The 50 Best Australian Movies of All Time

The 50 Best Australian Movies of All Time. You should check out these Australian Movies. These Australian Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. The Dressmaker (2015)

Australian Movies

Director: Jocelyn Moorhouse

Schoolgirl Myrtle Dunnage is accused of being responsible for the death of her classmate Stewart Pettyman in 1926, and local police sergeant Horatio Farrat banishes her from the town. In the year 1951, 25 years have passed, and Myrtle—now a skilled dressmaker going by the name Tilly—returns to Dungatar. Tilly inquires about the circumstances of Stewart’s death from her mentally ill mother Molly, but she is unable to recall anything.

2. The Castle (1997)

Australian Movies

Director: Rob Sitch

When told they must leave their cherished house to make room for infrastructure expansion, a working-class family from Melbourne, Australia, confronts city hall. A family in Melbourne is content with their current location, which is close to the airport. However, the government and airport authorities compel them to leave their cherished home. The narrative of their struggle to keep their home is told in “The Castle,” where they even took their case to the High Court. The residence of Darryl Kerrigan and his family is close to Melbourne Airport. They learn one day that they must go because the government and airport are getting close to their land to expand. Darryl considers his house to be his castle and is resolved to oppose the mandate.

3. The Nightingale (2018)

Australian Movies

Director: Jennifer Kent

Irish prisoner Clare Carroll serves as a servant for a Colonial force unit led by Lieutenant Hawkins in 1825, on the verge of the “Black War”. An officer comes to the unit to determine whether Hawkins qualifies for promotion. In the “Nightingale,” Clare entertains the men while singing and bringing them drinks. Clare visits Hawkins after work to ask a question, and he has her sing a particular song for him. Clare rejects Hawkins’ unwanted advances when he makes them. She enquires about the recommendation letter that would grant her, her husband, and their young daughter freedom. She is raped by Hawkins. When Aidan confronts Hawkins about the letter, he does not convince him to change his mind even though he fears Clare has been injured.

4. Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002)

Australian Movies

Director: Phillip Noyce

A.O. Neville, the Chief Protector of Aborigines in the State of Western Australia, had the authority to remove half-Aboriginal children from their families and send them to educational facilities where they might learn about white culture as a result of the Aborigine Act in Australia, which was passed in 1931. When Molly Craig, a 14-year-old half-white, half-Aboriginal girl, is abducted from her mother in Jigalong and sent to the far-off Moore River Native Centre with her sister Daisy Kadibill, 8, and their cousin Gracie Fields, 10, they flee and attempt to return to the tribe in the desert. They must endure their arduous trek back home while being pursued by the expert tracker Moodoo and the police led by Neville.

5. Australia (2008)

Australian Movies

Director: Baz Luhrmann

The aristocratic Lady Sarah Ashley departs from the United Kingdom for Australia in 1939 to meet her husband Maitland in the country’s north. When they get to their farm, Faraway Downs, they discover that his drover has been slain. He had come to Darwin to take Sarah there. Sarah befriends Nullah, who informs her that the administrator Neil Fletcher is robbing her of her livestock, has murdered Maitland, and is a hired gun for cattle lord King Carney. She dismisses him and his soldiers, and they travel together to take the cattle to supply the army and earn a tender in times of war, along with Drover, Nullah, and a group of obedient workers. However, the ambitious Fletcher has other plans and presses Sarah using Nullah.

6. Crocodile Dundee (1986)

Australian Movies

Director: Peter Faiman

The New York City writer Sue Charlton flies to Australia to interview the legendary hunter Michael J. “Crocodile” Dundee because she is intrigued by his near-death experience at the hands of a huge saltwater crocodile. However, Sue is well aware that nothing compares to the metropolitan jungle of the great Big Apple. There, in the dusty village of Walkabout Creek and the forbidding outback, perilous situations and unanticipated amorous complexities await. So, like a fish out of water, Mick departs Australia for Manhattan’s concrete labyrinth, where he encounters the complexity of contemporary life for the first time in his life.

