Top 30 Greatest Hockey Movies of All Time

Top 30 Greatest Hockey Movies of All Time. You should check out these Mike Tyson Movies. These Mike Tyson Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Miracle (2004)

Top 30 Greatest Hockey Movies of All Time

Director: Gavin O’Connor

The real-life account of former player turned coach Herb Brooks, who guided the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team to victory over the Soviet team appeared unbeatable. A nation was brought together by the inspiring tale of the team that went above and beyond the boundaries of its sport.

The novel depicts a time and place where disagreements could be resolved through competition and a cold war might be put on hold. It is based on the valid account of one of the greatest sporting events in history.

Herb Brooks, the coach of the United States ice hockey team, pitted a mismatched group of college students against the famed Soviet Union juggernaut at the 1980 Olympic Games. Despite the overwhelming odds, Team USA represented a nation that yearned for a break from the day’s news. – Hockey Movies

2. The Mighty Ducks (1992)

Top 30 Greatest Hockey Movies of All Time

Director: Stephen Herek

Bombay meets the District 5 team and realizes the children have no practice facility, equipment, or ability. Their first game with Bombay at the helm is against the Hawks. Reilly is still the Hawks’ head coach and, despite a nearly unbroken championship streak, remains bitter about Gordon’s missed penalty shot.

District 5 is soundly defeated as Reilly demands the Hawks run up the score. Bombay berates the team for not listening to him, and the players challenge his authority. For the next match, Bombay tries to teach his team how to dive and draw penalties, which results in another loss – this time to the Jets – angering the team further. Charlie Conway in particular, defied orders from Bombay to fabricate an injury.

Bombay goes to see his former mentor Hans, who runs a neighboring sporting equipment shop and was there at the Hawks game.

While there, Bombay recalled that he stopped playing hockey because Reilly blamed him for the defeat due to the missed penalty shot and because he lost his father four months before the final game. Hans urges him to reignite the enthusiasm he had for the sport as a boy by ice skating in a frozen pond. – Hockey Movies

3. Red Army (2014)

Top 30 Greatest Hockey Movies of All Time

Director: Gabe Polsky

The connection between politics and sports is covered in the movie. The movie describes how scouts for the National Hockey League courted athletes and finally overflowed NHL rosters. The film is especially critical of coach Viktor Tikhonov’s brutal methods; none of the players have positive things to say about him.

The players themselves tell the tale of the renowned Red Army hockey squad of the Soviet Union. Red Army is a feature-length documentary about the Soviet Union and the Red Army hockey team, the most prosperous dynasty in sports history.

The narrative shows Slava Fetisov, the ship’s captain, going from being a national hero to a political foe. The movie compares the emergence and fall of the Red Army squad with that of the Soviet Union and looks at how sport reflects social and cultural movements from the USSR to Russia. – Hockey Movies

4. Slap Shot (1977)

Top 30 Greatest Hockey Movies of All Time

Director: George Roy Hill

The woeful Chiefs, a losing hockey team in the Federal League, are based in Charlestown, which is in the US Rust Belt. To the dismay of the players, the team’s unidentified owner forces manager Joe McGrath to engage in cheesy publicity to generate revenue.

There are many rumors among the players that the squad would disband if the nearby mill collapses. Reggie Dunlop, the team’s seasoned player, and coach, learns that the mill is indeed closing and that this would be the team’s final season just before the formal announcement is made. Reggie starts to concentrate on how to revive interest in the team for a potential sale as he knows if the unit folds, his hockey career is done.

Francine loves Reggie but doesn’t love his career. He starts a rumor that the owner is discussing a sale with a city in Florida without alerting anyone to his scheme. Additionally, he determines that “goon” hockey, namely employing the latent skills of the recently acquired menacingly innocent-looking Hanson brothers, is the best approach to rekindle local enthusiasm. – Hockey Movies

5. Ice Guardians (2016)

Top 30 Greatest Hockey Movies of All Time

Director: Brett Harvey

Ice Guardians delves into the life of those who carry out the toughest job in the NHL: the enforcer, one of the most contentious and provocative professions in sports history. This documentary makes the case for “the enforcer” in professional hockey. Unsurprisingly, hockey violence is prevalent.

This documentary is largely one long highlight reel of hockey battles, except for the player interviews and the few fan and doctor interviews. Although there is some discussion of concussions and other injuries in professional hockey, as well as deaths, these facts are offered in the context of the claim that, in contrast to the common assumption, concussions and other injuries are not typically caused by hockey fights or the misconduct of enforcers.

