Top 20 Lion Attack Movies – Watch Now

Top 20 Lion Attack Movies. A list of best Lion Attack Movies. You should check out these Lion Attack Movies. These Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Beast (2022)

Top 20 Lion Attack Movies

Director: Baltasar Kormákur

Meredith and Norah, two of Dr. Nate Samuels’ teenage children, travel to South Africa’s Mopani Reserve for a holiday. The scientist and Mopani manager Martin Battles, who first met Nate and his wife, welcome him back to the community. Nate and the girls are taken to the village where Nate’s wife was raised by Martin. In the wake of his and his wife’s divorce, which was followed by her terminal cancer diagnosis, Nate confesses to Martin his sorrow for being aloof.

He is traveling to see his daughters again. Martin and his family visit the restricted portions of the reserve the following day. Martin takes them to see a local lion pride and points out that one of them is hurt. Martin finds that most of the Tsonga residents in a neighboring community have passed away. Martin runs back to report the discovery, suspecting a renegade lion is to blame. On the highway, Nate comes across a Tsonga man who is hurt but is helpless to help him. Martin is attacked while pursuing the lion. Then it ambushes Nate as he hides in the car. They are left stranded as Meredith tries to flee but hits a tree instead.

2. Out of Africa (1985)

Top 20 Lion Attack Movies

Director: Sydney Pollack

Danish author Karen Blixen marries a friend to get the title of baroness; they then relocate to Africa and establish a coffee plantation. Things start to go wrong when her husband starts having extramarital affairs and frequently travels for work, leaving her alone at home to tend the farm and form relationships with two guys she met on her first day in Africa. She eventually meets and falls in love with Denys Finch-Hatton, with whom she travels on safari and other activities. Later, she starts to urge marriage because she wants something more from him than just a friendship or casual romance, but Denys still wants his independence. In conclusion, she has a much greater appreciation and knowledge of African culture than she did when she first arrived.

3. Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)

Top 20 Lion Attack Movies

Director: Christophe Gans

A ferocious ‘beast’ that pounced on both people and animals. The beast grew so infamous that the King of France sent envoys to investigate and kill the monster. The Beast of Gevaudan killed nearly 100 people by the time it was finished. Marquis d’Apcher writes his memoirs in his castle during the French Revolution. He describes the year 1764 when a strange beast terrorized the old country of Gévaudan. To capture the animal, Grégoire de Fronsac, a knight and the royal naturalist of King Louis XV of France, travels with Mani, a member of the Iroquois tribe. Fronsac develops an interest in Marianne de Morangias, the sister of a local count whose arm was broken and made useless while traveling abroad. Jean-François was also an avid hunter and world traveler. The neighboring brothel’s Italian courtesan, Sylvia, fascinates Fronsac as well. While looking at another victim, Fronsac discovers a steel fang.

4. The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)

Top 20 Lion Attack Movies

Director: Stephen Hopkins

A man bringing modern transportation to the ancient forests of Africa finds one of man’s earliest antagonists waiting for him. A British railway company owned by John Beaumont is constructing a rail line through Uganda. Engineer John Henry Patterson is called to the country of Africa to oversee bridge construction after it is discovered that a bridge is required for the lines to cross a wide river. Although Patterson has been given a short deadline by Beaumont, the bridge designer is confident that with his help, the local workers will be able to finish the project on schedule. When a lion attacks a construction site and kills many people, Patterson is obliged to deal with the beast. Although he manages to capture one lion, it quickly becomes clear that there are other predators in the adjacent bush. After 130 men have died as a result of the lion attacks, Patterson and Beaumont ultimately decide to contact Charles Remmington, a skilled hunter who is aware of the traits of man-eaters and knows how to entice them into his trap.

5. Roar (1981)

Top 20 Lion Attack Movies

Director: Noel Marshall

Hank, an American naturalist who studies large cats, keeps a collection of them at a Tanzanian wildlife reserve. He’s supposed to bring his wife Madeleine, and their kids John, Jerry, and Melanie home from the airport, but his friend Mativo delays him by telling him that a committee is going to look at his grant. Hank explains the characteristics of the lion pride and their fear of Togar, a renegade lion who frequently disputes with the pride’s king, Robbie, as he takes Mativo on a tour of his ranch and the rest of the preserve while they wait. Hank requests Mativo to assist in protecting the pride.

6. The Wild Beasts (1984)

Lion Attack Movies

Director: Franco Prosperi

These animal assault sequences are amusingly edited, alternating between the roaring of the predators, the screams of the prey, and the tearing apart of human bodies limb by limb. While the rabid animals begin their mindless slaughter of everyone they come into contact with, Laura covertly attends a lecture about the possibilities of animals seeking revenge for their cruelty. Other sequences, such as when a blind pianist is attacked by his pet dog or when kids build shadow puppets against a wall before the puppets are eventually replaced by the silhouette of a rabid polar bear, have an unsettlingly poetic feel. A later scene in which a man is strangled by an elephant’s trunk as his wife has her head crushed by the animal’s foot is similarly hard to ignore for its cruelty.

