The 10 Best Benin TV Series You Should Watch

The 10 Best Benin TV Series You Should Watch. You should check out these Benin TV Series. These Benin TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Samoan Gold (TV Series 2018)

Benin TV Series

Stars: Tua Kealoha, Lenni Uitto

G-Love is stuck in a rut and can’t seem to get his life back on track. His dad steps in and tells him to take charge and get things back on track. Even though his cousin doesn’t like it when G-Love gets him into trouble, he’s still loyal to him. So G-Love takes on his problems head-on, starting with a run-in with the Russian mob. – Benin TV Series

2. Finding Your Roots (TV Series 2012)

Benin TV Series

Stars: CeCe Moore, Mia Farrow

A special group of guests who explore their ancestral history, find connections, and uncover mysteries about their family tree, all while sharing an emotional journey with their viewers.

Gates guide them through this process, as they observe the results and details of the meticulous work of the genealogists, who analyze genetic code and trace bloodlines to discover documentation and sometimes prove or disprove long-held theories.

Before AncestryDNA was widely adopted, the well-known journalist and cultural critic, Henry Louis Gates Jr., revealed the genealogical backgrounds of many famous people, often revealing incredible discoveries. – Benin TV Series

3. Radar Across the Pacific (TV Series 2012)

Benin TV Series

Stars: The Radar

The most populous Polynesian metropolis in the world, yet he has a limited understanding of his Pacific neighbors. In a captivating new local series premiering on Television ONE, Radar Across the Pacific, Te Radar embarks on an expedition to the islands in search of a greater understanding. – Benin TV Series

4. Survivor (TV Series 2000)

Benin TV Series

Stars: Lillian Morris, Jon Dalton

Sixteen individuals were stranded in a remote area with limited supplies, including a large amount of rice, one item of luxury for each person, and a camera crew. Every three days or one episode, one of the participants would be eliminated through a vote, with the winner receiving a million dollars.

Initially, the participants were divided into two teams, with each team having to eliminate a member of the losing team. As the number of participants dwindled, the teams merged, and the competition became a one-on-one effort.

This is the inaugural installment of the highly acclaimed reality television series, which follows ordinary individuals from various backgrounds as they attempt to survive the Australian Outback and evade various hazardous situations. Each episode will feature a vote to eliminate a participant, with the winner taking home the grand prize. – Benin TV Series

5. Sam (TV Series 1973)

Benin TV Series

Stars: Alethea Charlton, James Hazeldine

The show is set in the real world and centers around Sam’s childhood at Featherstone. Originally set in the coal fields of Yorkshire in the interwar era, the series later moved to the present day. Interior scenes are shot at Granada’s studios in Manchester and many exterior scenes are shot in the Lancashire countryside. – Benin TV Series


Benin TV Series

6. Hard Times (TV Series 1977)

Benin TV Series

Stars: Timothy West, Rosalie Crutchley

Hard Times is different from the rest of Dickens’ novels in several ways. It is the shortest of his novels, only a quarter the length of the novels immediately preceding and following it. Unlike all of his other novels, Hard Times has no preface and no illustrations.

It is also the only one of his novels that does not take place in London. Instead, the story takes place in a Victorian mill town in the North of England, a place that looks a bit like Manchester, but on a much smaller scale.

Thomas Gradgrind is a wealthy retired merchant who lives in this industrial city. He is a firm believer in rationalism, selfishness, and facts. He teaches these values to his two oldest children, Louise and Tom. – Benin TV Series

7. The Last Train (TV Series 1999)

Benin TV Series

Stars: Christopher Fulford, Dinita Gohil

A diverse ensemble of characters, including a law enforcement officer, a con artist, a mother and daughter, and a researcher, are involved in a railway accident that results in the release of cryogenic gas into a compartment. Upon waking, the group embarks on a captivating journey through a ravaged landscape, on their way to the Ark, encounter other survivors whose motivations range from friendly to unfriendly. – Benin TV Series

8. The Owl Service (TV Series 1969)

Benin TV Series

Stars: Dorothy Edwards, Gillian Hills

Alison is a young girl who’s recently lost her mum and dad. She’s spending the summer with her stepbrother in a quiet house in the Welsh valleys that’s been given to her by a relative. While they’re there, she hears a scratching sound coming from the roof.

When she goes to check it out, she finds a bunch of old dinner plates with a flower owl design on them. She starts to wonder what the plates mean, who the strange gardener is, why the housekeeper is so angry, and if it’s related to a story about a village magician who made a woman out of flowers and then turned her into an owl. – Benin TV Series

9. A Family at War (TV Series 1970)

Benin TV Series

Stars: Colin Douglas, Barbara Flynn

The Ashton family, belonging to the lower middle class of Liverpool, navigates the challenges of life on the home front amidst the Second World War. A working-class family from Liverpool, England, faced difficulties on the home front during World War II. – Benin TV Series

10. Cribb (TV Series 1980)

Benin TV Series

Stars: Alan Dobie, William Simons

The cases of Detective Sergeant Cribb during the Victorian era were investigated by the newly established Criminal Investigation Department of Scotland Yard. During the Victorian era, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Scotland Yard was responsible for investigating the cases of Detective Sergeant Cribb. – Benin TV Series