A discussion regarding the significance of violence in hockey and sports in general, as well as whether or not such brutality appeals to our most primal instincts, should be sparked by this fascinating documentary. – Hockey Movies

6. The Love Guru (2008)

Top 30 Greatest Hockey Movies of All Time

Director: Marco Schnabel

Pitka, a native of the United States who was raised abroad by gurus, goes home to start a self-help firm. His first task is to put an end to the marital strife and ensuing professional slump of a famous hockey player whose wife left him for another athlete.

Maurice, who was born in America but lived in the 76-person Indian town of Havemahkeeta, was constantly pressured to outperform Deepak Chopra and engage in sexual activity ever since he was 12 years old.

To Maurice’s dismay, his Guru, Tugginmypudha, warns him and has a chastity belt fastened around his waist even if he approves of Deepak. Later, after becoming known as Guru Pitka in America, Maurice aspires to outperform Deepak Chopra on the Oprah Show. – Hockey Movies

7. Goon (2011)

Top 30 Greatest Hockey Movies of All Time

Director: Michael Dowse

Doug Glatt aspires to the level of success attained by minor league hockey goon Ross Rhea because he is dissatisfied with his work as a bouncer at a small Beantown club and feels somewhat ashamed of his affluent family. The Halifax Highlanders’ head coach recognizes Doug’s potential when an accidental confrontation with an on-ice brawler results in a violent fistfight that Doug easily wins.

Doug is only limited by his lack of hockey skills and his use of his brother’s outdated figure skates. Doug joins the squad despite the ridicule of the other players, and with the support of his hockey-crazed best friend, rapidly rises to the top. Hell will soon have the chance to compete against Ross “The Boss” Rhea and perhaps even get a woman. All that’s left for him to do is pick up skating. – Hockey Movies

8. Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story (2013)

Top 30 Greatest Hockey Movies of All Time

Director: Andy Mikita

The tale of how, at 44, aging legend Gordie Howe made a comeback during the 1973–74 hockey season. Gordie Howe, a legendary player in hockey, retired after 25 seasons with the Detroit Red Wings. But he concluded that retirement was not for him. He came out of retirement to join the Houston Aeros when his sons were selected by the team. Many others dismissed him because they believed he was too old to play competitively. – Hockey Movies

9. Odd Man Rush (2020)

Top 30 Greatest Hockey Movies of All Time

Director: Doug Dearth

Bobby Sanders of Harvard hockey is forced to face the realities of his childhood NHL fantasies when he ends himself in Sweden’s lesser leagues due to his involvement with the lady at the neighborhood market.

Odd Man Rush is a nice indie movie surprise that feels more like a character-driven slice-of-life story than an endless parade of genre cliches. It is a low-key and endearing blend of sports, humor, drama, and a touch of romance. Due to its acknowledged lack of high points and cheer-worthy moments, it may not go down in sports movie history, but what it lacks in manipulative, crowd-pleasing tropes it makes up for in unforced realism.

This movie is a rare type of sports movie that isn’t about winning or losing. It is based on the autobiographical book of the same name written by former hockey player Bill Keenan, who also acts as a co-screenwriter here. It’s about just being there. – Hockey Movies

10. Les Boys (1997)

Top 30 Greatest Hockey Movies of All Time

Director: Louis Saia

The hockey team (“Les Boys”) that competes in a low-level amateur league is the focus of the story. They include a police officer, a marginally competent doctor, a mechanic, an unemployed hockey trivia enthusiast who has lost his confidence as a goaltender, a shifty real estate salesman, and a closeted gay lawyer, among many more professions and personalities.

A bar owner who sponsors the team is keen for his son to play hockey with the older men. The league championship, where the squad gets soundly defeated in the title game, is where the movie begins. The boss of the neighborhood organized crime syndicate is playing poker against the pub owner, and he is losing $50,000. When given the chance, the owner can only come up with $25,000 to repay him.

The gang boss offers up another wager after threatening to break his leg: a match between his side and Les Boys. If Les Boys triumph, the loan will be paid; but, if they fail, the crime boss will take ownership of the pub. – Hockey Movies

11. Mystery, Alaska (1999)

Greatest Hockey Movies

Director: Jay Roach

When a tiny town’s hockey club is chosen to host a televised event, the locals become overly enthusiastic. The whole population of Mystery, Alaska must put aside their little disagreements and join together when the town’s (amateur) hockey team accepts a challenge to play the New York Rangers.

