Top 50 Greatest Iraq Movies of All Time

Top 50 Greatest Iraq Movies of All Time. You should check out these Iraq Movies. These Iraq Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Iraq Movies

1. American Sniper (2014)

Iraq Movies

Director: Clint Eastwood

Chris Kyle, a U.S. Navy S.E.A.L., embodies a steadfast commitment to safeguarding his fellow soldiers, ultimately earning him the distinction of being one of the most formidable snipers in the annals of American military history. His unparalleled precision not only preserves innumerable lives but also renders him a prime objective of insurgents.

Despite the grave peril he faces and his arduous endeavor to fulfill his duties as a devoted husband and father to his family in the United States, Kyle valiantly completes four tours of duty in Iraq. Nevertheless, upon his return home, he discovers that he cannot extricate himself from the ravages of war. – Iraq Movies

2. The Hurt Locker (2008)

Iraq Movies

Director: Kathryn Bigelow

This is a gripping depiction of elite soldiers who undertake one of the most perilous tasks in the world: defusing bombs in the midst of combat. In the midst of violent conflict, a newly appointed sergeant named James assumes command of a highly skilled bomb disposal team, much to the surprise of his two subordinates, Sanborn and Eldridge.

James recklessly thrusts them into a deadly game of urban warfare, displaying a cavalier attitude toward death. As the men struggle to rein in their impulsive new leader, the city descends into chaos, and James’ true character is laid bare in a manner that will irrevocably alter each man’s life. – Iraq Movies

3. Boyhood (2014)

Iraq Movies

Director: Richard Linklater

Over the course of twelve years, Mason the Younger and his sister Samantha endured a challenging upbringing with their mother, Olivia, following her divorce from their father, Mason.

Despite the difficulties they faced, Mason Sr. consistently imparted advice to his children about the importance of leading a simple life during their weekend visits. As they embarked on their journey through American life, Mason Jr. was forced to confront the reality that his parents would never reconcile, as they had both remarried other individuals.

Despite the harsh and often unpleasant circumstances he encountered, Mason Jr. remained steadfast in his pursuit of personal and professional fulfillment, taking incremental steps toward achieving his dreams. – Iraq Movies

4. War Dogs (2016)

Iraq Movies

Director: Todd Phillips

A young massage therapist was facing financial difficulties when his girlfriend, Iz, delivered a life-changing announcement. Meanwhile, amidst the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the protagonist’s former high-school acquaintance, Efraim Diveroli, a confident international arms dealer, reappears in his life. – Iraq Movies

5. Jarhead (2005)

Iraq Movies

Director: Sam Mendes

Jarhead, a film that follows the experiences of a third-generation Marine enlistee known as “Swoff,” begins with his sobering stint in boot camp and continues through his active duty, where he carries a sniper’s rifle and a hundred-pound ruck through the Middle East deserts. – Iraq Movies

6. The Ghost Writer (2010)

Iraq Movies

Director: Roman Polanski

Rick Ricardelli, an agent, extends an invitation to his friend to apply for the position of ghostwriter for the former British Prime Minister, Adam Lang, at Rhinehart, Inc.

The task at hand is to complete and revise Adam’s memoir, following the untimely demise of his predecessor, Mike McAra, who was found drowned on the coast, under mysterious circumstances. The ghostwriter accepts the offer and travels to the Island Town of Old Haven, where Adam resides with his wife, Ruth.

However, tensions arise between Ruth and Adam’s secretary and mistress, Amelia Bly. As Adam Lang becomes embroiled in a human rights scandal, the ghostwriter stumbles upon some hidden pictures and a telephone number in Mike’s room.

This discovery prompts the ghostwriter to investigate further, leading to the revelation that Adam’s political career may have been orchestrated by the CIA to support the controversial decisions of the American government. The ghostwriter realizes that his life is in grave danger. – Iraq Movies

7. Vice (2018)

Iraq Movies

Director: Adam McKay

Dick Cheney, a former Yale University student who had dropped out and was working odd jobs in Wyoming during the early 1960s, decided to take control of his life after receiving an urgent ultimatum from his future wife, Lynne Cheney.

