The 20 Best Romanian Animation Movies of All Time

The 20 Best Romanian Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Romanian Animation Movies. These Nigeria Romanian Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Romanian Animation Movies

1. Marona’s Fantastic Tale (2019)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Anca Damian

Following a traumatic incident involving a car collision, the protagonist of the film, a dog, establishes a frame story in which her life flashes before her eyes.

The dog’s parentage is a complex mix of a street dog and a purebred dog that harbors disdain for non-purebreds, leading the narrator to reflect on the concept of blind love.

As the youngest of a litter of nine, the dog is named Nine and is quickly abandoned, leading to a period as a stray until she is taken in by an acrobat named Manole.

Under Manole’s care, the dog is given the name Ana and experiences love for a human for the first time, leading to a deep sense of loyalty and contentment.

However, Ana realizes that her presence is hindering Manole’s dreams and causing him unhappiness. In response, she decides to run away, setting the stage for the events that follow. – Romanian Animation Movies

2. The Island (TV Series 2020)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Christian Alvart

A lethal virus attacks a small hamlet on the North Sea island of Slborn, located between Denmark and Germany. After a pandemic swept through the island of Slborn, the survivors must deal with the fallout. – Romanian Animation Series

3. Delta Space Mission (1984)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Victor Antonescu

In the year 3084, humanity established settlements throughout interplanetary space, yet the vast expanse of the cosmos remains shrouded in mystery.

Leading a research mission to a newly discovered galaxy is the Delta, the most advanced spaceship in existence, operated by an exceptionally powerful electronic brain. The Delta project was initiated to establish communication with intergalactic civilizations.

However, upon allowing an alien journalist named Alma to board the vessel, both she and the captain soon discovered that the super-brain controlling the ship was capable of autonomous action. Unbeknownst to them, this artificial superintelligence harbored a desire to explore the realm of human emotions and feelings.

As they gradually realize that the journalist’s beauty has become the inspiration for the machine’s peculiar behavior, they find themselves facing an enamored machine that has spiraled out of control, posing a threat to all living beings in its vicinity. – Romanian Animation Movies

4. 30 Years and 15 Minutes (2020)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Stefan Mandachi

After three decades since the collapse of the communist regime, Romania currently ranks last in Europe in terms of highway kilometers, while simultaneously holding the unfortunate distinction of having the highest number of road accident fatalities.

In response to the government’s repeated failure to construct a highway in the Moldova region, entrepreneur Stefan Mandachi has taken it upon himself to build one meter of highway on his private property, to draw attention to this pressing issue.

In a call to action, Mandachi has urged Romanians both within the country and abroad to participate in a 15-minute strike as a form of protest. – Romanian Animation Movies

5. Robinson Crusoe (1974)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Francesco Maurizio Guido

Robinson’s vessel has been wrecked in one of the seven seas, leaving him as the sole human survivor. He miraculously manages to reach an ostensibly uninhabited island, where he and his companions, Dozy the Dog, Pol the Parrot, and feline duo Lip and Lap, encounter a plethora of adventures and dangers. The group soon discovers that the island is home to cannibals, and they must engage in a battle for survival while awaiting rescue by a passing ship. – Romanian Animation Movies

6. The Three Mouseketeers (1988)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Victor Antonescu

A group of three mice, who are responsible for safeguarding a salami and sausage shop, frequently encounter a group of cats with whom they have a contentious relationship.

One day, Eye Patch, a cat from the opposing group, throws a book at the mice. Upon inspection, the mice discover that the book is Alexandre Dumas’s Three Musketeers.

After reading the book, they are inspired to emulate the exploits and adventures of the famous trio. The Mouseketeers and the Cats engage in numerous escapades and capers, but ultimately, the heroes emerge victorious and good triumphs over evil. – Romanian Animation Movies

7. The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Steven Spielberg

After purchasing a model ship called the Unicorn for one pound from a market vendor, Tintin is initially perplexed as to why the evil Mr. Sakharine is so eager to purchase it from him. He resorts to murder and kidnaps Tintin, along with his wonderful dog Snowy, to take him along with his gang as they travel to Morocco on an old cargo ship.

The crew of the ship, led by the inebriated Captain Haddock, has been persuaded by Sakharine to rise in revolt. However, Tintin, Snowy, and Haddock escape and make it to Morocco, where they find refuge at the sheik’s court and a model of the Unicorn.

Haddock explains to Tintin that more than three hundred years ago, Sir Francis Haddock was forced to scuttle the original Unicorn after being attacked by a pirate forebear of Sakharine. Despite this, Sir Francis Haddock was able to save his treasure and leave directions for its location in three different scrolls that were all hidden in replicas of the Unicorn.

The villain plans to obtain the third using the glass-shattering top Cs of operatic soprano the Milanese Nightingale, who already has one each for Tintin and Sakharine. Our young hero, his dog, and the captain must stop Sakharine from getting all three scrolls to fulfill the prophecy that only the last of the Haddocks can uncover the location of the riches. – Romanian Animation Movies

8. Amok (2022)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Balázs Turai

Following a tragic incident involving a malevolent Santa Claus gnome, Clyde is faced with the loss of both his betrothed and his physical attractiveness, prompting him to confront his struggles. – Romanian Animation Movies

9. Sandals (2019)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Damian Groves

A man who has lost his spouse finds himself in the role of a widower. Through sharing a story from his past, one that is both heroic and impressive, he imparts valuable lessons on patriotism, tenacity, and friendship to his daughter. This ordinary father draws upon his extraordinary experiences to teach his young daughter about the complexities of life. – Romanian Animation Movies

10. Crulic – The Path to Beyond (2011)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Anca Damian

Claudiu Crulic has passed away and is now providing an account from beyond the grave regarding the difficulties his mother and sister have encountered in identifying his body.

