The 25 Best Israel Cartoons of All Time

The 25 Best Israel Cartoons of All Time. You should check out these Israel Cartoons. These Israel Cartoons will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Israel Cartoons

1. The Congress (2013)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Ari Folman

Robin Wright struggles to find work because of her image of being erratic and unreliable. Aaron, her kid, has Usher syndrome, which is gradually impairing his sight and hearing. Although her son’s health is approaching its last stage, Robin barely manages to fend off the worst consequences of his decline with the assistance of Dr. Barker.

Al, Robin’s longtime agent, introduces her to Jeff Green, CEO of Miramount Studios, who offers to purchase Robin’s likeness and turn her into an animated version of herself. With the advent of this new technology, Robin realizes she might not be able to find employment in the future and agrees to do it for a sizable payment. She is compelled to swear off acting ever again.

The company may develop films featuring her using purely computer-generated characters after having her physique digitally scanned. Rebel Robot Robin, an immensely successful film franchise, is named after Robin’s digital alter ego. – Israel Cartoons

2. Waltz with Bashir (2008)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Ari Folman

Ari Folman meets with Boaz, an old friend who confides in Ari that he has been plagued by recurring dreams in which 26 viciously enraged dogs are charging his home through Tel Aviv’s streets and destroying everything in their path.

Boaz explains that during the 1982 Lebanon War, his unit’s other soldiers gave him the task of killing the dogs so the animals wouldn’t warn the villagers of their presence when they infiltrated a village at night. He vividly recalls each of the 26 dogs he killed.

Although he had participated in the fight while serving as an infantry soldier in the Israel Defence Forces, Ari is astonished to discover that he has no memory of his service. This troubles him, and later that night he sees a vision of himself as a younger soldier taking a nighttime swim in the water off the shore of Beirut while flares are descending over the city. Though he is aware that the vision is related to the Sabra and Shatila massacre, he is unable to recall enough to put this particular passage in its proper context. – Israel Cartoons

3. Where Is Anne Frank (2021)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Ari Folman

The fictional character Kitty, to whom Anne Frank wrote letters in her diary during World War II in the 1940s, searches for the deceased author while simultaneously spurring contemporary social justice movements for refugees.

The voyage of Kitty, the fictional companion to whom Anne Frank dedicated her diary, is followed in the movie. A fiery youngster named Kitty wakes up in Anne Frank’s Amsterdam home shortly and sets out on a quest to find Anne, who she thinks is still alive, in present-day Europe. The little girl encounters Anne’s legacy while being horrified by modern society. – Israel Cartoons

4. Legend of Destruction (2021)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Gidi Dar

Jerusalem, year 66 AD. With an iron fist and a level of sophistication fit for an empire, the Romans governed Judaea. They like the wealthy class in society, and as a result, they corrupt them. Even the high priests in charge of running the temple and its operations have been deeply corrupted.

Contrarily, the poverty, and persecution of the Jewish masses inspire a large number of young people to join covert organizations of fervent believers and struggle for freedom in the name of God. They hate both the rich Jews who support the Roman invaders in the exploitation of their people as well as the Roman conquerors themselves.

A little spark sets off a rebellion as tension rises underground. A young Jew named Ben Batikh feels that the city’s high taxes and Roman domination make life in Jerusalem intolerable. While his uncle, Rabban Yohanan ben Zakkai, advocates moderation, the nephew rebels and rises to become the Sicarii’s fanatical leader. – Israel Cartoons

5. $9.99 (2008)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Tatia Rosenthal

The major subject of the movie is Dave Peck, an unemployed man who favors seeking purpose in life over finding a job. Dave comes across an ad in a magazine for a book that promises to reveal the meaning of life to him “for the low price of $9.99.”

This fascinates Dave, who sets out on a quest to discover life’s fundamental meaning in his Sydney flat. As the movie goes on, the experiences of Dave’s relatives and neighbors are woven in and explore what hope means in the post-modern era. – Israel Cartoons

6. Abulele (2015)

Director: Jonathan Geva

A year ago, a vehicle accident killed Adam’s elder brother. Since then, his family has changed drastically. Adam (age 10) feels completely alone in the world as his parents try to deal with their loss. Adam is also tormented with guilt over his brother’s passing.

But the day he meets Abulele, everything is different. The Abulele is a bear-sized prehistoric beast. Despite the terrifying stories that circulate in the area, they turn out to be rather kind and lively creatures. Adam instantly adopts Abulele as his closest and best friend. Together, they defeat Adam’s cruel instructor and the bullies in the class.