He secured an internship during Richard Nixon’s administration and seized the opportunity to join the staff of his mentor, Donald Rumsfeld. This paved the way for Cheney to rise through the ranks of the White House.

Despite losing his job during Jimmy Carter’s presidency, Cheney ultimately accepted George W. Bush’s proposal to be his running mate. This decision granted him significant power to influence foreign policy, particularly in the aftermath of the fateful and devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks. – Iraq Movies

8. The Constant Gardener (2005)

Iraq Movies

Director: Fernando Meirelles

Following the tragic murder of his wife in Kenya, Justin Quayle, a diplomatic professional of modest rank and an avid gardener, is compelled to undertake an investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death, their relationship, and his own emotional state. Through a series of flashbacks, we witness their initial meeting, marriage, and the development of their love for one another.

We are also privy to her experiences navigating the bustling streets and clinics of Nairobi, often in the company of Arnold Bluhm, a Black physician with whom she spent the night prior to her untimely demise, and who, following a robbery, is the primary suspect in the case.

In the course of his own inquiry, Justin must confront his recollections, colleagues, local law enforcement, hired thugs, and a malevolent corporate executive. Assistance and alliances, as well as conspiracies, arise from unexpected sources. Ultimately, the truth behind the murder will be revealed. – Iraq Movies

9. Green Zone (2010)

Iraq Movies

Director: Paul Greengrass

Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller and his team were tasked with locating the alleged weapons of mass destruction that had been cited as the justification for American involvement. The Pentagon and their representative in Baghdad, Poundstone, had asserted the existence of these weapons.

However, Miller was informed by veteran CIA operative Marty that there were no such weapons and that the claim was a ruse to enable the Americans to take control of the country and install a puppet leader.

Wall Street Journal reporter Lawrie Dayne also expressed doubts about Poundstone’s credibility, revealing to Miller that Poundstone had disclosed secret discussions in Jordan with a key Iraqi figure, code-named Magellan, who had purportedly provided information about the weapons.

It now appears that Magellan’s intelligence was in fact contrary to Poundstone’s claims. Thus, a quest for the truth is initiated, with the question of who is manipulating whom at the forefront. – Iraq Movies

10. The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009)

Iraq Movies

Director: Grant Heslov

A journalist unwittingly becomes embroiled in a complex and unexpected situation. He encounters a special forces operative who divulges the existence of a clandestine military unit possessing psychic abilities, with the ultimate objective of revolutionizing the nature of warfare.

However, the journalist soon discovers that the founder of this unit has disappeared, and the investigation leads him to a fellow psychic soldier who has manipulated the mission to suit his own personal agenda. – Iraq Movies

11. Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)

Iraq Movies

Director: Michael Moore

Moore presents a compelling argument, highlighting how Bush, a failed businessman with deep ties to the Royal House of Saud of Saudi Arabia and the Bin Ladins, was elected under fraudulent circumstances and subsequently failed to fulfill his duties while disregarding warnings of impending betrayal by his foreign partners.

When the treacherous 9/11 attacks occurred, Moore explains how Bush failed to take immediate action to defend his nation, only to later manipulate the tragedy for the benefit of his wealthy supporters’ corrupt ambitions.

Through a combination of factual evidence, footage, and interviews, Moore effectively illustrates how Bush and his associates have led America into a state of unprecedented turmoil, and why it is imperative that Americans take a stand against such actions. – Iraq Movies

12. The Kingdom (2007)

Iraq Movies

Director: Peter Berg

In Saudi Arabia, employees of an American oil company were subjected to a violent attack. Following the incident, an FBI agent responsible for their protection reached out to his colleague, Ronald Fleury, for assistance in identifying the perpetrators.

However, bureaucratic obstacles prevented their immediate deployment. Tragically, during their conversation, another attack occurred, resulting in the loss of the agent’s life. Fleury was determined to secure permission to investigate the matter and, despite facing numerous obstacles, he persisted until he found a way to proceed.

Accompanied by three other agents, they arrived in Saudi Arabia and attempted to investigate the scene of the attack, but were initially denied access by Saudi authorities. Despite this setback, they were eventually aided by a Saudi Colonel and an American diplomat.

