The 50 Greatest Azerbaijan Movies of All Time

The 30 Greatest Azerbaijan Movies of All Time. You should check out these Azerbaijan Movies. These Azerbaijan Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Azerbaijan Movies

1. Zeher Tulugu (2021)

Director: Taleh Yüzbeyov

Adil continues to progress in his career in the film industry. The narrative is divided into two sections, one of which is set in the present day, where Adil attempts to protect the unborn child of Leyla from being aborted, and the other section is set in Adil’s past. – Azerbaijan Movies

2. Mother and Son (2019)

Director: Hilal Baydarov

In the countryside of Azerbaijan, the mother welcomes her grown-up son, who has been away from home for eight years. In the tranquil atmosphere of the countryside, their private and philosophical conversations are interspersed with occasional moments of silence. – Azerbaijan Movies

3. Hozu (2017)

Director: Ilham Yasharoglu

Hozu is journeying from a village in the interior of the country to collaborate with his cousin in the city of Baku. – Azerbaijan Movies

4. Soyuq gunes (2021)

Director: Sedaget Kerimova

The story of Yarmet, a girl who’s been waiting for her beloved to come back from the war for 40 years. She’s convinced that he’s alive, and she’s waiting for him to come home. But then, their paths don’t cross again, and they can’t be together. It’s an amazing, timeless love story. – Azerbaijan Movies

5. Aporia (2019)

Director: Rec Revan

A group of unknown armed individuals invade the town and begin conducting experiments on humans. However, due to unstable conditions, the experiments do not yield successful results. Consequently, the failed subjects are taken from the village and transported to the summit of a mountain.

However, the two survivors of the massacre, ‘Arvin’ and ‘Ejla’, managed to escape from the mountains by descending into a deep pit. Initially, they were unaware of the implications of the night-long days that awaited them, even though they believed they had been rescued. – Azerbaijan Movies

6. Sermon to the Fish (2022)

Director: Hilal Baydarov

The story is about a soldier who comes back from war and finds that everyone in his village is rotting away due to some mysterious disease. The only one who’s left is his sister, and she’s also slowly rotting away, with just a dog to help her along. – Azerbaijan Movies

7. Bastard (Short 2019)

Director: Daniel Guliyev

Natig is a sixteen-year-old boy who is no longer able to cope with the dishonor of his family and decides to join the military to escape his village life. – Azerbaijan Movies

8. The Fisherman’s Daughter (2020)

Director: Uldus Bakhtiozina

The Fishmonger Polina receives a cup of tea from a mysterious old woman which induces her sleep to become a dream in which she imagines she is the daughter of the Tsar. – Azerbaijan Movies

9. I Was Here by Myself (2023)

Director: Emil Quliyev

Hasan, a 33-year-old sales representative in a construction firm, and his spouse Farida, a 30-year-old housewife, have been unable to conceive for an extended period. Following a medical examination, Hasan was informed that he was unable to conceive.

However, due to his fear of impregnating his wife, he concealed the information from his spouse. At the urging of his mother, who believed that the issue was localized to Sevda, the couple sought medical assistance from a midwife residing in a village. – Azerbaijan Movies

10. Forbidden Womanhood (2022)

Director: Maryam Zahirimehr

As Maha enters puberty, she experiences both physical and emotional alterations. However, her mother’s misinterpreted response to her inquiry about ‘how a woman can become pregnant’ wreaks havoc on her childhood. Despite her parents’ denial, Maha’s physical and emotional alterations persist. She mistakenly believes she is pregnant, and confides this to her friend Sara.

Subsequently, Sara divulges the secret to the village, and the villagers retaliate by attacking Maha for the shame she has brought to the community.

Maha is accused of having had sexual relations with two boys, one of whom is an autistic boy who does not speak, and the other is a woman who has arrived from the nearby city and appears to have sexually assaulted Mahi. Mahi is left to fend for herself, exposed to the threat of violence and isolation, as well as ignorance and abuse. – Azerbaijan Movies

11. In Between Dying (2020)

Director: Hilal Baydarov

David is a young man who struggles to find his true family, and when he finally does, it’s in a place he’s always been, but it’s too late. In Between Dying is a story of a man’s journey to find love, and it follows him as he goes through his life cycle in one day. – Azerbaijan Movies

12. End of Season (2019)

Director: Elmar Imanov

A disturbed family spends a few days on the beach before the shape of their family is forever altered. – Azerbaijan Movies

13. Nabat (2014)

Director: Elchin Musaoglu

Nabat and her husband, Iskender an elderly and terminally ill former forestry worker, reside in an isolated house situated away from their village. The ongoing war in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh had been ongoing for some time, and their son had been killed on the front.

