Top 30 Greatest Cricket Movies of All Time

Top 30 Greatest Cricket Movies of All Time. You should check out these Cricket Movies. These Cricket Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016)

Top 30 Greatest Cricket Movies of All Time

Director: Neeraj Pandey

The untold tale of Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s transformation from ticket taker to trophy collector. Goalkeeper Dhoni plays for the school football squad. A school cricket coach named Bannerjee encourages him to join his team and practice with him every day for two hours.

Over time, he develops into a major state-level cricketer, but for a very long time, luck hasn’t been on his side to make the Indian Cricket squad. Dhoni accepts a position as a ticket-checker with Indian Railways and begins playing cricket for the railroads. After four years, he is chosen for the Indian Cricket team and goes on to become one of the greatest captains in the sport’s history.

2. Sachin – A Billion Dreams (2017)

Top 30 Greatest Cricket Movies of All Time

Director: James Erskine

The first plotline follows Sachin from his early years through the end of his career in 1999. The second focuses on his development into the “God of Cricket” before his maiden world championship victory. With occasional contributions from Harsha Bhogle and Boria Majumdar, Sachin narrates the movie for the most part. The movie follows the scene-by-scene narration of many personalities, including actors and other cricketers.

The majority of the movie’s scenes are portrayed through videos of Sachin’s private life, interviews, and cricket games. Sachin tricks his pal into falling into a bore at the start of the movie. After India’s victory in 1983, Sachin recalls how he became interested in cricket in his early years. R. Achrekar, his coach, taught him the game of cricket. He moved to his aunt’s home adjacent to the park due to accommodations. After forming a 664-run partnership with Vinod Kambli, Sachin became well-known. He spent his formative years regularly practicing cricket until Yorkshire signed him.

3. Azhar (2016)

Top 30 Greatest Cricket Movies of All Time

Director: Tony D’Souza

The film opens with Indian cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin making a century in his 99th test match, but he quickly comes under suspicion for match-fixing after his name was connected to bookmaker M.K. Sharma, also known as Shaun, who works out of London. He is given a life ban by the Indian Cricket Board. With the aid of his lawyer friend Reddy, Azhar decides to challenge the ban in court.

The action jumps to 1963, the year Azhar was born in Hyderabad to a middle-class family. Azhar’s grandfather inspired the soft-spoken young Azhar to challenge his rivals with his batting prowess by dreaming of Azhar playing 100 tests for Team India. The young Azhar travels to Mumbai for a match to pick the Indian squad, and on the day of the match, he learns the sad news of his grandfather’s passing. He nevertheless takes part in the game because it was his grandfather’s final request.

4. 83 (2021)

Top 30 Greatest Cricket Movies of All Time

Director: Kabir Khan

The Indian cricket team is chosen to compete in the third world cup, which will take place in England in June. Still, no one has high hopes for the group, and team administrators are dissatisfied with the choice of Kapil Dev as captain instead of Sunil Gavaskar.

The Indian cricket team has a strong start at the world cup, winning their first two games against the formidable West Indies and Zimbabwe, but after losing their next two games to the West Indies and Australia, they are in a fight for their lives against Zimbabwe to advance. The team spirit propels them to the final at Lords where they will face the two-time world champion giants West Indies.

Kapil Dev performs as a one-man show by scoring an excellent winning score for the team and keeping their dreams alive in the competition. History was only made by a team that no one thought was deserving because of one man, Kapil Dev.

5. Lagaan (2001)

Top 30 Greatest Cricket Movies of All Time

Director: Ashutosh Gowariker

This is the tale of the tenacity displayed by the Indian people while they were under British rule. The villagers decide to protest Jack Russell’s announcement that he will double the Lagaan (tax) from all villages even though they are already being taxed to the bone by the British and their allies.

A charming young man named Bhuvan leads the villagers and dares them to a game of cricket against seasoned British cricket players and the villagers, including Bhuvan, who have never played the game and don’t even know a bat from a piece of wood. As the challenge is accepted, interest grows and draws Indians from all over the region and British from all over the country to watch the British display “fair play” against their adversaries, who are assisted by none other than Captain Rusell’s sister, Elizabeth.

6. Fire in Babylon (2010)

Top 30 Greatest Cricket Movies of All Time

Director: Stevan Riley

A film about how the West Indies cricket team became one of the greatest ever and the best in the world in the late 1970s and how they kept their unbeatable status into the 1980s. The West Indies Cricket Team displayed exceptional batting and bowling performances for much of the late 1950s and early 1960s, but they were never quite the unchallenged best like England or Australia.

