The 21 Best Korean Movies in English Dubbed

The 21 Best Korean Movies in English Dubbed. Everyone loves Korean Movies. A list of best Korean Movies in English Dubbed. You should check out these Korean Movies in English Dubbed. These Korean Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice


1. Train to Busan (2016)

The 21 Best Korean Movies in English Dubbed

Seok-woo, an investment manager who is divorced, resides in Seoul with his mother, Soo-an, and daughter. Soo-an misses her mother who lives in Busan because Seok-woo, who is a greedy man, ignores her. Seok-woo goes with Soo-an when she requests to visit her mother for her birthday with the plan of coming back after lunch.

They board the KTX, a quick train, but another car is also occupied by a sick woman. A train staff member is assaulted by the woman during the trip, and soon after, all of the people in the car are attacked and transformed into zombies.

When Seok-woo learns that South Korea is experiencing a zombie outbreak, he works with fellow passenger Sang-hwa—who is traveling with his expectant wife Seong-kyeong—to separate the healthy front cars from the diseased ones. The travelers who are not infected must battle zombies and the selfishness of other passengers along the way. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

2. 20th Century Girl (2022)

The 21 Best Korean Movies in English Dubbed

The story takes place in 1999 and centers on Na Bo-ra, a bright seventeen-year-old high school student. Yeon-du, Bo-ra’s best friend, who had been planning to travel to the US for heart surgery, suddenly says she can’t go because she’s in love with a student named Baek Hyun-jin from their school.

Bo-ra pledges to follow Baek Hyun-jin, learn everything there is to know about him and email everything she learns. Yeon-du leaves feeling assured. Bo-ra begins to stalk Hyun-jin at school.

She once overheard Hyun-jin and his best buddy Poong Woon-ho discussing joining the school’s broadcasting club, which led her to successfully audition for the group. Woon-ho joins the group, but Hyun-jin declines.

To watch Hyun-jin, Bo-ra makes an effort to get close to Woon-ho. Bo-ra rejects Hyun-jin’s request for a date when he thinks she is interested in him. Bo-ra discovers that Woon-ho has feelings for her as well and that she has fallen in love with him. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

3. The Call (2020)

The 21 Best Korean Movies in English Dubbed

Kim Seo-yeon, 28, lost her phone in 2019 while traveling to see her ailing, estranged mother in a distant area. When she gets to her dilapidated childhood house, she discovers a decades-old cordless phone and uses it to answer calls from a terrified woman who claims her mother is torturing her.

Seo-yeon discovers after inspecting the home that Oh Young-sook, the caller, is indeed residing in the same home from 1999. Through the phone, the two can exchange information about their lives and interact across time.

Seo-yeon lost her father in a fire that she holds her mother, Eun-ae, responsible for, while Young-sook is orphaned and lives with her adoptive mother, a shaman. Seo-yeon’s information prompts Young-sook to leave the house covertly to put out the fire that killed Seo-yeon’s father.

As a result of her achievement, Seo-yeon’s world changes: her parents are both still alive and in good health, and their home is opulent. However, Young-sook receives punishment from her mother and grows bitter that Seo-yeon’s life has improved while hers has remained unchanged. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

4. Yaksha: Ruthless Operations (2022)

The 21 Best Korean Movies in English Dubbed

Yaksha: South Korean Spy’s Cruel Operations Thriller. A prosecutor is exiled to a jobless office after botching a raid on a dishonest Chaebol. If he examines a Chinese intelligence team that has gone missing and there are allegations of wrongdoing, he is given a chance for recovery.

The inspector finds himself involved with a black ops team that gives the Impossible Missions Force and James Bond the appearance of being rigid adherents to the law. Japanese, South Korean, and North Korean operatives are looking for a defector from North Korea.

The storyline is maintained via gunfights, hand-to-hand combat, automobile chases, high-tech surveillance, corruption, betrayals, and conspiracies. Beware, this is quite violent and graphic. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

5. Space Sweepers (2021)

The 21 Best Korean Movies in English Dubbed

The crew of The Victory, a space debris collector vessel. They enter into a dangerous business arrangement after finding Dorothy, a humanoid robot that is known to be a weapon of mass devastation. In the year 2092, space is filled with hazardous floating trash, such as abandoned spacecraft and satellites.

The crew of The Victory competes with other nations’ junk-collecting spacecraft in space, searching for the trash they can sell to make money. They also outrun and outrun their opponents by using the speed of their ship.

