The 20 Best Mike Tyson Movies of All Time

The 20 Best Mike Tyson Movies of All Time. You should check out these Mike Tyson Movies. These Mike Tyson Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Vendetta (2022)

The 20 Best Mike Tyson Movies of All Time

Director: Jared Cohn

William Duncan takes matters into his own hands and embarks on a mission for vengeance when his daughter is brutally murdered and judicial justice becomes improbable.

William Duncan, a family guy, and former marine, goes out in suburban Georgia with his daughter Kat, 16, who plays softball and has aspirations of playing professionally, to pick up dinner. Rory and Danny kill Kat in the car while William goes after the food on behalf of their father, the drug lord Donnie, who is represented by brothers Rory and Danny.

Authorities quickly detain them, but William manipulates the outcome of the trial so that Danny escapes. The next night, William decides to track Danny and kill him. Donnie and Rory, who are furious, decide to kill William in retaliation. William kills Rory and Donnie after they fail in their quest. – Mike Tyson Movies

2. The Hangover (2009)

The 20 Best Mike Tyson Movies of All Time

Director: Todd Phillips

Doug travels to Las Vegas with his three closest friends. However, the three best men discover Doug is missing when they wake up the following morning with hangovers.

Phil Wenneck, Stu Price, and Alan Garner fly to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Before the wedding, Phil, Stu, and Alan must locate Doug because they are unable to recall what happened the prior evening. After learning of the disappearance of a friend of executive producer Chris Bender after his bachelor celebration in Las Vegas, Lucas, and Moore were inspired to write the script.

Phillips and Jeremy Garelick revised the script to incorporate a tiger, a subplot involving a baby and a police car, and real-life boxer Mike Tyson after Lucas and Moore sold it to Warner Bros. for $2 million. Nevada was the location for fifteen days of filming. – Mike Tyson Movies

3. Liger (2022)

The 20 Best Mike Tyson Movies of All Time

Director: Puri Jagannadh

A tale of star-crossed lovers, dreams, and martial arts. Liger is an MMA fighter who works hard to advance through the ranks to fight like his hero, the legendary Mark Anderson, and catch his eye. Liger is an MMA fighter who works hard to advance through the ranks to fight like his idol, the well-known MMA fighter Mark Anderson, and catch his eye.

He falls in love with Taniya, an aspiring model, while on his MMA training adventure. Taniya rejects his love and departs for the USA to further her profession despite being passionately in love with him. To move past Taniya’s rejection, the betrayed lover Liger then devotes all of his energy to MMA fighting, winning the National Championship.

Will Liger ever realize his ambition of seeing his hero, Mark Anderson, and does fate have a reunion in store for these star-crossed lovers? The core of this incredibly engaging, heart-pounding action romance named Liger is this special fusion of tenacity, dreams, relationships, action, and love. – Mike Tyson Movies

4. Ip Man 3 (2015)

The 20 Best Mike Tyson Movies of All Time

Director: Wilson Yip

Ip Man maintains a modest profile in Hong Kong in 1959. He is now alone in Hong Kong with his younger son, Ip Ching, and his wife, Cheung Wing-sing, as his older son, Ip Chun, has moved back to Foshan to continue his studies. Bruce Lee visits Ip and requests to study under him.

It does neither accept nor reject Lee when he shows off his speed but instead suggests that he depart by opening the door. Miss Wong summons the parents to the school when Ip Ching and Cheung Fong engage in a physical altercation, but only the Ips show up.

The Ips apologize and extend a dinner invitation to Fong. Fong shows off his basic yet remarkable Wing Chun talents at Ip’s house. When questioned about his mentor, Fong replies that Cheung Tin-chi, who soon arrives to pick up his son, is his father. Even though Tin-chi is friendly with Ip, he secretly envies him and aspires to be better than him. – Mike Tyson Movies

5. Scary Movie V (2013)

The 20 Best Mike Tyson Movies of All Time

Director: Malcolm D. Lee

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan use more than 20 cameras to make a sex tape next to Sheen’s bed. The time-lapsed video cuts to the two engaging in a variety of bedroom shenanigans, such as horseback riding, gymnastics, and clowns jumping in under the covers.

