The 50 Greatest Saudia Arabia Movies of All Time

The 50 Greatest Saudia Arabia Movies of All Time. You should check out these Saudia Arabia Movies. These Saudia Arabia Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Saudia Arabia Movies

1. Wadjda (2012)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Haifaa al-Mansour

Ten-year-old WADJDA lives in a suburb of Saudi Arabia’s capital city of Riyadh. Despite her conservative background, she is a fun-loving, enterprising individual who is willing to push the boundaries of her surroundings.

After a disagreement with her neighbor Abdullah, a boy she is not allowed to play with, WADJDA spots a green bicycle for sale and is eager to acquire it to compete against Abdullah in a bicycle race. However, her mother is reluctant to allow her to purchase the bicycle, as she fears the consequences of a society that views bicycles as a threat to a girl’s chastity.

WADJDA decided to attempt to raise the necessary funds on her own. Initially, her mother is too busy persuading her husband not to marry a second wife to comprehend what is happening. However, her plans are soon foiled when she is discovered to be running various schemes at her school.

As WADJDA devotes herself to memorizing and reciting Quranic verses, her teachers begin to view her as a model of piety. It’s not gonna be a walk in the park, especially for someone who gets into a lot of trouble, but Wadjda isn’t going to back down. She’s gonna keep fighting for what she wants. – Saudia Arabia Movies

2. The Cello (2023)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

Darnell Bousman, renowned for his award-winning films, has completed the production of his latest international horror film, Cello. The film, based on the book of the same name, follows a young cellist who discovers that the price of his new cello is more deceptive than he initially anticipated.

The cast includes Academy Award® and Tony® Award® winners, as well as Academy Award® and Emmy® Award-nominated actors, including Jeremy Irons and Tobin Bell, as well as Syrian actor, Samer Ali, and Saudi actress, Elham Ali. The production was filmed on location in the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia. Lee Nelson, executive producer, is in charge of the film’s production. The film is being co-financed by Alamiya Limited and Rozam Media, who also holds all the film’s rights.

Darnell Bousman, renowned for his award-winning films, has completed the production of his latest international horror film, Cello. The film, based on the book of the same name, follows a young cellist who discovers that the price of his new cello is more deceptive than he initially anticipated. The cast includes Academy Award® and Tony® Award® winners, as well as Academy Award® and Emmy® Award-nominated actors, including Jeremy Irons and Tobin Bell, as well as Syrian actor, Samer Ali, and Saudi actress, Elham Ali.

The production was filmed on location in the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia. Lee Nelson, executive producer, is in charge of the film’s production. The film is being co-financed by Alamiya Limited and Rozam Media, who also holds all the film’s rights. – Saudia Arabia Movies

3. Sattar (2022)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Abdullah Al-Arak

Sattar tells the story of Saad, a depressed man failing at both his professional and personal life who decides to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a freestyle wrestler. The dream soon turns into a nightmare when he publishes a clip of his beating in the auditions.

Later he meets Ali Hogan, a famous wrestling business manager played by Abdulaziz Al Shehri, who convinces him to re-enter the world of wrestling, where he meets his Pakistani coach Abdul Khaleq, played by Ibrahim Al Khairallah, who prepares him for the biggest free wrestling championship. The film also stars Shahd Algefari in her acting debut. – Saudia Arabia Movies

4. Head to Head (2023)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Malik Nejer

Hilarity and danger collide in this hilarious tale of a chauffeur in love with a retired crime lord and a bootlegger mechanic who accidentally stumble across each other. It’s a wild ride that will change your life. – Saudia Arabia Movies

5. NAGA (2023)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Meshal Al Jaser

Stranded amid Riyadh’s desert dunes, Sarah, a local Saudi girl, escapes heartaches and the vengeance of a vigorous camel after discreetly sneaking out of her parent’s home for a romantic date that landed her astray. – Saudia Arabia Movies

6. Hajjan (2023)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Abu Bakr Shawky

Matar and his brother Ghanim are living in the never-ending desert in Saudi Arabia. When bad luck strikes, Matar decides to enter a camel race to save his beloved camel, Hofira.

When Jasser, the unscrupulous owner, takes him in, Matar is forced to fight for his life in this epic coming-of-age story. – Saudia Arabia Movies

7. Shihana (2019)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Khaled El Hagar

This movie is based on true events. It’s about Shihana, a young Saudi girl who’s full of hope, determination, and love. She’s living her life in Riyadh, surrounded by colorful colors, dreams, and love that won’t let anyone down. But then her mom, Munira, tricked her and her brother, Ibrahim, with a promise of a trip to Turkey.