After Earth becomes inhospitable, Tae-ho, Captain Jang, Tiger Park, and an android named Bubs are a crew of space sweepers that live on an orbiting planet developed by UTS corporation. The team finds a weapon of mass destruction made by the terrorist organization “Black Fox” within Dorothy, a kid robot they have named.

Their scheme is thwarted when UTS soldiers stage a massacre at the club where the swap was intended to take place. They negotiate a price for Dorothy’s return. The crew must manage the perilous circumstances while juggling their struggles. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

6. The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure (2022)

The 21 Best Korean Movies in English Dubbed

Moo-chi, the leader of the bandits, who prides himself on being the best swordsman in Goryeo, and Hae-rang, the captain of a sea-going pirate ship. Even though they are meant to be on the same boat together, they continue their windless journey, running into each other from birth to opposing extremities while passing each other in the mountains and the sea.

They learn one day, while cleaning the pirate ship, that the royal family’s unaccounted-for fortune is buried somewhere, and they go on a perilous quest to find it.

This is the biggest treasure they will ever uncover in their lifetime as pirates. However, they weren’t the only ones looking for the lost loot. To collect the riches, Bu Heung-soo, a traitor who will stop at nothing to get it, also dives into the water. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

7. Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage (2019)

The 21 Best Korean Movies in English Dubbed

To uncover a corporate scam, a dishonest officer enlists the aid of an adolescent girl, whom he later adopts as his unusual protector. A crooked police officer named Jo Pil-ho aids a partner in escaping after a theft. Pil-ho and his companion attempt to rob the police warehouse as their last ditch effort, but their intentions are foiled by an explosion, leaving Pil-ho comatose and his partner dead.

Pil-ho decides to destroy all evidence that could implicate him in the explosion, which he is not accountable for. In doing so, he finds himself enlisting a teen girl’s assistance in revealing corporate wrongdoing. After a string of violent incidents, Pil-ho finds himself being the girl’s odd defender after initially doing it merely to clear his identity. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

8. The 8th Night (2021)

The 21 Best Korean Movies in English Dubbed

A monk hunts down a centuries-old spirit that is controlling people and unleashing havoc on Earth while holding prayer beads in one hand and an axe in the other. Long ago, after defeating a demon, Buddha tore out his red and black eyes and hid them in two caskets, one in the East and the other in the West.

An archaeologist who discovers the red eye in the desert is shunned by the public and loses his reputation. However, nine years later, he hatches a plan to bring the eyes together and awaken the demon, using six people who had attempted suicide to carry the red eye, visit the Virgin Shaman, and join the black eye.

The only person left who can save humanity is a former monk and protector of the black eye who uses an axe and prayer beads to locate the Virgin Shaman and prevent darkness on Earth. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

9. Night in Paradise (2020)

Korean Movies in English Dubbed

This is an awesome suspenseful, thrilling, action-packed movie with such a bittersweet feeling you get after watching this movie. Following a terrible incident, a wronged mobster with a target on his back hides out in Jeju Island where he meets a woman who is dealing with her troubles.

The leader of a criminal organization managed by Mr. Yang, Tae-gu, makes an effort to lead a more moral life for his ill sister and nephew. Then one day, someone accidentally kills his sister and nephew while shooting at Tae-gu. In disbelief, Tae-gu decides to exact retribution.

Finally, he overthrows the leader of another group and flees to Jeju Island. He meets Kuto and his niece Jae-yeon, who are taking care of Tae-gu, unaware that his group has already abandoned him. Tae-gu has a hunch that trouble is approaching when Jae-yeon is unwell and dying. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

10. Alive (2020)

Korean Movies in English Dubbed

One survivor is still alive in isolation after a mysterious sickness spreads quickly throughout the entire city, leaving it in a state of uncontrollable chaos. He tells the tale. Without warning, individuals in Seoul’s streets start acting like zombies and turning violently cannibalistic, assaulting bystanders.

A young man watching this alone in his parents’ apartment on the fourth floor. There are no longer any foodstuffs in the flat. When he carelessly opens the door, the neighbor barges in. Despite being afflicted, he is eventually ejected. He learns through TV that the infection is spreading across the country.

