Top 20 Greatest Syria Movies You Should Watch

Top 20 Greatest Syria Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Syria Movies. These Syria Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Syria Movies

1. Kobane (2022)

Top 20 Greatest Syria Movies You Should Watch

Director: Özlem Yasar

The movie chronicles the lives of Zohra, a 32-year-old YPJ fighter who takes over as unit commander after the previous leader escapes the scene.

Despite ISIS having more members and more powerful weapons, she leads the Kurdish forces in breaking the siege of Kobane and liberating the city.

A female Kurdish fighter leads her fellow fighters in the battle to defend their city, Kobane, from the deadly menace of ISIS despite being outnumbered and outgunned. A true tale of conflict, love, sacrifice, and hope. – Syria Movies

2. Al Nadam (2016)

Top 20 Greatest Syria Movies You Should Watch

Director: Laith Hajjo

The tale “The Threshold of Pain” by Iraqi author “Hasan Sami Yousef” served as the inspiration for this television series. Al-Naddam, often known as “The Regret,” is a wholly Syrian television series that blends facts of Syrian daily life, in the year before the conflict began. Erwa, a young guy, and Hana, a young woman, are brought together in a love story.

This young couple is experiencing a love tale in Damascus, the Syrian capital. Later, Hanaa will get a cardiac condition that will slowly force her to shut down until she passes away on a suffocating night. Erwa will describe his relationship with Hana in depth by penning a tragic love story set during the Syrian Civil War. – Syria Movies

3. Nezouh (2022)

Top 20 Greatest Syria Movies You Should Watch

Director: Soudade Kaadan

Mutaz refuses to leave Damascus and lives in the insecurity of a refugee camp even as bombs fall on the city. Zeina, his daughter, and Hala, his wife, must decide whether to stay or go.

In Nezouh, the intense and delicate second film from Syrian director Soudade Kaadan, the final family in a bombed-out Damascus neighborhood must choose whether to stay or leave. The film bravely attempts to subvert the notions of violence and victims that the term “Syrian drama” typically conjures up. – Syria Movies

4. When the Seedlings Grow-Gava Sitil Mezin Dibin (2022)

Top 20 Greatest Syria Movies You Should Watch

Director: Rêger Azad

Hüseyin and his daughter Zelal are traveling while selling yogurt in Kobanê when they come across Hemudê, who is trying to find his home. After the Kobanê battle, a new civilization is observed along their one-day excursion. – Syria Movies

5. Breaking Bones (Kaser Adem) (2022)

Top 20 Greatest Syria Movies You Should Watch

Director: Allaith Alkahil

The series centers on Al-Hakam, a prominent figure in Syrian society who engages in illegal activities like drug smuggling. A lady out for revenge on the man who killed her husband will uncover all his schemes. – Syria Movies

6. The End Will Be Spectacular (2019)

Top 20 Greatest Syria Movies You Should Watch

Director: Ersin Çelik

Zilan returns to her hometown where the populist protests are being brutally suppressed after her brother is killed by ISIS. She won’t watch helplessly as her people’s independence is fought for. A young woman named Zilan goes back to her village in search of signs of her brother, who was killed by the Islamic State.

However, social and political unrest has transformed her community into something far different from what it once was. The police and army are using violent force to suppress the people who have risen to seek their political independence.

However, the city’s resistance will last for more than 100 days, and Zilan won’t watch helplessly. Elik’s debut feature examines ideas like optimism, camaraderie, sacrifice, and loss in the struggle for independence of a group of young people based on the diaries of those who perished fighting and the testimony of survivors, who play the characters of the film. – Syria Movies

7. The Day I Lost My Shadow (2018)

Top 20 Greatest Syria Movies You Should Watch

Director: Soudade Kaadan

In the almost contemporary war drama, a Syrian mother gets separated from her little son while searching for a gas bottle so she may cook for him.

The documentary feature Obscure, directed by Syrian-born Frenchman Soudade Kaadan, debuted last year and focused on a 6-year-old in a Lebanese refugee camp who had been traumatized by the Syrian war.

It won the Lion of the Future award this year at the Venice Film Festival for best first film, despite being strictly speaking a fiction debut only.

In her debut fiction film, which was made by her sister Amira, Kaadan instead turns to the mother of a boy her age after she accidentally gets lost behind enemy lines outside of Damascus. – Syria Movies

8. Qaid Majhol (2021)

Top 20 Greatest Syria Movies You Should Watch

Director: Ahmad Harhash

A Syrian television series of eight episodes tells the tale of a man who has a severe psychological illness that causes him to adopt imaginary, nonexistent personas as his own. Every time he experiences bad luck, he asks an imagined friend to help him find a solution. One of the many atrocities he commits is the murder of a prominent artist in Syrian society.

