Top 20 Greatest German Series of All Time

Top 20 Greatest German Series of All Time. You should check out these German Series. These German Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Skylines (TV Series 2019)

German Series

Director: Soleen Yusef

The story revolves around aspiring rapper Jinn. Jinn, who possesses a special gift for creating live hip-hop rhythms on the spot, receives the opportunity of a lifetime when he is hired by the wealthy Skyline Records.

Prolific rapper Kalifa manages the concert while debating whether to accept the offer; but, when his brother Ardan returns to the scene and decides to operate a drug trade out of Skyline’s basement, Kalifa finds his world flipped upside down.

Workaholic Sara, who battles to combine work and her personal life while being caught up in two cases—one official and above board and the other not so much—complete our triad of stories.

2. Criminal: Germany (TV Series 2019)

German Series

Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel

German detectives play severe psychological cat-and-mouse games with their suspected suspects in the confines of a police interrogation room to get the information they need to solve their cases.

She first inquires about his prior residence from 1991 before showing him an old photograph and asking him whether he recognizes anyone in it. She then makes mention of a Jens Krahl. Muller explains that following Germany’s unification, he hired the Easterner to perform some maintenance work on his flat.

He also adds that life was difficult for Easterners, but he also mentions that he acquired many properties in the old East for next to nothing.

3. The Empress (TV Series 2022)

German Series

Director: Katharina Eyssen

Two teenagers cross paths. The typical “love at first sight” moment led to a fatal encounter. She is Elisabeth von Wittelsbach, Princess of Bavaria and the sister of the future bride of Austria-Hungary, and he is Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary.

The 16-year-old Bavarian Duchess Elisabeth “Sisi” marries Emperor Franz Joseph after falling in love with the man who will soon be her sister’s husband. She relocates to Vienna and soon finds herself navigating the convoluted intrigues of the court and the cunning family of her spouse.

She is quickly enraged by her mother-in-law Sophia, who is also her aunt. Franz Joseph’s younger brother, Maximilian, aspires to surpass his elder brother and establish his superiority as the ruler.

4. Dark (TV Series 2017)

German Series

Director: Baran bo Odar

The world’s top Internet TV Network’s debut German production takes place in a modern-day German town where the abduction of two small children reveals the secret identities and strained relationships among four families.

The story takes an unexpected turn that links back to the same community in 1986 throughout 10 hour-long episodes. A little German town’s evil past is revealed when two children go missing, along with the parallel lifestyles and strained relationships that exist among the four families as they look for the children.

The mystery-drama series unveils a complex riddle full of surprises that contains a web of intriguing individuals, all of whom—whether they realize it or not—have a connection to the town’s troubled history. The spooky aspects of the novel are connected to the same town in 1986.

5. Holiday Secrets (TV Series 2019)

German Series

Director: Samira Radsi

Three generations of a family have gathered for the holidays, but secrets are causing the gathering to progressively disintegrate. The series tells a story of women over three generations and three different periods and includes a surprising amount of side characters. It quickly and hastily brings sisters Vivi and Lara back together with their estranged mother Sonja and terminally sick grandmother Eva in their lonely family house on the German coast.

The story alternates between the present day, Christmas 1989 when Eva still resides in the same house with her abusive husband Olaf and her darkly comic but deteriorating mother Alma, and another Christmas in 2004 when Vivi and Lara were young and Sonja was alcoholic too afraid and irresponsible to commit to them.

6. The Last Word (TV Series 2020)

German Series

Director: Aron Lehmann

A widow offers her services as a eulogy speaker while still processing the recent death of her husband. She quickly establishes a reputation as a lighthearted contrast to the other German eulogy speakers, who are more often than not solemn.

A widow offers her services as a eulogy speaker while still processing her husband’s recent passing and the concerns and financial troubles he left behind. She quickly establishes a reputation as a lighthearted contrast to the other normally solemn German eulogy speakers because of her youthful nature and unreserved honesty.

7. Freud (TV Series 2020)

German Series

Director: Marvin Kren

Young Sigmund Freud is still a long way from becoming a cherished national hero in 1886 Vienna. He is marginalized by the medical community because of his unusual view of the unconscious and his use of hypnosis.

Both his professional career and his engagement to his beloved Martha are on the line. By joining his friend Arthur Schnitzler on cocaine-fueled nights out with Vienna’s elite society, he finds a distraction. To identify the perpetrators of a string of inexplicable murders that are raising controversy even in the highest levels of political circles, Freud enlists the help of Fleur, a frail medium, and Alfred Kiss, a traumatized war veteran and police officer.

8. King of Stonks (TV Series 2022)

German Series

Director: Jan Bonny

Felix Armand desires to be successful. He can finally be a decent human being once he gets there. After all, he is the infamous brains behind CableCash AG, the most prosperous FinTech business in history and all of Germany.

Unfortunately, during the IPO, everything is already going to hell in a handbasket, including online pornography, investment fraud, and money laundering. You definitely won’t receive praise from the German public for utilizing such tactics as a medium-sized business.