As a result, their small community becomes the focus of a nationally broadcast event. Hockey is the pride and pleasure of Mystery, Alaska, a small community. when former New Yorker and writer Charles Danner arrives and runs into Mayor Scott Pitcher. Danner suggests a challenge game versus the New York Rangers, which will be live-streamed.

The Rangers are a professional club, so this might wind up doing more harm to Mystery than good, the captain (and also local sheriff) John Biebe cautions. The challenge is nonetheless accepted despite this. – Hockey Movies

12. Legend No. 17 (2013)

Greatest Hockey Movies

Director: Nikolay Lebedev

The Running of the Bulls, which took place in Spain, where Kharlamov’s mother was from, is where the film opens in 1956. The story then shifts to Moscow in 1967, where the budding hockey player meets renowned coach Anatoly Tarasov, who assigns Valeri and his friend Alexander Gusev to play for the hometown “Zvezda” team in Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Oblast.

The life of legendary Russian ice hockey player Valeri Kharlamov, from his early years until his untimely death, is chronicled in this biopic. The movie is about a crucial event in the life of Valeriy Kharlamov, a well-known CSKA striker.

The hockey players of the USSR national team were scheduled to compete against Canadian pros from the NHL in two games on this day at international events in Montreal. And in both, they triumphed with a sizable edge. – Hockey Movies

13. Goalie (2019)

Greatest Hockey Movies

Director: Adriana Maggs

A still of Terry Sawchuk, the greatest goalie from the NHL’s original sixth eras, with overscreen text listing his accomplishments concludes Terry Sawchuk’s autopsy and its cataloging of bodily injuries, which is interspersed with on-ice action.

An image of Terry Sawchuk’s early upbringing in lower middle-class Winnipeg, Manitoba is presented. He decides to play pond hockey goalkeeper, much like his older brother. Trader Jack Adams selected him after observing his success to take the position of a successful but wounded goalie for the Detroit Red Wings. In the era of goalies without masks, Terry is seen taking pucks to the face and assisting in the success of his team.

Sawchuk marries a Detroit lady, and the two of them begin a family, caught up in his passionate and occasionally dazzling new world. When he is traded to the Bruins, they relocate to Boston. They split up after he developed drinking, abusive, and philandering tendencies. – Hockey Movies

14. Tooth Fairy (2010)

Greatest Hockey Movies

Director: Michael Lembeck

A minor league ice hockey player by the name of Derek Thompson has earned the moniker “Tooth Fairy” due to his penchant for dislodging the teeth of his rivals. One evening, Derek tells Tess, his girlfriend Carly’s six-year-old daughter, that the tooth fairy doesn’t exist while stealing the dollar that had been left for her lost tooth.

He finds a mysterious summons under his pillow that transforms him into a bird with wings and whisks him away to the world of tooth fairies. He meets Lily, the chief fairy, and Tracy, his caseworker. He and them are at odds with one another. Derek is referred to by Lily as a “dream crusher” because of his callous treatment of kids like Tess. He is required to work as a tooth fairy for two weeks. – Hockey Movies

15. Indian Horse (2017)

Greatest Hockey Movies

Director: Stephen Campanelli

After Saul’s older brother suffers a critical illness as a result of his time in an Indian residential school, the Indian Horse family, which includes six-year-old Saul and his older brother, retreats in canoes far into the wilderness to evade the authorities.

Saul decides he will never attend a residential school. His parents, who have undergone a Christian conversion, are confident that their oldest son will enter heaven. When the boy passes away, they take him somewhere to be blessed by a priest, leaving Saul in the woods with his grandmother. The parents don’t come back. Saul and his grandmother decide to stop and set up camp, but once the weather turns chilly, she thinks they must press on toward their ancestral grounds.

They snuggle together at night to remain warm as their canoe sinks, then proceed on foot through the snow. When Saul’s grandma passes away, the police find him and take him against his will to a residential school. There, he meets Lonnie, a young man who is non-English speaking.

Father Quinney, the head authority, and his nun refer to him as Aaron because they think Lonnie is an inappropriate name. They beat Lonnie because he doesn’t speak English and forbade the boys from using their Ojibwe language. – Hockey Movies

16. D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)

Greatest Hockey Movies

Director: Sam Weisman

Despite all the setbacks, can Gordon’s team be able to win the Junior Goodwill Games in California? Due to a knee injury, Gordon Bombay is compelled to leave the minor hockey league. He receives the position of Team USA Hockey’s coach at the Junior Goodwill Games in California, much to his surprise. He travels to LA with the majority of the Ducks and a few new guys. For a time, everything seems to be going well, but Gordon starts to get sidetracked by the Hollywood excitement when the championship favorites, Iceland, arrive on the scene. – Hockey Movies

17. Score: A Hockey Musical (2010)

Greatest Hockey Movies

Director: Michael McGowan

A teen hockey player gains national notoriety. Farley, 17, has enjoyed a sheltered childhood, being educated at home, practicing organic living, and visiting art museums. Farley loves to play shinny with the neighborhood rink rats, much to the dismay of his parents.