The situation worsens when a government Special Forces team known as “Thunder” shows up in the area on a mission to capture Abulele and Adam’s parents begin to fear he is hiding a secret. Adam must return Abulele to their family to save his closest buddy. To do this, he must put the past in the past and understand that when you truly love someone, you are never truly alone. – Israel Cartoons

7. The Legend of King Solomon (2017)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Albert Hanan Kaminski

Son of King David of Jerusalem, King Solomon is on a quest to discover his place in history while battling a demon and Queen Sheeba. The historical King Solomon legends are playfully updated for children in this animated film with a modern and novel undertone. Battles, magic, adventure, and love. The happy conclusion praises the erasing of barriers between nations, ethnicities, and religions. – Israel Cartoons

8. Dear Fredy (2017)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Rubi Gat

Jew who was proud to be gay, Fredy Hirsch. In Auschwitz, he oversaw a creche facility with 600 children. Freddy was revered by his children and battled valiantly until the end to protect their right to human decency.

In this movie, the cause of his death on the eve of a revolt he led remained a mystery. Fredy Hirsch was a proud gay Jew living in Nazi-occupied Europe. In Auschwitz, he oversaw a creche facility with 600 children. Fredy was beloved by his children and battled valiantly until the end to protect their right to human dignity. – Israel Cartoons

9. The Journey to Planet Minimik (2013)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Shai Carmeli-Pollak

Elvis, a tiny Mini-Mik, is their pet and the fifth rib of their tribe. The narrative opens on the morning of Mikmak City’s most significant day—the yearly Mini-Mik day, when new Mini-Mik eggs are delivered and everyone eagerly anticipates the moment of egg hatching and adoption.

During the celebrations, they also run upon Kip, a boyhood buddy who has traveled via spaceship with the eggs from the planet Mini-Mik.On the planet, Kip and his grandma take care of the eggs’ security until it’s time for them to hatch.

Every Mikmak enjoys the annual Mini-Mik Day as a holiday, however, Ms. Mikyaweli, a wealthy and influential woman in Mikmak City, can’t abide the Mini-Mik. She is a potion maker who brings joy on the day Mikmak City is threatened. The group becomes involved in an unusual adventure as a result. – Israel Cartoons

10. Tetragrammaton (2017)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Klim Kozinskiy

A comic book about superhero philosophers who try to mention God while getting into various jams. Eight separate episodes, each in a different genre, make up the entire film. It is a fascinating journey through the jungle of reason with detective stories, a Western, a thriller, a conspiracy movie, horrors, and comedy. – Israel Cartoons

11. Purple Bells (2022)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Daniel Romanayev

The son of Russian immigrants, Danni was always ashamed of his parents. He interviews them now, 30 years after their immigration, to make amends for the past. To remember them and draw lessons from their journey, he uses animation to recreate their life narrative in Soviet Russia and their Aliyah to Israel. – Israel Cartoons

12. Like a Lotus Flower (2016)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Eliya Swarttz

A documentary dream recounted from the perspective of a 10-year-old child searching for the people who vanished from her life. – Israel Cartoons


13. The Kingdom of Special (2013)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Todd Edson

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14. Waves of Memory (2013)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Gadi Aisen

This powerful video tells the story of a historical event that different individuals remember in different ways. The original memory, which has since gone hazy, is of a shipwrecked boat in 1946 that had Jewish immigrants on board. – Israel Cartoons

15. The Amlash Enchanted Forest (1974)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Shlomo Suriano

An animated musical film that is experimental. The cast of the Aesop’s Fables-inspired movie is made up of clay figurines that were uncovered in Iran’s Amalesh region. To visit his uncles who reside outside the boundaries of the Enchanted Forest, Alon the deer, the forest king’s son travels with his pals Boris the whining deer, and Guri the gluttonous sheep.

They encounter several adventures along the way, like looking for the milkshake tree, coming into contact with a snake, and taking additional precautions to avoid coming across a witch who has a reputation for turning her victims into birds. The movie was later screened at the Berlin International Film Festival after being selected for the festival. – Israel Cartoons

16. Zack and Quack (TV Series 2012)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Gili Dolev

Zack, 7, and his inquisitive best friend Quack reside in a pop-up book. Fantastic surprises abound in the book’s setting, with thrilling, unanticipated events occurring at every tab. The pop-up treehouse in Zack’s backyard, which can transform into almost anything, including a playroom, a kitchen, or a pretend castle, is where all of his adventures start.