Sheen is propelled into the air by a supernatural force and knocked into furniture such as doors, shelves, and walls before landing back on the bed. When Lohan flies into the air due to fear, she decides to return home. However, while doing so, she becomes possessed and kills Sheen by throwing him into the camera.

According to the text, Sheen’s body was discovered that day, but he continued to party until days later. His three children were also reported missing, Lohan was detained once more, and a reward was offered for information leading to their safe return. – Mike Tyson Movies

6. The Hangover Part II (2011)

The 20 Best Mike Tyson Movies of All Time

Director: Todd Phillips

Stu’s wedding in Thailand is attended by Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug two years after the bachelor party in Las Vegas. However, Stu’s idea for a quiet pre-wedding breakfast dramatically goes astray. Stu is tying the knot.

He regrettably invites Alan to the wedding in Thailand, along with Doug, Phil, and his upcoming brother-in-law Teddy. After spending a peaceful evening drinking beer and roasting marshmallows over a campfire on the beach, Stu, Alan, and Phil awaken in a sleazy Bangkok flat.

Doug has returned to the resort, but Teddy is gone, a monkey has been found with a severed finger, Alan’s head has been shaved, Stu has a tattoo on his face, and they are all unable to recall anything that happened. To locate Teddy before the wedding, the wolf pack retraces their path through strip clubs, tattoo parlors, and monkeys peddling cocaine on Bangkok’s streets. – Mike Tyson Movies

7. Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth (2013)

The 20 Best Mike Tyson Movies of All Time

Director: Spike Lee

Mike Tyson, a former heavyweight boxing champion, delivers his one-man act in New York. Spike Lee was the director. Contains mature themes and strong language.

Mike Tyson performs and demonstrates his talent as a storyteller with timing akin to a seasoned stand-up comedian. Mike had a miserable upbringing in Brooklyn, New York, with a drug-addicted mother and maybe a pimp father who was never there.

It was obvious that Tyson would end up in reform schools and prison, but a chance encounter with boxing coach Cus D’Amato altered his path. Everything is material, including Desiree Washington’s rape case and her incredibly bizarre and intriguing marriage to actress Robin Givens. Mike impersonates D’Amato and his previous manager Don King in entertaining ways. – Mike Tyson Movies

8. Tyson (2008)

The 20 Best Mike Tyson Movies of All Time

Director: James Toback

Mike Tyson explores his self-discovery as he considers his extremely contentious public life. It opens with highlights of Tyson’s 20-year-old victory over Trevor Berbick for the World Boxing Council Heavyweight Championship, and then it delves into the fighter’s upbringing and inspiration.

In Brownsville, Brooklyn, where his offenses forced him to attend Tryon School for Boys in Johnstown, New York, it is revealed that he had a chaotic home and a challenging childhood.

Tyson fights back tears as he describes his father-son bond with Cus D’Amato, his first professional trainer. He shares the dread he had when D’Amato passed away in 1985. When Tyson lost the one and only father figure in his life, he was 19 years old. – Mike Tyson Movies

9. Medellin (2023)

The 20 Best Mike Tyson Movies of All Time

Director: Franck Gastambide

Reda is the manager of a boxing gym and a wannabe tough guy from the French suburbs, but he has never had the guts to enter a fight. When his brother Brahim, a social media influencer who calls himself Pablito and is a fan of the Narcos culture as well as Pablo Escobar, is abducted by cartel members while traveling in Colombia, Reda unpredictably springs into action.