To their much greater dismay, the owner of a junior league team scouts Farley and signs him, whereupon he immediately becomes a star. Farley learns, however, that fame has a cost, one of which is being expected to engage in on-ice combat. Farley finds himself lost after adding a changing friendship with his best friend. – Hockey Movies

18. Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017)

Greatest Hockey Movies

Director: Jay Baruchel

The Halifax Highlanders are facing a brand-new day. A professional lockout has reunited former comrades and added a group of new players to the bench; Doug “The Thug” Glatt, everyone’s favorite enforcer and team leader, is conspicuously absent from the starting lineup. Doug is hanging up his skates and settling into life as an insurance salesman after being sidelined after taking too many blows, getting married, and having a baby.

Doug is forced back into action when his arch-enemy Anders Cain is named captain of the Highlanders and new ownership threatens to split up his team. Doug goes to the rink against their wife Eva’s objections and finds an odd training partner in former enforcer and old foe Ross. They will fight for one last opportunity to do what they do best—protect their team—by banding together with tenacity, passion, and unwavering commitment. – Hockey Movies

19. Net Worth (1995)

Greatest Hockey Movies

Director: Jerry Ciccoritti

The film “Networth” based on a true story tells the stirring account of a group of individuals who sacrificed their careers to challenge the NHL’s tyrants in the battle for the survival of the professional hockey industry. This lavishly staged, two-hour drama debunks the urban legends surrounding the league’s heyday to portray the reality of a group that would annihilate anyone who played for the love of the game.

In this stirring account of the early days of the NHL, Ted Lindsay, an all-star for the Detroit Red Wings, sets out to found a Players Association to defend the rights of players from monopolistic, profit-driven owners. Lindsay rallies players from all over the league to his cause after remembering a former teammate who passed away broke because he was unable to collect his pension. – Hockey Movies

20. Red Penguins (2019)

Greatest Hockey Movies

Director: Gabe Polsky

A tale of commerce and opportunism gone awry, Red Penguins features gangsters, strippers, and live bears pouring beer on a Moscow ice rink. The Pittsburgh Penguins and the renowned Red Army hockey team established a cooperative enterprise soon after the fall of the Soviet Union, demonstrating that anything was feasible in the new Russia.

Steve Warshaw, an eccentric marketing genius, is dispatched to Russia with the mission of making his team the best show in Moscow. He leads the audience on a surreal voyage while highlighting a crucial period in American and Russian relations during a time when there was anarchy, billionaires built their riches, and numerous murders went unsolved. – Hockey Movies

21. The Chiefs (2004)

Hockey Movies

Director: Jason Gileno

Five hockey players who fight each other are the subject of a documentary by Jason Gileno. Five fighting hockey players who live in the rear of a hockey rink and battle their way to hero status in the world’s bloodiest league are the subject of this real story. Our heroes gradually start to fail in the face of their own fiercest enemies. Les Chiefs is a true story about guys battling to maintain their boyhood. – Hockey Movies

22. The Pee-Wee 3D: The Winter That Changed My Life (2012)

Hockey Movies

Director: Éric Tessier

The tale of a bunch of young hockey players preparing for the season of their lives while living in a small Quebec hamlet. They will attempt to compete in the World Hockey Tournament Peewee Quebec, the most renowned minor hockey competition in the world. After his mother passes away, Janeau relocates to a new city and joins a hockey club. His teammates are envious of his brilliance, but while they train for a competition, he befriends the talented custodian. – Hockey Movies

23. Sudden Death (1995)

Hockey Movies

Director: Peter Hyams

During the seventh game of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, a group of terrorists holding the Vice President and others hostage are confronted by a former firefighter. The Vice President of the United States and numerous other high-ranking officials are being held hostage at the sporting venue where Darren McCord is taking his two children to watch a Pittsburgh Penguins National Hockey League playoff game.