The phone and internet stop working as the days go by, followed by the water running out. He notices a cute girl in the flat next to him after all hope has been lost. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed


11. Carter (2022)

Korean Movies in English Dubbed

A man awakens in a blood-soaked bed in a motel room in Seoul with a cross-shaped scar on the back of his head amid a deadly pandemic brought on by a virus that makes infected patients violent and zombie-like and that originated in the DMZ and has already devastated the United States and North Korea.

He is confronted by armed CIA officers who want to know where Dr. Jung Byung-ho is. He has no memory of his background and has no idea who Dr. Jung is, let alone who he is or why he is there.

He is informed that his name is Carter and that he must follow her instructions if he wants to survive by a female voice that he alone can hear within his ear.

He leaves the room on her advice and enters a public lavatory where he is attacked and attempted to be killed by around 100 gangsters. He manages to survive their attack because of his deadly fighting abilities. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

12. What Happened to Mr. Cha? (2021)

Korean Movies in English Dubbed

Mr. Cha was extremely well-liked in the 1990s because of his portrayal of a kind and faultless man, but he is now a has-been who reflects on his earlier success while waiting to be cast once more. Mr. Cha attends a gym one day to have a shower after a stroll, but when the building starts to collapse, he becomes trapped in the debris.

Cha remains stylish. He still has good looks. And he continues to get hired for photo sessions. However, it is a magazine cover for a line of casual sportswear that he would never be seen dead wearing, not one to advertise a new TV show or movie.

The chatty makeup artist is receiving offers for more high-profile work than he is, and the shoot’s millennial creative director is trashing all of his trademark leading men’s looks, adding insult to injury. Cha is battling a new reality after 25 years in show business: his career is on the verge of collapse. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

13. Illang: The Wolf Brigade (2018)

English Dubbed Korean Movies

Japan remilitarizes in 2024 as a result of political and territorial issues with China, South Korea, and Japan, and the United States and Russia take action to protect their interests in East Asia. North and South Korea decided to reunite within five years because of fear of possible war and for the sake of their continued existence.

However, this prompts the other aforementioned powers, who are opposed to reunification, to apply massive tariffs against the Koreas, causing an economic crisis that lowers support for reunification and generates increases in crime, terrorism, and civil unrest.

The South Korean government created the Special Unit to combat the Sect after the domestic terrorist group “the Sect” was formed as a result of escalating anti-reunification movements. The Special Unit is heavily armed and outfitted with futuristic powered exoskeletons and distinctive gas masks with glowing red lenses to protect its soldiers from sect members. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

14. Love and Leashes (2022)

English Dubbed Korean Movies

Jung Ji Hoo is adored by his female coworkers despite his stiff, icy, and abrupt demeanor. One day, Ji Woo, a coworker of Ji Hoo’s, unintentionally opens a package of his, exposing one of his sexual proclivities to public view. Secretly arranging a contract while feigning pet ownership, Ji Hoo and Ji Woo launch a steamy affair and gratify Ji Hoo’s penchant for slave/master fantasy. A PR agency’s newest employee is Ji-Hoo.

Everyone in the office admires him for his good looks, intelligence, and charity, including an aloof but stunning woman named Ji-Woo who secretly has a crush on him. Even Mr. Hwang, the grumpy department manager, refers to him as “Mr. Perfect.”

However, first impressions can be deceiving, and via a somewhat implausible error in judgment, Ji-Hoo unintentionally reveals his actual nature to JI-Woo. He confesses to her out of embarrassment that he is a psychotic mess with severe self-esteem issues, and that his deepest ambition is to be bossed around and verbally degraded by the lady of his dreams. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

15. Tune in for Love (2019)

English Dubbed Korean Movies

The IMF Crisis of 1997 is referenced while taking place in the 1990s. On a radio show, Mi-soo, a dedicated part-time employee at a bakery, inadvertently converses with Hyun-woo. Both fall in love and keep running into one another, but luck is not on their side.

Hyun-woo, who had just been released from prison, applied to work part-time at Mi-soo’s bakery in 1994. Once he is hired, he and Mi-soo start working together.

Spending a lot of time together and getting to know one another, Hyun-woo, Mi-soo, and Eun-ja become close. A must-watch for people who want to snap out of the fairy tale that love is said to be, and who want to earn it, their way. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

16. Kingdom: Ashin of the North (2021)

English Dubbed Korean Movies

The movie tells the backstory of Ashin, the person who discovered the herbs that turned people into zombies. A tale of betrayal, conflict, espionage, mystery, and, of course, zombies. It bit the good tiger that is now a zombie and ships batters and hunters before he was ultimately shot down, similar to Train To Busan.