They also met with a member of the Royal family, whom they convinced to allow them to assist in the investigation. Through their efforts, they were able to uncover that the perpetrator was a fanatic, whose apprehension proved to be a challenging task. – Iraq Movies

13. Oldboy (2013)

Iraq Movies

Director: Spike Lee

Doucett, a man struggling with alcoholism, was widely disliked and had only one friend, Chucky, who owned a bar. He neglected his three-year-old daughter, Mia, and was estranged from his ex-wife, Donna. Suddenly, Joe was abducted and confined to a room for twenty years.

During his captivity, he discovered that Donna had been brutally murdered and he was wrongfully accused of the crime. Additionally, Mia had been adopted and raised by another family. After being unexpectedly released, Joe was left with no knowledge of who had abducted him or why.

He subsequently met with the compassionate social worker, Marie Sebastian, and his old friend, Chucky, and together they embarked on a mission to uncover the identity of his kidnapper. – Iraq Movies

14. In the Valley of Elah (2007)

Iraq Movies

Director: Paul Haggis

Hank Deerfield, a retired military investigator, receives news from the military that his son Mike, who had recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq, has gone AWOL.

In an effort to understand the circumstances surrounding his son’s disappearance, Hank travels to the military base. However, he is met with frustration due to the apparent lack of interest from both the military and civilian police.

Despite this, Hank eventually receives assistance from Detective Emily Sanders, and together they unravel the events that led to Mike’s disappearance. Ultimately, this narrative highlights the dehumanizing effects of war on individuals, leading to a senseless and purposeless taking of life. – Iraq Movies

15. Generation Kill (2008)

Iraq Movies

Director: Susanna White

Accompanying a team of diverse recon marines during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, one witnesses the intricacies of military functionality and dysfunctionality, as well as moments of valor and heroism.

A correspondent from Rolling Stones joins the reconnaissance marines in their mission to invade Iraq, documenting the range of experiences that encompass both the harrowing and humorous aspects of their journey. – Iraq Movies

16. Official Secrets (2019)

Iraq Movies

Director: Gavin Hood

Official Secrets is a compelling morality tale that sheds light on the events of the 21st century. The film recounts the true story of Katharine Gun, a British Intelligence whistle-blower who, in the lead-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion, leaked a top-secret NSA memo that revealed a joint US-UK illegal spying operation against members of the UN Security Council.

The memo proposed blackmailing smaller, undecided member states into voting for war. Despite the personal and professional risks involved, journalist Martin Bright published the leaked document in The Observer newspaper in London, which made headlines around the world. The Security Council members were outraged, and any chance of a UN resolution in favor of war collapsed.

However, President Bush declared that he no longer needed UN backing and invaded Iraq anyway. Katharine was subsequently arrested and charged with breaching the Official Secrets Act, while Martin faced potential charges as well. Their legal battles exposed the highest levels of government in both London and Washington for having manipulated intelligence to sell an illegal war. – Iraq Movies

17. Fair Game (I) (2010)

Iraq Movies

Director: Doug Liman

Valerie Plame, a CIA operative, has reportedly uncovered that her identity was leaked by the government as a retaliatory measure for an op-ed piece authored by her husband, which criticized the Bush administration. – Iraq Movies

18. W. (2008)

Iraq Movies

Director: Oliver Stone

The adult life of George W. Bush is recounted in a non-linear manner, spanning from his college days to the conclusion of his first term as President of the United States. The narrative explores various issues, including his struggle to find his path in early adulthood, despite his desire to be involved in baseball, despite not possessing the necessary skills to play professionally.

Concurrently, during his father’s presidency, George W. Bush underwent a spiritual transformation, becoming a born-again Christian, and receiving divine guidance to pursue a career in politics.