7. Wolf Creek (2005)

Australian Movies

Director: Greg McLean

To go through Australia’s outback on a tight budget, Ben Mitchell and his two British girlfriends, Liz Hunter and Kristy Earl, purchase an ancient automobile in 1999. In the remote Wolf Creek National Park, they make their first stop to see a meteor crater. They discover their automobile won’t start when they go to it, so out of desperation they decide to spend the night in it. Hillbilly Mick Taylor, a nice local, later stops his truck, offers to help the group, discovers that they need to replace the coil, and suggests towing them to his camp so he can fix the vehicle. When they agree to the proposal, their idyllic getaway becomes a terrifying nightmare.

8. Rogue (2007)

Australian Movies

Director: Greg McLean

Cynical American Pete McKell joins a party of tourists on a crocodile-watching river cruise in Australia’s Northern Territory while conducting research for a travel article. A photographer named Simon, the local tour guide Kate Ryan and her dog Kevin, the Australian family of Elizabeth, Sherry, and Allen, the local couple Gwen and Russell, the American couple Mary Ellen and Everett, and the photographer Simon are among the other travelers. The cruise comes to an end after a run-in with two locals, Neil and Collin, and Kate gets ready to take the group back to base. When Everett notices a flare-off in the distance, Kate instructs the group to go to see if anyone is in danger.

9. Gallipoli (1981)

Australian Movies

Director: Peter Weir

The tale of a group of young Australian men who enlist in the ANZACs to fight in World War I, leaving their different origins behind. When they arrive in Gallipoli, they run across the tenacious Turkish troops. 1915, the start of World War I. Rising sprinting prodigy Archy Hamilton gives up his desire to enlist in the Australian Light Horse Division and participate in the conflict. Frank Dunne, a fellow sprinter, is encountered, and he persuades him to join up with him. Frank is transferred to Infantry where he runs into some old friends after being unable to join the Light Horse due to his inability to ride a horse. When training starts, Frank and Archy cross paths.

10. Animal Kingdom (2010)

Australian Movies

Director: David Michôd

A 17-year-old must juggle his survival while dealing with a dangerous criminal family and the investigator who believes he can help him. Julia Cody has protected her seventeen-year-old son Joshua “J” Cody from her Melbourne-based criminal relatives whom they haven’t seen in years, even though she is by no means a saint herself. J, who is a little disengaged from life, believes he has no choice but to ask his maternal grandmother, Janine “Smurf” Cody, the family matriarch, for a place to live after Julia dies in front of his eyes from a self-inflicted heroin overdose. Smurf controls the family with an almost incestuous affection over her three kids, the exuberant Craig Cody, the barely old Darren Cody, and the quietly intimidating Andrew “Pope” Cody.

11. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)

Australian Movies

Director: Stephan Elliott

In the remote Australian resort town of Alice Springs, two drag queens and a transgender woman have a contract to perform a drag show. They take their purple bus, Priscilla, and go west from Sydney. On the way, it is learned that the woman they have hired is Anthony’s wife. When their bus breaks down, Bob fixes it while still on the road with them. In a road movie that puts culture clash at the forefront of a comedy of errors, three friends, three lives, one persuasion, and a pink bus dubbed Priscilla’s Head into the Australian outback with their vibrant, spectacular performance. With the assistance of Priscilla, a larger-than-life woman, she more than widens her comfort zones and discovers not only new horizons but also that which is lost. A combination of enormous vistas, limited brains, and a somber, reflective attitude.

