The 20 Best Turkish Cartoons of All Time

The 20 Best Turkish Cartoons of All Time. You should check out these Turkish Cartoons. These Turkish Cartoons will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Turkish Cartoons

1. Bad Cat (2016)

The 20 Best Turkish Cartoons of All Time

Director: Mehmet Kurtuluş

During a day of revelry and mayhem, a profane house cat must deal with the arrival of his kid, who is not his biological child, an accident killing, his owner’s eviction, and other issues.

The Bad Cat, an animated epic for young adults produced by Turkey’s largest animation studio, Anima Istanbul, features the unforgettable bad cat, Shero, and his foul-mouthed gang in action. Shero and his buddies, who live in the streets like animals, seek the same things that everyone else in their notoriously seedy neighborhood in Istanbul does: excess with women, food, and the occasional binge.

This seemingly routine day will turn out to be everything but when they cross paths with humans and things start to spiral out of control in unexpected, harsh, and humorous ways. – Turkish Cartoons

2. Dolphin Boy (2022)

The 20 Best Turkish Cartoons of All Time

Director: Mohammad Kheyrandish

A little boy who has survived an airplane disaster is saved by Dolphin Snowball from the waters. Since then, pals who are practically brothers have grown up carelessly together while entertaining the marine life with their amusing antics. Up until the evil Octopus decimates their peaceful little world one day.

The youngster is exiled to land, where he must learn to coexist with others and discover the truth about his origins.

Whether at the bottom of the sea or on enigmatic far-off islands, the boy will be supported by a new friend, the gentle captain Murvarid, and the devoted Snowball. Amazing adventures are in store. – Turkish Cartoons

3. Dajjal: The Slayer and His Followers (2019)

The 20 Best Turkish Cartoons of All Time

Director: Rana Abrar

The patriarch of a global network of worship locations will dominate the world in this tale of good and evil faith and proxy warfare for a dominant Kingdom. The heroes in the fictional film, which is based on circumstances from the existing world order, are fighting to save humanity.

Four young boys choose a madman to develop a peacekeeping program to safeguard the world from the conspiracy theory of Dajjal’s followers, who are looking for a fake messenger who will establish a global government to complete and eradicate all world religions. – Turkish Cartoons

4. Kral Sakir Mikrop Avcilari (2021)

The 20 Best Turkish Cartoons of All Time

Director: Haluk Can Dizdaroğlu

A strange virus appears and spreads throughout the entire city. One by one, those infected by the virus mutate into monsters. To stop the infection, the killer approaches Meerkat for assistance. With the medication he discovers, Meerkats can kill the infection, but it also converts Akirler into fish.

The only way to revive the Shakirs is to seize a terrifying shark. For this reason, Akirler sets off on a difficult sea voyage where he battles hostile marine creatures, robotic fish, and wicked jellyfish. – Turkish Cartoons

5. Aslan Hürkus Kayip Elmas (2022)

The 20 Best Turkish Cartoons of All Time

Director: H. Sinan Güngör

A young child named Aslan aspires to work as an aeronautical engineer. He discovers hints of literally reviving an old jet among the possessions of his grandfather, a brave pilot.

Aslan hunts out an old jet that can be restored using the pieces left over from his great-grandfather, a brave pilot, in the movie Aslan Hürkuş Lost Diamond, where he will team up with the character of Hürkuş and offer an adventure. Hürkuş is the name of this aircraft.

With Aslan’s assistance, this decrepit plane transforms into a gorgeous plane. Aslan receives the possessions of Hasan Usta’s father, a brave pilot. Aslan discovers while getting in and out of these items that his great-grandfather’s old plane could be revived because he is so obsessed with becoming an aeronautical engineer. These notes help Aslan and his buddies find Hürkuş and the missing arm. – Turkish Cartoons

6. Rafadan Tayfa 2: Göbeklitepe (2019)

The 20 Best Turkish Cartoons of All Time

Director: İsmail Fidan

A children’s film about Gobeklitepe, the most important archaeological find of the twenty-first century, and a temple that dates back a thousand years in South Eastern Anatolia. The entire globe is focused on Göbeklitepe. Here, extensive consequences were produced by the excavations.