He gathers his gym members and convinces them to travel with him to Medellin to rescue his younger brother from the cartel. Only two people responded to the call to duty at the airport, his childhood friend Stan and Chafix, a dwarf working out at Reda’s gym. – Mike Tyson Movies

10. Hamlet Pheroun (2019)

The 20 Best Mike Tyson Movies of All Time

Director: Raouf Abdel Aziz

A former soldier guides a group of Egyptian refugees through the desert while defending them against a band of nasty mercenaries. Yehia, also known as Pharaoh, gathers six of his old friends—each with a special fighting technique—to go to Syria under the guise of bounty hunting. Their primary objective is to deliver his kidnapped son from Franco and his ISIS criminals, who had attacked Syrian refugees, including Yehia’s wife, and taken the kids to a neighborhood that Franco presently controls. – Mike Tyson Movies


11. Girls 2 (2018)

 Mike Tyson Movies

Director: Wong Chun-chun

This extravagant follow-up to the box office sensation GIRLS features a crazy bachelorette weekend in a foreign location that humorously spirals out of hand. After engaging in a drinking competition using some dubious local liquors, three friends wake up on a beach naked to find two of them shackled to a locked suitcase, one sporting an odd new tattoo, and none of them knowing what transpired the previous evening. Their only chance of returning home and reaching the altar while being chased by neighborhood gangsters is to piece together the previous night’s events while fleeing. – Mike Tyson Movies

12. Reality Queen! (2020)

 Mike Tyson Movies

Director: Steven Jay Bernheim

There is no good message in this spoof; it is meant to expose how reality stars stage and manufacture their genuine lives to attract attention. cruel humor that mocks underrepresented groups. The sex tape of the main character is frequently brought up in conversation.

A shallow blonde heiress and celebutante named London Logo fight to stay in the spotlight. In the meantime, a made-up BBC journalist tries to make sense of London’s outlandish antics and modern America’s celebrity culture.

It’s challenging to satirize things that are already absurd, and the mockumentary “Reality Queen!” suffers from the unfortunate circumstance of being even more empty — and less humorous — than the empty-calorie celebs it mocks.

This spoof from first-time feature director Steven Jay Bernheim stars his wife Julia Faye West as “London Logo,” a fame-obsessed Paris Hilton type whose spotlight has recently been stolen by some Kardashian-esque rivals. It is a venture beneath even the combined dignities of cast members Denise Richards and Mike Tyson. – Mike Tyson Movies

13. Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson (1993)

 Mike Tyson Movies

Director: Barbara Kopple

Director Barbara Kopple documents the life and career of former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson as well as the circumstances that led to his 1992 conviction for a six-year sentence. The boxer’s rise and fall, from his impoverished upbringing to his 1991 rape prosecution.

Ring video and interviews with Tyson, sportswriters, promoters, friends, and trainer Cus D’Amato are intercut throughout the movie. Kopple used previously conducted interviews with the boxer as well as her in-depth interviews with individuals closest to Tyson to delve into the man’s past when he was serving a rape sentence in prison.

The movie follows Tyson’s life from his turbulent childhood through his quick rise through the boxing ranks and his subsequent battle with the responsibilities of fame. Barbara Kopple won the 1993 Best Documentary Director prize from the Directors Guild of America (DGA) for her work on Fallen Champ. – Mike Tyson Movies

14. Black Flies (2023)

 Mike Tyson Movies

Director: Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire

Sean Penn and Tye Sheridan play paramedics who spend their nights driving through hell which never stops trying to get high on its ferocity.

Numerous photos show the two in their EMS van traveling beneath the tracks of an overhead subway train, a scene that closely resembles the legendary car/subway pursuit between Popeye Doyle and the ‘French Connection’ in which Doyle smashed through a dirty Brooklyn street.

Those overhead tracks form a component of the film’s carefully oppressive visual design as Rut and Cross patrol the Brownsville neighborhood, one of the most impoverished and criminalized areas of New York City. The two can hardly see the sky since they have so little breathing room. – Mike Tyson Movies

15. A Madea Family Funeral (2019)

 Mike Tyson Movies

Director: Tyler Perry

When Madea, Joe, Aunt Bam, and other family members assemble for an anniversary party that turns out to be a hoax, what should have been a happy reunion in a small-town Georgia becomes an unexpected nightmare.