Later, Darren is the only person still aware of the incident. The attackers’ announcement that they will blow up the building after the game also raises the stakes. To stop the terrorists, Darren must also delay the game and send it into overtime. – Hockey Movies

24. Touch and Go (1986)

Hockey Movies

Director: Robert Mandel

Ice hockey player Bobby Barbato plays professionally in Chicago. He anticipates the same adoring throng and alluring women chasing after him. But one day, a group of kids starts to mug him. He manages to stop them, and then he captures Louis DeLeon, the gang’s youngest member.

After giving Louis a ride home, he meets Denise, a Hispanic woman who is Louis’ mother. After a disagreement, Bobby picks up the pieces of his life, but later, he and Denise start to develop feelings for one another, and Louis ends up becoming good friends with the hockey player. – Hockey Movies

25. Hockey Night (1984)

Hockey Movies

Director: Paul Shapiro

When a female goalkeeper joins a male hockey team in Parry Sound, Ontario, she encounters biased opponents. Cathy Yarrow, a 14-year-old Toronto resident, relocates to Parry Sound, Ontario, with her newly widowed mother and sister.

Though she finds the shift challenging, she makes Evelyn a new friend. When the subject of hockey is brought up, it is revealed that Cathy used to play goalkeeper for a Toronto girls’ team.

She decides to try out for the squad as a goaltender while the two girls observe the Parry Sound Bantam boys hockey team during practice. Although she encounters opposition, she also receives encouragement, particularly from the team’s top forward. – Hockey Movies

26. Selänne (2013)

Hockey Movies

Director: JP Siili

Selänne participated in three sports: bandy, hockey, and association football. He competed in games of football and hockey with and against Paavo but ultimately decided to switch to hockey, where he was a part of multiple Finnish and European championship squads. Growing up small gave Teemu a competitive mentality and the will to develop his abilities.

He ultimately joined the junior team of Jokerit in Helsinki after concentrating on hockey. As a young adult, Selänne spent two years in business school and completed a required one-year enlistment in the Finnish Defence Forces.

He also worked for Jokerit for three years as a kindergarten instructor. His visits to youngsters at the Youngsters’ Hospital in Helsinki inspired him to co-found the Godfathers’ Foundation, a charity that raises money for sick children. – Hockey Movies

27. Hockeyland (2021)

Hockey Movies

Director: Tommy Haines

Rival communities’ teams compete for a final opportunity to inscribe their names in local lore in Minnesota, the storied center of US ice hockey. More skaters are produced in Minnesota than in any other state, both on local rinks and in the NHL, making it the hockey capital of the US.

The senior lads of these competing towns—one an up-and-coming dynasty, the other with a legendary past—face uncertain futures as they compete for a final opportunity to make their names legendary in their communities. Hockey is the equivalent of Friday Night Lights in Texas football for Minnesota high school hockey. – Hockey Movies

28. The Cutting Edge (1992)

Hockey Movies

Director: Paul Michael Glaser

Hockey player Doug Dorsey competed for the United States in the 1988 Winter Olympics. He was forced to retire after a ferocious match against West Germany due to an injury. Amid her routine during the same Olympic games, Kate Moseley fell. Both have put in a lot of effort to qualify for the Winter Olympics and now their hopes have been abruptly dashed.

Kate, a difficult-to-control but gifted figure skater, has had several partners before her coach suggests Doug. They ultimately become ready for the nationals and the Olympics after enduring the challenging 15 hours of skating a day of training. As they try to win their Olympic Gold Medal ambitions, a romance develops, and their final performance might make or destroy them. – Hockey Movies

29. Go Figure (2005)

Hockey Movies

Director: Francine McDougall

A teen who aspires to be a world-class ice skater soon learns that a top Russian coach is employed at a neighboring private school. “Go Figure” follows 14-year-old Katelin as she trains to compete at the highest levels of ice skating. Katelin will do practically everything to take advantage of the opportunity to study with renowned Russian figure skating coach Natasha Goberman at the private school where she teaches, including joining the girl’s hockey team on a scholarship. – Hockey Movies

30. Genius (1999)

Hockey Movies

Director: Rod Daniel

When Charlie Boyle adopts a double life in trying to make acquaintances his age, he discovers that even his high IQ can’t address all of his issues. Charlie, a genius in physics, hockey, and other fields, is sick of living alone.

The fact that he enters college before turning 14 and assists a scientist who is attempting to defy gravity is bad enough. Charlie reinvents himself as a slacker/bad boy and enrolls in the local Jr. high to live his life precisely the way he wants it to be. But even for a genius, managing two lives is challenging. – Hockey Movies

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