The couple’s only source of sustenance was the sale of the milk of their only cow, which Nabat brought back to the village daily. As the war progressed, the village gradually dwindled, and the inhabitants gradually abandoned it. After Iskender passed away, Nabat was left to fend for herself in the now-deserted village. – Azerbaijan Movies

14. Banu (2022)

Director: Tahmina Rafaella

Banu, who has been accused by her powerful spouse of being an unsuitable mother, is fighting for custody of her son amid the chaotic final days of the 2nd Nagorno- Karabakh War. Banu is given four days to secure a single voice to support her. – Azerbaijan Movies

15. Naxos (2016)

Director: Zaur Mirzazada

The island is encircled by a large, rugged mountain range, which forms the backbone of the island. Beyond the mountain range, the landscape is characterized by plateaus and broad, fertile plains.

On the western shore, the beaches are adorned with sand-dune formations, while the eastern shore is characterized by small but aesthetically pleasing coves.

There are numerous monuments scattered around the island, which date back to various periods. In a single word: Naxos offers it all, and those who know the island well return to it year after year. – Azerbaijan Movies

16. Tähminä (1993)

Director: Rasim Ojagov

Zaur, the son of a well-off professor, falls head over heels for Tahmina, a divorced TV anchor who’s been admired by many of his family’s colleagues and friends. He’s so in love with her that he even flies to Moscow to be with her when she’s sent on an assignment.

But in a conservative society, Tahmina’s family doesn’t approve of their relationship and tries to get Zaur to marry one of their family friends’ daughters. With pressure from society and constant phone calls from Tahmina’s mom, their relationship eventually comes to a crashing halt and Tahmina suffers.

Following his parents’ advice, Zaur marries the daughter of a family friend. Unfortunately, Tahmina drinks too much and her liver starts to fail. Eventually, she passes away while they’re on their honeymoon in Istanbul. When Zaur returns home, his sister-in-law tells him the news. He’s really upset, but at the end of the movie, he takes his wife’s shopping list and drives off to the grocery store, so it looks like life goes on.

17. Hills Without Names (2018)

Director: Hilal Baydarov

The Wanderer has returned to his homeland after many years to listen to the Voice that can only be heard in his homeland. – Azerbaijan Movies

18. The Maiden Tower (Short 2022)

Director: Mehdi Aghayev

Love isn’t about looking at each other, it’s about looking in the same direction. We all come across a soul mate at some point in our lives – our “kind of man”.

But sometimes we don’t see them because we’re too busy trying to fit in with everyone else. The movie “Maiden Tower”, it’s about two people who meet for the first time and realize they both have a “kind of man” in the making.

They have to decide if they should keep everything the same and go back to their lives, or if they should start a new life with their “kind of man”, which is something they’ve always wanted. – Azerbaijan Movies

19. Baku, I Love You (2015)

Director: André Badalo

This movie almanac is made up of 10 short stories written by directors from different countries. They all love Azerbaijan’s capital city, Baku, which is unique and stands at a crossroads between East and West. The stories tell the story of people living in modern Baku, their relationships, love, fear, joy, disappointments, triumphs, dreams, and how they come to terms with themselves. – Azerbaijan Movies

20. Dolu (2012)

Director: Elkhan Jafarov

This movie is all about the self-defense groups that formed in 1991 to stop the invasion of Azerbaijan by the Armenians. It’s all about the Karabakh War and the brave people who fought until the end. It’s based on Agil Abbas’ novel “Dogu”. – Azerbaijan Movies

21. Buta (2011)

Director: Ilgar Najaf

This story follows a seven-year-old boy named Buta who lives with his grandmother in a mountain village. He meets an old man who used to be a liquid soap merchant and who once had a crush on his grandmother.

Buta gets some advice from the old man, which helps him get through his tough times. Meanwhile, his grandmother is making a special carpet to remember his mom. It has a special pattern on it, which symbolizes love. Buta gets inspired and makes his carpet out of rocks and stones on top of the mountain. – Azerbaijan Movies

22. Leila’s Violin (Short 2022)

Director: Ella Leya

Leila, a 13-year-old California girl, is bereaved by the death of her mother. Upon her mother’s passing, Leila embarks on a journey to the ancestral home of the Mountain Jews of Azerbaijan’s Fire Mountains, where she encounters mystical messengers and discovers a mysterious red violin. – Azerbaijan Movies

23. Inner City (2016)

Director: Ilgar Safat

Arzu is a young girl, growing up in modern-day Azerbaijan, falling in love with her piano teacher’s son, Rafael, a war veteran from Karabakh. Rafael, who is twice his age and cannot escape the destruction of war, lives on the outskirts of society, where he is considered a ‘cripple.’

