Top 30 Greatest German Movies of All Time

Top 30 Greatest German Movies of All Time. A list of German movies made by German movie studios. You should check out these German movies. These German movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. Good Bye Lenin! (2003)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Wolfgang Becker

East Berliner Christiane Kerner’s life is impacted by two horrific incidents. First, in 1978, she is left to care for their two teenage children, Ariane and Alex, on her own after her husband, Robert, flees to freedom and marries another lady in the West. As a sign of resentment towards her husband, Christiane, who has always been a good Socialist, dedicates her life to the cause. Second, she witnesses a grown-up Alex marching in a 1989 anti-Berlin Wall protest and being dragged away by police. She consequently experiences a heart attack and enters a coma. Germany undergoes a significant transformation while Christiane is still in her coma as a result of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the impending formal merger of East and West.

2. Undine (2020)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Christian Petzold

A married guy with whom she is having an affair, Johannes, dumps a historian who teaches about Berlin’s urban evolution. She invites him to wait for her at a café while she gives a lecture, warning him that if he leaves her she will have to kill him about the myth of Undine. He has already left When she returns to the café after the lecture. While she is searching for him, Christoph, a lecturer who attended her lecture, introduces himself, identifying himself as an industrial diver and inviting her for coffee. The two get booted from the café when Christoph unintentionally damages the aquarium there. The two start a distance-based romance.

3. Who Am I (2014)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Baran bo Odar

Benjamin is a nobody who can’t be seen. As soon as he meets charismatic Max, this drastically changes. Despite their apparent differences, they have a common passion for hacking. They create the subjective hacker group CLAY with Max’s friends, the impetuous Stephan, and the paranoid Paul. CLAY incites amusing campaigns and represents a whole generation. Benjamin is a part of something for the first time in his life, and even Marie, who is lovely, noticed him. But when CLAY ends up on both the BKA’s and Europol’s most wanted list, amusement turns into a life-threatening threat. Benjamin, who is being sought after by cybercrime investigator Hanne Lindberg, is now one of the most wanted hackers in the world.

4. Fabian: Going to the Dogs (2021)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Dominik Graf

An environment where brothels double as artists’ studios, Nazis hurl insults in the streets, and Babelsberg dreams of making “psychological cinema” exists between sublets and the underground. Life is exploding, and civilization is degrading and fermenting. Jakob Fabian, a doctorate in German studies, creates ad copy during the day and, with Stephan Labude, frequents the city’s most eccentric venues at night, as long as he still has a job. While his companion is a go-getter when it comes to communism and sex—and later admits to failing “in the subjects of life and profession”—Fabian continues to be sober and distant. The only thing that causes him to reconsider his sarcastic fatalism is his love for Cornelia.

5. The Miracle of Bern (2003)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Sönke Wortmann

The 1954 German football team that won the championship is the subject of the film. Its tale is connected to the following two: Due to World War II circumstances, a little boy’s family is split, and after 11 years, the father returns from Russia. His struggles with returning to regular life with his wife and kids are evident. In the second tale, a reporter and his wife cover the competition.

6. Nosferatu (1922)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: F. W. Murnau

The Count wishes to buy a remote house in Wisbourg, so estate agent Knock from Wisbourg, Germany, sends his assistant Hutter to the Count’s castle in Transylvania. They intend to sell him the property that is next to Hutter’s residence. While he is abroad, Hutter leaves his obedient wife Ellen with some acquaintances. Hutter’s journey is odd because many villagers do not want to accompany him close to the castle. After all, strange things have been happening there. Hutter does succeed in selling the Count the house once he is at the castle, but he also experiences strange happenings, chiefly feeling that a black shadow is watching him, even during the day when the Count is strangely sleeping.

7. In the Fade (2017)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Fatih Akin

A reformed drug dealer and Turkish immigrant Nuri and his young German wife Katja eventually settle into a happy daily routine in Hamburg with high aspirations of starting over for themselves and their six-year-old son Rocco after serving four years in jail on narcotics charges. However, a powerful nail bomb and an attack with racist overtones crush friends and family under the weight of tragedy, stripping Katja of all the people she loved: Nuri and Rocco. Has the family’s troubled past with Nuri finally come to haunt them forever? As the hunt for the truth is sometimes a difficult task for a complex legal system with tied hands, the bereaved mother gradually gives up, first to medications to ease her grief, then to complete despair.

