Top 10 Greatest Nauru Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Nauru Movies of All Time. You should check out these Nauru Movies. These Nauru Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Nauru Movies

1. Nauru, une île à la dérive (2009)

Nauru Movies

Director: Juliano Ribeiro Salgado

Nauru is a South Pacific island situated off the coast of New Zealand, which was formerly recognized as one of the most prosperous nations globally, owing to its substantial reserves of phosphate, discovered during the early 1900s. – Nauru Movies

2. Chasing Asylum (2016)

Nauru Movies

Director: Eva Orner

Chasing Asylum chronicles the narrative of Australia’s harsh and inhumane handling of asylum seekers and refugees, scrutinizing the human, political, financial, and moral implications of both current and past policies. – Nauru Movies

3. Pacific Banana (1981)

Nauru Movies

Director: John D. Lamond

This is the account of two Australian pilots employed by a small airline in the South Pacific. Paul, a highly accomplished womanizer, leaves a trail of conquests at every port, while Martin, despondent and solitary, seeks genuine love. Their joint activities primarily involve pursuing women across diverse Polynesian islands. – Nauru Movies

4. Anubumin (2017)

Nauru Movies

Director: Oliver Ressler

Zanny Begg from Sydney and Oliver Ressler from Vienna have collaborated on their fourth film, which focuses on Nauru, a remote island in the Pacific with a population of 10,000.

The narration explores the various voids that have shaped the island’s past and future, including the physical void caused by the mining of calcite and phosphate on a volcanic base since 1906. This mining was done to export the minerals to Australia to fertilize the former colonizers’ farms.

When the mining stopped in the 1980s, Nauru was left bankrupt, with 80 percent of the land area uninhabitable and infertile. In an attempt to generate income, Nauru became a prime money-laundering haven in the 1990s.

Today, Nauru is involved in the “disappearance of people” by housing one of Australia’s offshore refugee detention centers. In response to criticism of the terrible human rights situation in the detention center, Nauru has severely restricted access to the island. – Nauru Movies

5. Passing Through (1989)

Nauru Movies

Director: Nolan Davis

A cohort of American travelers embarked on a journey to numerous countries, where they explored museums, government edifices, cultural exhibitions, wildlife habitats, archaeological sites, mountains, beaches, and landscapes.

Although the itinerary remained consistent throughout each episode, the outcomes and surroundings varied significantly. The youthful host exhibited amusing reactions to food and animal encounters, among other things.

Notably, the host, Woni Spotts, recently addressed our international school in South Africa, where the students posed travel inquiries. Following the visit, the children continued to discuss the destinations they aspired to visit. – Nauru Movies


Extra Movies

6. Beast (2022)

Nauru Movies

Director: Baltasar Kormákur

Meredith and Norah, two of Dr. Nate Samuels’ teenage children, travel to South Africa’s Mopani Reserve for a holiday. The scientist and Mopani manager Martin Battles, who first met Nate and his wife, welcomes him back to the community.

Nate and the girls are taken to the village where Nate’s wife was raised by Martin. In the wake of his and his wife’s divorce, which was followed by her terminal cancer diagnosis, Nate confesses to Martin his sorrow for being aloof.

He is traveling to see his daughters again. Martin and his family visit the restricted portions of the reserve the following day. Martin takes them to see a local lion pride and points out that one of them is hurt. Martin finds that most of the Tsonga residents in a neighboring community have passed away.

Martin runs back to report the discovery, suspecting a renegade lion is to blame. On the highway, Nate comes across a Tsonga man who is hurt but is helpless to help him. Martin is attacked while pursuing the lion. Then it ambushes Nate as he hides in the car. They are left stranded as Meredith tries to flee but hits a tree instead.

7. Out of Africa (1985)

Nauru Movies

Director: Sydney Pollack

Danish author Karen Blixen marries a friend to get the title of baroness; they then relocate to Africa and establish a coffee plantation. Things start to go wrong when her husband starts having extramarital affairs and frequently travels for work, leaving her alone at home to tend the farm and form relationships with two guys she met on her first day in Africa.

She eventually meets and falls in love with Denys Finch-Hatton, with whom she travels on safari and other activities. Later, she starts to urge marriage because she wants something more from him than just a friendship or casual romance, but Denys still wants his independence. In conclusion, she has a much greater appreciation and knowledge of African culture than she did when she first arrived.

8. Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)

Nauru Movies

Director: Christophe Gans

A ferocious ‘beast’ that pounced on both people and animals. The beast grew so infamous that the King of France sent envoys to investigate and kill the monster. The Beast of Gevaudan killed nearly 100 people by the time it was finished.

Marquis d’Apcher wrote his memoirs in his castle during the French Revolution. He describes the year 1764 when a strange beast terrorized the old country of Gévaudan. To capture the animal, Grégoire de Fronsac, a knight and the royal naturalist of King Louis XV of France, travels with Mani, a member of the Iroquois tribe.

Fronsac develops an interest in Marianne de Morangias, the sister of a local count whose arm was broken and made useless while traveling abroad. Jean-François was also an avid hunter and world traveler. The neighboring brothel’s Italian courtesan, Sylvia, fascinates Fronsac as well. While looking at another victim, Fronsac discovers a steel fang.

9. The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)

Nauru Movies

Director: Stephen Hopkins

A professional engineer, John Henry Patterson, was summoned to Uganda by John Beaumont, the owner of a British railway company, to oversee the construction of a bridge required for the rail line to cross a wide river.

Despite the short deadline given by Beaumont, Patterson was confident that he could work with the local workers to complete the project on schedule. However, his plans were disrupted when a lion attacked and killed several workers at the construction site.

Patterson was forced to confront the beast and managed to capture one lion, but soon discovered that there were other predators in the nearby bush. The lion attacks resulted in the deaths of 130 men, prompting Patterson and Beaumont to seek the assistance of Charles Remmington, a skilled hunter with expertise in dealing with man-eaters.

Ultimately, Remmington’s knowledge and expertise proved invaluable in trapping the lions and bringing an end to the deadly attacks.

10. Roar (1981)

Nauru Movies

Director: Noel Marshall

Hank, an American naturalist who studies large cats, keeps a collection of them at a Tanzanian wildlife reserve. He’s supposed to bring his wife Madeleine, and their kids John, Jerry, and Melanie home from the airport, but his friend Mativo delays him by telling him that a committee is going to look at his grant.

Hank explains the characteristics of the lion pride and their fear of Togar, a renegade lion who frequently disputes with the pride’s king, Robbie, as he takes Mativo on a tour of his ranch and the rest of the preserve while they wait. Hank requests Mativo to assist in protecting the pride.