As the only survivor of a massacre, young Ashin trains to exact revenge on the killers. The adult Ashin who benefits from the training is played by Jun Ji-Hyun. A brutal, violent movie. Not only do zombies bite and consume people alive, but they also murder people. The forests occasionally have a gentle, almost aquatic glow. large zombie hordes. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

17. Okja (2017)

English Dubbed Korean Movies

Mija has taken care of and been a constant companion to Okja, a large animal and an even bigger buddy. That all changes, though, when the family-owned international corporation Mirando Corporation captures Okja and ships her to New York, where CEO Lucy Mirando, who is image-obsessed and self-promotional, has huge plans for Mija’s best friend.

Mija embarks on a rescue mission with no specific plan in mind but a single-minded goal. However, her already difficult journey quickly becomes more challenging when she comes into contact with various groups of capitalists, protesters, and consumers who are all fighting for control over Okja’s future, while all Mija wants to do is return her friend home.

The link between man and animal is the gentlest of notions, and Bong Joon Ho skillfully combines genres, humor, poignancy, and drama to finally create a unique and multifaceted image of the world that speaks to the animal inside each of us. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

18. The Host (2006)

Korean Movies

In the year 2000, a Korean aide to an American military pathologist is instructed to pour 200 bottles of formaldehyde down a sewer that leads to the Han River. The fish in the river started to disappear, and over the following few years, reports of odd aquatic creatures in the area started to surface.

In 2006, Park Gang-du and his father Hee-bong managed a tiny snack business in a park next to the river. Hyun-Seo, Gang-du’s daughter, Nam-joo, a national medalist archer, and Nam-il, an alcoholic former political activist who graduated from college, are more family members.

The performances from every adult actor were really good and the emotions put forth by every adult were wonderful to watch. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

19. Time to Hunt (2020)

Korean Movies

When Jun Seok is released from prison for a prior heist that he and his friends botched, the currency has crashed severely, thereby rendering the proceeds of their previous crime worthless.

To get the group out of their unhappy positions, Jun Seok suggests one last theft to his closest buddies Jang Ho and Ki Hoon. They have set their sights on an illicit gambling den that holds huge amounts of US currency. Sang-Soo, who now works at the casino, is hired by the group.

The group begins the robbery, which ends up messy but successful after obtaining weapons from Bong Shik, a friend Jun Seok knew while incarcerated.

They steal a sizable sum of money as well as the gambling establishment’s surveillance hard drives, which are full of videos documenting shady transactions between the proprietors of the establishment and various criminals.

The owners of the gaming establishment were upset over the loss of the surveillance hard discs. To find the quartet and get the hard discs, they hire murderer Han. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

20. Sweet & Sour (2021)

Korean Movies

Hepatitis B has forced Hyuk into the hospital. His parents and the other patients keep their distance, but Nurse Da-eun ignores them and voluntarily looks after him. Da-eun and Hyuk become closer as time passes; the overworked Da-eun even takes meals and naps in his hospital bed.

Da-eun seemed distant a few days before Hyuk would be released from the hospital. Hyuk returns home in the gloom. But because he can’t let Da-eun go, he manages to gain her phone number and calls her.

He eventually accepts her invitation to spend the night at her home. When Da-eun awakens in the morning, Hyuk has already fixed the damaged lamp in her hallway and made breakfast for the two of them. The gestures moved them, and they exchanged a quick kiss. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

21. Seoul Vibe (2022)

Korean Movies

The drivers of the Sanggye Supreme Team became involved in a VIP slush money inquiry in 1988. The Sanggye Supreme Team participates in a car chase in the city on the day of the Seoul Summer Olympics opening ceremony.

Under the turmoil of everything going on in the city, illegal money is moved around. To pursue the money, drivers are hired. Dong-Wook, who is the captain of the Sanggye Supreme Team, is a key player. Woo-Sam, a DJ as well, and Bok-Nam, who is well-versed in Seoul’s city streets, are additional members of the Sanggye Supreme Team.

Dong-Wook, the captain of the Sanggye Supreme Team, has a younger sister named Yoon-Hee. She also serves as the head of Seoul’s largest motorbike club. Joon-Ki is a miracle worker. He isn’t Dong-Wook’s blood relative, but they are close, almost like brothers. – Korean Movies in English Dubbed

Korean Movies in English Dubbed