Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series

Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series. You should check out these Christian Movies. These Christian Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Risen (2016)

Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series

Director: Kevin Reynolds

The epic Resurrection story from the Bible is seen from the viewpoint of a non-believer. To put an end to the rumors of a risen Messiah and stop a revolt in Jerusalem, Clavius, a powerful Roman Military Tribune, and his assistant Lucius are tasked with unraveling the enigma of what transpired to Yahshua in the weeks following the crucifixion.

A senior officer in the Roman army, Clavius. Despite spending most of his time suppressing uprisings, he recently received a new assignment. He is to act as the officer in charge during crucifixion and watch out for any potential problems during or following the executions. His reputation is on the line when one of the executed person’s body vanishes from its tomb, so he makes every effort to find it. Yeshua also spelled Jesus, was the name of the man who vanished.

2. The Passion of the Christ (2004)

Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series

Director: Mel Gibson

Jesus of Nazareth, a reputedly seditious native, is apprehended in the dead of night at the Garden of Gethsemane following the betrayal of his follower, Judas Iscariot, in Jerusalem amid the unrest in the year 33 A.D. in the Bible. After Pontius Pilate, the dubious Roman governor wiped his hands off the matter of Jesus’ freedom, the Son of God must take His cross to Golgotha to be crucified. He is then tried by the Pharisees and handed over to the high priests and the enraged throng. To atone for our sins, Christ experienced intense pain, torturous treatment, and death during His final twelve hours on earth.

3. Son of God (2014)

Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series

Director: Christopher Spencer

Three wise men who came to visit proclaimed “Him” to be the coming King. 33 years later, an adult Jesus Christ visits Galilee and starts enlisting disciples, including James, his brother John, Peter the fisherman, Matthew the tax collector, and others. These people will follow Him and become His disciples. Jesus gains a sizable following via His teachings and countless miracles, and they start to refer to Him as the Messiah. The Pharisees, the Jewish religious authorities, are also attracted to him. The Pharisees assert that by pardoning sins, which is something that only God can do, Jesus is profaning God. In his reply, Jesus claims to be the Son of God.

4. Noah (2014)

Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series

Director: Darren Aronofsky

The opening of the Book of Genesis is described in a prologue. There was nothing in the beginning. God then created the earth, man, and woman. Cain, Abel, and Seth were the three sons that Adam and Eve had after they had sinned. Cain fled under the watchful eyes of enormous, multi-armed stone golems known as the Watchers after killing Abel. The Watchers assisted Cain and his offspring in creating an industrialized society, but human depravity quickly spread throughout the globe. The only people remaining to rebuild humanity would be Seth’s offspring.

5. Man of God (2022)

Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series

Director: Bolanle Austen-Peters

The film tells the narrative of Samuel, a young child who was the first son of a pastor played by Jude Chukwuka. Samuel had a very strict religious upbringing, which was made clear in the movie by the fact that his father was always prepared to beat him and chastise him whenever he strayed from the Christian way. Samuel is portrayed in the film by Akah Nani. Samuel was accepted into the higher institution and decided to renounce his religious upbringing in favor of living his own life. He also decides to leave home and stops communicating with them or responding to their letters. Atlanta’s Joy and Samuel were involved in a love triangle. Bridget Johnson, Teju, and Rekya. Despite engaging in many crimes for money and pretending to be a man of God due to his love of money, things didn’t turn out the way Samuel had anticipated in the end.

6. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019)

Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series

Director: Chiwetel Ejiofor

A thirteen-year-old boy in Malawi devises an unusual solution against all difficulties to save his family and village from starvation. Africa’s Malawi is the place of birth of William Kamkwamba. When he was fourteen years old, the village where he lived was devastated by a devastating drought. No food was available to them. William, who excels in school and has a passion for physics, seeks to prevent poverty in his home village. He discovers physics books in the library. He had the notion to construct a wind generator after reading the books to give his family access to electricity.

7. 7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story (2021)

Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series

Director: Jonathon Link

After a game-changing football tackle, it took Chris Norton 7 years to walk his wife the final 7 yards of the aisle. Chris might have allowed a tackle and the subsequent immobility to define him, but instead, when he crossed the stage to accept his diploma, he moved almost 300 million people. Through perseverance and disability, Chis and his newlywed Emily surmounted all obstacles to live with their five adopted daughters now.

