Top 20 Greatest Bhutan Movies of All Time

Top 20 Greatest Bhutan Movies of All Time. You should check out these Bhutan Movies. These Bhutan Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Bhutan Movies

1. Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom (2019)

Top 20 Greatest Bhutan Movies of All Time

Director: Pawo Choyning Dorji

Ugyen has finished four of the five years of government-mandated teacher training. He wants to relocate to Australia to become a singer, but he dislikes teaching. He thinks about leaving his profession when he is asked to teach in the isolated mountain village of Lunana, but his grandmother persuades him to finish the job. He decides to leave the city and take it.

A village guide named Michen introduces Ugyen to the dangerous trail leading to Lunana. The locals welcome him with enthusiasm, but Ugyen expresses sorrow for coming after seeing the village’s dire conditions and requests to be brought back. The village chief, Asha, tells him that Ugyen can be taken back in a few days since the mules need time to recuperate.

The following morning, Pem Zam, the class captain, wakes up Ugyen and informs him that the kids are waiting for him in the classroom. The kids think instructors can “touch the future,” therefore Ugyen is surprised by their admiration for him. He decides to continue teaching for the rest of the year.

2. Hema Hema: Sing Me a Song While I Wait (2016)

Top 20 Greatest Bhutan Movies of All Time

Director: Khyentse Norbu

Every twelve years, a group of men and women chosen by the Old Man congregates somewhere in a remote Bhutanese forest for a few days of solitude. Participating in ceremonies, performances, and dances are masked silhouettes.

The men and women, who are both faceless, are free to act lasciviously, frivolously, and daringly. One man shows up to this event for the first time, approaching it like a newborn. He makes clumsy first progress but rapidly adjusts. When he spots Red Wrathful, he gets completely enamored with her. However, his yearning will push him in a perilous direction.

3. The Cup (1999)

Top 20 Greatest Bhutan Movies of All Time

Director: Khyentse Norbu

Two teenage Tibetan refugees arrive at a monastery/boarding school in exile in India as the World Cup of football is being played in France. Its environment of quiet reflection is slightly disturbed by football fever, which is primarily caused by a young student named Orgyen, a football enthusiast.

Orgyen sets out to arrange the rental of a TV set for the monastery after being prevented by several factors from watching the Cup finals on television in a nearby village. While the Lama, the leader of the monastery, muses over the difficulties of disseminating the teachings of Buddha in a world that is undergoing rapid change, the students’ endeavor turns into a test of cooperation, resourcefulness, and friendship.

4. Milarepa (2006)

Top 20 Greatest Bhutan Movies of All Time

Director: Neten Chokling

It chronicles the story of the man who developed into Tibet’s greatest mystic. Milarepa narrates the humble beginnings of the person who would become Tibet’s most renowned saint. This true tale, based on centuries-old oral traditions, tells of a young Milarepa who, following his father’s sudden death, is plunged into a world of suffering and betrayal.

He becomes destitute and hopeless and sets out to learn black magic and exact revenge on his enemies. He encounters magicians, devils, a fascinating teacher, and an unexpected paranormal power while traveling. But it’s when he experiences the results of his fury that he learns the most.

Milarepa, who was seen on camera in Northern India’s stunning Lahaul-Spiti area, draws a startling parallel between the cycle of violence and revenge that afflicts the modern world and its own.

5. Gyalsey: Legacy of a Prince (2015)

Top 20 Greatest Bhutan Movies of All Time

Director: Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk

The dramatic motion picture Gyalsey, Legacy of a Prince is based in Bhutan, the final Vajrayana Buddhist kingdom still in existence, which is located in the Himalayas. In this contemporary love story, the core of the Buddhist idea of the bodhisattva vow is skillfully woven.

Bodhisattva, the desire to end their suffering is coupled with the wish to contribute to the end of all suffering. Jamyang and Sangay were thrown together by fate, and as they grow in love, they discover the full significance of their commitment.

6. Honeygiver Among the Dogs (2016)

Top 20 Greatest Bhutan Movies of All Time

Director: Dechen Roder

Kinley arrives in a small town to look into the death and disappearance of the nunnery’s abbess. Choden is his top suspect, and when she learns of it, Jampa, a young girl, runs to warn her. The villagers claim that Choden is a demon and brings terrible luck to the community, but she has vanished, according to Kinsley.

Kinley is given the go-ahead by the police chief to go undercover, look for her, and attempt to gather information. The bus that Choden will be riding is revealed by Jampa to Kinley as a surprise the next day. Kinley boarded the bus with Choden while wearing casual attire. She approaches him at a rest area after observing that he is also riding alone.

Pretending to be her spouse, she urges him to walk with her to their destination since she is being pursued. The two of them walk through the bush for days. Choden deflects Kinley’s inquiries by relating fantastical stories about a nun who meditates despite being pelted with stones, an abbess who turns her sisters into pigs to defend them from an invasion, and an abbess who continued to meditate even after she passed away and changed into a rainbow.

