Top 30 Best Montenegro Movies of All Time

Top 30 Best Montenegro Movies of All Time. You should check out these Montenegro Movies. These Montenegro Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Sirin (2023)

Montenegro Movies

Director: Senad Sahmanovic

The story revolves around Natali, who departed the old Yugoslavia as soon as the 1990s wars started. Like many other residents of this region, she immigrated to another country in quest of a better life and a more certain future.

After living abroad for several years, she wanted to change her identity and forget her past to adjust to life in a new place properly. She will return to her native Montenegro due to a unique court matter involving the inheritance of a wealthy old orphaned woman. – Montenegro Movies

2. The Books of Knjige: Cases of Justice (2017)

Director: Zoran Markovic

The books of Knige has been doing a radio show on the radio station Cetinje for a while, usually with skits about current topics. But in 1998, they got a contract with radio station Antena M, and now they’re doing a weekly show every Friday night at midnight. The show consists of three parts: the first part is usually a jokey talk about what’s going on in the world, and the second part is usually a hilarious conversation with two guests.

The guests could be famous singers, movie directors, other Balkan celebs, or people with really weird jobs, interests, or sexual habits. The third part is usually a bunch of skits or just a free speech about whatever the hosts want to talk about. The show lasts two hours and is hosted by Popaj, gajo, and Goran. – Montenegro Movies

3. Lokalni vampir (2011)

Director: Branko Baletic

The story follows a passive young businessman who is deceived and left in dire financial straits. He and his mother come up with a foolhardy plan to escape – feigning his death, staging a funeral, and then hiding him in the attic. While he is away visiting his girlfriend, the neighbors spot him and assume he is a vampire resurrected from the dead. This news quickly brings in a large number of visitors, including some gangsters who are not entirely convinced of the vampire story. – Montenegro Movies

4. The Black Pin (2016)

Montenegro Movies

Director: Ivan Marinovic

The story follows Father Peter as he struggles with the notion that the universe is beyond his control and that God has ceased to intervene. His marriage has broken down, his son has rebelled against him, and his mother, suffering from Alzheimer’s, is barely able to recognize him.

When Peter becomes a hindrance to the sale of a large property in his parish, a group of colorful yet vengeful villagers decide to drive him away. Their inventive methods lead the superstitious village to believe that Peter is responsible for all the difficulties on the peninsula.

The conflict culminates in the funeral of a purported witch, which they transform into a scene of surreal chaos. Ultimately, Peter is discredited as a priest, and his faith in humanity is destroyed. – Montenegro Movies

5. After the Winter (2021)

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Director: Ivan Bakrač

The story follows five young friends from a small town in Montenegro who still maintain a strong bond despite being scattered across the former Yugoslavia. After more than a year of life-altering events, they must come to terms with the reality of their changing lives as they transition from a carefree, carefree youth to a mature adulthood. As the winter season draws to a close, each friend must begin to construct their new world. – Montenegro Movies

6. Soa (2017)

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Director: Dusan Kasalica

The story follows a guy who lives on a farm with his wife in a rugged mountain town. They’re just going through the motions of a typical, boring rural life. The fall season is long, and he’s getting ready to commit a nasty crime. – Montenegro Movies

7. Gorcilo (2015)

Montenegro Movies

Director: Milan Karadžić

Residents of the city, who are in the process of preparing for the construction of a road, visit an undeveloped Montenegrin village, where they meet the local inhabitants. – Montenegro Movies

8. Ace of Spades: Bad Destiny (2012)

Montenegro Movies

Director: Draško Đurović

Set in the 1990s, Bad Destiny focuses on the lives of protagonists affected by war and the tragedy they endure. Beli is sent back to a small town in Montenegro after spending years in jail. He was part of the paramilitary group Shadows during the war in ex-Yugoslavia, which carried out brutal executions. – Montenegro Movies

9. Iskra (2017)

Director: Gojko Berkuljan

The plot follows Peter, a retired detective, and his daughter, Iskra. Peter’s retirement plans are disrupted when Iskra goes missing, leading to a search for her. As the investigation progresses, Petar is drawn back into his past. – Montenegro Movies

10. Breasts (2020)

Montenegro Movies

Director: Marija Perović

Twenty-year High School Reunion reunites four friends, one of whom is suffering from a serious illness. The other three are eager to assist her, but to do so, they must first identify themselves. – Montenegro Movies