12. Ten Canoes (2006)

Director: Rolf de Heer, Peter Djigirr

An Australian man in the Northern Territory tells us a tale about his people and his home. It concerns an elderly man named Minygululu who has three wives and suspects his younger brother Dayindi of attempting to elope with the youngest. a narrative within a narrative. A man in Australia’s Northern Territory shares with us a tale about his people and his home. An elder guy named Minygululu, who has three wives, learns that his younger brother Dayindi would try to elope with the youngest one. Minygululu tells Dayindi a tale about their ancestors’ time when a stranger entered the village and upended the lives of a serious man named Ridjimiraril, his three wives, and his younger brother Yeeralparil who had no wives but enjoyed visiting his youngest sister-in-law. This tale takes place over a few days and several trips to hunt and gather.

13. Samson & Delilah (2009)

Australian Movies

Director: Warwick Thornton

In search of a better life, a glue-sniffing youngster and his girlfriend leave the government-run, hopeless Aboriginal town where they now reside and move to Alice Springs. Samson and Delilah live in a small town in the outback of Central Australia. When tragedy strikes, they leave their homes and set out on a survival expedition. They learn that although life isn’t always fair and they are undesired and alone, love never condemns them.

14. Charlie’s Country (2013)

Australian Movies

Director: Rolf de Heer

Charlie decides to live the old way, which causes a series of illuminating challenges. Charlie the Blackfella is acting strangely. Due to the proper enforcement of whitefella laws at this point, the intervention is making life more difficult for his isolated community. Charlie decides to leave his community and live the old lifestyle, but in doing so, he starts a series of events that cause him to return to it repentant and somewhat wiser. Charlie is an aged warrior who resides in a remote Aboriginal tribe in Australia’s north. Charlie finds himself caught between two cultures as the government tightens its grip on the community’s traditional way of life.

15. Mystery Road (2013)

Australian Movies

Director: Ivan Sen

To look into the killing of a little girl, a native detective travels back to the Outback. To solve the murder of a teenage Indigenous girl whose body was discovered under the highway freight route out of town, Jay Swan, an Indigenous cowboy investigator, travels to his native town in the outback. Jay is cut off from the Indigenous community, including his teenage daughter, who he learns is tied to the murdered girl, as well as the white-dominated police force. The suspenseful murder mystery film MYSTERY ROAD, starring Aaron Pedersen, Hugo Weaving, Jack Thompson, Ryan Kwanten, and Tasma Walton, has a strong cultural focus.

16. Black Water (2007)

Australian Movies

Director: Andrew Traucki, David Nerlich

Gracie, her husband Adam, and her younger sister Lee decide to go fishing on the Blackwater Barry trip while on holiday in Northern Australia. Jim, their tour guide, transports the traveler to an isolated location down the river in a tiny motorboat. When they pause, a huge crocodile attacks them, turning their boat over and instantly killing Jim. The three survivors decide to try to escape their safe spot after realizing that help will never arrive to rescue them and climb a tree. However, their boat flips over in the murky water, and a crocodile follows the group underneath.

17. Sweet Country (2017)

Australian Movies

Director: Warwick Thornton

Australian Northern Territory, 1929: a large and dry region. Harry March, a violent World War I veteran, enters Fred Smith’s property with gifts in exchange for assistance in fixing his broken trap yard. However, horrible circumstances reveal humankind’s hideous side and blood is spilled when the benevolent landowner reluctantly spares grizzled Aboriginal Sam Kelly, his lone farmhand, to lend Harry a helping hand. Currently, a vengeful posse commanded by the combat-tested Sergeant Fletcher is hot on the trail of an innocent person and determined to see justice served. And as vicious prejudice and outright hatred gain control, tempers flare, driving reason from the scene.

18. Bran Nue Dae (2009)

Australian Movies

Director: Rachel Perkins

Aboriginal student Willie Johnson, who is in his mid-teens and hails from Broome, enters a Catholic boarding school in Perth. Father Benedictus, the headmaster of the school, bribes his students by providing food as a temptation of the flesh. Willie’s mother wants him to become a priest, and at his young age, he has little reason not to desire to become one himself. On a trip home to Broome, he meets Rosie, a local young woman who enjoys singing, and instantly falls in love. Being inexperienced with girls, he lacks the self-assurance to inform her that his requests for time with her are dates and is envious of whatever attention other boys show her or receive from her. When Father Benedictus and his desire for Rosie cause some difficulties back in Perth, Willie realizes what he wants in this stage of life, which includes being at home in Broome.