7. The Red Phallus (2018)

Top 20 Greatest Bhutan Movies of All Time

Director: Tashi Gyeltshen

Sangay, a high school student, resides with her domineering, widowed father Ap Atsara, who performs as the sacred character Atsara at various festivals and carves wooden phalli for rituals. Sangay experiences bullying at school in part because of the occupation of her father.

Sangay is having an affair with Passa, a married guy with a very low social status because he works as a butcher. Sangay receives early kindness from Passa, but after she hesitates to flee with him to Thimphu, he begins to reprimand her.

Sangoi, a 16-year-old girl, resides with her father, a performer at the bazaar. He uses his wooden penises, mask, and costume to carry out all of his deeds. Sangoi is reclusive and melancholy; she is tired of phalluses, life, and school. She struggles in school and is four years behind her contemporaries. Despite this, she is seeing a butcher, who convinces her to leave for the city.

8. Kushuthara: Pattern of Love (2017)

Top 20 Greatest Bhutan Movies of All Time

Director: Karma Deki

The tale of two people’s past and present lives is knit together by a single thread. Two persons who were meant to meet and understand karmic conditions and their effects were born on opposite ends of the earth. It appears to be a normal boy-meets-girl subject, but only initially.

American photographer and journalist Charlie is tasked with photographing the manufacture of traditional weaving in the village of Kurtoe-Menjey in the Kingdom of Bhutan. He encounters Chokimo, a master weaver, there.

It doesn’t take long for him to become romantically attached to the woman, who is, regrettably, already dating a local man named Bumpala. Chokimo realizes that she and Charlie might have been brought together for a reason by the memories of the former life that she has been experiencing through dreams as they are spent more time together.

9. Travelers and Magicians (2003)

Top 20 Greatest Bhutan Movies of All Time

Director: Khyentse Norbu

The two guys set out on different but concurrent adventures. Their desire for a better and different life is a common one. Due to the slow pace of his hamlet, Dondup must hitchhike through Bhutan’s breathtakingly gorgeous and untamed terrain to achieve his destination.

He travels the same road as a monk, an apple vendor, a paper manufacturer, and Sonam, his lovely young daughter. The smart yet cunning monk tells Tashi’s story during the journey. The mystical tale of desire, jealousy, and murder serves as a mirror for the restless Dondup and his growing attraction to the helpless Sonam. Dondup is faced with a conundrum following the devastating climax of the monk’s story: Is the grass greener on the other side?

10. 49th Day (2006)

Top 20 Greatest Bhutan Movies of All Time

Director: Namgay Retty

A woman hurries to Thimphu after learning that her daughter, who lives in the capital with her ex-husband and his new wife, is gone. She suffers a tragic accident on the way, and she passes away. She can locate her daughter who is hurt and now needs to figure out how to inform the living of what has transpired. If she succeeds, the burial rites can be performed by Bhutanese tradition.


11. The Farmer (2016)

Bhutan Movies

Director: Irja von Bernstorff

The narrative of one man’s struggle against the ostensibly irreversible megatrends of our day is presented in THE FARMER from the viewpoint of a German filmmaker, Irja, and led by a Bhutanese farmer’s leader named Sangay.

Together, they produce a fake TV show for the sole broadcaster in Bhutan that contrasts the country’s present fast rural exodus with the outlook of a new, progressive generation of farmers.

The documentary sections depict two people struggling to realize their aim of making things better, while the fictional scenes depict a young woman from the city being confronted with the difficulties of farm life. Both travels enter a new realm that is filled with formidable challenges, unforeseen cliffs, and undiscovered riches.

12. School Among Glaciers (2003)

Bhutan Movies

Director: Dorji Wangchuk

A schoolteacher embarks on a 14-day journey to Lunana in the gripping documentary School Among Glaciers. He makes it via several challenging, high passes, including the terrifying Gangla Karchung Pass, which is 5,200 meters high.

He eventually settles in Lunana, 4,500 meters above sea level, where he lives in very difficult conditions for five months. Tribes like the Layaps and Lunaps, which are semi-nomadic, can be found here. The Lunaps, who number slightly over 1000, are regarded as Bhutan’s most underdeveloped ethnic group. They are enviously proud of their language, traditions, and culture, nevertheless.

They live in one of Bhutan’s most hostile valleys. They trade with the lower valleys of Bhutan for the butter, cheese, and hides that their yaks produce. The teacher quickly discovers that these unassuming nomads possess far more knowledge and insight than initially believed. As a result, he continues to investigate this unique people’s way of life, folklore, and traditional knowledge in a way that has never been done before.

13. 3 Year 3 Month Retreat (2015)

Bhutan Movies

Director: Dechen Roder

Buddhist monks, nuns, and other devoted practitioners follow the traditional “3 Year 3 Month Retreat” or “Lo Sum Choe Sum.” It is calculated that it will take 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days to reach a greater level of motivation and clarity. The retreat aims to transform the practitioner by isolating oneself from the outside world and exploring the inner mind. Can Lhamo, a young girl who has been injured and is now exposed to the world’s harsh scrutiny, find her path to solace and redemption?