All of this abruptly altered when West Indies, who had just won the 1975 World Cup under Clive Lloyd, went to Australia and suffered a humiliating 5-1 loss, with pace great Dennis Lillee making a mockery of the storied Caribbean batting lineup. In 1976, Lloyd applied the same tactic and traveled to England after defeating India 2-1 while using pacers like Michael Holding and Andy Roberts.

Tony Greig, the English captain, however, thought the plan was an aberration and declared in an interview that he “intends to make the West Indies GROVEL.” A South African-born Englishman’s perceived prejudice gave Lloyd’s batteries the motivation they needed to wreak havoc and win the series 3-0. From that point on, there was no turning back.

With players like Joel Garner, Colin Croft, and a refined Malcolm Marshall also joining the team, West Indies defeated every opponent they faced, paving the way for future greats like Curtly Ambrose and Courtney Walsh. From the beginning of 1980 until 1995, West Indies essentially ruled world cricket, something no other team in the history of any other sport has ever managed to do.

7. Wondrous Oblivion (2003)

Top 30 Greatest Cricket Movies of All Time

Director: Paul Morrison

David, a young Jew, loves to play cricket. Sadly, he is quite bad at it, but he is thrilled that the new neighbors are also cricket fans and are willing to train him. They even put a net up in the garden. David’s parents are under pressure to break up their son’s friendship because it is 1960s London and they are Jamaican. They must make difficult decisions because they are immigrants from Nazi Germany who have experienced prejudice in Britain.

Jewish-born Ruth Wiseman married a considerably older man, and the pair now had a son and a daughter who reside with them in 1960s Britain. They frequently get threatening handwritten letters, and their Caucasian neighbors frequently look down on them. David, who loves cricket, is put in charge of the scoreboard at his school due to his performance. David meets the Jamaican Samuel family when they move in next door and set up a net so they can play cricket in their garden. Through Dennis and Loretta, David learns how to bat and bowl.

8. Jersey (2019)

Top 30 Greatest Cricket Movies of All Time

Director: Gowtam Naidu Tinnanuri

A young man purchases the book Jersey from a bookstore and offers it to a customer, a woman. The man responds that the book is about the life of his father, Arjun, in response to the woman’s question about why he gave her the book.

The man gets a call, and the person on the other end of the line informs him that the BCCI has organized a public event to celebrate and felicitate his father. After receiving the jersey with his father Arjun’s name on it and speaking in front of a sizable crowd that included his mother and father’s friends, BCCI officials, and former cricketers, the man, Nani, gave a biography of his father.

9. 22 Yards (2019)

Top 30 Greatest Cricket Movies of All Time

Director: Mitali Ghoshal

The story of a successful sports agent’s decline is told in 22 Yards. The documentary explores the business side of sports. The primary actor is Barun Sobti, a cricket fan and talent manager. Top cricket players from India are managed by prominent sports agent Ron Sen. After the scandal put an end to his career possibilities, Ron coaches cricketer Shome to help him realize his desire.

10. Shabaash Mithu (2022)

Top 30 Greatest Cricket Movies of All Time

Director: Srijit Mukherji

The former Test and ODI captain of the women’s national cricket team was Mithali Raj. She guided India to the 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup finals. Her journey through life in the realm of women’s cricket is chronicled in the movie based on her life. It details her uphill battles and triumph in women’s cricket.

Nobody in India could recall a single female cricket player at one point. Cricket is a sport that men play. Cricket is played by Noorie in 1990 with the neighborhood guys. She is tenacious and would never back down. Noorie’s mother enrolls her in a dance class after growing bored of her tomboy antics, where she meets Mithali or Mithu.

The top student in Bharat Natyam is Mithu. Mithu and Noorie become close friends. Cricket player Mithun is Mithu’s older brother. Mithun forbids Mithu from going to the cricket pitch. Mithu and Mithun reside with their parents, Leela and Dorai Raj.

11. Victory (2009)

Greatest Cricket Movies

Director: Tariq Umar Khan

The life of Vijay Shekhawat and his father Ram is the central theme of this epic cricket tale. Ram has high hopes for his son Vijay, but sadly, all he wants to do is play for the Indian cricket team someday. Vijay eventually makes it to the Indian team, fulfilling his dream.

Since the first time he mentioned cricket, his childhood buddy Nandini has had faith in him and has never cast any doubt on him. This joy, however, is fleeting since Vijay quickly loses his position in the team and the respect he has acquired when he allows his newfound celebrity to overcome him.

12. Playing Away (1987)

Greatest Cricket Movies

Director: Horace Ové

A cricket team in a small English community invites a black cricket team from South London to a charity game to mark the conclusion of their “Third World Week” celebration.

