The 10 Best Antigua Movies You Should Watch

The 10 Best Antigua Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Antigua Movies. These Antigua Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Antigua Movies

1. Vanishing Sail (2015)

Antigua Movies

Director: Alexis Andrews

Alwyn Enoe, a skilled wooden boatbuilder in the Grenadines, has decided to construct one last sailing vessel alongside his sons, to preserve the techniques and knowledge passed down by Scottish settlers before they are lost forever. – Antigua Movies

2. The Sweetest Mango (2001)

Antigua Movies

Director: Howard Allen

The plot of the film revolves around the romantic journey of a couple and is said to be based on true events. Film critic Anne Brodie has praised the film’s setting in its native island country, which has enabled it to capture the essence of local life, climate, and culture.

Brodie has also noted the film’s unique portrayal of a relationship that is intimate and on a human scale, which is a departure from recent romance films.

The story follows the character of Lovelyanne ‘Luv’ Davies, who returns to her homeland of Antigua after an extended stay in Canada. She faces challenges in readjusting to life on a relatively small island, and her personal and professional life is further complicated by her involvement in a love triangle. – Antigua Movies

3. The Skin (2011)

Antigua Movies

Director: Pedro Almodóvar

Dr. Robert Ledgard, a distinguished plastic surgeon, is driven by a personal mission to develop synthetic skin that can resist all forms of damage. His motivation stems from the tragic loss of his wife in a fiery car accident.

Through meticulous research and experimentation, he has made significant progress in creating the perfect skin, which he tests on a mysterious and unpredictable woman.

However, as he nears his goal, doubts arise within the scientific community, and his past comes to light, revealing a connection between his patient and the traumatic events he has been trying to overcome. – Antigua Movies

4. Sugar Mills Antigua & Barbuda (2020)

Antigua Movies

Director: Pietro Pellizzieri

The narrative of windmills and extensive sugar cane cultivation on Antigua Island is a significant chapter in its history. The island was successfully colonized by England in 1632, and the labor force was predominantly comprised of African slaves. Despite their involuntary servitude, their contributions propelled Antigua to become a leading Caribbean destination. – Antigua Movies

5. Bridge of Devil (2016)

Antigua Movies

Director: Marco Romano

Antigua and Barbuda have a Devil’s Bridge. The devil appears from time to time. Time stands still. The world is transformed into another. On occasion, it is said that the devil himself makes an appearance, causing time to seemingly stand still and the world to take on an altered state. – Antigua Movies


6. Promises of Home (2012)

Antigua Movies

Director: Steven Kelleher

Jem Greene, a young girl, faced a challenging situation when she was placed in foster care due to her mother’s drug addiction. Despite being welcomed into her new family, Jem found it difficult to adjust to her new life without her biological mother.

Overwhelmed by the drastic changes, Jem ran away in search of her lost home and mother. However, her foster family pursued her and helped her realize that she had found a safe and loving home. Jem eventually embraced her new family and stopped trying to escape, accepting them as her own. – Antigua Movies

7. Working Girl (2010)

Antigua Movies

Director: Nigel Trellis

“Working Girl” delves into complex social issues such as poverty, prostitution, maternal sacrifice, and the duplicity of individuals in higher echelons of society.

This poignant drama, punctuated with moments of levity, is set against the backdrop of the underprivileged and shadowy alleyways of a picturesque Caribbean island.

The story follows Lotus White, a bright but impoverished sixteen-year-old student, as she prepares for her crucial final exams. Her life takes a harrowing turn when she learns that her mother, Moira White, who works as a prostitute to support the family, has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and has only a few months left to live.

Moira has spent her entire life working as a prostitute due to her limited options, but she is determined to provide her daughter with a good education and a better life. Upon discovering her impending death, Moira must summon all her remaining strength to ensure that her lifelong plans for Lotus are not derailed. – Antigua Movies

8. The Island (1980)

Antigua Movies

Director: Michael Ritchie

Journalist Blair Maynard, based in New York City, successfully convinces his editor to embark on an investigative journey to Florida to uncover the mysterious disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle area.

Despite being divorced, Maynard’s ex-wife entrusts him with their son Justin’s care while she travels with her partner. Maynard, in turn, promises to take Justin to Walt Disney World. However, he ultimately decides to take him to the Bermuda Triangle instead, resulting in a plane crash on an island.

To make the most of their situation, Maynard rents a boat from local Dr. Brazil to fish barracuda with his son. Unfortunately, they are attacked by pirates, and Maynard is forced to defend himself, ultimately killing one of the attackers.

The duo is subsequently captured and held captive on an island controlled by pirates under the leadership of John David Nau. Maynard is coerced into serving as a substitute for the widow Beth’s husband, while Justin is brainwashed and transformed into a pirate. Maynard now faces the daunting task of finding a way off the pirate island. – Antigua Movies

9. Longitude (2000)

Antigua Movies

Director: Charles Sturridge

During the eighteenth century, navigating accurately at sea was a challenging task, as following a coastline was not a viable option for voyages from Europe to the West Indies or the Americas.

While observing the sun or stars could provide latitude, determining longitude required a clock that could keep accurate time at sea, which did not exist at the time.

Following numerous maritime disasters caused by navigational errors, the British Parliament established a significant prize for a solution to this problem. This film’s primary focus is on the story of John Harrison, a skilled craftsman who developed a marine chronometer capable of determining longitude.

However, the Board of Longitude was initially skeptical of this approach and claiming the prize was a complex and challenging process. The film also explores the twentieth-century story of Rupert Gould, who became obsessed with restoring Harrison’s clocks to working order, which ultimately threatened to disrupt his life. – Antigua Movies

10. Wendy (2020)

Antigua Movies

Director: Benh Zeitlin

In this reimagined rendition of the classic tale of Peter Pan, Wendy finds herself stranded on a mysterious island where the concepts of aging and time have become unhinged. In a valiant effort to preserve her family, her liberty, and the exuberant essence of youth, Wendy must confront the perilous threat of maturation head-on. This ragtag epic is a thrilling adventure that will captivate audiences of all ages. – Antigua Movies