Top 10 Greatest Myanmar Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Myanmar Movies of All Time. You should check out these Myanmar Movies. These Myanmar Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Myanmar Movies

1. Hard Target 2 (2016)

Myanmar Movies

Director: George Huang

Wes, a former mixed martial artist known as “The Jailor,” finds himself in Bangkok six months after a tragic incident in which he accidentally killed his best friend during a match in Vegas.

However, his peaceful existence is short-lived as he is lured into the jungles of Myanmar and becomes the prey in a deadly game of human hunting orchestrated by wealthy individuals. Despite his reservations, Wes is enticed by a lucrative offer of a million-dollar purse for one final fight in Myanmar.

Upon arrival, he discovers that he has been duped and is now the target of a group of heavily armed hunters. Armed only with a water supply and a money belt filled with precious rubies, Wes must use his wits and fighting skills to outsmart his pursuers and emerge as the last person standing. – Myanmar Movies

2. Rambo (2008)

Myanmar Movies

Director: Sylvester Stallone

John Rambo resides in Thailand, where he spends his days capturing snakes and transporting individuals and goods via an aged boat. A group of Christian missionaries approached Rambo, requesting his assistance in transporting them to the war-torn region of Burma to provide aid to the local population.

Initially hesitant, Rambo ultimately agrees to their request after hearing Sarah Miller’s impassioned plea for their humanitarian mission. Upon arriving at their destination, Rambo departs from the group.

Tragically, the village where the missionaries are working falls under attack by the cruel army of Major Pa Tee Tint, resulting in the slaughter of the locals and the abduction of the apostles. Subsequently, a church member approaches Rambo, seeking his services in transporting a group of mercenaries hired to rescue the kidnapped missionaries. – Myanmar Movies

3. Deception: Oo Pel Dan Myin (2018)

Myanmar Movies

Director: Christina Kyi

Min Htet leads a life that many would envy, with his wealth, ownership of a gallery, and a beautiful wife named Zin Mar. He embodies the ideals of happiness and success. However, at a certain point in his life, he committed an unforgettable transgression that resulted in the ruin of both his marriage and business. Following a series of events that nearly caused his life to unravel, he began to recognize that his seemingly perfect existence may not be as idyllic as he once believed. – Myanmar Movies

4. My Country My Home (2018)

Myanmar Movies

Director: Kyi Phyu Shin

Nan is a high school student from Tokyo, Japan, with familial roots in Myanmar. Despite identifying as Japanese, Nan discovers that her father intends to return to his homeland and bring her along. In doing so, she learns of his past involvement in Myanmar’s democratization movement three decades prior, which led to his resettlement in Japan as a refugee. Nan considers Japan her home while her father’s heart remains with his motherland. – Myanmar Movies

5. What Happened to the Wolf? (2021)

Myanmar Movies

Director: Na Gyi

Two gravely ill women seek comfort in each other’s companionship as they embark on a journey toward the legendary “sea of clouds”. Unbeknownst to them, fate has a surprising turn in store for them in the enigmatic enigma of life. – Myanmar Movies

6. The Only Mom (2019)

Myanmar Movies

Director: Chatchai Katenut

A family comprising three individuals recently relocated to a colonial-style mansion situated in Yenangyaung. The abode boasts of possessing some distinctive and antique photographs. Upon their arrival, the daughter of the couple, who had hitherto been inattentive to her parents’ instructions, began exhibiting an unusual and diligent demeanor.

This young lady now sleeps during the day and remains awake at night, prompting her parents to ponder over the reasons for her peculiar behavior. As a mother, how can one address such concerns? It is intriguing to observe how these occurrences may be linked to the realm of the afterlife. – Myanmar Movies

7. The Dark Cinema (2019)

Myanmar Movies

Director: Pyae Zaw Phyo

A group of four filmmaker friends has secured the rental of a once grand, yet long-decommissioned cinema located on the outskirts of a rural town. The purpose of their rental is to host a traveling film festival, which they are organizing.

Unbeknownst to them, the cinema is steeped in a dark and horrific history. Joining them is Riya, a foreign NGO worker from India, who possesses a unique sensitivity to paranormal occurrences and ghostly presences.

During their stay, the group is met with freakish out-of-season heavy downpours, which result in the loss of electricity and communication lines. One of the friends accidentally smears blood from an opened wound onto a magical tablet that is laced with curses, which he discovers.

As a result, paranormal activities born out of the curses from the past begin to terrorize the helpless group. Together, they must muster their courage, rely on their practical knowledge, and depend on each other to face the relentless evil of the cursed cinema. Failure to do so will result in unspeakable, horrific consequences that this unforgiving place will unleash upon them. – Myanmar Movies

8. Now and Ever (2019)

Myanmar Movies

Director: Christina Kyi

Wutt Hmone and Thiha first met at the clinic of Thiha’s father, where they eventually tied the knot. However, Wutt Hmone’s troubled past, coupled with her mother’s history, left her feeling uncertain.

One day, the weight of her past became too much to bear, and she fled from home. Thiha eventually found her at the police station. Unbeknownst to Wutt Hmone, Thiha harbored a secret that only Dr. Myo Ko was privy to.

In an effort to distract Wutt Hmone from his secret, Thiha took her to Putai, a place she had longed to visit. To further conceal his secret, Thiha led Wutt Hmone to believe that he was having an affair with Yoon Thandar. Eventually, Wutt Hmone learned the truth from Dr. Myo Ko. – Myanmar Movies

9. Mya Mya (2020)

Myanmar Movies

Director: Nyo Min Lwin

The narrative of Mya Mya, a story of rape and revenge, was derived from a widely circulated Facebook video. The video showcases a young woman working in a factory in Yangon, who appears to be under the influence of the spirit of Mya Mya, a factory worker who was subjected to sexual assault and murder. – Myanmar Movies

10. Bridge of Clouds (2018)

Myanmar Movies

Director: Aw Ra Tha

Dr. Pann is a medical professional who serves at a government hospital located in a small town in Shan State. One stormy night, an unidentified patient was brought to the hospital with serious injuries caused by hail and malaria.

The patient had no recollection of their identity following the incident. To maintain accurate medical records, the hospital staff named the patient That Tant, which translates to Rainbow in Burmese.

As That Tant had no memory of their origins, they chose to remain at the hospital and assist other patients and individuals. Over time, That Tant developed a solid attachment to the town and now considers it their home.

During a traditional festival, a tourist captured a photo of That Tant dancing and shared it on a social media platform. The image was eventually discovered by May, That Tant’s girlfriend who resides in Australia. May decided to travel to Myanmar in search of That Tant. – Myanmar Movies