11. Neko treci (Short 2020)

Montenegro Movies

Director: Milorad Milatovic

The story follows a mother who neglects her children, a son who yearns for his mother, and a babysitter who is devoted to him. However, three is a lot of people to handle. This is an emotionally charged and moving narrative. – Montenegro Movies

12. The Kids from Marx and Engels Street (2014)

Director: Nikola Vukčević

The story follows two brothers: Stanko, aged 30, who is about to make his first kill, and Vojo, aged 16, who is preparing to make his first love. However, as is often the case in Balkan cultures, what appears to be simple is not. – Montenegro Movies

13. Barley (2021)

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Director: Andrija Mugosa

Jakov asks his ex-boyfriend Petar to be his godfather for his daughter’s christening, but when he shows up, he brings back all the bad memories of their time together. Peter can’t resist the temptation and tries to get in touch with him, only to find out that he’s been pretending to be someone else to fit in. – Montenegro Movies

14. The Elegy of Laurel (2021)

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Director: Dušan Kasalica

Filip is a smart professor who’s on a break with his wife. Things aren’t going the way they used to, and he’s looking for a way out. He wanders off into the woods, where he runs into his mother and meets a girl who used to be a snake. – Montenegro Movies

15. Neka cvjeta rosno cvijece (2023)

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Director: Ivan Bakrac

Nikola embarks on a journey to the south of Montenegro to bid farewell to his closest friend. Along the journey, he encounters Maja, a woman with whom he appears to have a deeper connection than initially thought. – Montenegro Movies


Montenegro Movies

16. Grudi (2018)

Montenegro Movies

Director: Marija Perovic

“Grudi” is a four-part mini-series that went into production after it won the best project award at the 2017 RTCG contest. It follows three friends – Jelena, Laura, and Fuki – who all live in different parts of the world. Jelena is a teacher in her hometown who works hard to improve the education system. Laura is a divorced woman who lives with her daughter.

Zorka is a biochemist who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is married to a successful businessman. Fuki is their best friend who never moved away from their hometown and lives with his grandma. He gets mixed up with some shady people and schemes, but he’s always there for them.

All three of them have been in love with each other at one point or another, but they stay best friends. In the end, they all have to help Ana get the money for her operation in three days. They’ll have to dig deep into their hearts and find the courage to bring out their best selves. Breasts are important to everyone, not just as a symbol.

Elena had to get her breasts smaller because she wanted people to see something different in her. So did Zorka, but for different reasons that she had to hide from society. Ana’s breasts symbolize her illness but also the opportunity to make her daughter’s dreams come true. Fuki has a story about her breasts too… the mini-series was based on true events. – Montenegro Movies

17. Bjergets Tårer (2022)

Montenegro Movies

Director: Lena Milovic

Mina has journeyed to the mountains of Montenegro in search of a solution to the issues between her and her partner Daniel. She is told by a woman in the mountains to locate a diseased tree and heal it in order to achieve clarity. The trek is long and arduous, and Mina faces the harsh reality of her situation. – Montenegro Movies

18. You Have the Night (2018)

Director: Ivan Salatić

Upon the termination of her employment with the shipyard, Sanja is left with no viable alternative but to return home. The yard has declared bankruptcy, resulting in the loss of employment for a significant number of workers. A violent storm erupts, resulting in the death of one person. – Montenegro Movies

19. Lowdown (2016)

Montenegro Movies

Director: Pavle Simonovic

The body is found in the middle of Podgorica under a bridge on the Moraca River. We quickly find out that it belongs to a well-known gang of criminals. – Montenegro Movies

20. Neverending Past (2018)

Director: Andro Martinović

This triptych piece is about three different times and three different fathers who are in a situation where they have to make a choice between two sides of the same coin. – Montenegro Movies

21. Lijenstina (2018)

Director: Aleksa Stefan Radunović

The film “Lazy Guy” portrays the lives of a group of young people and their families in the capital city of Podgorica, Montenegro. The protagonist, a young man, struggles to find employment, and the film seeks to illustrate the culture and economic situation of the country, as corruption and dishonesty have become commonplace, leading to a sense of hopelessness and apathy.