She was going to join ISIS, but she didn’t care about her kids. Now Shihana’s stuck in the middle of the world, trapped inside a terrorist organization and trying to survive in a city full of death and destruction. She’s trying to find a way to get through it with love and color. – Saudia Arabia Movies

8. The Book of Sun (2020)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Faris Godus

In 2010, Husam, Maan, Ibrahim, and Orabi, a high school senior, embarked on a venture to produce a low-budget horror film. – Saudia Arabia Movies

9. Night Courier (2023)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Ali Kalthami

MANDOOB presents a captivating story set in the heart of the Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh, where despair and hope collide. The protagonist, Fahad Algadiani, is a mentally ill individual who is in a race against time to rescue his ailing father. – Saudia Arabia Movies

10. Rashash (TV Series 2021)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Colin Teague

The story follows the rise and fall of an infamous criminal who lived in the 1980s in Saudi Arabia and the brave efforts of the police to apprehend him. – Saudia Arabia Movies

11. Alhamour H.A. (2023)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Abdulelah Alqurashi

He’s a security guard who makes a lot of money in a short amount of time by tricking people into investing in things they don’t think are safe and promising to double their money in just a few years. – Saudia Arabia Movies

12. Alkhallat+ (2022)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Fahad Alammari

He who has an ace trick up his sleeve will show it. It’s a collection of social scams and tricks in four unlikely locations. – Saudia Arabia Movies

13. Raven Song (2022)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Mohamed Al Salman

Nasser, a washed-up actor, is afflicted with a brain tumor after meeting a mysterious and unique young woman. Desperately in love with her and frustrated with his lack of success, he must quickly decide what he desires to do with his life before undergoing a potentially life-threatening operation, and entice her with the most captivating form of seduction: a song. – Saudia Arabia Movies

14. The Perfect Candidate (2019)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Haifaa al-Mansour

Maryam is a young physician based in a rural locality in Saudi Arabia who is determined to pursue a career in the medical field. After being barred from travelling to Dubai in pursuit of a higher-paying position, a bureaucratic error causes Maryam to inadvertently submit an application for a local municipal election, resulting in her decision to run for office. – Saudia Arabia Movies

15. Route 10 (2022)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Omar Naim

Maryam and her brother Nasser are on their way from riyadh to Abu Dhabi to attend their dad’s wedding when their flight gets cancelled. They’re determined to make it by car, but they don’t count on all the dangers of the desert road – including an angry stranger who’s chasing them and forcing them to drive for their lives. – Saudia Arabia Movies

16. Six Windows in the Desert (TV Series 2020)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Mohamed al Salman

A short sci fi movie set in the 70s about a missing plane that lands in a desert. After a bunch of people try to get in touch with the outside world, the people who survived the crash have to live with each other. – Saudia Arabia Movies

17. The Matchmaker (2023)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan

When a bored office worker falls head over heels in love with his gorgeous intern, he stalks her to a mysterious desert getaway where strange forces are at play. – Saudia Arabia Movies

18. Marba Al Ezz (TV Series 2023)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Rasha Sharbatji

The story follows three kids who get snatched for revenge. After 18 years, the mystery begins to unravel and a lot of things happen during that time. – Saudia Arabia Movies

19. Rupture (2021)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Hamzah Jamjoom

A Saudi couple in London who are trying to get pregnant have to deal with a creepy concierge who seems to have a dark side. – Saudia Arabia Movies

20. 321 Action (2020)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Shady Al Ramly

The movie follows a single mom who’s devoted to taking care of her daughter, only to decide to retire and get back into acting with a new movie. There’s a lot of funny stuff going on during the making of this new film. – Saudia Arabia Movies

21. Valley Road (2022)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Khalid Fahad

Ali embarks on a journey through the wonders of the valley, only to be met with unexpected obstacles. – Saudia Arabia Movies

22. The Tambour of Retribution (2020)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Abdulaziz Alshlahei

This narrative delves into the innermost realms of the impoverished Seaaf neighborhood, located in the center of the capital city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It follows the story of Dayel, a swordsman whose job it is to carry out death sentences, and his relationship with Shama, the daughter of Tagaga, a Tambourine Player. Shama is in a romantic relationship with Tagaga, who runs a band that performs at weddings.