Arzu desperately wants to get away from the same oppressive society that limits women to a narrow path, choosing Rafael over her friends and family. Fearing for her life, Arzu’s mother forces Rafael to make the ultimate sacrifice of love with the wisdom born of his brokenness. – Azerbaijan Movies

24. The Precinct (2010)

Director: Ilgar Safat

Upon arriving at the police station following a car accident resulting in a fatality, the protagonist of the film, photographer Zaza Biyashvili, is forced to confront the traumatic events of his past. – Azerbaijan Movies

25. Hitler’s War on Oil: Objective Baku (2015)

Director:  Robert Mugnerot

The film offers a unique perspective on the World War II era, through the lens of oil. Additionally, the documentary includes some remarkable video footage of the war. The footage of the battles has been recreated in a completely new format, which is a restored color film. – Azerbaijan Movies


26. Yuxu (2001)

Director: Fikret Aliev

A young man recounts a dream he had about escaping with the daughter of the police chief’s wife to his grandmother. People spread the story like it’s true until it gets to the chief himself. – Azerbaijan Movies

27. Crane Lantern (2021)

Director: Hilal Baydarov

Musa is a law student who goes looking for David, a guy who’s in jail for abducting four women. He finds out that none of his victims want to press charges against him. Instead, they feel like they’re living a new life. Musa’s meeting with the alleged criminal is like stepping into someone else’s world. – Azerbaijan Movies

28. Yarimçiq xatirälär (2015)

Director: Elkhan Jafarov

Azerbaijani veteran of the Battle of Brest fortress returns to the field of battle 50 years later to protect Nagorno-Karabakh from the Armenians. – Azerbaijan Movies

29. Köpäk (1994)

Director: Tofiq Tağızadə

This movie is about a group of desperate people who turn into dogs. They’re all looking for work, but then they get taken away and forced to work as dogs. – Azerbaijan Movies

30. Three Girls (2007)

Director: Murad Ibragimbekov

The plot follows three young women in their early 20s, each seeking a greater purpose in life. As part of their recreational activities, they engage in sport rifle shooting. However, when their love is exploited by three men, they must find a way to escape the web of deceit and deception that surrounds a mysterious artwork. – Azerbaijan Movies

31. Oglan Evi: 1 (2015)

Director: Ilham Qasimov

Ramin is required to purchase a property to obtain the consent of his girlfriend’s father. After a series of difficulties, Ramin manages to purchase the property, only to discover that the property has two previous owners. – Azerbaijan Movies

32. Eviniz Abad (2018)

Director: Mirsadig Aghazade

The narrative of the film follows two young individuals, Ghafar and Leyla, who have both experienced the devastating effects of war, losing their possessions, families, and homes. Ghafar has been mistakenly transported to Georgia with the kiosk, and when he attempts to purchase the kiosk, he encounters Leyla, who is also homeless. The film is a tribute to those who have been affected by the war and was filmed in both Azerbaijan and Georgia. – Azerbaijan Movies

33. Sugra vä ogullari (2021)

Director: Ilgar Najaf

In a remote village, women are working while the men are engaged in combat operations during World War II. A small band of deserters are hiding in the mountains. When Musa joins the band, his younger brother, Bahtiyar, acts as the link between the men and their village.

After the death of Barat, the head of the local kolkhoz and deserter, by Ahad, the Soviet Intelligence Service (GSA) arrives in search of the deserters, and Sugra’s life and that of Bahtiyar take an unexpected turn. – Azerbaijan Movies

34. Force Majeure (Short 2011)

Director: Cem Kurtulus

The parents go away for the weekend hunting, leaving their teenage daughter alone to take care of the family dog. The viewer’s expectations are quickly dashed when the parents return home to find a disaster waiting for them. The family is so inept at dealing with the situation that they turn to an innocent bystander as a sacrificial lamb. – Azerbaijan Movies

35. Milyonluk Kus (2018)

Director: Hayal Aslanzade

The thief, who’s wanted by the cops, is on his way to Dubai with an important bird that he’s stolen. But something happens at the airport that brings them together. He meets a driver who works at a fancy hotel in Baku, and the famous architect thinks the driver is crying in his house, so it’s off to a great start! – Azerbaijan Movies

36. Second Parallel (2019)

Director: Shirin Jabiev

The Doctor abducts a young girl who has a history of lying and being a hypocrite and pretends to be a real person to experiment with her for some time. During this time, the girl’s consciousness is temporarily altered and she is unable to comprehend what she is saying. To escape the room, she attempts to present herself as a real person.