7. Burning Bright (2010)

Lion Attack Movies

Director: Carlos Brooks

Kelly Taylor, who lives in Montgomery County, is prepared to attend college and drives her autistic brother Tom to a specialized facility. She is told by the bank, nevertheless, that there aren’t enough funds in her account to cover the bill. The previous day, her stepfather Johnny Gaveneau took the money out of her account. When Kelly gets home, Johnny says he spent the cash on a tiger for his safari show project. Additionally, he reinforces the home to make it hurricane-proof, covering all of the windows and outside doors in wood. When Kelly awakens, she discovers that Tom and she are stuck inside the house with the starving tiger.

8. Prey (2007)

Lion Attack Movies

Director: Darrell Roodt

Tom Newman, a hydro-electrical engineer from South Africa, travels to South Africa with his family to assist in the construction of a dam. Jessica, his daughter, and Amy don’t get along since Jessica is upset about her parent’s separation. The following morning, while Tom travels to the dam, Amy, Jessica, and her brother David embark on a wildlife drive with Ranger Brian. David requests that the ranger stop the jeep when it is off-roading so he can urinate. Brian takes out his gun and leads David over to a nearby tree. A lion is standing behind two lionesses when they come across them. When a lioness strikes, David flees to the vehicle, where Brian gives his life to protect the others.

9. Maneater (2007)

Lion Attack Movies

Director: Gary Yates

Along the Appalachian Trail, two persons vanish a young man running with his girlfriend and a hermit who seldom ever leaves his house. Grady Barnes, the sheriff, follows a trail that takes him to the hermit’s body in pieces. When a Bengal tiger briefly appears in front of Roy Satterly’s bedroom window that evening as he is reading by torch, he is only a little child. His mother, Rose, discovers him sleepwalking in the woods in front of their home in the morning. Sheriff Barnes conducts a press conference to alert the public after a cast taken at the location of the following victim’s murder implicates a tiger as the hermit’s murderer. That evening, the Bengal tiger returns to Roy’s house.

10. Sabretooth (2002)

Lion Attack Movies

Director: James D.R. Hickox

A scientist recreates a fossilized sabretooth cat using its DNA. However, one night as a caretaker gets ready to clean the sabretooth’s residence, he carelessly locks himself in the cage with it and dies as a result. The terrifying creature escapes while being transported, murders the driver, and then stalls its victim, which is a human. Before proceeding to stalk a group of trainee guides learning the region of seniors, the beast kills a vacationing couple while on the prowl in the Pacific Northwest’s forested mountains.


11. The Jungle Book (2016)

Lion Attack Movies list

Director: Jon Favreau

Mowgli is a “man cub” who was delivered to the wolf Raksha and her pack by the black panther Bagheera as an infant and has since been reared by them in an Indian jungle under the leadership of Akela. Mowgli is being trained by Bagheera to learn wolf ways, but he encounters difficulties and lags behind his wolf siblings. Akela disapproves of him for employing human techniques like constructing tools rather than learning wolf ways. The fauna of the jungle comes together one day during the dry season to drink the water that is still available as part of a drought truce that allows the wildlife to drink without worrying about being devoured by their predators. When Shere Khan, a scarred tiger, shows up and finds Mowgli’s scent in the large gathering, the truce is broken. He threatens to kill Mowgli towards the conclusion of the drought out of resentment towards the man for leaving him scarred. The wolves discuss whether or not they should retain Mowgli once the drought is over.

12. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018)

Lion Attack Movies list

Director: Andy Serkis

The enormous Indian python seer Kaa observes as Shere Khan, a cruel Bengal tiger, violates “jungle law” by slaughtering a family of humans in the Indian forests. The baby boy is found by the panther Bagheera and taken to Nisha and Vihaan’s family of Indian wolves, but Tabaqui, Shere Khan’s hyena henchman, spots the newborn. When the “man-cub” is shown to the wolf council, Bagheera persuades the Himalayan brown bear Baloo to join him as a co-guardian. Shere Khan arrives to kill the boy, but Akela, the pack’s leader, says that the boy is protected by the wolves. Shere Khan says that Akela will come back to kill the boy if he misses his target.

13. The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

Lion Attack Movies list

Director: David Yates

After his parents died in Africa, John Clayton was raised by an ape and given the name Tarzan. Later, he and Jane Porter, the lady he fell in love with and married, left Africa for their parents’ house in England. Belgian King Leopold requests that he visit Africa to examine what assistance he has provided to that continent. He initially declines. However, George Washington Williams, an American, requests that he accept so that he can travel with him. He asserts that Leopold may be engaging in all manner of horrors, such as enslavement, to further his objectives. Clayton concurs, but his wife is adamant about going with him since she is homesick for Africa. When they get there, a Leopold employee named Rom attacks their town and kidnaps Tarzan and Jane. He makes his way across the jungle to rescue Jane with the aid of Washington. Despite being warned that he might not make it, Washington follows him.