In order to collect the necessary blood money to free Soror, Shama works with her mother, but Dayel is jealous. He reluctantly agrees to take over his father’s position as swordsman, in the hope that one day he will be able to carry out Soror’s execution. The story interweaves with the stories of surrounding neighborhoods and conflicts. – Saudia Arabia Movies

23. Heart Crime (TV Series 2023)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Hakan Arslan

A story of three young women embarking on a walk when one of them tragically loses her life, followed by the investigator learning that death is not an accident and that there is an element of mystery surrounding the incident. – Saudia Arabia Movies

24. Barakah Meets Barakah (2016)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Mahmoud Sabbagh

The story follows two characters who go by the name of “Barakah”. He’s Barakah, a humble municipal official in Jeddah. He’s an amateur actor who’s rehearsing a production of Hamlet for his theatre company. And she’s Barakah – a wild-haired beauty who’s been adopted by a wealthy couple. – Saudia Arabia Movies

25. Slave (2022)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Mansour Assad

The protagonist, Sakkir, and his consort, Latifa, encounter a backlash from the local population following the release of a film that defies their preconceived notions.

Sakkir’s solution to the challenge of the society’s ideology is to travel back in time by the use of marbles, in which he lapses into a cycle of self-delightment. – Saudia Arabia Movies


26. VHS Tape Replaced (2023)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Maha Al-Saati

In 1987, an African-American man in Saudi Arabia attempts to win the heart of the woman of his dreams by imitating her favourite 80s singer, Crown. – Saudia Arabia Movies

27. Junoon (2021)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Yaser B.

I’m a vlogger who wants to get some awesome paranormal footage. I’m traveling with my wife and my best friend from Saudi Arabia to Southern California. – Saudia Arabia Movies

28. Kidnap (TV Series 2021)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Mark Everest

The narrative of the series revolves around Lina, a young girl who is abducted and separated from her family from the time she was a child, where she is held captive for a period of twenty years. – Saudia Arabia Movies

29. Dahab: Bint Al Hotel (TV Series 2023)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Bouthina Awad

Dahab is a hotel maid who rescues the blood-soaked Nayef, a well-known businessman, from danger. – Saudia Arabia Movies

30. Scales (2019)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Shahad Ameen

SCALES is a dystopian novel set in a poverty-stricken fishing village, where a family must sacrifice one of its daughters to the sea creatures that inhabit the surrounding waters. The men of the village hunt the sea creatures, and Hayat, the daughter of the village’s father, is considered a curse to the village.

Despite being saved from this fate, Hayat grows up as an outcast. Despite this, Hayat perseveres and struggles to regain her place in her village. After Hayat’s mother bears her a son, Hayat is forced to accept the cruel custom of surrendering to the sea creatures, or find a way to escape. – Saudia Arabia Movies

31. Safar Berlik (2023)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Al Laith Hajo

This narrative drama follows four Arab college students as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-immolation in the midst of the oppressive Ottoman Empire. – Saudia Arabia Movies

32. Ayyad in Riyadh (2022)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Rakan

A dad sends his daughter off to study abroad, only to be surprised when she comes back with some weird ideas. He’s trying to find a way to make things work with his daughter, but then she meets a regular guy who just moved to riyadh. – Saudia Arabia Movies

33. Kayan (2022)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Hakeem Jomah

The story follows a disturbed couple who are separated from each other for an extended period of time, until they spend a night in an abandoned hotel where they are confronted by a supernatural force. – Saudia Arabia Movies

34. Zero Distance (2020)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Abdulaziz Alshlahei

In the early 2000s in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a passionate photographer, Majid, runs a studio with a business partner and a close friend. Majid’s life appears to be uneventful until he accidentally finds a prescription for memory loss pills.

Things become more perplexed when he is recognized by complete strangers from a previous life. As he seeks answers, Majid must confront his past, confront his anxieties, and confront his loved ones. The reality of his situation is revealed when he discovers a photograph of a deceased body on the floor of his apartment, and his gun is missing a bullet. – Saudia Arabia Movies

35. Bashar Shorts (TV Series 2022)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Sultan Al Abdulmohsen

Set in the near future of Saudi Arabia, this sci-fi series follows a group of people living in a world where artificial intelligence and human instinct come together. – Saudia Arabia Movies

36. One Day in the Haram (2017)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Abrar Hussain

Narrated by director Abrar Hussain, One Day in the Haram chronicles the remarkable history of the Haram in Mecca, a place so sacred that non-Muslims must not enter it. For the first time in history, audiences will be able to witness the workings of Haram through the eyes of its workers for a full day.