After his arrest, a condition known as “dissociative personality disorder” would be discovered that caused him to commit crimes without his knowledge. He will, however, be able to escape from jail with the aid of one of the characters he took on in previous lives.

Samir, an unhappy person in every way, struggles to get through each day, battling his wife, children, coworkers, management, and the entire neighborhood. Yazan, his lone buddy, is very different from him; he’s a young man who worries about his appearance, is fearless to the point of madness, and is elegant. – Syria Movies

9. The Stranger (2021)

Top 20 Greatest Syria Movies You Should Watch

Director: Ameer Fakher Eldin

Thomas Wright’s powerful and unsettling The Stranger, which is largely based on a true story involving the kidnapping and death of a young Australian boy, immerses viewers in the shadowy corners of Australia as one undercover cop risks his sanity to apprehend an elusive no-name vagabond. However, The Stranger is more of a felt experience than a standard police procedural; it’s all about the search, not the crime.

Wright creates a hyper-elaborate set-up and delicate drip-feed of facts that make spoilers an equal crime. Australia is depicted as a gloomy location withdrawn windows and overhanging clouds, which contradicts the fact that The Stranger is based on a genuine tale. However, this realism still hangs over the plot despite the editors’ choice to not personalize the victim.

This portrayal of common evil, which premieres in Un Certain Regard at Cannes, is anchored by Joel Edgerton in the way only he can: as a powerful and gloomy presence, the actor, and the Australian criminal backdrop will be its main draws. Sean Harris, a British actor who has transformed his crooked features into a waxy chameleon, is the best person to portray evil.

The film’s aesthetic and unique approach—mumbled language and abrupt jump-cuts—could cause it to perform subduedly in art-house theaters, but on high-end streaming platforms outside of Australia, where familiarity with the case should guarantee a large audience, it will likely perform considerably more forcefully. – Syria Movies

10. Al Waq-waq (2018)

Top 20 Greatest Syria Movies You Should Watch

Director: Rawad Alio

To survive on a deserted island while making their way to America illegally, survivors of a sinking ship are compelled to cooperate. They also pick a leader to serve as the island’s president. – Syria Movies


11. King of the Sands (2013)

Syria Movies

Director: Najdat Esmail Anzur

The biopic King of the Sands is about King Abdulaziz, who established the modern-day kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was an emir of the Al Saud clan in central Arabia. It is claimed that King of the Sands is a “landmark taboo-breaking film” that tells a “dichotomous” tale.

It depicts a destitute prince in exile retaking his ancestral territories and extending his reign until he holds the majority of the Arabian Peninsula. “Single-minded ruthlessness” was required for this success.

The competing Emirs of Ha’il were wiped out by him. Later, he executed his shock soldiers, the Ikhwan, a clandestine army made up of the principal nomadic tribes.

In Jordan and Iraq, they had put at risk the king’s alliance with the British. The monarch’s independence is also threatened in this movie by Western imperialism, hinting at the kingdom’s eventual involvement in international events once the oil began to flow. – Syria Movies

12. The Dupes (1972)

Syria Movies

Director: Tewfik Saleh

Three generations of men who traveled from Palestine to Iraq in the goal of making it to Kuwait to pursue their aspirations of freedom and riches are depicted in the film as living as refugees after the 1948 Palestinian exodus. – Syria Movies

13. Moment of Silence (2019)

Syria Movies

Director: Jafra Younes

Unexpectedly in the middle of the night, a prison warden shows up to carry out the death sentences of two inmates against all rules and regulations. The inmates will be replaced by two others after being smuggled out of prison to conceal a case of witness elimination.

Teenager Ally Andrews, whose hearing was damaged in a car accident, lives with her parents Hugh and Kelly Andrews, her brother Jude, her grandmother Lynn, who is dying of lung cancer, and a pet dog. The United States government issues a state of emergency and orders everyone to remain inside and quiet as word of the Vesp outbreak spreads.

Hugh advised the family to put their telephones on silent mode. When they did, they saw four videos, the first of which showed a mother and her child riding in a car and the second of which showed two victims running. The mother displays a note with the words “Don’t make noise” scribbled on it and the child’s mouth taped. – Syria Movies

14. Dreams of the City (1984)

Syria Movies

Director: Mohamed Malas

Dib, the movie’s primary character, writes his autobiography in the narrative. Dib was raised by a mother who was coerced into a second marriage and a cruel father-in-law.