A fictional English cricket team called “Sneddington” asks a Brixton-based squad of West Indian descent to play a charity match as part of their “Third World Week.” According to Screenonline, “Playing Away contrasts sharply with the aesthetic experimentation with its charming comedy of manners and surprise reversal of white and black stereotypes.

13. Dil Bole Hadippa (2009)

Greatest Cricket Movies

Director: Anurag Singh

Veera is a fiery young woman who lives in a small village but has 70mm dreams. She works for a small-town theatrical company but aspires to play professional cricket. While Veera continues to pursue her dreams in India, Rohan is a successful county cricket team captain in England.

As the captain of his father’s cricket team, which has been losing games in a row for the past eight years, Rohan returns to India. Veera must don a turban and a beard to become a man to pursue her aspirations in a village where girls aren’t allowed to play cricket.

Veera Kaur becomes into Veer Pratap Singh thanks to her exceptional play on the pitch, which earns her a spot on the Rohan team. Then Veera, Rohan, and Veer embark on an exhilarating voyage through Punjab and beyond, complete with color, vivid music, romance, and humor. Your heart will go Hadippa as you read this story full of turbans, turns, and connivings.

14. Iqbal (2005)

Greatest Cricket Movies

Director: Nagesh Kukunoor

Iqbal, a child who is deaf and dumb, wants to play cricket for India. His father, who believes that Iqbal’s daydreams are a waste of time, discourages him, nevertheless. Instead, he wants Iqbal to assist him in caring for the crops and take up farming, which is a reliable vocation.

Khadija is an Iqbal sister who assists him in applying to a local academy operated by Guruji, a powerful former India captain, who hires him because of his talent. However, when Iqbal competes against wealthy boy Kamal, who is also the academy’s star, Guruji kicks him out of the competition out of worry for Kamal’s father, who finances the institution.

Iqbal turns to the neighborhood drunk Mohit for assistance and convinces the former star cricketer to serve as his coach. They can practice using Iqbal’s buffaloes as fielders at a nearby field.

15. Save Your Legs! (2012)

Greatest Cricket Movies

Director: Boyd Hicklin

Rick, Stavros, and Edward are their closest buddies, and their suburban cricket club is his world. However, he is compelled to take matters into his own hands and show them exactly how fantastic cricket can be when he sees that his cherished team members are growing up and going on.

Teddy, 35, leads his very ordinary cricket team into the remarkable heart of India on an adventurous three-match trip and a quest to see cricket icon, Sachin Tendulkar. Teddy draws on a childhood ambition and his teenage devotion.

While Ted’s carefully set plans are derailed by the upheaval in India, friendships break down, and a hilarious adventure that will change Ted’s life takes place. The dream tour turns into a nightmare, forcing the guys to face the truth about their friendship and face their concerns. Ted also needs to learn to adapt to the times as they change.


16. The Zoya Factor (2019)

Greatest Cricket Movies

Director: Abhishek Sharma

When Zoya Singh Solanki’s wealthy doctor boyfriend breaks up with her and her ad agency boss becomes dissatisfied with her ineffective job, her love life and career, which have always been cursed, reach an all-time low. However, her good fortune soon brings her to Sri Lanka to film an advertisement with the Indian cricket squad.

Nikhil Khoda, the Indian team captain who is adamantly in favor of hard effort and against his team’s reliance on superstitions, unexpectedly crosses paths with Zoya. Zoya confesses that she was born on the day when India won its first World Cup when she is invited to brunch with the team. This leads the group to think that Zoya might be their auspicious mascot.

17. Kaun Pravin Tambe? (2022)

Greatest Cricket Movies

Director: Jayprad Desai

A cricket player from India who works diligently and persistently to play in the Ranji Trophy. He begins a new chapter of his life at the halfway point of his career when it is generally thought that people’s careers finish.

The remarkable journey of right-handed leg spinner Pravin Tambe, who at age 41 made his greatest cricket league debut after never having played international or even first-class cricket previously. A contemporary parable of a misfit who overcame his fate by persevering.

18. Kacchey Limbu (2022)

Greatest Cricket Movies

Director: Shubham Yogi

Aditi, who was frequently ignored in the past as a result of social standards and restrictions for a typical Indian lady, has spent her entire life living in the shadow of her brother. Aditi’s father preferred that she pursue a career in medicine rather than her initial desire to be a fashion designer.

In a bet with his older brother Aakash, Aditi challenges him to a game of gully cricket. If she wins, Akash will have to comply with his father’s wishes and attend regular corporate job interviews, which will put his dream of playing cricket on hold.