19. Top End Wedding (2019)

Australian Movies

Director: Wayne Blair

Lauren Ford and Ned Pelton, two lawyers from Adelaide, recently announced their engagement. While indecisive and insecure Lauren has been promoted to full associate at Hampton and Associates on this same day by her demanding boss Ms. Hampton, whom Ned refers to as Cruella De Vil, Ned has not told Lauren when she accepts the marriage proposal that he has quit his job as a public prosecutor because he is emotionally unprepared to handle the work; he may have only entered the field to fulfill the expectations of his now-deceased father by following in his footsteps. Lauren had never noticed Ned’s displeasure with his employment because she is too focused on her career, especially with high-maintenance Ms. Hampton. As long as she can work out the time off with Ms. Hampton, Lauren wants to get married in her hometown of Darwin in ten days to accommodate Ned’s wish for a brief engagement.

20. Bad Boy Bubby (1993)

Australian Movies

Director: Rolf de Heer

Poor Boy Bubby is a terrible boy, plain and simple. In truth, his mother has convinced him that the outdoor air is dangerous to keep him inside their home. Following a visit from his estranged father, Bubby is compelled to enter the waiting world, which is as unfamiliar to him as he is to the rest of the world. Bubby, a 35-year-old man-child, is persuaded that the only safe place is inside the filthy, dismal flat he occupies with his domineering mother because of the lies his mother has told him. Bubby’s unquenchable curiosity propels him outside when his long-estranged father pays him a surprise visit. As a result, Bubby discovers a world that has drastically changed from the one he vaguely remembers from a long time ago, and the world is also unprepared for Bubby.

21. Paper Planes (2014)

Australian Movies

Director: Robert Connolly

Dylan Weber, a shy 12-year-old, eventually makes it to the Australian Junior Championships in Sydney after an unexpected introduction to the world of competitive paper plane tossing. Dylan will need to employ his creativity to create a winning paper plane model for the World Junior Paper Plane Championship in Tokyo, where he will face off against talented and aspirational competitors. Dylan’s resigned father, on the other hand, is stuck in the past. At the end of Dylan’s epic journey, it is abundantly clear that fighting for what matters in life is the only thing that matters, and that even though succeeding is something, never giving up is everything.

22. Breath (2017)

Australian Movies

Director: Simon Baker

A teenage guy and his pal become friends with an older surfer after becoming interested in surfing. based on the best-selling, award-winning book by Australian author Tim Winton set in coastal Australia in the middle of the 1970s. In search of knowledge, two young men find an unusual ally in a mysterious older explorer who encourages them to take chances that will change their lives forever.

23. Satellite Boy (2012)

Australian Movies

Director: Catriona McKenzie

Pete, 10, and his grandfather reside in a deserted outdoor theatre that has been long abandoned. Pete and a friend set off on a long journey in the hopes of rescuing his house when the old drive-in is put in danger of being demolished by developers. In a deserted outdoor theatre that has been abandoned, Pete lives with his grandfather. Ten-year-old Pete travels to the city with his best friend Kalmain to defend his house when the ancient drive-in is in danger of being demolished. But in the Australian outback, the boys get lost. To survive when starving and thirsty, Pete needs to recall some of the traditional bush tactics his grandfather taught him.