8. The Dreamseller (2016)

Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series

Director: Jayme Monjardim

A dejected psychologist attempts suicide before making a buddy with an unusual hero who shows him a better way to live. A strange connection develops between a beggar and a sad psychologist when the beggar saves the psychologist from attempting suicide. This friendship will give both of them the strength to deal with life’s challenges in a more positive manner.

9. Forgiven (2016)

Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series

Director: Kevan Otto

James considers his choices for an escape when Lieutenant Morgan and his armed team arrive on the scene of a church hostage crisis, while Elizabeth decides to try to save his life.

10. Little Boy (2015)

Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series

Director: Alejandro Gómez Monteverde

James Busbee, an auto mechanic, leaves his wife and two kids, London and Pepper, behind when he is ordered to battle the Japanese during World War II. Pepper is most affected by his father’s absence and is eager for him to come back. A chance encounter with a magician and counsel from a priest persuade Pepper that he may have the ability to bring his father back safely through his deeds.

11. Mass (2021)

Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series

Director: Fran Kranz

Parents Jay and Gail Perry are in mourning over the passing of their son Evan, who died in a high school shooting. The teen shooter Hayden’s parents are Richard and Linda. Hayden committed suicide after his crimes. Both couples consent to meet and speak in a quiet room at an Episcopal Church six years after the catastrophe. When Richard and Linda were going through the public legal processes that followed the incident, Jay and Gail made cruel remarks against them during a previous meeting of the couple. Since then, Jay has openly argued against gun ownership and in favor of gun control, which sparked a brief argument between him and Richard.

12. First Reformed (2017)

Top 40 Greatest Christian Movies and Series

Director: Paul Schrader

Reverend Ernst Toller of the First Reformed Church in Snowbridge, New York is recording his thoughts. Under Toller’s leadership, First Reformed, a 250-year-old Dutch Reformed Church, has moved away from its traditional concentration on Reformed theology and is now experiencing declining attendance. Toller reads mystical and Roman Catholic texts to gain a richer understanding of his problems. He turns to the nearby charismatic megachurch Abundant Life, which owns the historical site and was once an Underground Railroad stop, for help as a result of his new spiritual path.

13. Women Talking (2022)

Greatest Christian Movies

Director: Sarah Polley

A remote religious community’s female members struggle to reconcile their beliefs with a harsh reality in 2010. The women of a small religious community struggle to balance their beliefs and reality. A group of women gathered together in the past to discuss how they might go forward together to create a better world for themselves and their children. Either stay and fight, or go. They won’t take any action.

14. Calvary (2014)

Greatest Christian Movies

Director: John Michael McDonagh

A threat to kill Father James in a week out of moral obligation suddenly appears in his Sunday confessionals as a small-town priest in Ireland. Father James struggled to continue his vocation that week while feeling deeply concerned and conflicted about how to react. However, he is met with a frightening array of spiritual difficulties from both his estranged daughter and his parishioners, making that impossible. As time ticks away from an encounter that seems to crystallize Father James’ ideals and what he wants his life to be, Father James’ life starts to break apart amid those demoralizing difficulties.

15. Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Christian Movies

Director: Mel Gibson

The real-life account of Desmond T. Doss, a conscientious objector who earned the Medal of Honour for his bravery and consideration for his fellow soldiers during the Battle of Okinawa. We see how his childhood influenced his beliefs, particularly his religious convictions and anti-killing stance. We witness Doss’s struggles after joining the US Army and attempting to become a medic. The nightmare on Earth that was Hacksaw Ridge is finally revealed.

16. The Tree of Life (2011)

Christian Movies

Director: Terrence Malick

The account of Jack O’Brien, an adult who looks back on his youth and, in particular, the occasionally demanding and overbearing father. Although Jack recalls his mother as an angel who would sacrifice anything for her children, his upbringing was not a pleasant one. In many respects, his father was caring and hardworking. But he is angry with the rest of the family because of his frustration with his lack of achievement in life. To contrast the lives of his characters with the environment in which they have evolved, director Terrence Malick creates a highly visual mosaic.

17. Silence (2016)

Christian Movies

Director: Martin Scorsese

Cristóvo Ferreira, a young Portuguese Jesuit priest, sees the execution-style torture of five missionaries. The priest is powerless to intervene in any manner to save his companions while Japanese officials are torturing them. Alessandro Valignano, an Italian Jesuit priest at St. Paul’s College in Macau, learns that Ferreira abandoned his religion in Japan after being tortured a few years later. Sebastio Rodrigues and Francisco Garupe, two Jesuit priests from Portugal who were Ferreira’s students, headed out to find him in shock. They accept Kichijiro’s offer to lead them; he is an alcoholic fisherman who left Japan to save himself.