A young woman named Lhamo resides in Bhutan. She is travelling. The bus travelling across the mountains. She goes up a mountain by herself during a stop and nearly misses the bus. When police search the bus, all passengers are then stopped. Lhamo has been detained. The director presents the tale of a woman whose idea of autonomy is attributed to the events and spiritual practises of her past in well-crafted tableaux that contrast city and rural life as well as traditional and modern ways of existence.

14. Buddhism, Bhutan and Me (2021)

Bhutan Movies

Director: Rinzin Jurmey

Rinzin Jurmey decided to enter a monastery and devote his life to Buddhism at the age of 11 because he likes its rituals and customs. He transitions effortlessly between his mountain town and the large metropolis at the age of 18, embracing hip-hop and religion, prayer and video games, and tradition and popular culture. He describes how, in the face of pressure from globalization to modernize, he and his nation are working to maintain long-standing customs and traditions.

15. Gangnam Girls (2021)

Bhutan Movies

Director: Charmi Chheda

The tale of four childhood friends who part ways following a serious disagreement. They reunite for a house-warming celebration over a weekend a decade later, where they learn they still have a lot of sorrow and resentment to work through.

After a significant rupture, four friends gather for a housewarming weekend, but they quickly learn that if their friendship is to be healed, they still have a great deal of hurt and resentment to cope with.

16. Thank You, Sir! I Am A Teacher (2012)

Bhutan Movies

Director: Tshering Gyeltshen

A dedicated teacher, in the opinion of a passionate educator, has the power to transform the world. Like a breath of fresh air, Jigmed Lodhen enters Mendrupling Higher Secondary School. His life’s work, teaching, has given him a passion and an earnest fervor. He is prepared and ready to demonstrate the importance of teachers who are passionate about what they do and dedicated to their profession. Yet can he?

17. A Glimmer of Hope (2022)

Bhutan Movies

Director: Tandin Bidha

Tandin and Tobden are the happiest couples in town, but when the demand from society to have children grows, even love doesn’t seem to be enough. The Crisis Assistance Program’s (DYCS) goal is to give victimized women and their families temporary emergency shelter and supportive assistance so they may feel comfortable living in our neighborhood.

As we commemorate our 17th Glimmer of Hope, we continue to be committed to empowering our clients and giving them the resources they need to do so. All proceeds support our Crisis Services Programme, which enables us to run an emergency shelter for victims and survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and other violent crimes against women and their children. These services are free, confidential, and immediate.

18. Ap Bokto (2014)

Bhutan Movies

Director: Karma Dhendup

A bear, a leopard, and a tiger are among the wild animals Ap Bokto encounters while traveling through a dense jungle and are willing to eat him. The plot centers around Ap Bokto’s attempts to outsmart the wildlife and escape the forest unscathed.

The movie attracted a lot of viewers as young as one-and-a-half-year-old babies, even though it was intended for children above the age of five. According to internet traffic analytics, 30% of the almost 500,000 views of the Ap Bokto clip on YouTube are from countries other than Bhutan.

19. Bardo: The Intermediate State (2010)

Bhutan Movies

Director: Chencho Dorji

Tenzin is a devout and successful businessman who is respected and cherished by his wife Peydey. When Tenzin is killed by his older brother Wangdue, who was influenced by Wangdue’s excessively materialistic wife Kardon, the couple is doing incredibly well.

No one could have the slightest question that the murder was committed because of the way it was done. Tenzin’s spirit is now in “bardo,” where it learns of the evil schemes his brother and sister-in-law have devised to kill his unborn wife Peydey and seize all of his fortune.

20. Norbu, My Beloved Yak (2006)

Bhutan Movies

Director: Pelden Dorji

Samten Norbu, 20, works as a yak herder for a wealthy guy in the remote village of Gasa while living in the highlands. Norbu grew up consuming yak milk as a child. The calf is given the name Samten Norbu when the yak dies while giving birth to it. A unique bond forms between the two of them as they mature together. They are like brothers and cannot be separated.

The female lead, Choeki, arrives on the scene and completes the unusual connection. She consents to marry Samten and is the village lama’s daughter. In an unexpected change of circumstances, the daughter of Samten’s yak owner is set to get married simultaneously. When Samten has transported his father to Gasa for medical treatment, a yak is chosen to be slaughtered for the owners’ daughter’s wedding ceremony.

Samten Norbu’s yak was chosen and killed for the celebrations, leaving the young Norbu inconsolable. In the meantime, Choeki starts to have aspirations to leave the house and see what else the world has to offer. Norbu decides to enlighten. He departs from his hamlet and begins to travel the countryside, where he eventually locates the ghost of his beloved yak, Norbu.