This is in some ways Malas’ autobiography. The United Arab Republic, which briefly existed between Syria and Egypt, the fall of the dictatorship in Syria, the rise to power of Gamal Abdel Nasser, and the nationalism. – Syria Movies

15. Rain of Homs (2017)

Syria Movies

Director: Joud Saeed

During the siege that lasted for a hundred and some days, Youssef and Yara searched only for life, and nothing else, in Homs, the story’s protagonist. They fled from death rather than choose to stay or fight, which is why it hunted for them.

In the war-torn city of Homs, two Syrians from different political backgrounds—a man with his nephew and a woman with her five-year-old sister—are left behind. They toil in the flames while pondering how their burgeoning love may spare them from peril. – Syria Movies

16. The Confession (2019)

Syria Movies

Director: Basil Al-Khatib

After spending the night out with her partner Kevin Reape, Sian didn’t return home, according to her son Liam O’Callaghan, who informs Elaine when she arrives home. It’s not typical of her to not contact or return home after a night out, and eventually, a missing person’s report is made.

Fulcher is asked to head the task team in finding Sian in the middle of the night. While everything is going on, Karen Edwards, a neighbor down the street, is being shown the new home that his family recently purchased by her son.

She hasn’t seen her other child Becky in months, and she knows that she works as a sex worker close by, so she’s still worried about her. Every week or so, she asks the women who work there where Becky could be by having her second husband Charlie drive her there. – Syria Movies

17. chicagoGirl: The Social Network Takes on a Dictator (2013)

Syria Movies

Director: Joe Piscatella

An American teen from the suburbs of Chicago participates in the administration of the Syrian revolution. She assists her network in exposing regime atrocities via social media.

But as the conflict intensifies, each person must decide which weapon to use: Facebook or AK-47. A socially connected community of unarmed activists, both inside and outside of Syria, utilize social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and camera phones to expose human rights abuses committed by one of the world’s most cruel tyrants.

But just because everyone can see the brutality doesn’t imply everyone can do anything about it. The members of the network must determine for themselves which is the more effective tool to topple the Assad dictatorship as the revolution continues. – Syria Movies

18. Under the Ceiling (2005)

Syria Movies

Director: Nidal Debs

Water has been trickling from this ceiling for as long as one can recall. One drop at a time, gradually, like a dream that repeats itself and spreads everywhere altering the rhythm of existence and dividing the internal from the external.

Nidal Debs has a camera for himself, a camera for his hero Marwan, and a camera that records what the other camera observes.

Marwan has lived in Damascus for a very long time, ever since the city was overrun by refugees as a result of the city’s worsening conditions. He and his companions lived in a time when dreams were alive and well and life was different.

The friends awaken as Ahmad dies away; a lifetime of stillness has ended, and the loneliness and frustration of that lifetime must come to an end today. Dreams are looking for the last few seconds since there is still some time.

Today, there is a new place to remember, communicate, and confess, as well as a new place to escape.Everyone stands up at the age crossroads today, seeking to find their position in the world that has already been constructed; we didn’t form it this way! Silent love speaks up, and longing rises. – Syria Movies

19. War Travelers (2018)

Syria Movies

Director: Joud Saeed

With other passengers he will have to stop because of continuous conflict, Baha’a is getting ready to leave the devastated city of Aleppo and head back to his village.

While they wait for the battle to end, the foreigners, who are bound to one another, will attempt to rebuild a wrecked community. – Syria Movies

20. Bellingcat – Truth in a Post-Truth World (2018)

Syria Movies

Director: Hans Pool

The groundbreaking ascent of the “citizen investigative journalist” collectively known as Bellingcat, a team of online researchers committed to revealing the truth behind complex news stories from around the globe, such as the MH17 tragedy, the Syrian Civil War, and the puzzling poisoning of a Russian spy in the UK.

De facto leader Eliot and his group of truth-seekers tested media outlets, networks, and governments from their home in Leicester. Bellingcat employs cutting-edge digital methods and crowdsourcing to produce research journalism that is quicker and more creative.

Filmmaker Hans Pool was granted exclusive access for the first time by Bellingcat researchers in Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, and the United States to follow the team on their journey and show the effectiveness of open-source inquiry. – Syria Movies