Abrar Hussain has spent more than a year researching various aspects of the Haram to create the most comprehensive and captivating narrative of the Haram ever created. Full of knowledge and never-before-seen footage, this film is a must-see for anyone with an interest in Islam. – Saudia Arabia Movies

37. Meeting with the Devil (2018)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Theo Kim

The devil meets a man in a cafe to hire him as his right hand in the army, but the man’s reaction to the devil’s offer never crossed his mind. – Saudia Arabia Movies

38. Bilal the Sixth (2021)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Haider Annasser

This movie is about a bunch of young people who get scammed and tricked by a group over the internet after they promised them a dream vacation to one of these magical islands. – Saudia Arabia Movies

39. Roll’em (2019)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Abdulelah Alqurashi

The story of Roll’em follows Omar Nizar, a young filmmaker in his 30s, and the challenges he faces when trying to make movies about Jeddah. He’s not aware of what Jeddah is to him and how difficult it is to make films in Saudi Arabia.

But then he meets Farid, a 70-year-old cinematographer who’s decided to give up his passion and open an antique shop in the city of Al-Balad, and his journey into Jeddah’s worlds begins. – Saudia Arabia Movies

40. The Great Muse (2018)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Abdulrahman Khawj

Nawaf is a high school dropout from Saudi Arabia who’s struggling to decide what kind of college he wants to go to. He’s got a lot of people telling him what’s right for him, but he’s trying to figure it out on his own. – Saudia Arabia Movies

41. Arbaoon Aman wa Laylah (2021)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Mohammed Alholayyil

When their father is involved in a car accident, five siblings rush him to the hospital. Although he is found to be in good condition, the accident triggers the unraveling of long-held secrets over the course of a single night. – Saudia Arabia Movies

42. Shoot (2018)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Aymen Khoja

Anmar’s dream is to play football and he finally gets his chance to play for a team while he’s studying architecture in America. But before he can do that, he has to convince his dad, who’s threatening to kick him out of the house, get along with his teammates, who think of him more as a bomber than a striker and work with Ana, his hot classmate. – Saudia Arabia Movies

43. Whispers (TV Series 2020)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Hana Al Omair

EP Saudi’s new eight-part series follows a family facing the death of Hassan, the family patriarch whose mysterious past re-emerges days before the company’s smart application is set to be launched.

The story is told from the various perspectives of the show’s protagonists, and explores a wide range of social issues, including family conflicts and the challenges of the modern business world. – Saudia Arabia Movies

44. Within Sand (2022)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Moe Alatawi

When Namu is captured by a band of raiders, he is stranded in the desert of Saudi Arabia. While his wife Halla, who is pregnant, engages the tribe’s leaders to secure Namu’s return, he is pursued by a solitary wolf. – Saudia Arabia Movies

45. Madayen (2016)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Ayman Tamano

This indie-found footage-style movie is set in the far north of Saudi Arabia and follows three young people as they explore the mysterious and cursed ruins of the madayen sale.

It’s written and directed by Hakeem Jomah and produced by Ayman Tamano, and it follows them as they explore the myths and truths behind this cursed place. – Saudia Arabia Movies

46. From My Tree (2022)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Faisal Al Zahrani

Upon the passing of Eva’s mother, she searches for the secret of her mother’s life in her coded messages on her beloved tree in order to discover the location of her future residence. – Saudia Arabia Movies

47. Last Visit (2019)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan

A middle-aged dad, Nasser, gets a call from his teenage son, Waleed, that his dad has a serious illness. Nasser heads to his rural hometown, which is south of Riyadh. But when they get there, the relationship between dad and son takes on a whole new meaning.

The disappearance of a kid under mysterious circumstances is overshadowed by the dad’s attempts to get his introverted son to talk, even if he has to force him to do it. Waleed fights the guardianship and refuses it in the middle of his dying grandfather’s house. – Saudia Arabia Movies

48. Amra and the Second Marriage (2018)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Mahmoud Sabbagh

When a woman in her mid-thirties finds out that her husband is planning to marry another, younger woman, she is forced to take drastic action. – Saudia Arabia Movies

49. Joud (2018)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Osama Alkhurayji

JOUD is a movie that takes you on an unexpected journey into the world of life. It’s set in Saudi Arabia and encourages you to look beyond the surface of your everyday life and think about its Arabic title, which translates to “giving in the face of lack”.

It uses a unique story structure that’s based on a pre-Islamic poem called Qasida, which is now a modern-day poem. It’s filmed entirely in Saudi Arabia, and it takes you into the depths of your soul and the fabric of an experience that’s often kept hidden from the world. – Saudia Arabia Movies

50. Dunya’s Day (2019)

Saudia Arabia Movies

Director: Raed Alsemari

The film is set in a wealthy suburb of the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh, on the eve of Dunya’s graduation celebration. A few hours prior to the arrival of her distinguished guests, all the household staff leave, having had enough of Dunya’s insolence. – Saudia Arabia Movies