37. Pomegranate Orchard (2017)

Director: Ilgar Najaf

Gabil returns to the modest family farmhouse, surrounded by the long-forgotten pomegranate groves; he has not contacted anyone since his abrupt departure twelve years ago; however, the profound psychological wounds he has sustained cannot be wiped away overnight. – Azerbaijan Movies

38. Stalinin Bashi (2017)

Director: Rovshan Agayev

This time, heroes from Bozbash Pictures break out of prison and look for the secret of Soviet dictator Stalin, while a captain keeps an eye on them. – Azerbaijan Movies

39. Holy Cow (2015)

Director: Imam Hasanov

Tapdig wishes to bring a European cow to his rural village in Azerbaijan to improve the circumstances of his impoverished family. He chooses to name the cow Madona. His enthusiasm disturbs the traditional society, as the Old Men view the presence of a foreign breed as a threat due to the presence of chemicals in the milk.

Furthermore, Tapdig’s wife, Vafa, does not wish to be responsible for such a foreign breed. Nevertheless, Tapdig is willing to take risks and challenge the conservative mentality to open up and reevaluate the approach. – Azerbaijan Movies

40. Ikinci pärdä (2018)

Director: Emil Guliev

Tima’s friends retaliate against him after he departs early from his girlfriend Ibish’s birthday celebration. Tima’s life is about to take an unexpected turn. – Azerbaijan Movies

41. Steppe Man (2012)

Director: Shamil Aliyev

The story follows an elderly man and a young man who reside on a remote steppe, trading the wool of camels they care for. Upon the passing of the elderly man, the young man is visited by a young woman with short hair, who introduces her narrative to the younger man’s life, thereby transforming it. – Azerbaijan Movies

42. Qaranliq (2018)

Director: Kenan Zeynalov

Two months after the loss of her partner, Farid, Nuray ponders the possibility of creating a novel based on a love story. She decides to utilize the diary of Firuza, who was mysteriously killed 34 years prior. Upon reading the diary, Nuray discovers that one of its pages is missing. – Azerbaijan Movies

43. Don Marleone (2017)

Director: Elmar Bayramov

The plot of the film revolves around the coastal village of Novkhani, where a group of corrupt government officials conspire with a local mafia to acquire land from the villagers. When the villagers resisted, Khan’s father was shot to death by the corrupt officials.

The film employs satirical language to draw attention to various social issues in the country. The villagers come up with a plan to impersonate the Italian mafia to protect their land from the corrupt officials.

Through their ingenuity, the villagers reveal the shortcomings of the system and ultimately win the day. Towards the conclusion of the film, it is revealed that the villagers’ successful attempt to masquerade as the Italian mafia was nothing more than Khan’s dream, and he is tried in a court of law for his involvement in the real-life dispute concerning coastal land ownership. – Azerbaijan Movies

44. When the Persimmons Grew (2019)

Director: Hilal Baydarov

A mother sits motionless in a house where time passes by to the tune of rural Azerbaijani melodies, waiting for her son to arrive. When he does, their conversations are filled with existential queries and news from far away. The world outside is in a state of turmoil.

Mother and son become closer, silence turns into conversation, and life begins to flow between them. When the son departs, winter returns to the outdated house, where time passes by in a blur and the past and present move according to the same clock. – Azerbaijan Movies

45. Cavid Ömrü (TV Movie 2007)

Director: Ramiz Hasanoglu

This movie talks about the last few years of the life of the famous Azeri poet Huseyn Yavlani, who was a victim of Soviet oppression in 1937-38. – Azerbaijan Movies

46. Bloody January (2015)

Director: Vahid Mustafayev

The movie is about what happened on January 19-20, 1990 when the Soviet army stormed Baku and other cities in the region, killing a lot of people. – Azerbaijan Movies

47. The Island Within (2020)

Director: Ru Hasanov

Vitaly is content to live out his days alone on an island full of wild horses until he’s seduced by Seymour, a mentally and physically disabled chess grandmaster. – Azerbaijan Movies

48. Axirinci yol (2016)

Director: Rovshan Agayev

The adventure comedy follows the exploits of the heroes of “Bozbash Pictures” as they attempt to steal $ 2 million in cash from a local bank. The police of the country are actively searching for the culprits. – Azerbaijan Movies

49. XOXAN (2014)

Director: Samir Karimoghlu

The story follows two exorcists who are hired to exorcise a demon from the body of a young girl. When they begin their work, their lives start to deteriorate. – Azerbaijan Movies

50. Aktrisa (2011)

Director: Rovshen Isakh

The third victim’s password-protected computer is believed to be the key to solving three murders being investigated by Inspector Eldar AFANDIYEV of Rovshan ISAX. – Azerbaijan Movies