18. A Hidden Life (2019)

Christian Movies

Director: Terrence Malick

Franz Jägerstätter, an Austrian who is a conscientious objector, declines to serve the Nazis during World War II. The unheralded hero Bl. Franz Jägerstätter, who refused to fight for the Nazis in World War II, is the subject of the true-life story told in A Hidden Life. The Austrian peasant farmer’s unshakeable faith and his love for his wife, Fani, and children are what keep him going while the prospect of being put to death for treason looms over him.

19. I Can Only Imagine (2018)

Christian Movies

Director: Jon Erwin, Andrew Erwin

Bart Millard, 10, lives in Texas with his mother and his controlling father Arthur. He meets Shannon at a Christian camp where his mother drops him off one day. After returning from camp, Bart discovers that his mother has left and that movers are taking her possessions. His father, who he confronts aggressively, disputes that his abuse was the cause of her leaving. Years later, Bart and Shannon are dating while still in high school. To please his father, Bart plays football but gets hurt, breaking his ankles and terminating his career.

20. Jesus Revolution (2023)

Christian Movies

Director: Jon Erwin, Brent McCorkle

The actual account of a Christian revival that was conducted by hippies in southern California in the late 1960s. Greg Laurie, Chuck Smith, and Lonnie Frisbee, all leaders and pastors in this movement where thousands of people in California began following Jesus, which led to thousands more around the country in succeeding years, have their intertwining narratives followed in this story.

These three actors are very distinct from one another. Joel Courtney, a relative newcomer whose most notable prior performance was as a young actor in Super 8, plays Greg Laurie. Kelsey Grammer, a well-known actor in Hollywood and on television, plays Chuck Smith. Jonathan Roumie, who plays Lonnie Frisbee, will be recognizable to viewers of Christian media for his portrayal of Jesus in The Chosen. The many paths taken by these actors and, ultimately, their characters are what make this story’s rebirth possible.


21. The Young Messiah (2016)

Christian Movies

Director: Cyrus Nowrasteh

Jesus Bar-Joseph, age 7, and his family are currently residing in Alexandria, Egypt after fleeing King Herod of Israel’s planned killing of children. Jesus is aware that his parents, Joseph and Mary, are withholding information about his birth and the characteristics that set him apart from other boys from him. But his parents think he’s too young to understand the truth about his miraculous birth and destiny. They leave for their hometown of Nazareth in Israel after learning that the ruthless Herod has died, not realizing that Herod’s named son is just as determined as his father to have the young Jesus killed.

22. Come Sunday (2018)

Christian Movies

Director: Joshua Marston

This fact-based drama’s opening scene takes place on a plane that is taking off for Tulsa. A man who shortly presents himself as a pastor sits next to a lawyer, who sounds agitated by the way she uses her cell phone. The unnamed attorney, who is skillfully portrayed by Allie McCulloch, is inclined to reject Carlton Pearson. But because of his empathy and magnetism, he has her more or less saved before the flight is over.

23. Nothing to Lose (2018)

Christian Movies

Director: Alexandre Avancini

Based on the books and his life, the movie revealed his full narrative and path to success. Edir Macedo was the founder and spiritual leader of The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, which has branches all over the world, as well as the owner of RecordTv in Brazil. Petronio did a fantastic job of creating a story that felt so genuine. One man and his family were mostly the focus of the narrative. The Pastor, who later rose to the position of bishop, was portrayed by Petronio Gontijo in the starring role. The film was based on a true story, and Petronio tried to accurately portray the trials and tribulations that Edir Macedo encountered while pursuing greatness as well as how he overcame them all while continuing to be victorious.

24. The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (2017)

Christian Movies

Director: Dallas Jenkins

Gavin Stone, a former child star, is now a drunken, washed-up man. When he is compelled to return home, he poses as a Christian to play Jesus in a megachurch’s Easter production. To get the role of Jesus in the megachurch’s annual Passion Play, a disgraced former child star who was made to perform community service there pretends to be a Christian. However, he soon learns that the most significant role of his life is somewhere outside of Hollywood.