As the plot progresses, new locales are revealed as necessary. Along with the acrobatic squirrel sisters Hop and Skip, who constantly playfully compete with one another, and 8-year-old neighbor Kira, who loves paper and everything that can be done with it, Zack and Quack are joined on their adventures by these characters.

Zack can solve any issue he comes across, which is a fantastic quality for someone who embarks on as many adventures as he does because he will undoubtedly come across many challenges along the way. – Israel Cartoons

17. Nick Jr. How to Clay (TV Series 2018)

Israel Cartoons


For kids of all ages, How to Clay is a brief lesson series that is both instructional and simple to follow. Anyone may become an artist, even if they only have one left hand! As filler between episodes, this sitcom is broadcast on Nick Jr. Networks all around the world.

Children can develop their creative side early on by participating in claymation sculpture classes for ages 4 to 7. The series will lead its audience through a pleasant, step-by-step process of how to construct objects out of clay after a brief, concise, and entertaining introduction. Children can independently design their farms, cities, toys, or simply cool decorations. They can even start producing their own Claymation TV shows with their new collection! – Israel Cartoons

18. Monkey See, Monkey Do (TV Series 2009)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Tamar Levy

Children in real life are encouraged to dance with a CGI-animated orange monkey who mimics animal movements. An animated and live-action preschool show that uses upbeat songs and dance to teach kids about animals and their natural environments! Follow Monkey and his pal Parrot as they encourage kids to get off the sofa and participate in the wild fun, emulating the behavior and movement of interesting animals from around the world, while also teaching them the value of friendship along the way! – Israel Cartoons

19. Peekaboo I See You Series (TV Series 2007)

Israel Cartoons


Children of all ages have enjoyed playing peek-a-boo for a very long time! The amiable blue character in “Peekaboo, I See You!” swings, rolls, bounces, summersaults, and tiptoes into the hearts of young children. Viewers must determine which of three things he is hiding behind in each episode. There will be surprises and laughs in this series. – Israel Cartoons

20. Ginji (TV Series 2021)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Svyatoslav Ushakov

Ginji travels to Cade City, a futuristic city, to realize her dream of becoming a courier and saving the world. Exciting escapades fill Ginji’s first full day at Cade Express. Ginji becomes involved in a risky competition with Vanilla on her first day of work as a courier for Cade Express. – Israel Cartoons

21. Ahmed and Salim (TV Series 2009)

Israel Cartoons

Director: Svyatoslav Ushakov

Middle Eastern adolescents Ahmed and Salim desire to live a regular life playing video games and watching television, but their terrorist father constantly pressures them to carry out acts of jihad, which generally backfires on them at the conclusion of each episode. – Israel Cartoons

22. Vipo & Friends: Surviving Time Island (TV Series 2011)

Director: Ido Angel

Vipo, the flying dog, and his companions become stranded on Time Island. The flying dog Vipo and his buddies become stranded on Time Island in this animated cartoon. They must confront the local monsters and navigate their way back to safety. – Israel Cartoons

23. Baby Hood (TV Series 2010)

Director: Simon Shocket

Squirrel is a clever detective squirrel who enjoys cracking both big and minor cases. Giraffe is a charming, graceful giraffe who values her friendships. A blue owl with a fear of carrots is named Owl. Three nephews named Tony, Timmy, and Teddy.

Timmy and Teddy are the younger brothers of Tony, who is the older brother of Timmy and Teddy. They occasionally enjoy diverting Skelter while they are out for a walk. Through several enjoyable, interactive stories, the beloved animals from BabyTV’s universe enter our lives. With an emphasis on mathematical thinking, the main characters of BabyTV solve a problem about a crucial primary learning principle in each funny episode. – Israel Cartoons

24. Mikmak (TV Series 2011)

Director: Shai Carmeli-Pollak

A bunch of Mikmaks are attempting to live happy lives, but watch out for Mikiavelly!

25. Little Fables (TV Series 2010)

Director: Michele Lepe

Nina and Star teach young listeners important lessons about life. “The Tortoise and the Hare,” “Flight of the Birds,” “The Fox and the Stork,” and “Ant and Cricket” are a few of the 25 fables that are included in the animated program. Black-and-white shadow animation and graphics that mimic turning pages in a book are used to illustrate the fables. – Israel Cartoons