8. Soul Kitchen (2009)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Fatih Akin

Zinos owns a restaurant in Hamburg that serves low-quality food, but he struggles to make ends meet because his girlfriend moved to Shanghai, he injured his back and is unable to cook, his irresponsible brother can only be released from jail daily if Zinos employs him, a classmate wants to purchase the restaurant’s property, and the tax authority and health inspector are investigating him. Zinos appoints a volatile chef and loses every client; he next executes a power of attorney giving his brother complete control over the restaurant; and last, he purchases a ticket to Shanghai.

9. Goodbye Berlin (2016)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Fatih Akin

The shy fourteen-year-old boy, Maik, has a lot on his mind as the birthday celebration of the most attractive girl in the class approaches in less than three weeks. Maik’s real estate developer father is completely unconcerned, and his alcoholic tennis enthusiast mother is constantly checking in and out of the “beauty farm,” which is another name for the recovery center. When the class rejects bravely resolves to leave in an old, “borrowed,” light-blue Lada, going from uncool to cool in a flash, the unexpected appearance of the exciting new student, Tschick, will cause quite a commotion. As Tschick and Maik go on an incredible joyride across the countryside of East Germany, they will gradually come to understand the value of friendship and the exhilaration of first love. Without a doubt, this summer will go down as the best one ever.

10. Fitzcarraldo (1982)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Werner Herzog

The account of Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald, a man with a fierce determination who wants to construct an opera theatre in a jungle. He devises a cunning strategy that entails using the help of the local Indians to drag a massive river boat across a tiny mountain to achieve this goal before first making a fortune in the rubber business.

11. All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Edward Berger

The plot is about the adolescent soldiers Paul Bäumer, Albert, and Müller, who enlist voluntarily in the German army, riding a wave of nationalist fervor that swiftly wanes once they encounter the harsh reality of life on the front. Paul’s ideas about the adversary and the virtues and vices of the struggle quickly disintegrate. Paul must, however, battle until the bitter end as the clock ticks down to the ceasefire, with no other goal in mind but to fulfill the upper brass’s wish to conclude the war with a German attack.

12. Freaks: You’re One of Us (2020)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Felix Binder

Wendy is a dinner employee who resides in an undisclosed German suburb with her husband and son. Her life is changed when she meets Marek, a homeless man. He suggests she cease taking the medication her therapist has prescribed for her. She does so because of a childhood incident in which she unintentionally contributed to the death of the school administrator. Additionally, he tells her, “You are one of us,” before jumping off a bridge and getting run over. The following evening, she runs across Marek once more; he is uninjured. She is persuaded to stop taking the medicines as a result.

13. Je Suis Karl (2021)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Christian Schwochow

Father of three and spouse Alex exits his flat to collect wine from his car. He is uprooted from his normal routine in the ensuing commotion and is unable to regain his footing. His daughter Maxi, a courageous young woman, embarks on what may or may not be life. She becomes irate and demands answers as a result of the rigorous weaning procedure. Karl left a long time ago. He is alluring, quick as a whip, and has the solutions Maxi seeks. He lures her inside by seeing her wrath and giving it the necessary outlet. He dances with her on a precarious precipice as a member of a burgeoning radical movement.

14. For Jojo (2022)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Barbara Ott

Paula and Jojo have always been close. Paula tries all in her power to prevent Jojo from making the worst mistake of her life—getting married—when Jojo falls in love. Since they were children growing up on a little island, Paula and Jojo have been close and have remained everything to one another. However, Paula is noticeably more dependent on Jojo than vice versa. Paula’s resentment overtakes her when Jojo decides to travel to Tulum for work and returns engaged and with a fiancé in tow, and she does all in her power to prevent the wedding from taking place.