24. Storm Boy (2019)

Australian Movies

Director: Henri Safran

A 10-year-old child named Mick by his father Tom and Storm child by the Aboriginal loner Fingerbone he befriends is the subject of the book Storm Boy. This young boy is raised in a solitary corrugated iron shack close to a wildlife refuge. He resides with his father, who provides for them only through fishing. He is not in school, and he lacks both literacy and knowledge. Mick’s father dislikes any disruption to their quiet existence, whether it be a broken radio or an idiotic group of bird shooters who murder many birds before being driven away by Fingerbone. Some pelicans with young still in the nest are among the deceased. The boy takes them home to take care of them. Although he doesn’t like it, his father agrees. When they mature, three pelicans become difficult to feed, so his father insists on releasing them. One, Mr. Percival, keeps returning while the other two are never seen again. The brand-new primary school teacher that the park ranger brought in is another intrusive party.

25. Lion (2016)

Australian Movies

Director: Garth Davis

Saroo was a five-year-old Indian child from a struggling but content rural family in 1986. While traveling with his brother, Saroo soon discovers himself all by himself and confined to a speeding, abandoned passenger train that transports him to Calcutta, 1000 kilometers from his home. Saroo struggles to survive as a street child until he is sent to an orphanage. He is now completely disoriented in a strange urban environment and is too young to identify himself or his family to the authorities. Saroo is soon chosen to be adopted by the Brierley family in Tasmania, where he is raised in a happy, caring environment. Despite his worldly success, Saroo struggles with thoughts of his missing family as an adult and makes an effort to look for them while feeling guilty and keeping his search a secret from his adoptive parents and his fiancée. He only realizes the solutions he requires and the unwavering love he has always shared with all of his loved ones in both realms when he had an epiphany.

26. Goldstone (2016)

Australian Movies

Director: Ivan Sen

When native investigator Jay Swan arrives in the village of Goldstone to look for a missing individual, his straightforward task turns complicated when he stumbles into a network of corruption and criminality. In search of missing persons, local detective Jay Swan travels to Goldstone, a frontier village. A probe that initially appears to be light duty leads to a network of corruption and crime. For Jay and young local police officer Josh to work together to bring justice to Goldstone, Jay must get his life in order and set aside their differences.

27. The Babadook (2014)

Australian Movies

Director: Jennifer Kent

Amelia lost her husband in a car accident while on her way to give birth to Samuel, their only child, and finds it difficult to adjust to her new role as a single mother. Samuel’s persistent dread of monsters and violent response to them doesn’t help her cause either, and her friends grow away as a result. They read a bizarre novel about the “Babadook” monster that lurks in their home when things appear to be at their worst. Even Amelia appears to be affected by Babadook and makes unsuccessful attempts to destroy the book. The rest of the plot is formed by the terrifying encounters the two had.

28. Red Dog (2011)

Australian Movies

Director: Kriv Stenders

Based on the fabled real account of the Red Dog, who while scouring the Australian outback for his long-lost master brought together a divided local community. The tale of a famous, endearing red dog that wandered the outback in search of his first owner, winning the hearts of everyone he encountered, and bringing together people and communities, some of whom found love and others of whom found themselves. based on actual occurrences. We revisit the famous moments of Red Dog’s epic escapades, which are based on a true Australian legend. This adorable red puppy was looking for his owner John as he wandered the deserted streets of Dampier. The entire nation of Australia is stunned by this powerful, emotional film’s humorous moments.

29. Two Hands (1999)

Australian Movies

Director: Gregor Jordan

When some gang treasure goes missing and he finds himself on the run from thugs, a 19-year-old finds himself in debt to a local mobster. When two street kids discover the missing money, they begin a shopping frenzy. Ledger begins a romance with Rose Byrne’s character, a rural girl, while on his journey.

30. Toomelah (2011)

Australian Movies

Director: Ivan Sen

Ten-year-old Daniel resides in Toomelah, New South Wales. He decides he wants to be a part of the gang running the drug trade in his township after being banned from school for trying to attack a classmate with a pencil and discovering there isn’t much to do there. As a result, he decides to assist Linden, a well-known local drug dealer. When Bruce, one of Linden’s competitors, gets let out of jail, a turf battle starts. Daniel is currently dealing with issues at school and in his family, including his mother’s addictions, his father’s alcoholism, and his aunt’s reappearance after being forcibly removed from the mission as a kid during the Stolen Generations.