Madea and the friends soon discover themselves attending an extravagant funeral that doesn’t quite go as planned, in place of fun and relaxation. As Madea and the crew make their way to rural Georgia, where they find themselves suddenly preparing a funeral that might reveal unpleasant family secrets, a happy family reunion turns into a funny nightmare. – Mike Tyson Movies

16. Tyson – O Mito (1995)

 Mike Tyson Movies

Director: Uli Edel

Mike Tyson’s life narrative. From his amateur beginnings as a 12-year-old boxer with a strong punch to his undisputed “Heavyweight Champion of the World” title, and eventually to his rape conviction. His chaotic existence is quickly described, with little time spent on any one thing in particular.

Additionally, this film seeks to present the opposing viewpoint to the Tyson rumors you may have heard. You’ve certainly heard how Tyson got cozy with Teddy’s niece, but this film suggests that Jamie might have had her sights set on Mike. You’ve certainly heard tales about Robin Givens, but this film reveals just how dishonest she truly was and how she exploited Mike.

Most likely, you have heard rumors about Don King. The film demonstrates what a jerk he was. You get a solid idea of it, but less is shown than in his biopic. Although you’ve certainly heard that Tyson was found guilty of rape, the choice is yours in this film. – Mike Tyson Movies

17. Kickboxer: Retaliation (2018)

 Mike Tyson Movies

Director: Dimitri Logothetis

Kurt Sloan has promised never to visit Thailand again after the events of “Kickboxer: Vengeance” transpired a year ago. But as he prepares to defend his MMA title, he finds himself unconscious and returned to Thailand, this time in jail.

He is there because the perpetrators want Kurt to battle a 6’8″ 400-pound monster named Mongkut for a chance to win a million dollars and his freedom. When Kurt initially declines, a price is placed on his head to coerce him into seeing Mongkut.

Kurt quickly realizes that he will have no other option but to face Mongkut in the hopes of regaining his freedom, therefore he will go through his most demanding training to date with some surprising mentors. But after being severely thrashed by Mongkut in the first, he later geared up, vanquished Mongkut, and earned both his freedom and compensation. – Mike Tyson Movies

18. Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life (2017)

 Mike Tyson Movies

Director: Andrew Sandler

A fascinating and unique look into Chris Brown’s contentious life and career. Chris Brown, a pop sensation, is allowed to tell his narrative in this gripping documentary that goes beyond the spotlight and past the attention-grabbing headlines.

New interviews with the global sensation provide long-awaited insights into his love of music, his turbulent and widely publicized relationships, and the difficulties of growing up in the spotlight. New performance videos, access to the making-of, and exclusive interviews with Usher, Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled, Mike Tyson, Jamie Foxx, and others are also included. – Mike Tyson Movies

19. Public Disturbance (2018)

 Mike Tyson Movies

Director: Danny Lee

Given their reputation for executing pranks and stunts, the comedy group The Janoskians decides to organize an extravagant party in Los Angeles. As they become used to life in Los Angeles, the Janoskians do stunts, play practical jokes, and also decide to organize an amazing party.

It was excruciating to see Public Disturbance. Rarely can something presented as comedy evoke such a profound sense of misery. Watching this movie is like sitting through one of those grating morning radio shows when people snort loudly at things that aren’t amusing. This movie is hardly better than Going to the Dentist, and Jackass looks like comedy heaven in comparison. – Mike Tyson Movies

20. Lennox Lewis: The Untold Story (2020)

 Mike Tyson Movies

Director: Seth Koch

A detailed examination of Lennox Lewis’ life and career, from his difficult background to the Olympics and the professional ranks where he made his name as one of the greatest athletes in sports history. – Mike Tyson Movies


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