15. And Tomorrow the Entire World (2020)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Julia von Heinz

German law student Luisa, age 20, is from Mannheim. Through her buddy Batte, Luisa joins Antifa as the political right gains prominence. She moves into a commune and meets Alfa and Lenor there. Together, they work to stop political rights marches, and violence is increasingly accepted as a means of achieving their objectives. Luisa needs to oversee the group of friends’ love lives at the same time.


16. Buba (2022)

Top 30 Greatest German movies of All Time

Director: Arne Feldhusen

Buba begins as we first meet Jakob, who thinks that for his loved ones to be happy, he must experience agony. This is so that after he had a nice day, close friends and family members pass away unexpectedly. He collaborates with his brother Dante to establish himself as a local conman. As soon as Jakob meets Jule, he begins to second-guess his choices, and the brothers are only getting settled thanks to the Albanian gangs in the neighborhood.

17. Into the Beat (2020)

German Movies

Director: Stefan Westerwelle

Katya is a talented ballerina who aspires to get accepted into the New York Ballet Academy. She feels even more pressure to fulfill this desire because it’s what her father, who is also a well-known ballet dancer, has always wanted for her. After breaking her bike one night on the way home, she discovers a group of hip-hop dancers and a whole new world. It doesn’t take her long to fall in love with this particular dance style, as well as with one of the males, Marlon, who helps her learn the moves and quickly becomes her impromptu dance partner.

18. Stowaway (2021)

German Movies

Director: Joe Penna

The hand-selected, exceptionally skilled crew of astronauts, including Commander Marina Barnett, biologist David Kim, and medical researcher Zoe Levenson, launch from Earth on a two-year scientific mission to the faraway planet Mars. The crew is not, however, acting alone in their quest to make the celestial body habitable and locate a potential new home for humanity. Now that the flight has passed the critical point of no return and its fuel and oxygen supplies are running low, Marina makes the startling discovery of Michael Adams, the fourth passenger who was hidden, unconscious, and injured. Suddenly, breathing becomes the most important concern, and someone must die despite being presented with a painful moral conundrum.

19. Rock My Heart (2017)

German Movies

Director: Hanno Olderdissen

After forming a bond with an untamed stallion, a courageous adolescent with a heart problem trains to ride as an amateur jockey in a perilous race. Jana, age 17, has a congenital heart condition. Jana seeks out every challenge and embarks on every perilous journey to defy fate. That bothers her parents, who are now even more concerned for their daughter.

20. Rising High (2020)

German Movies

Director: Cüneyt Kaya

Our rich hero, Viktor, has a boisterous home party where the movie begins. He wakes up after a night of drinking to find a team of police officers arresting him for tax fraud, money laundering, and fraud. He is a baby-faced real estate tycoon with a chip on his shoulder. He soon finds himself behind bars, telling a visiting journalist the tale of his ascent. This serves as the foundation for the writer-director Cüneyt Kaya’s utterly cliche “Rags to Corvettes” story, in which Viktor uses deception, fraud, and bribery to advance from enthusiastic entrepreneurship to the merry, drug-induced top.

21. Blood & Gold (2023)

German Movies list

Director: Peter Thorwarth

Taking place in the spring of 1945, right before World War II comes to a close. Heinrich and Elsa swiftly realize that they share more than just a common foe. Both battle for their family, for justice, and against the Nazis. In search of his daughter is Heinrich. The Nazis intend to steal a hidden Jewish gold hoard from Elsa’s isolated town, though. The search for riches begins with a tense battle between the peasants and the SS. The desire for gold reveals secrets and leads to a deadly confrontation in the village church.

22. Balloon (2018)

German Movies list

Director: Michael Herbig

Two families in the East German state of Thüringen came up with a wild scheme. They intend to flee aboard a homemade hot air balloon because they are yearning to get out of the DDR and head to the “West.” The novices make their first effort after sewing and experimenting for several weeks. Their balloon suffers from the rain and crashes land just yards from the West German border. Fortunately, they succeed in avoiding police attention. However, their escape attempt’s wreckage is discovered, which starts a fruitless manhunt. As the families decide to try again, the anxiety increases and a race against time begins. On the one hand, the authorities learn that a second attempt is being planned while they are desperately trying to find the traitors.

