.

The systematic exploitation of human emotion is the price. After a three-decade civil war, Pakistan’s Amir-e-Mumlikat has ushered in an era of peace, prosperity, and stability. The price of this new-found tranquility is constant monitoring and a society where people are only permitted to smile. – Pakistani Cartoons


11. Terminal 3 (2018)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Asad J Malik

A video called Terminal 3 uses augmented reality and interactive elements to examine how modern Muslims identify in the United States via the context of an airport interrogation. To personally question and decide the fate of the hologram passenger in front of them, viewers walk into the uncanny as they put on the Hololens. When the subject decides whether to allow the hologram into the country or not, the interrogations turn into startlingly intimate encounters. However, there is a catch. – Pakistani Cartoons

12. Operation Meezan Pakistan Rangers Sindh Animated Movie (2020)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Dj-Kamal Mustafa

An animated movie called Operation Meezan depicts that Pakistan Rangers Sindh and DG Rangers Major General Omer Bukhari got a threat notice. The two terrorists were spotted in Karachi with an explosive bus and were snooping on people, according to the Pakistani Army.

The following scenario revealed that a cell of five terrorists was plotting a major attack. At Rangers HQ Jinnah Courts Karachi, DG Rangers Sindh meets with Wing Commanders Pakistan Rangers. At the Madagar Command and Control Centre, Rangers Madadgar got advice from the Pakistani Army’s intelligence branch.

Rangers used the phone call and CCTV footage to track the terrorists, and they then sent a convoy to the Karachi location. A group of five terrorists with funding from a neighboring nation and facilities given by the militant wing of the Karachi Political Party.

Terrorists opened fire on the Rangers Convoy as they approached the area where they were hidden, but the Rangers quickly neutralized them. The explosive bus was found and recovered, and a sizable number of guns and ammo were also found in the terrorist’s hideout. – Pakistani Cartoons

13. Operation 786 Pakistani Animated Film (2017)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Dj-Kamal Mustafa

An animated movie called Operation 786 depicts military operations against terrorists and other adversaries of Pakistan and the world. The focus of the film is the Pakistani Army and the sacrifices it made on behalf of all Pakistanis.

Operation 786, an animated film produced in Pakistan, is the nation’s first movie to feature the Pakistani Army and highlight our nation’s strengths. In the movie Operation 786, the Pakistan Army’s battles and operations are all depicted.

How the Army helped our nation achieve peace while saving our loved ones’ fictitious lives. DJ Kamal Mustafa, the director, and producer of the animated movie Operation 786, chose the title of this movie based on Operation Zarb-e-Azab. – Pakistani Cartoons

14. Quaid Say Baatein (2013)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Daniyal Noorani

A young girl named Zainab is featured in the Pakistani cartoon series Quaid Say Baatain. Zainab is constantly considering ways to assist and improve Pakistan. Each episode features a dilemma that she must address by recalling the sayings and deeds of Quaid-e-Azam.

The primary goal of this program was to provide Pakistani youngsters with a positive role model. The program aims to communicate important messages to young people. Following the 2014 Peshawar school massacre, it attempted to disseminate the message of peace while also defending Pakistan in one program. – Pakistani Cartoons

15. Commander Safeguard (2005)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Zeeshan Karimi

The first animated superhero series in Pakistan is called Commander Safeguard. In Pakistan, the character is well-liked. The superhero is represented as Safeguard, who battles and vanquishes the germs, who are commanded by a figure known as “Dirtoo” (Leader Of Germs). The cartoon was first aired in Urdu, Pakistan’s official language. It is one of Pakistan’s most-watched animated children’s television programs. – Pakistani Cartoons

16. Team Muhafiz (2022)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Riyan Durrani

The plot centers on a group of young volunteers who manage a Youth Centre and have made it their mission to rid society of social inequalities and other problems. Their goal is to instill the principles of justice, compassion, and fairness in everyone.

They fight injustice armed with their special talents and with Farman serving as their mentor. Voiceovers for the characters in Team Muhafiz have been provided by some of the top performers in show business. – Pakistani Cartoons

17. Tick Tock (2018)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Omar Hassan

The plot centers on history enthusiasts Hassan and Daanya and their teacher KK as they travel across time. Ahsan Khan, Alyy Khan, and Maria Memon are cast in the key parts of the movie.

They encounter the greatest figures in Pakistani history and triumph over all the obstacles to maintain the timeline as the narrative develops into a fun-filled adventure. Kids will find this movie to be enthralling and different due to its adventurous twists and turns packed with entertainment and excitement. – Pakistani Cartoons

18. Burka Avenger (TV Series 2013)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Haroon

Burka Avenger is set in the fictional town of Halwapur in northern Pakistan. It features a superheroine who wears a burka as a disguise to conceal her identity while fighting villains. Her alter ego is Jiya, an inspirational teacher at an all-girls school.

Jiya fights corrupt politicians and vengeful mercenaries who attempt to shut down girls’ schools, using “Takht Kabadi”, a martial art that involves throwing books and pens. Together with children ‘Ashu’, ‘Immu’ and ‘Mooli’, the Burka Avenger fights the evil magician ‘Baba Bandook’, his henchmen, and corrupt politician Vadero Pajero. – Pakistani Cartoons

19. Cocomo (2009 TV Special)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Tahir Moosa

The Bisconi Cocomo chocolate-filled biscuit is the subject of yet another commercially produced animated short. Mo, a young man, constantly compliments her on her personality and declares that she is “so cool.” Then a simple, adorable girl by the name of Coco came.

Coco had already made a lot of friends when Mo tried to make friends with her, so she declined. So Mo played a practical joke on Coco as retaliation. While everyone was laughing, Coco fled after becoming afraid. Despite being mischievous, Mo wasn’t a horrible kid. He believed his actions were improper.

He then offers Coco a Bisconi Cocomo biscuit as an expression of his regret. Mo also felt delighted once Coco did, and the two grew close and began to play. Some mischievous kids showed up while they were playing and spoiled their game. The unruly child was abducted when an unexpected van arrived. Mo and Coco saved the child. How they can combat the abductors. – Pakistani Cartoons

20. Milkateer (2004)

Pakistani Cartoons

Director: Tahir Moosa

Superheroes have always been popular. A growing number of advertisements increasingly feature protagonists from cartoons, movies, and comic books. That’s correct, “Milkateer” is a humorous TV cartoon that Sharp Image, a communication and animation studio with headquarters in Pakistan, produced for Tetra Pak Pakistan.

The cartoon’s main goal is undoubtedly to promote sales and the company’s products, but Tetra Pak Pakistan’s marketing strategy also aims to educate viewers. It teaches people the value of drinking milk packaged in a hygienic and nutritious way, which is why Tetra Pak packages, with a focus on youngsters but also parents. – Pakistani Cartoons