25. God Calling (2018)

Director: BB Sasore

The main character, Sade embarks on a journey of self-discovery and faith after experiencing a personal loss as she struggles with the competing demands of family, culture, and social expectations. By imagining what it could be like for Abraham or Prophet Elijah to be a Nigerian in 2018 and have to deal with doubt as well as modern realities like cell phones and social media, the film sheds insight on contemporary spirituality. As everyone around her discovers their religion via Sade’s journey, Sade explores some of the cornerstones of the Christian faith in the modern world.

26. Rock My Heart (2017)

Christian Movies

Director: Hanno Olderdissen

Jana experienced a horse-related dream. She crashed after stealing a scooter and the animal visited her while she was unconscious on the forest floor—possibly to eat the candies she had spilled or even to save her life. However, I’m getting ahead of myself; the horse doesn’t immediately save her life. Though Jana objects, doctors must do that first. She has a heart issue, yet she won’t take her medication or have any more surgery. She acts out to vent her resentment. Naturally, her parents, Annette Frier and Michael Lott are worried. She is far too young—only 17—to have a death desire.

27. Walk. Ride. Rodeo. (2019)

Christian Movies

Director: Conor Allyn

Months after suffering a paralyzing spinal cord injury, a brave adolescent is committed to returning to competitive rodeo. The amazing real account of nationally renowned barrel racer Amberley Snyder, who at the age of 19 just barely escapes a car accident. Amberley, who is currently paralyzed from the waist down, battles to regain her position in the sport she loves with the help of her family, physical treatment, and incredible tenacity.

28. Dog Gone (2023)

Christian Movies

Director: Stephen Herek

After being rejected by a girl, Fielding, a socially shy college student, decides to adopt a puppy. He adopts a yellow lab puppy he discovers in the neighborhood pond. For the remainder of his undergraduate career, he and the dog, whom he names Gonker, are best friends. He frequently takes the dog leashed-free with him to class on campus. All of Fielding’s peers graduate from college with employment, but Fielding has no idea what he wants to do with his life, which alarms his father, John. Gonker and Fielding move in with his parents. A few weeks later, Gonker receives the life-saving diagnosis of Addison’s disease and must have monthly shots for the remainder of his life.

29. Father Stu (2022)

Director: Rosalind Ross

Stuart Long relocates to Los Angeles in search of wealth and fame after an injury stops his amateur boxing career. He meets Carmen, a Sunday school teacher who seems unaffected by his bad-boy charm while making ends as a supermarket clerk. The longtime atheist starts attending church to impress her. He questions whether he can utilize his second opportunity to assist others after a motorbike accident, which leads him to the startling realization that he is supposed to be a Catholic priest.

30. Rescued by Ruby (2022)

Director: Katt Shea

Ruby was incredibly energized. Due to her usually “unmanageable” behavior, her original owner gave her up to the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The adorable dog was promptly adopted and sent back five times. The situation for the border collie/Australian shepherd mix was not good. Daniel O’Neil, the officer who was about to put her to death, fell in love with her. He opted to follow his aspiration of becoming a canine officer since he believed she had potential. This is the real account of how these two outcasts realized their shared dream.

31. The Leftovers (TV Series 2014)

Director: Mimi Leder

The first season centers on the Garvey family and their friends. The police chief is Kevin Garvey Jr. Laurie, his wife, has enlisted in the Guilty Remnant. Their daughter Jill is misbehaving, and their son Tommy has left the house to join Holy Wayne. While adjusting to life after the Departure, heartbroken widow Nora Durst and her brother, Reverend Matt Jamison, battle their traumas. It also follows Meg Abbott, a lady who is gradually won over by Patti Levin’s Mapleton section of the Guilty Remnant. As they become embroiled in a persistent war between the Guilty Remnant and the residents of Mapleton, the lives of these protagonists entwine and intersect.

32. Knightfall (TV Series 2017)

Director: Don Handfield

The elite Crusades combatants known as the Knights Templar are profiled in Knightfall in their enigmatic but real testimonies. It explores the vast secrets guarded by the Templars, tells the tale of the faith, devotion, and fraternity that keep these soldiers alive on the battlefield, as well as the sinister events that would eternally etch the dreaded date of Friday the 13th into the collective consciousness of humanity.

33. Da Vinci’s Demons (TV Series 2013)

Director: David S. Goyer

The series, which is based on a true narrative, examines Leonardo da Vinci’s early years in Italy during the Renaissance. He is an eccentric genius who has fought to control his wild imagination and inner demons because he longs to be accepted by his estranged father. Despite their occasionally tense relationship, Leonardo ended up working for the Medici family. As he searches for the spy who is providing information to the Catholic Church and the Pazzi family, he becomes caught up in a political plot to take over Florence. He also starts seeing Lorenzo de Medici’s mistress Lucrezia Donati. Many of Leonardo’s discoveries and later works as a military engineer for the Duke of Milan and the Borgias are depicted in the series.