After Felix rescues his megalomaniacal and occult boss Magnus from the Sicilian Mafia, he immediately deserts him, leaving Felix once more to handle matters on his own. Politics, the media, the criminal underground, and Magnus.

Felix can’t keep up with attempting to pit them all against one another since they all want a piece of the pie. Thus, Felix transforms from a terrible little programmer to the biggest fraudster in post-World War II Germany. Sheila Williams is another, whom Felix really shouldn’t fall in love with.

9. Barbarians (TV Series 2020)

German Series

Director: Barbara Eder

The narrative takes place in the second half of 9 AD, during the Roman occupation of Germania Magna. The Germanic tribes were oppressed by the Roman Empire’s high taxation and tribute demands during their twenty-year occupation of the area.

Petty rivalries among the tribal chieftains and certain tribesmen’s self-serving desire for peace with Rome hinder efforts to organize the Germanic resistance. Arminius, an eques in the Roman Imperial army, is a member of the Germanic Cherusci tribe.

When he was a young kid, along with his younger brother Flavus, his father Segimer gave them up to Rome as hostages to maintain peace between his tribe and Rome. He goes back to Germany to assist Publius Quinctilius Varus in keeping the peace.

10. Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood (TV Series 2020)

German Series

Director: Hannu Salonen

A wealthy immigrant with a murky past travels to Munich in 1900 to disrupt the local Oktoberfest with his brewery. But when his daughter develops feelings for the heir of a competing brewery, a violent series of events is set in motion that endangers the fates of both families.

Curt Prank travels to Munich with the idea that he will create the biggest beer hall that Germany has ever seen, turning the yearly Oktoberfest celebration into a representation of his ego. Even though it won’t be simple, he’s determined to play dirty pool to achieve his goals.

To that end, he immediately blackmails the fairgrounds commissioner, a wonderful man who has been having an affair with someone other than his wife. Thus begins the bombenhagel, and three months later, Prank has bought four of the five crucial fairground plots needed to construct his soon-to-be-famous drunkatorium.


11. Tribes of Europa (TV Series 2021)

Top 20 Greatest German Series of All Time

Director: Florian Baxmeyer

The plot takes place in 2074, 43 years after a mysterious technology malfunction on a worldwide scale forced states to disintegrate into dystopian warring tribal microstates and fall into chaos.

There are hundreds of tribes on the European continent, but the story primarily concerns three of them: the Origines, a small, tranquil woodland tribe; the Crows, an aggressive warrior society; and the Crimsons, a militaristic civilization that seeks to negotiate the reunification of Europe.

A pilot from Atlantis crashes a sophisticated hoverjet on their land, upsetting the idyllic existence of three Origine siblings—a young man, a young woman, and their teenage brother. The youngest sibling discovers a weird cube containing cutting-edge technology from the collision when the siblings rescue the injured pilot.

12. Pagan Peak (TV Series 2018)

Top 20 Greatest German Series of All Time

Director: Cyrill Boss

Gedeon Winter and Ellie Stocker are becoming fierce rivals. The foundation of a German-Austrian Soko is prompted by a ritual murder, which forces the two rivals to cooperate on the investigation. Ellie Stocker and Gedeon Winter, the two investigators, are now fierce rivals.

Gedeon’s rehabilitation in the service and his ensuing promotion make it impossible for Ellie to hold her colleague accountable for taking a piece of evidence in the murder investigation of her colleague Jela Antic. That is, until a spate of brutal killings rumble the German-Austrian frontier.

The convening of a cross-border Soko affords Ellie the chance to gather the essential evidence against Gedeon. Gedeon, meantime, is entirely motivated by the desire to find a ghost from his past and follows the trail of several paintings depicting sleeping lads.

13. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (TV Series 2019)

Top 20 Greatest German Series of All Time

Director: Arne Feldhusen

The story of How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is set in the fictitious German town of Rinseln, North Rhine-Westphalia, and is recounted by Moritz Zimmermann, a nerd and outcast in high school. In the show, Moritz and his friend Lenny Sander try to rekindle their love for Moritz’s ex-girlfriend Lisa Novak by selling ecstasy online.

Beginning as a side hustle, it swiftly gets out of hand, forcing Moritz and Lenny to deal with the fallout from large-scale drug trafficking. The show is based on a real incident that occurred in Leipzig in 2015. The man who served as the show’s model, Maximilian Schmidt, received a seven-year prison term.

The inspiration for Moritz came from an 18-year-old named Maximilian S. who lived in Leipzig, Germany, and opened Shiny Flakes, an online store that sold drugs, in 2013. Max, it seems, did it all by himself from his little bedroom as the teenager made millions of Bitcoins. Max was ultimately apprehended by the authorities in 2015 and given a seven-year prison term.

