Top 20 Greatest Barbados Movies of All Time

Top 20 Greatest Barbados Movies of All Time. You should check out these Barbados Movies. These Barbados Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Barbados Movies

1. Into the Darkness (2022)

Top 20 Greatest Barbados Movies of All Time

Director: Stockton Miller

A struggling singer who lost touch with his fiancée after a violent demonstration arms himself to find her, but he rapidly realizes that his journey would be dangerous as a mysterious outbreak unfolds.

A handsome and enigmatic woman is accompanied by a man back to her opulent and remote home after they first met at a neighborhood pub. However, their flirtatious playfulness gradually develops into something deadly, giving him more than he bargained for.

2. Chrissy (2012)

Top 20 Greatest Barbados Movies of All Time

Director: Marcia Weekes

The inspirational film Chrissy centers on a struggling student named Chrissy and details how she overcome discrimination and bullying to get the support of both her family and her school. Ten-year-old Chrissy, her two brothers, and their ill, bedridden mother reside in appalling conditions on the rough side of town.

Chrissy at Redemption Primary becomes the target of discrimination and teasing from her classmates. Then she makes the unexpected friend of Melissa, a wealthy new girl at her school. Will Chrissy reach the top on this gift horse? Or will her intelligence be sufficient to lift her and her family out of their miserable situation?

3. Hall (2017)

Top 20 Greatest Barbados Movies of All Time


The news of white plantation owner Cyril Sisnett’s brutal murder shocks the little island nation of Barbados. At that time, murders of Caucasians in Barbados were quite rare. David Oliver, Peter Bradshaw, Errol Bradshaw, and Winston Hall, the four individuals who were involved, were all apprehended and taken to court for trial.

The unthinkable occurred on the morning of March 18, 1985: Winston Hall and Errol Bradshaw broke free from the prison van in which they were being housed. A massive manhunt by the Royal Barbados Police Force has started. A few days later, Errol Bradshaw’s mother handed him over to the police along with a lawyer, while Hall remained at large.

The stories are filled with spectacular escapes and police chases because Hall always seemed to be one step ahead of the law. In Barbados, where islanders would conjecture about Hall’s whereabouts and fabricate unbelievable stories about how he managed to escape from authorities so frequently while others could not, Hall would end up becoming something of a folk hero.

4. The Barbados Project (2022)

Top 20 Greatest Barbados Movies of All Time

Director: Thomas Burke, Stockton Miller

A Barbados-based journalist looks into a social media video that purports to reveal a gigantic, unnamed beast. Her investigation reveals a global government plot that will irrevocably alter the character of Barbados.

The movie opens with some lovely touristy-looking footage of Barbados and information about the island before showcasing some impressive-looking footage of a monstrous creature resembling a kaiju ambling along a beach. The Barbadian administration insists that the viral video is a fraud despite its immediate success.

Reesa Price and her colleagues, a reporting team, are also drawn to it because they believe there is more to it than that. They quickly discover that they are far deeper than they initially thought. Additionally, they believe that Building Six is hiding truths that are far more shocking than they could have ever anticipated.

5. The Moon Child (2021)

Top 20 Greatest Barbados Movies of All Time

Director: Sanna Allsopp

Ara, a small child who is bedridden, is confined to her room. She finds the nights to be easier because the moon uplifts and comforts her. She reads as much as she can and is interested in learning about the religion and history of the Caribbean. She can transcend her physical limitations and discover the solutions she so sorely needs one-night thanks to a lunar visitor. The subjects of religion, slavery, and personal freedom are all explored in this movie.

6. Too Lickrish (2019)

Top 20 Greatest Barbados Movies of All Time

Director: Tolga Akcayli

When a Texas woman travels to Barbados for a holiday, she meets Seth Bovell, a native of that island. The two are unable to find new employment as the island is beset by a financial crisis. The disgruntled Millenials decide to take matters into their own hands and transform into a pair of warped Robin Hood-vigilantes, con artists for their benefit after falling behind on their rent and being unable to pay their expenses.

Seth Bovell, a native, meets Lucy Magdeline, a Texas girl on holiday in Barbados. As a result of their mutual affection, the two decide to wed. Despite this promising start, things quickly go south when the island is hit by an economic crisis, leaving the two jobless and unable to find new ones.

When a couple falls behind on their rent and is unable to pay their bills, their landlord’s attorney, a telecom representative who wants to terminate their internet, TV, and mobile services, and eventually a furniture repo guy force them into a humiliating agreement. The arrangement is that if they can find jobs within five days, they can escape having to pay this month’s bills.

7. Joseph (2020)

Top 20 Greatest Barbados Movies of All Time

Director: Marcia Weekes

A Jamaican physician with training in Western medicine, who is at war with his family over his support for traditional African treatment, travels to Ghana to refute their assertions. The film fails miserably to provide any depth to its characters, which are little more than a jumble of personality traits.

They are very underdeveloped. There are whole characters that have no purpose at all, and the plot threads to which they are attached contribute nothing to the movie’s main plot or its intended message, both of which fall short.