When everyone is focused on Göbeklitepe, Akn gets a mysterious box from his pal Veysi in Anlurfa. Akn discovers a copper tray inside the parcel after curiously opening it. He is unsure about what is on it. Veysi rushes to Akn after delivering the item, telling him that someone is chasing him, which perplexes Akn.

The Rafadan Crew crew decides to show the sini to Uncle Mayor, Göbeklitepe’s explorer, after quickly realizing that the sini is connected to Göbeklitepe. The group sets out on an exciting excursion to Anlurfa to locate Veysi and show Uncle Mayor the danger. – Turkish Cartoons

7. Birds Like Us (2017)

Director: Faruk Šabanović

The residents of Birdabad tolerate Kondor and his carrion crew’s egg-eating tyranny as the price of safety in a world ravaged by Horror. They unconsciously exchange their eggs for fruit while gathered in a raucous daily ritual around the enormous Egguilibrium machine, which is looked after by the silent owl Hasan.

Hupu, a charming and impulsive young bird, challenges Kondor and upsets the system with the aid of her spouse Hasan and a magical seed to save her egg from this dreadful fate. Hupu, Hasan, Kondor, and Mi, a small agitator, are thrown out of Birdabad and into the Horror’s jaws during the ensuing frantic chase.

This mismatched group, which is terrified, perplexed, and murderously enraged at one another, reluctantly allies with a rather odd guide who offers to assist them return home in exchange for helping him reach the Sun.

Only Hupu is aware of the guide’s blindness. Our unusual heroes lie, cheat, double cross, and leave each other as they journey from a big contemporary city to the top of a volcano, down a treacherous glacier, or across a wide empty sea while being constantly chased by Horror.

They are ultimately compelled to work together to conquer their fear of Horror and reach a truly satisfying happy ending through a series of amusing and terrifying experiences. – Turkish Cartoons

8. Rafadan Tayfa Dehliz Macerasi (2018)

The 20 Best Turkish Cartoons of All Time

Director: İsmail Fidan

A construction business compiles a study on the neighborhood’s housing stability, and among the locals, a rumor of an evacuation quickly takes hold. Kuşçu Baba, a famous local for having a disorganized memory, is one of the neighbors.

The Rafadan Tayfa members learn through a lost manuscript in Kuşçu Baba’s library that one of Istanbul’s historic tunnels is only buried beneath the neighborhood. – Turkish Cartoons

9. Tay (2022)

The 20 Best Turkish Cartoons of All Time

Director: Nurullah Yenihan

Riyah, a young colt, is the subject of a tale about how his mother is sold to a horse merchant, causing the separation of the two. With the assistance of his Partridge bird companion, Riyah escapes from the stable in Mecca and makes his way to Medina.

Riyadh is desperate to find and reunite with his mother. In the desert, Riyah meets Jamel, a wise old camel who becomes his friend and companion. A pair of Mecca-based thieves are after them because they want to steal the young colt and sell it for even more riches. A charming little lizard and a pair of vultures, one of which was amusingly experiencing an existential crisis, are also in pursuit. – Turkish Cartoons

10. King Shakir: Recycle (2022)

Director: Haluk Can Dizdaroglu

Scientists come up with a plan to launch the collected trash into space using rocket ships to address the environmental crisis of pollution.

The angry aliens travel to Earth in search of retribution when this trash begins to land on extraterrestrial planets. To prevent aliens from destroying the world, King Shakir and his family must take every precaution. – Turkish Cartoons


11. Kaptan Pengu ve Arkadaslari (2020)

Turkish Cartoons

Director: Nurullah Yenihan

A small, blue penguin named Captain Pengu lives with his family and other penguin friends. He lives in an area covered with glaciers, and these glaciers are melting rapidly.