Akash’s father initially supported him in taking up the sport since he was a young child but eventually opposed it after losing faith that Akash would improve if he stuck with gully cricket and made him go to job interviews. Akash was very clear about his life’s ambition, which was to one day play for the Indian cricket team.

19. 1983 (2014)

Greatest Cricket Movies

Director: Abrid Shine

The residents of Brahmamangalam, a small village in Kerala, are devoted to cricket. The story explores the relationship between a father and son over two generations, starting with India winning their first Cricket World Cup in 1983 and ending in the present.

Rameshan excels academically and is an avid cricket player as a teenager. His father hopes that his son would someday work as an engineer. Manjula, a student at the same school as Rameshan, is the love of his life. He plays for a neighborhood cricket team that was started by his close pals and, thanks to his above-average batting, the team often wins local competitions.

But over time, his grades deteriorate dramatically, and he even fails the 12th Board exams. Even if he struggles in school, he will always be passionate about the game, despite his father’s protests. Manjula, the person he is in love with, excels in her studies and enrolls in a different college to continue her education.

20. Torbaaz (2020)

Greatest Cricket Movies

Director: Girish Malik

An Afghan refugee camp is being visited by Naseer, a former army physician. While he is there, he remembers how, while working at the Indian Embassy in Kabul, he lost his wife and little son in a suicide terrorist strike. He collaborates with Ayesha to manage his late wife’s NGO. Through cricket, Naseer tries to cheer up the kids in the camp.

He makes an effort to assemble a group of adolescents who were displaced as a result of the Afghan war. Through cricket, Naseer tries to persuade youngsters to set aside their differences and cooperate. He is always in danger from Qazar and his crew, who seek to use the lads as suicide bombers and warriors.

21. Dhoni (2012)

Cricket Movies

Director: Prakash Raj

A 14-year-old youngster wants to be an aggressive wicketkeeper-batsman, but his father wants him to graduate with an MBA. Subramaniam, a middle-class government employee, has a 14-year-old son named Karthik. However, he has a single obsession and passion, and that is cricket.

His idol is MS Dhoni, and like him, he aspires to be an aggressive wicketkeeper-batsman. His coach, Nassar, believes that he has a lot of potential. Karthik struggles at school to understand mathematics and keeps lagging behind his peers, which frustrates both his instructors and his father, who hopes to see his son finish with an MBA.

22. Million Dollar Arm (2014)

Cricket Movies

Director: Craig Gillespie

To acquire excellent Indian cricket players to play in Major League Baseball, a sports agent employs an innovative recruitment method. J. B. Bernstein is a sports agent in 2008 who discovers that his well-funded rivals are significantly outperforming him in his line of work.

Bernstein gets the audacious notion to discover cricket players in India and train them to become professional baseball players in America after seeing reality shows and Indian cricket matches on television. Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel are two gifted young people who don’t play cricket, but Bernstein finds them after a protracted search and brings them to Los Angeles where they find learning a new sport in a distant country to be a tough endeavour.

Bernstein must figure out how to fulfill these boys’ desires as they struggle in a strange culture. In the process, he discovers a deeper humanity in his profession through unexpected and developing friendships.

23. Kanaa (2018)

Cricket Movies

Director: Arunraja Kamaraj

Murugesan, a farmer in Kulithalai, Karur, is the father of Kousalya Murugesan aka Kowsi. She wants to play for a team at the international level so she can win for her nation and make her father, who enjoys the game, happy.

Murugesan’s excitement to watch India play in the 2007 Cricket World Cup is demonstrated as the reason for this in the opening scenes. But he is heartbroken to witness India’s humiliating loss to Sri Lanka in the group stages, which results in India being eliminated.

Murugesan suppresses his emotions in front of his daughter, but she observes him sobbing and grieving all night long. For her father’s sake, 11-year-old Kowsi hopes to play cricket competitively, represent her nation, and one day win the world championship.

24. Patiala House (2011)

Cricket Movies

Director: Nikkhil Advani

Gurtej Singh Kahlon sees his family being attacked by Caucasian skinheads from Britain, which results in a fatality in the family. He was arrested for defending his family, but the identified attackers were never punished by racially biased police.

In Southall, he set out to create a Mini-India after making a vow to alter how East Indians were profiled. As a supporter of the Indian team, particularly Lala and his son Mohinder Ambarnath, he pushes his son Parghat to play and succeed in cricket.