A love interest is added who has no bearing on the plot or narrative. She gets removed from the picture since she is so inconsequential. A friend from Ghana is introduced, but by the time Joseph goes there, you’ve already forgotten about him because the movie ignores him as well until he becomes somewhat vital again. His sister and their sibling rivalry are only there to incite conflict.

Her character and plot have no bearing on the concept or main plot. An unrelated uncle who was never explicitly mentioned or even implied as being present till the very end of the film shows up and acts as if he has been there the entire time.

8. Barrow: Freedom Fighter (2016)

Top 20 Greatest Barbados Movies of All Time

Director: Marcia Weekes

The bravery of one man who steadfastly preached a gospel of financial independence and self-respect to the people of his native Barbados and elsewhere. He opposed colonial oppression, challenged racism and classicism, and selflessly guided his people toward political and economic freedom. A guy preaches nonstop to the people of his own Barbados and beyond the gospel of financial independence and self-respect.

9. Keeping up with the Joneses: The Movie (2013)

Top 20 Greatest Barbados Movies of All Time

Director: Rommel Hall

The Joneses initially appear to be the ideal neighbors, but Karen grows suspicious during a neighborhood block party where Natalie acts a touch too well-mannered for her good and she sees Tim peeking into Jeff’s lair. Jeff initially dismisses the idea that there might be a problem with his new acquaintance, but they soon find evidence that the Joneses are not who they claim to be.

This revelation only gets them into the kind of trouble from which only Tim and Natalie can save them after a protracted shootout and chase, before disclosing that they are top-secret government agents attempting to track down someone who is attempting to obtain top-secret computer chips that could prove to be dangerous in the wrong hands.

And since this is a farcical comedy, it goes without saying that Jeff and Karen will play a crucial role in this extremely risky enterprise even though it seems like it would have made more sense to just have a couple of professional field agents take their places instead.

10. Hit for Six (2007)

Top 20 Greatest Barbados Movies of All Time

Director: Alison Saunders-Franklyn

A cricket player struggles to qualify for a world competition as he faces ghosts from his past. A shelved West Indies cricketer battles his previous problems, including a match-fixing accusation, and discovers love in an unexpected quest to compete in a big international tournament and win back the respect of his estranged father.

The tale of a playboy West Indies cricketer still struggling with issues from his past, including a match-fixing accusation. He discovers the meaning of love as he battles for his final opportunity to compete in a significant international event. Additionally, his estranged father, a former outstanding cricketer for the West Indies, is someone he badly wants to win over.

This stirring and heartfelt drama, laced with passion, suspense, and love, tells the story of cricketer Alex Nelson, a gifted but inconsistent player who was kicked from the West Indies squad after an altercation with his Indian coach Amir Misra. After being excluded from the squad for three years, he makes an unusual effort to re-join it to have one more shot to play in the Global One Day Series, an opportunity that was wrongfully withheld from his father.


11. Vigilante: The Crossing (2015)

Barbados Movies

Director: Marcia Weekes

Dexter Gooding, a former prisoner who was expelled from the US and brought back home, finds his beloved Bakers Village overrun with crime. The police department is underequipped and outnumbered. Rape, murder, and thievery are becoming commonplace in his once beautiful haven.

Armed with prior guilt from crimes and a genuine passion for his hometown, Dexter embraces the position of Vigilante. Dexter works tirelessly in the traditional Robin Hood manner to purge Bakers Village of all thieves. Along this brutal road, he encounters Amy, a white Barbadian woman with a similar goal, and their worlds collide.

Black and white, wealthy and impoverished, upper and lower class—as their paths cross, the historical cap of prejudice towards people because of their race, class, and social standing fiercely emerges and abruptly endangers the mission. Dexter and his beloved Bakers Village have reached a fork in the road where love, hate, passion, guilt, and prejudice all collide head-on.

12. Payday (2014)

Barbados Movies

Director: Selwyne Browne

Barbadian comedy-drama movie Payday shows a real-life glimpse into community life there. Together with his brutally honest best friend Pack, Romie, an aspiring mechanic, and ladies’ man, invest their whole income in a down payment on a garage.

Their objective was to open a prosperous mechanic’s business to escape their dull security guard jobs, demanding families, and the awful living conditions in their village of Pickletons. That evening, their straightforward chore of paying the down payment to the owner of the garage at the local lime is humorously complicated by Romie’s love life and Pack’s passion for marijuana.

As the best buddies take extraordinary measures to stay away from dangerous drug dealers, charity collectors, crazy ex-girlfriends, and other eccentric villages, the complexities and laughter increase.

13. Que reste-t-il… ? (2014)

Barbados Movies

Director: Felipe Sandoval

Tina and Claude occupy a retirement community. They are joyful and freely affectionate with one another in their new relationship. But in a setting where mental and physical isolation is the norm, they are the exception.

14. Dear Mum (2018)

Barbados Movies

Director: Dan-Jamal Weekes

The goal of the project Dear Mum is to highlight and increase appreciation for mothers all across the world. The initiative also demonstrates how crucial and significant it is to understand how much mothers sacrifice to support and satisfy their children.