23. Land of Mine (2015)

German Movies list

Director: Martin Pieter Zandvliet

After World War II, the Danish government assigned their despised German POWs to remove the 1.5 million landmines off the nation’s western beaches. Sgt. Carl Leopold Rasmussen is put in charge of a labor union at one of these beaches and discovers that the members are primarily young boys without much experience. Sgt. Rasmussen’s hatred for the Germans progressively lessens as he learns about the awful circumstances these young soldiers are in, even as the mines continue to claim more and more lives as the lads strive to accomplish and survive their hazardous mission.

24. The White Ribbon (2009)

German Movies list

Director: Michael Haneke

Between July 1913 and the start of World War I, several events occur in a German village: The local baron’s son is hanged upside down in a mill; a horse trip on a wire and tosses the rider; parents smack and bully their kids; a man is nasty to his long-suffering lover; another sexually abuses his daughter. People vanish. The story is told by a callow teacher who is courting the nanny who works for the baron and tries to piece together how these accidents and crimes are related.

25. Downfall (2004)

German Movies list

Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel

Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, invites several young women to an interview for the role of his secretary in November 1942 in the Wolf’s Lair in East Prussia. When Traudl Junge selects her, she is ecstatic. After two and a half years, the Red Army had driven the German army back and encircled Berlin. The Red Army starts bombarding Berlin’s central business district on Hitler’s 56th birthday. Hitler is asked to leave Berlin by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, but he refuses. Himmler departs to have covert talks with the Western Allies. Later, Gruppenführer Hermann Fegelein, Himmler’s liaison at Hitler’s headquarters, likewise attempts to convince Hitler to leave, but Hitler is adamant that he will either succeed in Berlin or perish there.

26. I’m Your Man (2021)

Director: Maria Schrader

Archaeologist Dr. Alma Felser enters a dancing club where a staff member introduces her to Tom. Tom quickly responds to Alma’s questions concerning a challenging maths problem and unimportant facts about his favorite poem. Then Tom asks Alma to dance, but he starts repeating himself and gets carried away, showing himself to be a robot. Alma is one of just 10 experts who have been asked to review the company’s robots, and the employee apologizes and assures her that they will correct the problem the next day so she can continue with the three-week project.

27. The Captain (2017)

German Movies list

Director: Robert Schwentke

An abandoned Nazi captain’s uniform is discovered by an army deserter in the dying days of the Third Reich. His discovery that many Germans will follow the leader, whoever that may be, gives him new confidence. He had just stolen the suit to stay warm.

28. Wings of Desire (1987)

German Movies list

Director: Wim Wenders

The cast of a financially struggling circus that has already closed for the season includes a sensitive and insightful Peter Falk, an old man named Homer seeking eternal peace, and other characters in a detective thriller set in World War II Nazi Germany. Daniel reveals to Cassiel one day that he desires to become human so that he can experience both the sensory and emotional components of corporeal beings. He begins this idea fully aware that, should he decide to do so, there is no going back. The main reason for his thinking is that Marion, the circus’s trapeze artist, has captured his heart. There is no assurance that if he chooses to transform into a human, he would be able to find Marion or that she will reciprocate his feelings. But maybe his angels are watching over him.

29. Persian Lessons (2020)

German Movies list

Director: Vadim Perelman

Along with other Jews, Gilles, a young Belgian man, is detained by the SS and transferred to a concentration camp in Germany. By declaring to the guards that he is Persian and not Jewish, he just escapes being put to death. This deception spares him for a while, but then Koch, the officer in command of the camp’s cuisine, requests that Gilles teach him Persian so that he can one day start a restaurant in Persia. Gilles is forced to create a language from scratch, word by word. Gilles is painfully aware that one wrong move could expose his con as the two men’s unique relationship starts to arouse jealousy and suspicion.

30. Blood Red Sky (2021)

German Movies list

Director: Peter Thorwarth

Nadja, a widow from Germany, and her son Elias are getting ready to fly to New York to see a specialist who can give her the medicine she needs to be well again. Nadja appears to have leukemia. While his mother takes medication that makes her feel extremely uncomfortable, Elias becomes friends with a man named Farid at the airport.