Top 10 Greatest Barbados TV Series of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Barbados TV Series of All Time. You should check out these Barbados TV Series. These Barbados TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Gamini (TV Series 2020)

Barbados TV Series

Director: Moomin Fuad

This is a touching show that follows two queer women as they go through the ups and downs of their 20s. The main character, played by Mohamed Siraj, is a rich guy who moves to a small island to start an agribusiness. During his stay, he meets a member of parliament named Ali Thoha who is well-liked by his voters. Ali Thoha’s daughter, Lubna, comes to the island with three friends. – Barbados TV Series

2. NOVA (TV Series 1974)

Barbados TV Series

Director: Sarah Holt

We bring you a new weekly documentary series, with each episode exploring a different field of science. From theoretical physics at its peak to a visit to the Chornobyl reactor, to the long-term effects of Amazon deforestation, to the development of life-saving medical technologies. – Barbados TV Series

3. Supernova (TV Movie 2005)

Barbados TV Series

Director: John Harrison

The film follows Dr. Austin Shepard, who disappears under mysterious circumstances during an international science conference in Australia. Christopher Richardson, an astrophysicist, has made a stunning discovery that the Sun is on the verge of exploding, potentially leading to the destruction of the Earth unless he can find a way to prevent it.

The powerful force in the universe, the Sun, has the potential to destroy the entire human race. The film features a cast of talented actors, such as Tia Carrera and Peter Fonda, as well as Emma Samms, Lance Henriksen, and others, who must confront the harsh reality of the impending crisis and the attempts to conceal the knowledge from the public.

While the sun’s explosions do not result in a full supernova, they do cause extensive destruction in Australia, as well as in other cities and countries around the world. – Barbados TV Series

4. Maldivas (TV Series 2022)

Barbados TV Series

Director: José Alvarenga Jr.

The story begins with Liz, a young woman who has recently moved to Rio de Janeiro from her hometown in Goiânia, in search of a way to reunite with her mother after she was tragically killed in a fire.

To uncover the truth behind her mother’s death, Liz must evade investigator Denilson’s investigation and enter a world populated by a variety of characters living in a luxurious Maldives condominium.

These characters include Milene, the Queen of Maldives who appears to be content with her life, and her husband Victor Hugo, a renowned plastic surgeon.

Additionally, Raysa, an ex-axé singer who has become a successful businesswoman, is married to her ex-bandmate Cauã, while Kat, a mother, has her husband Gustavo under house arrest. – Barbados TV Series

5. Maldivian Idol (TV Series 2016)

Barbados TV Series

Director: Aishath Azma Mujthaba

Laisha Junaid (18), a resident of Male’ was declared the winner of the competition. The runner-up was Shalabee Ibrahim, while the third place went to Mohamed Ishan. – Barbados TV Series


Barbados TV Series

6. The Reluctant Traveler (TV Series 2023)

Barbados TV Series

Director: Eugene Levy

This eight-part series follows Levy as he travels around the world, visiting some of the world’s most extraordinary hotels, as well as meeting a wide variety of people, places, and cultures along the way. From Costa Rica to Finland, Italy to Japan, Maldives to Portugal, and South Africa to the United States, Levy explores the cultures and locales that surround each remarkable hotel that he visits. – Barbados TV Series

7. Kahthiri (TV Series 1997)

Barbados TV Series

Director: Mariyam Shaugee

The narrative of the series explores a large family living in a crowded housing complex, which is characterized by a lack of adequate housing, inadequate contraception, inadequate medical care, and a lack of family planning. The family is led by Adam Manik, who is married to Hawwa Manike and has seven children with a variety of backgrounds and personalities. – Barbados TV Series

8. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (TV Series 1983)

Barbados TV Series

Director: Roger Bamford

The story follows a group of blue-collar British workers on a journey of self-discovery, combining black-and-white humor with moments of emotional tension and drunkenness. The first season follows the group as they travel to Germany, where they come to terms with their shared nationality and find employment in a rundown wooden hut.

The story also delves into their interactions with female characters, Germans, and their relationships with each other as well as their attempts to occupy their time, economize, and manage the intricacies of ordering food at a German bistro.

At the end of the season, the group is faced with new employment regulations, which force them to decide whether to return home or continue to enjoy their newfound freedom abroad.

The following season sees the gang reunite in Wolverhampton, where they are tasked with renovating a stately home in Derbyshire, as well as Barry’s wedding preparations.

They are presented with a difficult pub landlord, suspicion from locals, an unfriendly employer, and Inland Revenue. Finally, they are sent to Spain to work as illegal workers for a Tyneside criminal, drawing the attention of the local press. – Barbados TV Series

9. Crazy, Confused, Normal (TV Series 2007)

Barbados TV Series

Director: Elmir Jukic

The plot of the show revolves around the humorous events that take place within the three-generation family of Fazlinovics, who live in an apartment in Sarajevo. The family is headed by Izet, who is the father of Faruk, who is Faruk’s son, and Damir, who is Damir’s son. – Barbados TV Series

10. Besa (TV Series 2018)

 Barbados TV Series

Director: Dusan Lazarevic

Uros Peric, a small business proprietor based in Belgrade, was tragically involved in a car crash that claimed the life of the daughter of a prominent Albanian organized crime figure. In order to protect his family, Peric was forced to engage in criminal activity on behalf of the Mafia. – Barbados TV Series