31. Chopper (2000)

Director: Andrew Dominik

Australian manly Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read has no desire to restrain his aggressive behavior since he envisions himself as an “admired” criminal icon. His erratic paranoia, envy, and arrogance can do him no good, as evidenced by a perplexing flashback structure from a murder trial. He even has too little importance for serious allegations. However, his heinous misdeeds, mostly at the expense of friends and loved ones, ultimately lead him to another career.

32. The Dish (2000)

Director: Rob Sitch

Before the space mission that took place on July 19, 1969, and resulted in the first lunar landing, NASA was collaborating with a team of Australian specialists who had agreed to set up a satellite interface. One of the many reasons NASA was concerned was that the Australians had positioned the satellite dish in the outback town of Parkes right in the center of an Australian sheep farm. The Dish, a real story-based film, examines the disparities in cultural attitudes between Australia and the United States while revisiting one of history’s most significant moments.

33. Lantana (2001)

Director: Ray Lawrence

A police officer betrays his miserable wife, who secretly visits a psychiatrist whose own marriage has been destroyed by grief because she suspects her husband is having an affair with one of her gay patients. Jane, the cop’s ex-girlfriend, recently got divorced, and a muscular unemployed man lives next door to a family with kids. The doctor loses control of her vehicle one late-night backroad, stumbles into a phone box, and unsuccessfully attempts to contact her spouse. She waves down the driver after spotting headlights. Later that evening, Jane witnesses her neighbor leaving his pickup in a deserted lot and throwing something into a lantana. A woman’s shoe, that is. Five couples are revealed as the mystery is unraveled.

34. Little Fish (2005)

Director: Rowan Woods

Tracey Heart, a thirty-two-year-old manager of a video store in Sydney, is a former heroin addict who has been sober for four years. She is trying to earn $40,000 to buy a computer game store next to the rental and become her boss’s business partner, but the banks are refusing to lend her the money because of her poor credit history. While attempting in vain to get her heroin-addicted stepfather Lionel Dawson to stop, Tracey looks after him. Janelle, Tracey’s mother, fears a fall for Tracey when her ex-boyfriend Jonny arrives from Vancouver while blaming Jonny for the automobile accident that cost her son Ray his leg. Jonny persuades Tracey to join him when Ray and Jonny engage in drug selling with Moss, the assistant of retired criminal boss Bradley ‘The Jockey’ Thompson, so that they may raise the money for Tracey’s business over the weekend.

35. Jindabyne (2006)

Director: Ray Lawrence

Together with his business partners and buddies Carl, Rocco, and Billy, the former racing champion Stewart Kane works at a petrol station. The fact that Claire left him after their son Tom was born is an unresolved problem in their tumultuous marriage. Stewart organizes a weekend fishing expedition in a secluded river with his three friends because fishing is his major love. They park the car on Friday afternoons, go hiking, and set up camp. Stewart discovers a young Aboriginal woman’s naked, floating body while out fishing. They spend the weekend fishing, with Stewart tying the woman’s leg to the side of the river. They go back to the parking lot on a Sunday afternoon and notify the police of their discovery.

36. Looking for Alibrandi (2000)

Director: Kate Woods

Alibrandi is about a senior high school student who embraces her Italian background while transitioning to a less conventional Australian lifestyle. a fantastic cast that excels at their positions. The movie has various levels of play. You’ll laugh and cry while reading it, and at the end, you’ll have a better understanding of life’s dramas and how we cope with them.