The film draws attention to the stereotyped image of Montenegroans as being lazy. Through the protagonist’s experiences of enduring chronic hardship and dissatisfaction, in an environment of limited prosperity, the film seeks to demonstrate the fallacy of this label. – Montenegro Movies

22. Hozentarus (TV Movie 2018)

Director: Drasko Djurovic

The story of the Hozentarus begins with a king who had it all. One day, the king was bored and requested his courtiers to provide him with the item. The courtiers had no idea what the item was, and the situation was unique. If they did not provide the item, they would be subject to severe punishment. The search began. – Montenegro Movies

23. Mirsada (2017)

Montenegro Movies

Director: Danilo Marunovic

The story follows a young girl who finds herself caught in the middle of an epic battle between centuries-old Romani culture, strict codes, and tradition, all while hiding in the shadows of the Podgorica suburbs. As cameras start to enter this strange world, they find themselves filming in some pretty shocking but also beautiful places – abandoned train cars, landfilled dumps, garbage, and even streets – where a bit of rain shelter and a friendly word from a transgender prostitute is all you need to make it through a chilly night. – Montenegro Movies

24. Tranquillity of Blood (2015)

Director: Senad Sahmanovic

The Peace of Mind is a film that explores the concept of mental state, profound thought processes, and ultimately, the decision-making process in a small village, which is shaped by centuries-old customs and practices. The narrative follows the lives of Drago, a man, and his wife, Persa, a woman, who, ten years ago, lost their son.

The couple’s plan to fake their son’s death and stage a funeral will bring their son’s killer back to their village after ten years of hiding from reprisals. Drago and his wife, hiding in the mill, plan to carry out the final revenge. However, the months of solitude have transformed Drago into a man who, until then, had not made a decision. – Montenegro Movies

25. The Ascent (2011)

Montenegro Movies

Director: Nemanja Becanovic

Jovan has recently completed his degree in literature and is struggling to complete his first novel. To escape the hustle and bustle of his life, he decides to visit a friend’s country estate where he can devote himself to writing in solitude.

The estate, located in an inhospitable mountain landscape, is home to a peculiar family of illiterate farmers, who engage in undefined sexual liaisons and remain devoted to the natural world.

The family’s leader, Zeko, is a sadistic figurehead whose word, will, and peculiar outlook cannot be challenged by the members of the family. As Jovan gradually adapts to life with them, he decides to remain with them for a short period. However, it is not his decision to extend his stay. – Montenegro Movies

26. Nekome svome (Short 2019)

Director: Sead Sabotic

A couple visits their ancestral home, where the ancestral homes of the relatives residing abroad are presently located. These relatives pay a five-day visit to the ancestral home once a year. The couple is the sole visitor to these ancestral homes during the year. – Montenegro Movies

27. Zlatne caklje (2007)

Director: Zoran Bojovic

One night, Bore Lee is awoken from a dream in which he is told by a voice that in the East, in a region of harsh mountains, a small yet proud individual is suffering from an injustice perpetrated by the Evil Witch and her spouse.

The Evil Witch has taken possession of the mythological gold nunchakus which symbolizes freedom for the people of Zabjelo. The people are suffering from hunger, injustice, bribery, corruption, and terrorism in Zabjel. Free-minded citizens of Zabjel are prohibited from living there.

Bore submerges into the sea and resurfaces within the territorial waters of Zabljel, where he is met by the oldest Zabljelian dissident and his children. Bearing in mind the importance of this venture, he diligently trains and studies Zabljelians’ history, geography, and sociology.

Desperately suffering from homesickness and temperatures of +40°C, he manages to disguise himself and resist the attack of the Evil Witch. Thus begins the adventure. – Montenegro Movies

28. The Visit (2015)

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

The story follows two children who spend a week with their grandparents while their single mother embarks on a romantic getaway with her partner. Becca, the eldest of the children, decides to document her grandparents to help her mother reconnect with her family and learn more about her biological parents. During the production of the documentary, she and her younger brother Tyler, the youngest of the children, uncover a mysterious secret about their grandparents. – Montenegro Movies

29. A Quiet Nook of Christ’s (2017)

Montenegro Movies

Director: Radisav Jevric

A Silent Nook of Christ is a play-based documentary film that chronicles the journey of St. Mardrie Libertville, founder of the first Serbian diocese in the United States, from his hometown of Kornati, close to Podgorica, where he began his spiritual journey as a child, to his hometown of Libertyville, where he passed away after 82 years of retirement. The film was created to commemorate the presentation of his sacred relics. – Montenegro Movies

30. Sve to (2012)

Montenegro Movies

Director: Branislav Milatovic

A father arranges a fishing trip for his infant son to distract the boy’s attention from attending a classmate’s funeral. However, the father’s plan proves to be more challenging than anticipated, and his son demonstrates a level of maturity that surpasses his age. – Montenegro Movies