14. Alarm for Cobra 11: The Motorway Police (TV Series 1996)

Top 20 Greatest German Series of All Time

Director: Franco Tozza

The Cobra 11 team’s primary responsibilities are to solve crimes and apprehend their offenders. There are regular car crashes, shootouts, explosions, and fistfights as well as other action genre staples. Most of the time, these action scenes are lavishly constructed and spectacularly presented. A prevalent critique of the series is its abundance of implausible scenarios, such as the frequent occurrence of huge explosions following minor crashes and the unharmed exit of characters from cars with severe damage.

15. Generation War (TV Series 2013)

Top 20 Greatest German Series of All Time

Director: Philipp Kadelbach

Five buddies are excited to participate in an adventure that would transform Europe and them forever by making them heroes. Together with his younger brother Friedhelm, a delicate dreamer more interested in literature than combat, the level-headed, highly decorated lieutenant Wilhelm is heading to the eastern front.

Young nurse Charlotte, who plans to join the Wehrmacht and fight on the eastern front, is madly in love with Wilhelm. Greta is a gifted singer who aspires to follow in Marlene Dietrich’s footsteps, but her Jewish fiance Viktor has yet to persuade his parents to leave Germany. In addition to bravery and valor, there is a betrayal of humanity, principles, and beliefs.

Friedhelm transforms into a cold-blooded killer. Wilhelm gets court-martialed when he deserts his troops. When Charlotte betrays a Jewish nurse assisting the German soldiers, her Nazi beliefs are destroyed. Greta sells herself to an SS colonel to get the documents needed for Viktor’s escape. They aspired to be heroes, just like millions of other people, but none of them could have predicted the lasting effects the war would have on them and the rest of the globe.

16. 1899 (TV Series 2022)

Top 20 Greatest German Series of All Time

Director: Baran bo Odar

A migratory steamship departs the old continent by sailing west. The passengers, a diverse group of European descent, were brought together by their aspirations for the twenty-first century and their futures abroad. But when they come across another migrant ship drifting on the open sea, their trip takes an unexpected turn.

Their journey to the promised land will become a terrifying nightmare because of what they will discover on board. Follow the enigmatic events surrounding an immigrant ship’s journey from Europe to New York. The hopes and dreams that each traveler has for the new century and their future overseas bind them together despite their diverse backgrounds and nations.

Their quest takes an unexpected turn when they come across a second ship that has been missing for months and is floating on the open sea. Their journey to the promised land will be transformed into a nightmare-like enigma by what they discover on board, which will weave a web of secrets between each passenger’s history and the present.

17. Inspector Rex (TV Series 1994)

Top 20 Greatest German Series of All Time

Director: Hans Werner

Peter Höllerer, Ernst Stockinger, and Richard Moser made up the original office staff. Dr. Leo Graf, a forensic expert, and Max Koch, a retired police officer, also assisted this team. Characters in the show saw numerous changes, with Christian Böck taking Stockinger’s place, Alexander Brandtner taking Moser’s place, and former statistics officer Fritz Kunz taking Höllerer’s place.

The series’ ultimate iteration in Austria included the clumsy Marc Hoffmann and a female cop named Nikki Herzog serving alongside Kunz. The only character who has remained throughout the entire Austrian production of the series is Dr. Graf.

18. The Defeated (TV Series 2020)

Top 20 Greatest German Series of All Time

Director: Björn Stein

An American police officer named Max McLaughlin travels to Berlin in the summer of 1946 to assist in setting up a police force amid the chaos of the war’s end. Berlin, summer 1946: there are no laws, and everyone is either a criminal or a survivor. The city is in utter disarray. In addition to helping to establish a police force and bring down Dr. Werner “Englemacher” Gladow, the Al Capone of Berlin, American cop Max McLaughlin (Taylor Kitsch, Waco, Friday Night Lights) is also on a personal mission to find his lost brother, who has been killing former Nazis in hiding.

19. Band of Brothers (TV Series 2001)

Top 20 Greatest German Series of All Time

Director: David Frankel

The objective of Easy Company of the American Army’s 101st Airborne Division throughout World War II Europe, from Operation Overlord to V-J Day, is told in this book. The 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division’s “E” Easy Company’s history spans from its initial training in 1942 to the end of World War II.

They engaged in the liberation of Carentan by parachuting behind enemy lines early on D-Day, and they parachuted once again into battle during Operation Market Garden. Additionally, they liberated a concentration camp and were the first to enter Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s mountain retreat. A remarkable story of camaraderie that ultimately tells the story of regular individuals who accomplished incredible things.

20. Ku’damm 56 (TV Series 2016)

Top 20 Greatest German Series of All Time

Director: Sven Bohse

When the tenacious daughter of a dancing studio owner rejects her mother’s wishes and joins the fight for gender equality in 1950s Berlin, generations collide.

In Berlin in 1956, Caterina Schöllack is in charge of a dance academy. She wants to provide her three daughters with the finest opportunity, which entails making sure they marry well while keeping the young women under strict control in the interim.

The sisters make an effort to live up to their mother’s standards and norms that limit their destinies. One sister learns about rock ‘n’ roll, which gives her the strength to rebel and make her way in the world, but it is not without consequences.


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