37. The Snowtown Murders (2011)

Director: Justin Kurzel

Jamie and his half-siblings, who reside with their mother Elizabeth, are the subjects of this film, which is based on a horrifying true incident that took place in South Australia in the 1990s. Jamie’s half-brother and a neighbor are sexually assaulting him. They are buddies with John Bunting, a man who doesn’t care whether you know that he dislikes obese people, drug addicts, or LGBT people. John takes Jamie under his wing since he can be easily led. Jamie quickly understands that John is not a good guy; while he appears pleasant around his mother and other people, he exhibits his true colors when he is with Jamie. As Jamie’s friends and family gradually begin to vanish.

38. Walkabout (1971)

Director: Nicolas Roeg

Australia, a wealthy British family with a young son, adolescent daughter, and father who works as a geologist resides. One day, the siblings were out for a picnic when they became lost in the Outback and had no idea where they were. They only had the clothing on their backs, which are their school uniforms, a few pitiful rations of nonperishable food, a battery-operated transistor radio, the son’s backpack, which is largely filled with his toys, and a small piece of cloth that they used as a picnic blanket. They come across an Australian boy on his walkabout as they traverse the Outback. This rite of passage into manhood involves him spending months by himself living off the land. Their inability to communicate vocally is their biggest issue.

39. Wake in Fright (1971)

Director: Ted Kotcheff

A schoolteacher is stranded in a town full of strange, inebriated, and aggressive guys after placing a poor gambling wager, and they threaten to turn him into one of them. John Grant, a teacher in the outlying Australian town of Tiboonda, is bound financially by his employment with the government. He intends to travel to see his girlfriend in Sydney after the semester before the Christmas break. He wants to spend the night in the nearby mining town of Bundanyabba before continuing to the airport to catch a flight to Sydney. But as he is swallowed by the Yabba and its unsettling inhabitants, things drastically deviate from the plan.

40. Muriel’s Wedding (1994)

Director: P. J. Hogan

High school dropout Muriel Heslop has no career, no future, and no boyfriend. As a coping tactic, she fantasizes about being married, and she also closely resembles the diagnostic criteria for cluster-b personality disorder. She struggled with shyness and social awkwardness in high school, but she somehow persuaded the “in the group” to let her hang out with them. Muriel wears an improper leopard print dress to the wedding of a high school friend. Because, by some strange coincidence, the store detective from where Muriel shoplifted was also at the wedding, Muriel is detained after seeing the groom having sex with one of the bridesmaids.

41. The Wog Boy (2000)

Director: Aleksi Vellis

Steve, a cheerful second-generation Greek-Australian, is struggling to make ends meet. Living solely off of unemployment benefits and perpetually poor and jobless, Steve’s existence will be turned upside down when the jovial slacker attracts the attention of Raelene, the Minister for Employment, following a collision. Someone has an insight as Steve’s lifestyle turns into a cautionary story of financial irresponsibility on national television: Steve is ideal for leading a political campaign to prevent imitation. There is no going back at this point.

42. The Tracker (2002)

Director: Rolf de Heer

A government trooper named Fanatic is leading a search for an Aboriginal guy who is charged with killing a white woman. The Veteran, the Tracker, the Follower, and a rookie soldier are the other members of the expedition. Somewhere in Australia, the year is 1922. Three white men are assigned the task of arresting a Native Australian guy who is accused of killing a white woman with the assistance of a knowledgeable Native Australian. They set out on their mission in the Australian outback without realizing that their internal battles over racism would endanger them more than the actual search for the guilty.

43. Japanese Story (2003)

Director: Sue Brooks

Sandy, a geologist, and Hiromitsu, a Japanese businessman, portray a tale of human insignificance in the face of the scorching universe against the backdrop of an Australian desert. Nobody can return to their starting point after the journey’s end. Sandy, a geologist, is forced to go on a field trip with a Japanese man she finds mysterious, unpleasant, and unmistakably haughty in the Pilbara desert. She does not fare much better in Hiromitsu’s eyes. When they get stuck in one of the most isolated places on Earth, things get even worse. For its two main characters, Japanese Story is a voyage of transformation and discovery.

