The 15 Best Nigeria Animation Movies of All Time

The 15 Best Nigeria Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Nigeria Animation Movies. These Nigeria Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Nigeria Animation Movies

1. Malika – Warrior Queen Pilot (2019)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Roye Okupe

Malika: Warrior Queen is a captivating tale set in fifteenth-century West Africa, chronicling the remarkable journey of Queen Malika, a skilled military commander who strives to maintain peace in her rapidly expanding empire.

Endowed with prodigious talents, Malika inherited the throne from her father under extraordinary circumstances, which resulted in the division of the Kingdom of Azzaz. After years of civil unrest, Malika successfully reunites Azzaz, transforming it into one of the most extensive empires in West Africa.

However, this expansion comes at a cost, as adversaries emerge within her council, and Azzaz attracts the attention of the formidable Ming Dynasty, the most dreaded superpower in history. As Malika confronts the covert civil war within her empire, she must also confront an indomitable and treacherous foe that seeks to annihilate her people.

The story of Malika: Warrior Queen remains true to the fantasy genre, incorporating mythical relics, magical swords, and a feuding royal family while introducing a fresh perspective by setting these familiar themes in a breathtaking African landscape. – Nigeria Animation Movies

2. The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Steven Spielberg

After purchasing a model ship called the Unicorn for one pound from a market vendor, Tintin is initially perplexed as to why the evil Mr. Sakharine is so eager to purchase it from him. He resorts to murder and kidnaps Tintin, along with his wonderful dog Snowy, to take him along with his gang as they travel to Morocco on an old cargo ship.

The crew of the ship, led by the inebriated Captain Haddock, has been persuaded by Sakharine to rise in revolt. However, Tintin, Snowy, and Haddock escape and make it to Morocco, where they find refuge at the sheik’s court and a model of the Unicorn.

Haddock explains to Tintin that more than three hundred years ago, Sir Francis Haddock was forced to scuttle the original Unicorn after being attacked by a pirate forebear of Sakharine. Despite this, Sir Francis Haddock was able to save his treasure and leave directions for its location in three different scrolls that were all hidden in replicas of the Unicorn.

The villain plans to obtain the third using the glass-shattering top Cs of operatic soprano the Milanese Nightingale, who already has one each for Tintin and Sakharine. Our young hero, his dog, and the captain must stop Sakharine from getting all three scrolls to fulfill the prophecy that only the last of the Haddocks can uncover the location of the riches. – Nigeria Animation Movies

3. LadyBuckit & The MotleyMopsters (2020)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Adebisi Adetayo

The narrative centers on a young and precious girl named Bukky, who eagerly assists her father in solving arithmetic and logic problems, much to the chagrin of her mother. However, Bukky’s precocious and self-absorbed nature leads her to venture into unfamiliar territory, where she encounters a group of extraordinary individuals who alter the trajectory of her fate. – Nigeria Animation Movies

4. Bino and Fino: Mama Mama’s Soup (2014)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Adamu Waziri

The concept for the Bino & Fino animated series was conceived in approximately 2007. The show’s creator, Adamu Waziri, recognized a significant dearth of authentic African-produced educational programming for children. At that time, Nigeria lacked any domestic cartoon series that accurately portrayed its youth. All available shows were imported and bore no connection to Africa. The absence of support for native children’s programming resulted in the most populous Black Country in the world being without a cartoon series that represented its children, no matter how minimally. – Nigeria Animation Movies

5. Sade (2019)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Miller Luwoye

This is the account of a young girl named Sade and her family, who took in TEJ, a stray dog that had been injured by a hit-and-run driver. As TEJ’s exceptional qualities became apparent, the authorities became determined to take the dog away from Sade’s family, sparking a frantic pursuit. – Nigeria Animation Movies