Maki, who must constantly gather trash in nci Cove, asks for assistance in the most extraordinary way imaginable: by planning a music festival! Throughout the festival, our heroes continue on several adventures that they started when they decided to take part. Finally, our heroes, who create a legendary musical ensemble, execute a strategy that will resolve every issue. – Turkish Cartoons

12. Aslan Hürkus: Görevimiz Gökbey (2022)

Director: H. Sinan Güngör

The blue stone that gives life to Gökbey, a striking, strong, and amiable helicopter, was created using the information from the Hürkus stone. After Ferit was apprehended by the police, Scarface took over the company and created a red stone that was almost totally made of negative energy. – Turkish Cartoons

13. Elif ve Arkadaslari Kapadokya (2023)

Turkish Cartoons

Director: Arzu Demirel Birinci

Elif and her friends’ journey to Cappadocia for a school vacation is described along with their activities. Elif and her friends’ instructor Ipek plan a trip to Cappadocia so they can escape the exhaustion of the successful academic quarter.

Following a day spent admiring Cappadocia’s distinct natural beauty, the kids hear the Fairy Chimney narrative from their tour guide Leyla around the campfire and discover the Fairies’ alleged existence as heavenly beings. They are so enamored with this legend that they often daydream of flying to the skies and encountering fairies. – Turkish Cartoons

14. Ibi (2015)

Turkish Cartoons

Director: Ayça Çaglayan

Ibi and Tosi the turtle, her best friend, embark on several adventures in Baldiyar, where they discover new things, use maths and critical thinking to solve issues for others, and make friends in the process.

A Turkish program called Ibi that teaches maths to children at one point had some similarities to Cyberchase. Another reason is that, as stated in the introduction, Tosi changes into a turtle house whenever Ibi throws some magic acorns his way and feeds them to him.

Spoiler Alert: Ibi and Tosi encounter two robots named Hoppa and Pumba who help guide them on their experiences while they are on an expedition to various locations in Baldiyar. – Turkish Cartoons

15. The Adventures of Açela (2020)

Turkish Cartoons

Director: Özgür Dogruöz

A little girl and her friends are sent on a quest deep into an enchanted forest to learn the legend of their village’s storyteller. To learn about the village’s tale of the Tale-teller, Açela and her pals set off on an enchanted voyage through a mystical woodland. – Turkish Cartoons

16. Nasreddin Hoca Zaman Yolcusu (2022)

Turkish Cartoons

Director: Nurullah Yenihan

When two treasure hunters break into the tree house and unintentionally travel to the past, Nasreddin Hoca and the kids set out to find them and bring them back.

After the treasure hunters are imprisoned in the past, they return thinking that everything has been resolved, but when they do, they discover that everything has changed, and they must return to the past to save their own lives. – Turkish Cartoons

17. RGG Ayas (TV Series 2014)

Turkish Cartoons


The same firm that makes Ayas’ Adventures also produces domestic animated series like Pepee and Leliko. Additionally, the audience is given posters and coloring books of the cartoon series created by Rüya Yapm, particularly in collaboration with the Dusyeri Magazine and RGG Ayas.

Additionally, these producers’ goods are offered for sale on the online market. Various songs are sung by the cartoon series’ characters in RGG Ayas, including Pepee. Ayas’ adventures in learning about the world are told in the cartoon series. As she enters entries into an electronic journal, Ayas explains this to the viewers. – Turkish Cartoons

18. Kukuli (TV Series 2013)

Turkish Cartoons

Director: Emre Aksoy

The exploits of Tinky, Minky, and Kukuli, a lively and jovial monkey. Imagine a place where there are no adults, no rigid laws, and only exciting things to do like explore, discover, and learn. A rural setting teeming with games, camaraderie, and fun.

The place where people make the most of each day and view each moment as a gift. A hyperactive monkey named Kukuli and his two closest pals, Tinky and Minky, are having a blast in this fantastical, dreamy world. – Turkish Cartoons

19. Leliko (TV Series 2013)

Turkish Cartoons

Director: Ayşe Şule Bilgiç

Ayşe Ule Bilgiç, the same person who developed Pepee, is the creator of the Turkish 3D animated television series Leliko. Düşyeri Cartoon Film Studio is the producer. – Turkish Cartoons

20. Limon and Oli (TV Series 2012)

Turkish Cartoons

Director: Yücel Çavdar

The TV show centers on the exploits of two anthropomorphic chicken chicks named Limon and Oli as they deal with their school, themselves, neighbors, or other people. – Turkish Cartoons