14. Life of Pi (2012)

Lion Attack Movies list

Director: Ang Lee

When Indian storyteller Pi Patel is in Canada, a writer begs him to share his life story. Pi describes his early years in Pondicherry, India, as well as how his moniker came to be. One day, his zoo owner’s father informs him that the city no longer supports the zoo and that he has thus decided to go to Canada, where the family’s animals will also be sold. The animals board a Japanese cargo ship with them, and then a storm appears out of nowhere, followed by a shipwreck. Along with a zebra, an orangutan, a hyena, and a male Bengal tiger known as Richard Parker, Pi manages to survive on a lifeboat.

15. The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014)

Lion Attack Movies list

Director: Tsui Hark

The People’s Liberation Army must reclaim territories that have been overtaken by bandits who have raided the Japanese arsenals following World War II. Shao Jianbo is in charge of a squad of 30 men under the nickname Captain 203, named after his unit. They lack supplies of food and weapons. They fight a bunch of robbers posing as the PLA who are protecting munitions depots, which solves one of their issues. Yang Zirong and Bai Ru, a combat medic, who are reinforcements, arrive by train and are welcomed when they offer food. The outlaws’ target village is reached by Captain 203 and his troops. They encounter a little boy who lost his family in bandit raids along the route.

16. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)

Lion Movies

Director: Andrew Adamson

With the help of a mythical lion, four children who have traveled through a wardrobe to the realm of Narnia discover their destiny: to set it free. Due to the WWII bombings, four members of the same family must leave their hometown. The professor and a woman transport the kids to their homes. During a game of hide-and-seek, Lucy, the family’s youngest child, discovers a wardrobe to hide in. She repeatedly enters the wardrobe where she eventually discovers Narnia. The four kids enter together for the final time after entering twice as a group. They fight off wolves, come across intelligent talking animals, run into a wicked white witch, and meet Aslan, a majestic lion.

17. Rogue (2020)

Lion Movies

Director: M. J. Bassett

A squad of soldiers under the command of mercenary O’Hara are on a mission to free prisoners in a far-off region of Africa. Unfortunately, the operation fails, leaving the squad trapped and compelled to fight local insurgents to survive. In this intense action saga, Megan Fox takes on an exciting new role as a battle-tested mercenary. She commands a spirited group of soldiers on a risky mission to free captives from their kidnappers in a remote African location as team leader O’Hara. O’Hara’s unit must deal with a horrific, vicious meeting with a gang of rebels when the mission goes astray and the team becomes stuck, as well as the horde of voracious, agitated lions they come across.

18. Prey (2016)

Lion Movies

Director: Dick Maas

A wild animal has wandered into Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, as it slowly crosses the forest’s edge and gets closer to it. Animal trespassing is the first issue that an old couple’s little farm on the outskirts of the city faces. In that house, a young girl is sound asleep as a large shadow runs past the hallway outside. A clanking sound alerts the old couple as their young daughter arrives home late at night on a bike with her boyfriend. The elderly man gets out of bed to ‘welcome’ the man his daughter has selected but discovers that the bike has been tripped over and the motor is still going. He soon discovers that the beast has killed his daughter and her boyfriend and that he has also been slain off-screen. When the mother hears the cries, she advises the young daughter to hide inside before running outside with a gun—but she too is killed. The young girl locks herself in her room out of sheer terror.

19. Vanguard (2020)

Lion Movies

Director: Stanley Tong

Maasym, the head of the terrorist group Brothers of Vengeance, forcibly hires Qin Guoli, a Chinese accountant working in Britain, to finance his schemes. Maasym is killed by American forces after Qin alerts Scotland Yard, but his son Omar survives and now desires to obtain his father’s money, the location of which is known to Qin. During the Chinese New Year celebrations in London’s Chinatown, Omar recruits the mercenary organization Arctic Wolves, who kidnap Qin and his brand-new wife Meiwei. Zhang Kaixuan, Lei Zhenyu, and Mi Ya are sent by the worldwide security firm Vanguard, which is in charge of protecting Qin, to save him. Following the operation’s success, Qin requests that Tang Haunting, the director of Vanguard, look out for his daughter Fareeda, who is presently in Africa so that she won’t be used against him by Omar.

20. Hercules (2014)

Lion Movies

Director: Brett Ratner

A tortured spirit who was neither a man nor a god wandered the Earth around 1400 B.C. The strong son of the god King Zeus was Hercules. He spent his entire life suffering as a result of this. This dark, world-weary man turned his back on the gods after twelve long labors and the death of his family, finding his only refuge in brutal conflict. Over time, he grew to enjoy the company of the six spirits who shared only a passion for combat and the knowledge of death. These men and women never consider where they fight, why they fight, with whom, or even how much money they will receive. These mercenaries have now been employed by Lord Cotys, the King of Thrace, to train his troops to become the greatest army in history. When they must train an army to be as brutal and murderous as their reputation has become, this group of lost souls will finally realize how far they have gone.