Top 10 Greatest Vanuatu Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Vanuatu Movies of All Time. You should check out these Vanuatu Movies. These Vanuatu Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Vanuatu Movies

1. Tanna (2015)

Vanuatu Movies

Director: Bentley Dean

Young Wawa, a member of a traditional tribal tribe in the South Pacific, develops feelings for Dain, the grandson of her chief. Wawa is accidentally betrothed as part of a peace agreement when an inter-tribal conflict worsens. The young couple flees, rejecting her predetermined fate.

As the villagers struggle to uphold their ancient culture and modify it to meet the expanding demands from the outside for individual freedom, they are forced to make a choice between their hearts and the survival of the tribe. – Vanuatu Movies

2. Chinese Zodiac (2012)

Vanuatu Movies

Director: Jackie Chan

A man looks around for a book about significant occasions in Chinese history. It contains some terrifying prophecies, some of which have already happened and others of which are about to, which makes him think that he is involved in the upcoming events.

The bronze heads of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals that were taken by foreigners in the 1800s are among the lost artifacts from the Old Summer Palace that Asian Hawk is leading a mercenary team to rescue. Hawk will do whatever it takes to complete the assignment, with the assistance of a Chinese student and a Parisian woman. – Vanuatu Movies

3. Too Late the Hero (1970)

Vanuatu Movies

Director: Robert Aldrich

A film about World War II with a Pacific island setting. On the island, several areas are controlled by Japanese and Allied forces. Things don’t go according to plan when a squad of British soldiers is sent on a mission beyond enemy lines.

In contrast to other films, some of the “heroes” in this one are quite reluctant, but they turn out to be heroes when they are chased by the Japanese, who are determined to stop them from going back to base.

Lieutenant Sam Lawson’s leave by Captain John G. Nolan in the southwest Pacific in the spring of 1942. Instead, based on the required profile—fluency in Japanese—he assigns him to work with British forces in the New Hebrides. The Commander explains to Lieutenant Lawson as he enters the base that the island is split into British and Japanese sectors. – Vanuatu Movies

4. Waiting for John (2015)

Vanuatu Movies

Director: Jessica Sherry

The followers of John Frum fight to protect a culture that is at risk of vanishing in the face of modernity. Investigating the astonishing effects of America on a little island in the South Pacific and its final cargo cult.

The John Frum Movement, the only remaining Cargo Cult, is explored as we follow the John Frum adherents today in their battle to preserve a culture that is in danger of being lost to the contemporary world. The film tells the incredible story of America’s impact on one isolated island in the South Pacific. – Vanuatu Movies

5. Sea Gypsies: The Far Side of the World (2017)

Vanuatu Movies

Director: Nico Edwards

The boat is called Infinity, a 120-foot hand-built sailboat with a crew of thugs. The expedition involved an 8,000-mile Pacific crossing, stopping in Antarctica along the way from New Zealand to Patagonia.

Infinity isn’t an ice-reinforced super-yacht with a crew of expert sailors, unlike all the other ships sailing to the Southern Ocean; instead, Infinity lives in the present and travels according to whim.

Blood, sweat, enthusiasm, a willingness to take risks, contempt for authority, and a plentiful supply of alcohol may all be found on board, making for a crazy journey of reckless adventure undertaken simply for the sake of it.

The team will encounter numerous challenges along the trip, including a Ross Sea ice storm, helping the radical environmental organization Sea Shepherd against illegal whaling, and tearing every sail they possess. Their quest for awe and a sense of astonishment at the unbridled force of nature is at the center of their adventure. – Vanuatu Movies


6. Till There Was You (1991)

Vanuatu Movies

Director: John Seale

A saxophonist from New York travels to the island nation of Vanuatu in search of his lost brother. He finds out that his brother had paired up to search for some kind of treasure with a strong, unscrupulous foreigner and his femme fatale wife. – Vanuatu Movies

7. Tahi – The Human Journey (2022)

Vanuatu Movies

Director: Karina J. Duffy

Karina Duffy, a filmmaker, quit her flourishing Hollywood career with one goal in mind: to create a movie that examines how interconnected everyone is on our earth.

Karina ventured to some of the most distant and diverse locations on earth while living off the land without a cell phone or other contemporary conveniences in the hopes that she could come across a sliver of the kind of connection she yearned for.

She truly understands what we have lost, gains an appreciation for the environment, and experiences the strength of community through the eyes of the world’s tribes.

The Himbas in Africa, the mountain villages in Nepal, the unbreakable bond between two orphaned boys in India, and the South Pacific islanders of Vanuatu are the four main tribes that make up the core of the story, along with Karina’s internal journey, which involves reconciling the life she once knew with the lessons she learned along the way.

Through personal tales, rituals, and customs, Tahi portrays the complete range of the human condition in a unique and exposed examination of what it means to be human. – Vanuatu Movies

8. Pacific Banana (1981)

Vanuatu Movies

Director: John D. Lamond

The tale of two Australian pilots who serve an obscure South Pacific airline. Martin, who is depressed and lonely in his hunt for genuine love, and Paul, a phenomenally successful womanizer who leaves conquests at every port. They don’t do much other than chase women around several Polynesian islands when they get together. – Vanuatu Movies

9. Dinosaur Island (2014)

Vanuatu Movies

Director: Matt Drummond

When 13-year-old Lucas leaves for the trip of a lifetime, the adventure starts. When calamity strikes, Lucas is left trapped in an unfamiliar place full of ghost ships and extinct animals. When Lucas hears a radio broadcast while looking for further signs of life, he is attracted to the forest and meets a stunning young girl who claims to be from the 1950s. Together, they go on a journey to return home while learning information that will forever alter the future. – Vanuatu Movies

10. Checker Tobi und das Geheimnis unseres Planeten (2019)

Vanuatu Movies

Director: Martin Tischner

If ‘checker’ Tobi Krell can decipher the enigmatic clues in a mystical paper, a mystery letter in a bottle offers him a once-in-a-lifetime journey with a pirate captain. Each relates to a problem that occurs in nature and can be resolved with the help of a knowledgeable acquaintance in the scientific community, such as a geologist, a volcanologist, or an expert in ice-core drilling. – Vanuatu Movies