The 10 Best Albanian Animation Movies of All Time

The 10 Best Albanian Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Albanian Animation Movies. These Albanian Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Albanian Animation Movies

1. Tirana (2012)

Albanian Animation Movies

Director: Alexander Schellow

Albania is facing a watershed moment in its history. The interaction between the body and space is at the heart of social organization and political difficulties, whether about a kid, an architect, or a European representative. This animated video, which takes three perspectives ranging from close-up to overview, brings into question the standards that civil society was founded on at the very beginning of its existence. – Albanian Animation Movies

2. A don Qymyr Zotni? (2024)

Albanian Animation Movies

Director: Kristina Culaj

Northern Albania in the late thirties. A little girl sells coal to make ends meet. But what happens when the coal is depleted? – Albanian Animation Movies

3. Maska e Fames (2007)

Albanian Animation Movies

Director: Marin Bezatlliu

A prominent judge hailing from a small town received a regrettable prognosis from a highly esteemed physician, indicating that his demise was imminent. Regrettably, during the judge’s examination, the Master, held in high regard among the elite, committed a medical error. Upon discovering the Master’s mistake, the family physician attempted to conceal it. Ultimately, a life was forfeited in pursuing a physician’s widespread renown. – Albanian Animation Movies

4. Gishto Trimi (1979)

Albanian Animation Movies

Director: Vlash Droboniku

Little Jorida is diligently searching for Gishton in various locations. Upon encountering her, they valiantly employ their intelligence and courage to rescue a squirrel and a worker bee from the clutches of their predators, the fox and the bear. The squirrel and the bee express their gratitude by presenting them with tokens of appreciation, symbolizing a genuine bond of friendship. – Albanian Animation Movies

5. Plumb Ballit (1985)

Albanian Animation Movies

Director: Gazmend Leka

The video, conceived as a political pamphlet and developed in a rhetorically grotesque manner, deals with the activity and shameful end of the traitor organization Balli Kombetar in Albania during WWII. – Albanian Animation Movies


Extra Movies

6. Darwin and Newts (2018)

Albanian Animation Movies

Director: Rathan Sam George

Darwin and Newts, two Maori siblings from New Zealand, play outside and enjoy imaginary adventures. Two twins named Darwin and Newts explore the natural wonders of their amazing New Zealand environment while learning about and experimenting with early scientific concepts. – Albanian Animation Movies

7. Rainbocorns (2018)

Albanian Animation Movies

Director: Noel Yang

Dazzle, Gigi, Loco, Scruff, Hopcorn, and Pixelle are eager for adventures in Rainboville, a wonderful community tucked away in the Bubblegum Pink Sky, having emerged from their rainbow eggs, and share their special power from their sparkly stomach hearts. – Albanian Animation Movies

8. Beached Az (2009)

Albanian Animation Movies

Director: Nicholas Boshier

The Adventures of Beached Az, the tale of a defenseless beached whale and a variety of local New Zealand species who cross his path with good intentions but no resolve, begin when a whale wakes up stranded on a beach in New Zealand. – Albanian Animation Movies

9. Tales of Nai Nai (2019)

Albanian Animation Movies

Director: Becky Kuek

Maggie and Michael, two Kiwi twins, go to Asia with their dog Baobao on wonderful adventures thanks to their grandmother’s fantastic tales. Together they learn about bravery, that they are stronger together, and that things aren’t always as straightforward as they would like them to be. They make new friends—and sometimes enemies—along the road. Most importantly, students discover more about Asia’s beauty, wonder, and diversity as well as their origins. – Albanian Animation Movies

10. Oscar & Friends (1996)

Albanian Animation Movies

Director: Cameron Chittock

The program follows Oscar, a little kid of seven, as he embarks on various adventures with his imaginary pals. Bugsy, a bright green, mischievous coward with bug eyes, and Doris, a brave, eccentric girl, and Oscar’s confidante, are there to save him and lend a hand in this dream world of his. The main plot of Oscar and Buddies involves a 7-year-old child and his two imaginary buddies getting into all kinds of fictitious trouble both in and outside of their immediate neighborhood. – Albanian Animation Movies