However, when it’s time for Parghat to join the English cricket team, he refuses him, makes him the manager of a convenience store, and also goes about arranging weddings and family lives without daring anybody to challenge him. Simran Chaggal, a mixed-race person, then comes into Parghat’s life and, with a little assistance from the Kahlon family, manages to get him accepted into a struggling English team.

They work together to protect Gurtej from learning this information, even renaming Parghat “Kaali.” However, it won’t take long for Gurtej to learn the truth, collapse, be admitted to the hospital, and then refuse to interact in any way with his kid, even referring to him as “Angrez Chamcha.”

25. Son Of Manjeet Singh (2018)

Cricket Movies

Director: Vikram Grover

A single father puts a lot of effort into providing for his two children’s future. Their relationship suffers when his son prioritizes cricket over academics. After his wife passed away years ago, Manjeet Singh, a middle-class guy, is currently struggling to make ends meet while still meeting the educational demands of his two teenage children.

Jaiveer’s love is cricket, whereas Manjeet hopes that academic success would give him a stable professional life. Jaiveer gives up playing cricket before his board exams to please his father. However, Jaiveer unintentionally becomes unconscious after a bad father-son argument. Manjeet then embarks on a voyage of self-discovery, which inspires him to challenge the present educational system that pushes kids into the labor market.

26. Main Hoon Shahid Afridi (2013)

Cricket Movies

Director: Syed Ali Raza Usama

Noman Habib, a young man with aspirations of becoming Shahid Afridi, finds himself out of luck when the only club he has ever known declares bankruptcy. He finds one last opportunity to preserve his club, his community, and his dream when he has nowhere else to turn.

The club’s final hope may be a cricket competition that will be held in Sialkot. But are they still prepared? Can a squad of misfits without a facility or coach win the cup and upset their highly skilled, unbeaten competitors who were given every advantage from birth and possess every facility?

They choose to enlist the assistance of former cricketer Akbar Deen with that question in mind, but Akbar has a troubled past. “Main Hoon Shahid Afridi” sets off on a voyage of mistrust, betrayal, love, power, and unfulfilled dreams when fates collide and riddles emerge.

27. The Grand Seduction (2013)

Cricket Movies

Director: Don McKellar

A struggling Newfoundland fishing community must use any measures possible to persuade a young doctor to settle there to survive. To get a contract to establish a factory that will save the town from financial collapse, Tickle Cove’s small harbor is in desperate need of a doctor. Murray French, a villager, leads the search, and when he locates Dr. Paul Lewis, he uses strategies to persuade the doctor to stay permanently with the help of the entire community.

28. Kai Po Che (2013)

Cricket Movies

Director: Abhishek Kapoor

To create the nation’s upcoming cricket stars, three buddies who were growing up in India at the turn of the millennium decided to start a training facility. The three buddies who form a firm that offers coaching sessions and tutoring are central to the narrative.

Omi asks his uncle, a political figure himself, for assistance in starting this enterprise. Some kids receive tutoring from Govind and Ishaan coaches cricket. They encounter Ali, a young man with a hyper-reflex talent. Ishaan then begins specific training for the youngster to produce a new star player for the nation. However, abruptly unexpected events occur, and the narrative changes.

29. All Rounder (1984)

Cricket Movies

Director: Mohan Kumar

Birju and Ajay are brothers. Birju pushes his cricket-loving brother to pursue a career in the sport, and he does so. Vikram is one of several adversaries he makes as a result of his ascent to prominence. Ajay is barred from playing any professional cricket by Vikram, who manipulates him into becoming disorderly and getting intoxicated with the aid of a female acquaintance.

Birju, Ajay’s brother, too feels let down, and the two brothers fight before Ajay leaves the house. Ritu, Ajay’s girlfriend, and her parents are both disappointed with him. Ajay starts drinking to help him forget his problems. Will Ajay ever earn the respect of his sibling, his loved ones, and his supporters?

30. Potta Potti (2011)

Cricket Movies

Director: Yuvaraj Dhayalan

In a village, two cousins are hoping to wed their uncle’s daughter. The girl suggests a cricket match as a resolution to the problem. The rest of the story concerns S. Ramesh, a cricket player who is caught by one of the cousins.

Kodaivannan and Kolaivannan, two brothers from a far-off hamlet, decide to wed a wealthy woman. A cricket match is decided to be held by the locals. Depending on who wins the cricket match, decide whether to get the lady married to either of the guys.

Sadagoppan Ramesh, a cricket player, gets abducted by the ‘good-hearted Kodaivannan’s team while he travels to Thekkady. Then Kolaivannan employs a ruthless big-shot coach from Chennai who wants to develop the village’s expansive land for his business.