6. Emeka’s Money (2020)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Mbuotidem Johnson

Emeka was a commendable individual who endeavored to undertake benevolent deeds for those he held in high regard. Upon gaining insight into the true ramifications of corruption, Emeka resolved to effectuate a transformation in the modus operandi of his State. He opted to embrace the virtue of integrity. – Nigeria Animation Movies

7. Lifespan – Ivie’s Quest (2011)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Stanlee Ohikhuare

The initial trailer for the Nigerian animated series, Adventures of Turtle Taido, featured a conversation between young Taiwo and Kenny with Taido regarding his forthcoming adventure. However, after the funding of the series, significant modifications were made to the show’s concept and characters. Taiwo and Kenny were excluded from the program, and Taido was reimagined as a juvenile character. – Nigeria Animation Movies

8. Turtle Taido: First Trailer Feat Taiwo & Kenny (2015)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Matthew A. Rebel

The narrative revolves around Ivie, a courageous and youthful mosquito, who undertakes a selfless expedition to the cavern of a myriad of symbols to obtain a measure of blood from the Ape Men who inhabit the area. This blood is intended for employment in a purification ceremony that will counteract the divine curse that has rendered mosquitoes the lethal carriers of Malaria. While the Moski-clan populace perceives this as the sole objective of the mission, Queen Shebaz harbors a disconcerting agenda that she fervently desires to achieve. – Nigeria Animation Movies


9. The Man Who Fell Up (2016)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Ebele Okoye

The Man Who Fell Up is an animated film adaptation of Ebele Okoye’s eponymous poem. The film delves into the concept of illogical expression as a form of abstract logic. The story follows a man who slips while descending a staircase and falls in an unexpected, yet ultimately fortuitous manner. – Nigeria Animation Movies

10. Turtle Taido and the Story of the Elephant (2016)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Don Mangan

Turtle Taido embarks on a journey across Nigeria, where he successfully rescues a drill monkey, encounters a benevolent elephant, and is granted an audience with the illustrious Queen Amina of Zaria, during which he assumes the throne. – Nigeria Animation Movies

11. The Satchel (2020)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Nissi Ogulu

The narrative revolves around two siblings, Obatala and Oduduwa, who are the offspring of Olodumare. They engage in a fierce struggle to establish a kingdom, utilizing a potent Satchel. Obatala, the architect of humanity, receives authorization from his father to construct the earth with the aid of the Satchel. Conversely, Oduduwa is a charming romantic who has developed an emotional bond with a human during his sojourn on earth. The conflict for the Satchel results in pandemonium when Oduduwa seizes it from Obatala to complete the creation of the earth. – Nigeria Animation Movies

12. Taiwo & Kenny (2010)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Artie Romero

Taiwo and Kenny, a pair of young twins, reside in an African kingdom where the birth of twins is considered taboo. The king’s spy, a parrot, uncovers the existence of the children and promptly informs the king, who dispatches his soldiers to locate and capture them. The narrative is conveyed entirely through the use of the talking drum, without the use of spoken language. – Nigeria Animation Movies

13. Jay Jay: The Chosen One (TV Series 2023)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Jairaj Padmanabhan

Austin is an 11-year-old student who has a passion for football. Endowed with the unique abilities of animals, he transforms into the superhero Jay Jay, who combats poachers and leads his school’s football team to triumph. – Nigeria Animation Series

14. Little Astro Boy (TV Series 2014)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Masayoshi Nishida

Astro Boy, a five-year-old, along with his companions, engages in playful activities while simultaneously imbibing valuable life lessons, all while thwarting the nefarious schemes of Hamegg and his accomplices. – Nigeria Animation Series

15. Adventures of Turtle Taido (TV Series 2015)

Nigeria Animation Movies

Directors: Don Mangan

Taido, an endearing and vivacious turtle, embarks on a journey to visit various cities in Nigeria, immersing himself in the local attractions and acquiring knowledge about the history, fauna, cuisine, and customs of each destination. His companions frequently rely on his shell’s mystical abilities to extricate them from perilous situations. – Nigeria Animation Series