The 20 Best Ukraine Cartoons of All Time

The 20 Best Ukraine Cartoons of All Time. You should check out these Ukraine Cartoons. These Ukraine Cartoons will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Ukraine Cartoons

1. Mavka: The Forest Song (2023)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Oleg Malamuzh

Mavka, a young and innocent forest spirit, falls in love with Lukas, a human musician. Mavka is forced to choose between her love and her responsibility as a forest protector as they become more intimate as a result of an inescapable circumstance.

When Mavka, a soul of the forest, falls in love with the gifted young musician Lukash, she is forced to choose between her love for him and her responsibility as guardian of the Heart of the Forest.

The enchantment of love is the subject of our tale. That kind of love helps human nature discover its magic, reveals talents and traits that enable one to go beyond what is possible, and strengthens one’s resistance to vice and evil.

2. The Stolen Princess (2018)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Oleh Malamuzh

A tale from a time of brave knights, lovely princesses, and wicked sorcerers. Unaware that Mila is the King’s daughter, Ruslan, an artist with aspirations of becoming a knight, meets and falls in love with the stunning Mila.

This amazing tale took place in a time of brave knights, stunning princesses, and combative sorcerers. Ruslan, a traveling artist who yearned to be a knight, fell in love with Mila; he had no idea that she was the King’s daughter.

But the bliss of the lovers was not to last long. Before Ruslan’s eyes, the wicked sorcerer Chernomor materialized in a magical vortex and kidnapped Mila, using her love power to feed his magic might.

3. Gulliver Returns (2021)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Ilya Maksimov

The town of Lilliput, which Gulliver earlier defended from the hostile fleet of the nearby Blefuscu, has invited the world traveler and adventurer to return.

When he gets there, he only encounters anger, panic, and a helpless crowd because the King of Lilliput had led his subjects to believe that the fabled Giant Gulliver was making a comeback. When the village had been preparing and creating accommodations to receive a gigantic, they instead find a regular man.

The King, disappointed, decides to have Gulliver put to death. In the meantime, the city’s gates are being threatened once more by the unstoppable Blefuscu armada.

4. The Dragon Spell (2016)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Manuk Depoyan

Little Nicky, the strongman legend Tanner’s son, is determined to defeat the dragon in the same manner as his legendary strongman father.

Nicky has managed to get himself into difficulty despite his father’s orders, and now his ability to muster the fortitude to slay the resurgent dragon and return from the magical realm depends solely on his bravery.

A little kid sets out on a spectacular mission to save a witch who is controlled by a dragon spirit from destroying both the magical and human worlds. He’ll have to demonstrate his heroism along with Rocky, the wild child, and Eddie, the would-be wizard.

5. The Fixies: Top Secret (2017)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Vasiko Bedoshvili

The Fixies are small, invisible beings that youngsters only see and who fix electrical circuits, electronics, and malfunctioning appliances. It’s up to one of the Fixies’ colorful little companions, a young boy, and a lab professor to save the day when one of them manages to get his hands on special bracelets that turn him into a super-powered troublemaker!

6. Clara (2019)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Oleksandr Klymenko

A young woman named Clara lives in a fantastic fairy realm with dragons, dwarves, and sorcerers. Clara and her friends are in for amazing adventures, and she will also be deciding the fate of the entire globe.

Clara discovers a wonderful dragon in a jungle while exploring her modest home with three monkeys. Clara and her two companions, a happy raccoon and a cranky dwarf, decide after some consideration to aid the tiny dragon by making an effort to locate his home. Unbeknownst to them, the Forces of Evil are now also pursuing Clara and her friends in addition to the Dragon.

7. Victor_Robot (2020)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Anatoliy Lavrenishyn

This is a tale of the friendship between an eight-year-old girl named Victoria and a small, mute robot named Victor who lives in a far-off world in the far-off future.

A girl named Victoria and her parents are traveling on a starship to the artificial Iron Star to fix it because it has mysteriously stopped shining. Victoria encounters a robot while looking for the Iron Star’s inventor. The robot adopts the name Victor and becomes her buddy.

8. The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga (2014)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Jessica Oreck

Our idea of how humans fit into nature is shaped by the mysteries, folklore, and terrible histories that are revealed when one descends into Eastern Europe’s eerie woodlands. In her bizarre and captivating film, Jessica Oreck tells the tale of the witch Baba Yaga, a terrifying figure who lives in a wooded cottage perched on chicken legs.

She does this by fusing Eastern European fairytale animation with documentary and fiction components. Oreck is attracted by various subcultures’ rituals, beliefs, and myths, as evidenced by her earlier documentary hybrids “Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys” and “Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo”.

In the instance of “The Vanquishing,” Oreck places particular emphasis on the modern applicability of childhood tales to conflict and social upheaval, memory, and trauma, as well as our relationship with the natural environment and the threats both that world and we face from it.

9. The Good Soldier Shweik (2010)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Manuk Depoyan

During the First World War, a typical soldier is caught up in the gears of an inhumane war machine. A dog thief named Josef Shweik is enlisted to serve in World War One.

As he reluctantly makes his way to the front line and almost certain death, the ‘idiotic’ good soldier is certified insane, imprisoned, starved to death, lost at cards and nearly executed. The gallant soldier does have one more triumphal “idiocy” stashed away, though.

The Good Soldier Shweik is a witty and emotional anti-war 2D animated cartoon for people who prefer their humor dark and their Christmases white. It is based on Jaroslav Hask’s classic comic novel.

10. The Tram #9 Was Going (2002)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Stepan Koval

The movie is about people trying to board a morning tram crowded with commuters on their way to work. Children, elderly people, young families, and neighbors are chatting about the program. As evidenced by the transportation scenario, this is what the typical Ukrainian encounters on his route to work.