This led him to run for Texas Governor, despite having no prior interest in politics, and eventually to run for and become President of the United States. As President, he directed the invasion of Iraq, based on the tenuous intelligence that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. – Iraq Movies

19. The Report (I) (2019)

Iraq Movies

Director: Scott Z. Burns

The film is a gripping thriller that draws inspiration from real-life events. The story follows the journey of Daniel J. Jones, an idealistic member of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s staff, who is assigned the task of leading an investigation into the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program, which was established in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

Jones’ unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth leads him to startling revelations about the extent to which the nation’s top intelligence agency went to destroy evidence, flout the law, and keep a shocking secret hidden from the American public. – Iraq Movies

20. Serenity (2019)

Iraq Movies

Director: Steven Knight

Baker Dill, a solitary fisherman who has sought refuge on a remote island to escape his past, encounters his former lover Karen. She implores Dill to eliminate her abusive spouse, who coincidentally arrives on the island.

The film presents a captivating neo-noir narrative set against the backdrop of exotic landscapes, directed and written by the esteemed British filmmaker Stephen Knight. Dill, the captain of a fishing vessel, spends his monotonous days on the tropical island catering to affluent tourists, with his sole ambition being to catch a prized tuna named Justice. – Iraq Movies

21. The Messenger (2009)

Iraq Movies

Director: Oren Moverman

During a recent deployment to Iraq, US Army Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery sustained injuries from an improvised explosive device detonated in close proximity to him. He is currently recuperating in the United States from the more severe injuries, including damage to his eye and leg.

Despite his long-time girlfriend Kelly being engaged to another man, Will has resumed a sexual relationship with her. With only a few months left in his enlistment, the army assigned him to the Casualty Notification Team in his area.

Although he lacks a background in counseling, psychology, or grief management, Will is uncertain if he is well-suited for this role. He is paired with Captain Tony Stone, a career soldier who instructs Will on the precise protocol involved in the job.

Tony warns Will that this job has its own hazards, which he quickly learns through on-the-job experience. As Will adapts to the range of emotions of the next of kin, he is unprepared for the reaction of Olivia Pitterson, whose husband was killed in Iraq. – Iraq Movies

22. Cherry (2021)

Iraq Movies

Director: Joe Russo

Cherry’s journey takes him from being a college dropout to serving as an army medic in Iraq, with his unwavering love for Emily being his sole anchor. However, upon his return from the war, he grapples with PTSD and finds himself embroiled in drug use and criminal activities, as he endeavors to discover his purpose in life. – Iraq Movies

23. The Marine (2006)

Iraq Movies

Director: John Bonito

John Triton is a valiant Marine who, despite being discharged from the Iraq War against his wishes, returns home. Upon his arrival, he is thrust back into action when a ruthless criminal named Rome leads a gang of homicidal diamond thieves who abduct his wife.

John embarks on a pursuit through the untamed wilderness of South Carolina to rescue her. With the stakes at their highest, the Marine is resolute in his determination to accomplish his most challenging and critical mission, sparing no effort in the process. – Iraq Movies

24. Last Flag Flying (2017)

Iraq Movies

Director: Richard Linklater

A former Navy Hospital Corpsman, reunited with his ex-Marine comrades, Sal and Mueller, after three decades since their service in the Vietnam War. Their purpose was to undertake a solemn mission of interring Doc’s son, a young Marine who lost his life in the Iraq War.

Instead of choosing Arlington Cemetery, Doc, with the aid of his old friends, embarked on a poignant journey up the East Coast to his suburban New Hampshire residence, carrying the casket with him. – Iraq Movies

25. Megan Leavey (2017)

Iraq Movies

Director: Gabriela Cowperthwaite

This narrative is founded on the factual account of a youthful Marine corporal whose exceptional discipline and rapport with her military combat canine proved instrumental in preserving numerous lives during their mission in Iraq. – Iraq Movies


26. American Dreamz (2006)

Director: Paul Weitz

This satirical work centers around reality television programs such as American Idol. Sally aspires to become a music sensation and secure a spot on the American Dreamz show. To achieve this goal, she severs ties with her boyfriend and becomes involved with the program’s host.