15. The Book of Jasmine (2017)

Barbados Movies

Director: Melanie Grant

Jasmine, a spiritual Baptist, is advised to mourn and seek spiritual advice on the struggle she faces after confessing to her Spiritual Mother that she is attracted to a woman.

The movie follows Jasmine as she gets ready for the mourning rite over a day. She rejects the woman she loves because she thinks she must choose between her sexuality and her spirituality, trying to quell her impulses in the process. Jasmine goes on a spiritual journey that evening while participating in the ceremony, which helps her find the solutions she is looking for.

16. A Bajan Story (2016)

Barbados Movies

Director: Ray Price

The island was reportedly uninhabited and covered in bearded fig trees when the Portuguese/Spanish got there in the 1500s; they did not dwell there but gave it the name Los Barbados, which became “Barbados.”

When the British arrived in Barbados in 1625, the island’s history as we know it today began. The exploitation of indentured workers and enslaved Africans would usher in a time of enormous prosperity and wealth for the British state. Barbados won independence from Britain in November 1966, some 339 years later.

The intervening years are a juxtaposition of suffering, anguish, sacrifice, submission, emancipation, devotion, wealth, politics, strength, rebellion, and endurance. The island was claimed by King “James I” in 1627 when a troop of 80 settlers and 10 captive Africans arrived.

After receiving land, wealthy and well-connected British men quickly established cotton and tobacco plantations. At first, the island was used as a working prison for British criminals and indentured laborers. A larger labor force was needed when sugar cane was introduced, therefore thousands of Africans were kidnapped, sold as slaves, and brought across the sea to work on plantations in Barbados.

17. Island in the Sun (1957)

Barbados Movies

Director: Robert Rossen

A small West Indian island’s native population, who are descended from slaves, and the governing British aristocracy are divided by a pronounced social divide that is depicted in one spring in the 1950s as the intricate interactions of four couples, who are black, white, and mixed-race.

It centers on the life of a young, attractive Black man with political aspirations who lives on a fictitious Caribbean island under colonial British authority. When his love relationship with a white woman tends to collide with his political beliefs, he becomes perplexed upon coming home.

Rumour has it that when this movie premiered in the United States, an interracial screen kiss raised quite a stir. Examining the life of a white expatriate family also residing on the island helps to build the plot. The family has to deal with issues including murder, prejudice, and infidelity.

18. The Tamarind Seed (1974)

Barbados Movies

Director: Blake Edwards

Judith Farrow meets the gorgeous Russian Feodor Sverdlov while on holiday in Barbados to deal with the aftereffects of a disastrous love affair. While seeing the island’s colorful attractions, they enjoy one other’s company, but after their trip to the idyllic tropical paradise comes to an end, problems arise for their burgeoning romance.

Geopolitical issues from the Cold War occur because Feodor is the Soviet air attaché working for Soviet General Golitsyn in Paris and Judith is an influential minister’s assistant working for the British Home Office in London. Sverdlov is allegedly trying to entice Judith into becoming a Soviet spy, and this is exactly what Feodor claims he is trying to do to his boss, according to British Intelligence Officer Jack Loder.

Feodor explains to Judith that doing this will allow him to see her without raising any eyebrows among his followers. She is encouraged to visit him as well because the British side has somewhat similar ideas. Loder is attempting to identify the covert Soviet agent who has been communicating sensitive information to Moscow. He will shortly be instructed to assist a Soviet agent who wants to defect to the West.

19. Black Snake (1973)

Barbados Movies

Director: Russ Meyer

The wicked beauty Lady Susan Walker, who rules over San Cristobal Island in the British West Indies in 1835, forces the local men to join the black slaves on her sugar cane plantation and either work or perish. She wears all-black clothing and never lets go of the black serpent that serves as her whip. Her most recent husband vanished, turning her into a true black widow.

Joxer Tierney, her impotent, prejudiced, and violent right-hand man, is in charge of the slaves and makes sure they despise him even more than they despise her. Joshua, a young slave, plots a rebellion, but his pious father Isaiah is afraid of what might happen if the uprising fails. To learn the truth about what happened to his brother, Sir Charles Walker, Susan’s late husband’s brother poses as Ronald Sopwith.

She employs him as the plantation’s accountant, assigns him Cleone, a black sex slave, and finally makes an attempt at seduction. Her cruel gay helper could know more about what happened to Charles’ brother.

20. Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery (1989)

Barbados Movies

Director: Chris Petit

Miss Marple has the right to believe that the death of a retired British major, which appeared to be a natural death, was the result of a murderer plotting yet another slaying while she is on holiday at a resort hotel in the West Indies.

Miss Marple’s nephew sends her to Barbados for a brief vacation because she is unwell. The holiday, in her opinion, is a little dull and not quite as intriguing as life in St. Mary Mead. The old Major Palgrave, one of the visitors, is discovered dead, which makes things a little more interesting.

When one of the maids discovers medication from another visitor in the late major’s room, the death is initially attributed to natural causes. When the maid is also discovered dead, it is obvious that Miss Marple is persuaded by the Major’s frequently repeated claim that he knew a killer since, after leaving the army, he joined the colonial police, that person is someone at the hotel.