44. My Brilliant Career (1979)

Director: Gillian Armstrong

In Australia at the turn of the 20th century, a confident young woman must decide between freedom and marriage. An independent young woman named Sybylla Melvyn declares she won’t get married and instead aims to pursue a job shortly after moving in with her grandma and aunt. Several men show interest in her, including the awkward Englishman Frank Hawdon, her attractive neighbor, and the attractive young farmer, Harry Beecham, who she finds attractive.

45. Balibo (2009)

Director: Robert Connolly

Five Australian-based journalists vanish as Indonesia readies to invade the tiny nation of East Timor. Four weeks later, José Ramos-Horta, a young and dynamic journalist, entices Roger East, a seasoned foreign correspondent, to East Timor so that they can tell the tale of their nation and look into what happened to the missing men. The fear of invasion increases as the East becomes more determined to find the truth and an odd friendship forms between the final foreign correspondent in East Timor and the future president. The genuine account of crimes that have been kept hidden for more than 30 years is told in the political thriller BALIBO.

46. Crocodile Dundee II (1988)

Director: John Cornell

In New York, Mick Dundee and Susan “Sue” Charlton are a happy couple. Mick has become a well-known public character because of Sue’s writing, even though his lack of familiarity with city life makes it dangerous for him to carry on with his previous way of life, such as blast fishing in Manhattan’s seas. Leroy Brown, a mild-mannered stationery salesman attempting to live up to his idealized “bad guy in the streets” persona, hires him when he starts his new job.

47. The Man Who Sued God (2001)

Director: Mark Joffe

Due to the lies and fraud, he encounters in court, attorney Steve Myers decides to resign. He makes a financial investment in a tiny yacht and sets off. Then, one morning, he awakens to discover that his yacht has been destroyed by lightning. He notifies his insurance provider, who investigates and then rejects his claim saying they are not responsible because his yacht was destroyed by an “act of God.” Lacking the funds to purchase another yacht, Steve theatrically launches a lawsuit against God, designating the Pope and the local Bishop as God’s agents and the respondents. This situation attracts the attention of the media, so the Pope, the Bishop, their respective solicitors, and their insurance company teamed up to find a solution.

48. Nitram (2021)

Director: Justin Kurzel

The circumstances that led up to the Tasmanian massacre of Port Arthur in 1996 to comprehend why and how the atrocity took place. In the middle of the 1990s, Nitram resides in suburban Australia with his mother and father. He is lonely and frustrated with himself for never being able to fit in. That is until a reclusive heiress named Helen unexpectedly becomes a close friend to him. However, when that connection ends tragically, Nitram’s feelings of loneliness and resentment intensify, and he starts a steady decline that ends in disaster.

49. Somersault (2004)

Director: Cate Shortland

When Heidi, 15, witnesses her mother kissing her mother’s lover, she flees the house. She travels to a resort by Snowy River where a hazy job offer falls through. She can secure both housing and employment at a convenience shop. She is transitioning between childhood — nursery rhymes and a scrapbook of glittery unicorns — and adulthood — working, figuring out her sexuality and feelings, enduring social slights, and defending herself against unfounded accusations of misbehavior. Despite being lovely, she is susceptible because of her loneliness. She sleeps with Joe, the rancher’s son from the neighborhood, and she causes him to experience emotions he can’t explain.

50. Holding the Man (2015)

Director: Neil Armfield

The heartwarming, humorous, and heartbreakingly sad tale of Timothy Conigrave’s 15-year relationship with John Caleo, the student he fell in love with in high school. At their all-boys high school, Tim and John met as teenagers and fell in love. Tim was an ambitious actor who had a small role in Romeo and Juliet, while John was the rugby team’s captain. Before the one issue that love can’t fix attempted to kill their 15-year romance, their love had withstood everything life had to throw at it, including separations, prejudice, temptations, jealousies, and losses.