34. The Chosen (TV Series 2017)

Director: Dallas Jenkins

A charming fisherman who is having financial problems. An anxious woman battling demons. A talented accountant was shunned by his family and community. Discover how Jesus addresses each of these and more in this ground-breaking first season of The Chosen as He performs His first miracles and begins His mission to transform the world. See Him as people who knew Him saw Him.

35. Joan of Arcadia (TV Series 2003)

Director: Alan Myerson

Following the hiring of patriarch Will as police chief, the Girardis left the big metropolis and relocated to the little hamlet of Arcadia. The family of middle child Joan—science nerd Luke, paralyzed ex-jogger Kevin, and their perennially frazzled mother Helen—isn’t making her feel better. Then, Joan discovers that she is conversing with God through various characters who give her instructions on how to assist those nearby. As her connection with the drowsy avant-garde sculptor Adam Rove and the androgynous rebel Grace grows, Joan continues to carry out God’s instructions while questioning whether she is truly insane.

36. Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God (2012)

Christian Series

Director: Alex Gibney

The documentary film tracks four deaf men—Terry Kohut, Gary Smith, Pat Kuehn, and Arthur Budzinski—as they work to expose the priest who molested them at St. John’s School for the Deaf in the middle of the 1960s as he investigates the abuse of power in the Catholic Church system. Each of the men brought forward the first recorded instance of a public outcry against clergy sexual abuse, which ultimately gave rise to the Lawrence Murphy case sex scandal. Through their case, the movie traces a cover-up from Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s row dwellings, through Ireland’s churches, to the highest position in the Vatican.

37. Medici (TV Series 2016)

Christian Series

Director: Nicholas Meyer

Piero de Medici’s son Lorenzo must take over as head of the family’s banking dynasty after an attempt on his life. Once in charge, young Lorenzo vows to make changes. He gives up the cynical politics of the past to usher in a new period of artistic and political change, with the help of his brother Giuliano and the youthful artist Sandro Botticelli. This quickly puts him in confrontation with Jacopo Pazzi, the leader of Florence’s second prominent banking family, who will do anything it takes to destroy Lorenzo. Their conflict sparks the famed Pazzi conspiracy, one of history’s most exciting political intrigues.

38. When Calls the Heart (TV Series 2014)

Christian Series

Director: Brian Bird

When Elizabeth Thatcher receives her first teaching assignment in Coal Valley, she goes through culture shock because she is a teacher accustomed to high society. The small mining town’s way of life is difficult. More than a dozen miners in the town were recently murdered in an explosion, forcing the widows of those men to labor in the mines to make ends meet. Abigail Stanton, whose husband was the foreman at the scene of the tragedy, is one of them. She welcomes Thatcher and attempts to help her get used to the ways of the border. Constable Jack Thornton, however, is less kind because he feels Thatcher’s affluent father destroyed his career by sending him to Coal Valley so he could guard Elizabeth. The episode was inspired by Janette Oke’s writings about the Canadian West.

39. Of Kings and Prophets (TV Series 2016)

Christian Series

Director: Chris Brancato

In this grand biblical tale of ambition, religion, and betrayal, the battle-weary, paranoid, and brutal king of Israel. Samuel, a potent, mysterious, and bitter prophet who long ago crowned Saul as king, tells the story through his eyes. The group of individuals is completed by a young, resourceful shepherd named David who has lofty goals. They are on a collision course with destiny, which will test their convictions and transform Israel for all time.

40. Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (TV Series 2017)

Christian Series

Director: Tara Butters

Kevin Finn, formerly a self-centered and successful Wall Streeter, is spiraling downward as he comes to terms with the fact that he despises his life, which prompted him to attempt suicide. To refocus, Kevin returns to his native Taylor, Texas, where he stays with his stiff, recently widowed twin sister Amy Cabrera, an aeronautical engineer, and her teenage daughter Reese Cabrera. Reese is not pleased to see her uncle because he did not assist them during their difficult time. A few times after arriving in Taylor, Kevin learns through his defender Yvette—whom no one else can see—that he is the only one of the 36 virtuous souls of his generation still alive. However, he is unable to share anyone this information.