In a twist of fate, an Arabian youth visits the United States to visit family and inadvertently becomes a contestant on the show. Meanwhile, the President of the United States is experiencing a sense of melancholy, but his Chief of Staff devises a plan for a live appearance on the program. – Iraq Movies

27. Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016)

Iraq Movies

Director: Ang Lee

Ang Lee, an acclaimed award-winning filmmaker, presents his latest work, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, which is an adaptation of the bestselling novel. The film narrates the story of a 19-year-old private and his comrades who are celebrated as ‘heroes’ following a traumatic battle in Iraq. Through flashbacks, the audience is exposed to the true events that occurred within the squad, which are in stark contrast to the perceptions held by the American public. – Iraq Movies

28. Stop-Loss (2008)

Iraq Movies

Director: Kimberly Peirce

Sergeant Brandon King, a decorated hero of the Iraq war, receives a warm welcome upon his return to his small hometown in Texas after completing his tour of duty. He endeavors to pick up where he left off and resume his former life.

However, the Army unexpectedly orders him to return to Iraq, despite his objections, causing upheaval in his world. This conflict challenges his core beliefs, including the strength of familial ties, the loyalty of friendships, the boundaries of love, and the significance of honor. – Iraq Movies

29. Turtles Can Fly (2004)

Iraq Movies

Director: Bahman Ghobadi

A young boy named Satellite has emerged as a leader among the children. He directs them to clear and gather undetonated American minefields from the surrounding fields, which they then sell in the local street market. Additionally, he installs antennae for the villagers.

In an effort to stay informed about the impending American invasion, Satellite accompanies the local leader to purchase a parabolic antenna. However, due to the language barrier, Satellite is tasked with translating Fox News, as he possesses a basic understanding of the English language.

When three new orphans, Agrin, her armless brother Hengov, and the blind toddler Riga, arrive at the camp from Halabcheh, Satellite develops an unrequited love for Agrin.

Agrin is deeply traumatized by a brutal attack on her home, during which her parents were murdered and she was raped. She desires to leave the camp with her brother Hengov and start anew elsewhere, but he is not in agreement with her intentions. – Iraq Movies

30. Franklyn (2008)

Iraq Movies

Director: Gerald McMorrow

Preest is a vigilante detective who wears a mask while he searches for his nemesis on the streets of Meanwhile City, a colossal fantasy metropolis that is governed by faith and religious fervor with an iron fist. Esser is a man who is shattered and searching for his estranged son amidst the harsh streets of London’s homeless population.

Milo is a heartbroken individual in his thirties who is desperately attempting to rediscover the purity of his first love. Emilia is a stunning art student whose suicidal art projects are becoming progressively more intricate and lethal. – Iraq Movies

31.  Taking Chance (2009 TV Movie)

Iraq Movies

Director: Ross Katz

In April of 2004, the number of casualties in Iraq continued to rise. At Quantico, there were deliberations regarding the best course of action, with options including increasing troop strength or solely replacing those who had been lost. Lt. Col.

Michael Strobl conducted a thorough analysis of the situation. However, his recommendation was rejected by his superior due to his lack of recent combat experience. In response, Strobl volunteered for escort duty, which involved accompanying the remains of Pfc.

Chance Phelps, a 19-year-old soldier who had been killed. The journey began in Dover and continued to Philadelphia by hearse, then to Minneapolis and Billings by plane, and finally by car to Phelps’ home in Wyoming.

Throughout the journey, numerous individuals paid their respects to the fallen soldier, offering kind words, small gifts, and gratitude to Strobl to deliver to the family. This experience was a soul-searching journey for Strobl, who made his own personal discoveries along the way. – Iraq Movies

32. The Lucky Ones (2008)

Iraq Movies

Director: Neil Burger

The narrative centers on three soldiers, namely Colee, TK, and Cheever, who have returned from their military service with injuries and discover that life has progressed without them.

They embark on an unforeseen journey across the United States, with Colee determined to return her boyfriend’s guitar to his family as a token of gratitude for saving her life.

TK seeks to regain his confidence to confront his wife after a shrapnel injury jeopardizes his sexual function, while Cheever, a middle-aged man, plans to visit casinos in a last-ditch effort to finance his son’s college education. – Iraq Movies

33. The Tiger and the Snow (2005)

Iraq Movies

Director: Roberto Benigni

Attilio de Giovanni, an esteemed poetry professor in Italy, possesses a romantic disposition that has garnered him much admiration from women.