The situation is presented in an engaging, cheery, and clever manner. Even when a morning tram is overflowing with passengers, more and more people are attempting to board it. The living fountains are inside.

This intriguing, vivid, and amusing claymation depicts various events that typically, at least in the days this cartoon was created, common Ukrainians were involved in on their way to workplaces, such as someone discussing their difficulties with children, someone going through personal trauma, others being unable to hold it together during a fight, and neighbors discussing a TV show.


11. The Wrong Rock (2018)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Michael Cawood

A story about equality and accepting one another’s differences. The Martin was built on the wrong kind of rock. Martin, a mushroom, makes a valiant effort to reach the distant rock where he hopes to be welcomed. This inspiring tale of good triumphing against prejudice is wonderful.

Anyone who has experienced discrimination based on their gender, ethnicity, age, or affiliation will be able to relate to this story. A character discovers a place where he can be himself, but he faces significant obstacles on the way there because his passion is different from the people he spent his formative years with.

Along the way, he exposes the racism and prejudice of the other character and puts things into perspective so that they may finally deal with life’s more pressing issues.

12. Trouble Nubble Gum (2022)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Rostyslav Harbar

Due to his dislike for them and his desire for vengeance, a schoolboy travels to a magical place full of strange animals to save the lives of his pals who were taken there.

A name indicates a person, just as a concept implies an action. Therefore, when Petryk, a young student, exacts revenge on his classmates by erasing their names from a letter addressed to him, they vanish from the actual world and turn up in the country of Baronia.

Petryk needs to discover Baronia’s secret—graphite from a pencil that will allow him to restore all the names of his pals that have been accidentally erased—to get out of that place. To return their buddies to Baronia, Petryk travels there with his friend Kate and the teacher Bo-Bo.

13. Viy (1996)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Alla Grachyova

A young priest is sent to officiate at a witch’s funeral in a little, old wooden church in a far-off village. This entails his spending three nights by himself with the corpse, with nothing but his faith to keep him safe. A village in Ukraine was home to three buddies.

They accepted the suggested modest employment gladly because they were not wealthy. They had to travel through the night to another settlement. They chose to spend the night at a cottage and a small farm while traveling there. So began a series of very odd magical happenings.

14. Eneyida (1991)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Vladimir Dakhno

Ivan Kotliarevsky, the first modern Ukrainian author, is best known for his mock-heroic 1798 poem Eneida. Kotlyarevsky’s spoof of Virgil’s Aeneid turned the Trojan heroes into Ukrainian Cossacks.

15. Alice in Wonderland (1981)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Efrem Pruzhanskiy

The Lewis Carroll fairy tale story served as the inspiration for the cartoon. One summer, a young woman named Alice was chasing a strange White Rabbit who had a watch in his pocket when she fell through a rabbit hole and ended up in Wonderland.

While in this location, Alice will have to repeatedly shrink and grow, encounter the Blue Caterpillar and the Cheshire Cat, attend a “crazy tea party” with the Hatter and the March Hare, learn why gardeners dye roses, run into the Queen of Hearts on the croquet court, and finally take part in the trial of the Jack of Hearts, who stole the royal cutlets.

16. Clinic (1993)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Aleksandr Bubnov

It centers on a string of terrifying nightmares that an elderly man experiences while spending the night in a hospital, where he is threatened by several insane medical professionals, vile nurses, and evil surgeons. Have you ever experienced terrifying nightmares involving doctors? The animation “Clinic” will have you facing off against all the bad spirits led by Wiy the radiologist and the worst in the medical community.

17. Kapitoshka – Water Bubble (1980)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Boris Khranevich

The friendship between little Wolfy and Kapitoshka is the subject of an animated movie. Wolfy makes an effort to develop his fright and menace. But when he encounters a drop of rain named Kapitoshka, he realizes that something need not be frightening. Kapitoshka once showed up in a young Wolf’s home.

When it started to rain suddenly, the initially friendly and gentle wolf decided to transform into a genuine wolf—one that is vicious, terrible, and frightening. It is stated in the Real Wolves instruction. Wolf aggressively imparts textbook regulations and teaches poor posture.

Believes himself to be powerful as he pursues and captures Kapitishka. He tries to prepare him a meal. After numerous unsuccessful efforts, the pursuit eventually develops into a joyful game and Wolf and Kapitoshka grow close. Then, much to Wolf’s dismay, Kapitoshka is forced to return to the raincloud.

18. The Cord (2019)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Aleksandr Bubnov

The Cord is a 2019 Ukrainian short film by Olexandr Bubnov centers on a mother and her son, who is still corded to her by his umbilical cord. This movie is about overprotective, blind parental love that prevents the son from becoming a man and instead keeps his inner child defenseless and infantile for a very long time.

19. Putler Kaput! (2022)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Mykyta Lyskov

The animation about

The animation about international animators on the subject of Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, and what the end of the Russian dictatorship would entail, at least on the screen. After the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military on February 24, 2022, Ukrainian animator Mykyta Lyskov organized a flash mob on his Telegram channel with the theme “Putin’s death” named “Putler kaput!” where animations created using any technique was welcome. Lyskov claimed to have assembled his best works into a single animated almanac.

20. My Fat Arse and I (2021)

Ukraine Cartoons

Director: Yelyzaveta Pysmak

The movie is about anorexia and butts. A girl tries on a new pair of trousers one morning, but they don’t quite fit. They can’t zip, to be more specific. The young lady is perplexed. She compares herself to the fattest piglet ever seen when she looks in the mirror. She makes the hasty decision to start a tight diet.