However, his heart belongs solely to Vittoria, who unfortunately does not reciprocate his affections. Despite this, Attilio’s dreams are consumed with the idea of marrying her, clad in nothing but his boxer shorts and t-shirt, accompanied by the soulful melodies of Tom Waits.

Tragically, Vittoria embarks on a journey to Iraq alongside her poet friend, Fuad, only to find themselves caught in the midst of the second Gulf War. In the chaos of battle, Vittoria sustains injuries that require immediate medical attention. Attilio, determined to be by her side, braves the dangers of war to ensure that she receives the necessary care. – Iraq Movies

34. 5 Days of War (2011)

Iraq Movies

Director: Renny Harlin

This drama is set amidst the conflict between Russia and Georgia, with a primary focus on an American journalist, his cameraman, and a Georgian local who find themselves entangled in the midst of the hostilities. – Iraq Movies

35. Delta Farce (2007)

Iraq Movies

Director: C. B. Harding

Three National Guardsmen from a small town, en route to Iraq, were inadvertently deployed in Mexico. Their disorientation led them to “liberate” a small village from a group of corrupt Federales. – Iraq Movies

36. Redacted (2007)

Iraq Movies

Director: Brian De Palma

This piece presents a compilation of narratives centered on the experiences of American soldiers engaged in the Iraq conflict, with a particular emphasis on the contemporary media platforms that have documented the war. – Iraq Movies

37. The Contractor (2007 Video)

Iraq Movies

Director: Josef Rusnak

Former C.I.A. operative James Dial, portrayed by Wesley Snipes, is tasked with eliminating terrorist Ali Mahmud Jahar, played by Nikolai Sotirov. However, Dial soon discovers that his ex-employer, Jeremy Collins, has orchestrated the mission as a setup. – Iraq Movies

38. Grace Is Gone (2007)

Iraq Movies

Director: James C. Strouse

Grace Philipps, a sergeant in the U.S. Army, is currently stationed in Iraq while her husband, Stan Philipps, manages a home supply store in Minnesota and cares for their two daughters, Heidi and Dawn.

One morning, Stan receives news from visitors and decides to take his daughters on a spontaneous trip to Dawn’s favorite amusement park in Florida. Along the way, they make a stop at Stan’s mother’s house where his brother is staying.

Despite Heidi’s insomnia and confusion about her father’s unusual behavior, the family enjoys their time at the park. Stan musters his bravery in the face of his wife’s absence and the challenges of single parenthood. – Iraq Movies

39. Battle for Haditha (2007)

Iraq Movies

Director: Nick Broomfield

In November of 2005, the United States Marines encountered an ambush by Iraqi insurgents, resulting in the unfortunate loss of one officer’s life. The subsequent retaliatory actions taken by the American forces were severe, leading to the tragic deaths of 24 individuals, including numerous women and children. The “Battle for Haditha” serves as a factual retelling of this devastating event, which garnered global attention and condemnation. – Iraq Movies

40. Red White & Blue (2010)

Iraq Movies

Director: Simon Rumley

This film is situated in Austin, Texas, and is categorized as a “slacker revenge movie”. The plot revolves around Erica, a disenchanted and sexually promiscuous individual who engages in casual encounters with various anonymous partners. However, her life takes a turn when she befriends Nate, a former Iraq war veteran who exhibits sociopathic tendencies. – Iraq Movies

41. The Walker (2007)

Iraq Movies

Director: Paul Schrader

Carter Page III occupies a unique position in the social circles of Washington, D.C. As the gay scion of influential forebears, he possesses a wealth of connections and impeccable manners. His non-threatening demeanor makes him a desirable escort for women whose husbands are disinclined to attend public events.

However, when a close friend’s clandestine lover is murdered, she implores Carter to provide an alibi, a decision that immediately embroils him in a legal imbroglio with the police and an ambitious prosecutor.

With the assistance of his partner, Emek Yoglu, Carter initiates his own investigation, only to be warned off by hired enforcers. Will Carter be able to unravel the mystery of the murder, or will he suffer losses beyond his comprehension? The intricacies of human behavior remain an enigma. – Iraq Movies

42. Georgetown (2019)

Iraq Movies

Director: Christoph Waltz

Ulrich Mott is a multifaceted and idiosyncratic individual who aspires to influence United States foreign policy. His endeavors are supported by his astutely selected and considerably older spouse, the well-connected journalist Elsa Brecht.

Mott possesses a talent for rendering himself indispensable and impervious to neglect. The sole exception to his charismatic appeal appears to be Elsa’s daughter Amanda, who may harbor reservations about her mother’s union with a significantly younger man, or perhaps she intuits a more ominous undercurrent beneath Mott’s suave veneer. – Iraq Movies

43. Chris Rock: Never Scared (2004)

Iraq Movies

Director: Joel Gallen

Prepare yourself for an electrifying performance by the multi-talented Chris Rock, as he delivers a side-splitting set in his fourth HBO stand-up special. Recorded before a live audience at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., this show promises to be an unforgettable experience. – Iraq Movies

44. Chintu Ka Birthday (2020)

Iraq Movies

Director: Satyanshu Singh

During the US invasion of Iraq, a group of undocumented migrants from India were awaiting repatriation. Among them was a family who were preparing to celebrate the sixth birthday of their youngest member, Chintu. Fortunately, their compassionate Iraqi landlord extended a helping hand to them. – Iraq Movies

45. Kabluey (2007)

Iraq Movies

Director: Scott Prendergast

Salman, despite his lack of proficiency, offers his assistance to his sister-in-law in caring for his unruly nephews, as his brother is away serving in Iraq. In order to support the family and maintain financial stability, Salman is compelled to undertake a demeaning role as a colossal blue corporate mascot. – Iraq Movies

46. The Yellow Birds (2017)

Iraq Movies

Director: Alexandre Moors

“Yellow Birds” chronicles the challenges encountered by John Bartle as he strives to maintain his humanity, survival instincts, and the well-being of his comrade Murph amidst the backdrop of the Iraq War. The narrative also delves into Bartle’s post-war life and the struggles he faces in reconciling with his memories of the conflict upon his return to Virginia. – Iraq Movies

47. The Unknown Known (2013)

Iraq Movies

Director: Errol Morris

Donald Rumsfeld, the former United States Secretary of Defense, reflects on his illustrious career in Washington D.C., spanning from his tenure as a congressman in the early 1960s to his pivotal role in strategizing the invasion of Iraq in 2003. – Iraq Movies

48. Conspiracy (2008)

Iraq Movies

Director: Adam Marcus

During the course of Operation Desert Storm in Iraq, Marine Sergeant of Special Operations MacPherson and his colleague, Mexican Corporal Miguel Silva, sustained serious injuries and were subsequently discharged.

Following this, the veteran and traumatized MacPherson was persistently urged by Miguel to visit him in his hometown of New Lago, located near the Mexican border. Upon arriving in the town, MacPherson discovered that his friend was nowhere to be found and the locals were unable to provide any information regarding his whereabouts.

It soon became apparent that the CEO of Halicorp, Rhodes, was engaging in the unethical practice of purchasing inexpensive land, providing infrastructure, constructing buildings, and offering housing and facilities to needy Mexicans through the use of slave labor, all while profiting greatly. Upon discovering that Rhodes had executed his family and friend, MacPherson vowed to exact revenge on the perpetrator. – Iraq Movies

49. The Inspection (2022)

Iraq Movies

Director: Elegance Bratton

A young African man is subjected to disdain and rejection by his mother due to his sexual orientation. In an effort to demonstrate his ability to achieve success in life despite this adversity, he enlists in military training with the goal of becoming a Marine. The question remains as to whether his graduation as a Marine will lead to an improvement in his relationship with his mother. – Iraq Movies

50. Day Zero (2007)

Iraq Movies

Director: Bryan Gunnar Cole

The reinstatement of the military draft has resulted in the conscription of three close companions who have been granted a 30-day window to report for duty. During this period, they are compelled to confront their convictions regarding bravery, obligation, affection, companionship, and integrity. – Iraq Movies