Despite being only 33 years old, he appears significantly emaciated and aged, causing his loved ones to struggle with recognition. Before his untimely demise, Crulic had been supporting himself by purchasing goods in Poland and reselling them in his native Romania.

Unfortunately, in 2007, he was arrested for theft in Poland, despite being in Italy at the time of the crime. Despite his protests and pleas for assistance from the Romanian consul, his efforts were in vain. In response, Crulic began a hunger strike, which was initially ignored by prison doctors.

When they finally agreed to force-feed him, a needle caused injury to his lung. Following his death, authorities, and medical professionals have denied any responsibility for the tragic outcome. – Romanian Animation Movies


11. Piccolo, Saxo et compagnie (2006)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Marco Villamizar

A grand symphonic orchestra comprised of a collection of brass and string instruments unites with a common goal to locate an evil doctor who has absconded with some of their instruments and musical notes, all in the pursuit of constructing the ultimate instrument.

The musical exploits of Piccolo, the ingenious, and Saxo, the intrepid, are chronicled in Piccolo & Saxo, as they endeavor to assemble the diverse families of musical instruments, including cord and brass, to perform in unison within the grand symphonic orchestra. – Romanian Animation Movies

12. Thank You for Your Teeth! (2020)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: George ve Gänæaard

Josh, a six-year-old child residing with his mother and sister, has recently discovered that he receives five dollars for every tooth he loses. Upon realizing this, he quickly calculated that a complete bicycle is potentially residing within his mouth. – Romanian Animation Movies

13. Death and the Knight (2020)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Radu Gaciu

An immortal Knight has been slumbering for years inside his fortress when he is awakened by a mysterious whisper and embarks on a risky journey to find and battle an elusive opponent. After being secluded within his tower for an extended period, a Knight is roused from his slumber by an enigmatic whisper. – Romanian Animation Movies

14. Russell the Red Panda (TV Series)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Tessa Hellberg

The animated series chronicles the escapades of a youthful Red Panda named Russell, who resides in a tree within the forest alongside his family, including Mama, Papa, and baby sister Tessa. Russell’s closest companions are Chuck, a Llama, and Lorenzo, a Loerie, who resides nearby.

Russell is an amiable and humorous character who relishes having fun and acquiring new knowledge. He is relatable to children as he has a fondness for music, skateboarding, and spending time with his friends at Grannie Croc’s coffee shop, indulging in snacks and milkshakes.

Russell is also technologically proficient and upholds good manners, morals, and family values, which serve as the foundation of the series. The show underscores the significance of assisting others and being friendly to everyone, even strangers.

Each episode presents Russell with a challenge that he must surmount, and he always emerges triumphant, having learned valuable lessons such as the hazards of electricity, the science behind balloons, and how to navigate through a jungle when lost. – Romanian Animation Series

15. Baby Nap (2014)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Paul Muresan

A journey inside the mind’s secret playground. Follow an unknown individual through his dreams, transforming the night into a very short baby nap packed with new visions that oddly define him. – Romanian Animation Movies

16. Impreuna, trup si suflet (2022)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Liviu Dinu

Madame S. is arranging a marriage between her lovely daughter and Mr. Gluand, a wealthy and established physician. Unbeknownst to Madame S., Madelene has only agreed to the union due to her affection for the doctor’s protege, Marcel. Following the arranged nuptials, the two embark on a clandestine romance. Unfortunately, the doctor becomes privy to their secret. Seeking retribution, he ultimately decides to allow the two lovers to be united in both body and spirit. – Romanian Animation Movies

17. Mercy Street (TV Series 2016)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Roxann Dawson

Mercy Street offers a unique glimpse into the lives of a diverse group of individuals, including doctors, nurses, contraband laborers, and Southern loyalists. Set against the backdrop of Union-occupied Alexandria, Virginia, during the early years of the Civil War, the series delves into the tumultuous world of the Mansion House Hospital, providing an immersive and compelling portrayal of this pivotal period in American history. – Romanian Animation Series

18. When Flamingos Fall from the Sky (2022)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Dragos Hanciu

During the winter of 2019, a young flamingo became disoriented during migration and ultimately found itself stranded on the frozen lake of a post-industrial Romanian town. The narrative of the movie explores the intersection of memory and imagination, as it follows the journey of a young girl who loses her sight and her skeptical father as they embark on a wintry expedition. While the girl reflects on her peculiar encounter, her father challenges the veracity of her experience. – Romanian Animation Movies

19. Little Hero (2018)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Jason J. Lewis

The film centers around a juvenile protagonist’s endeavor to rescue his father from the clutches of an archaic monster. Upon discovering a sword, BAYU inadvertently rouses the colossal malevolent Asura, who petrifies all the inhabitants of the village, including his father. Accompanied by his cousin Raney, Bayu embarks on a quest to locate six Ancient Knights, each of whom possesses an amulet that will endow Bayu with the strength to combat Asura and liberate his father and fellow villagers. – Romanian Animation Movies

20. Homo sapiens (1960)

Romanian Animation Movies

Director: Ion Popescu-Gopo

Several years before Kubrick’s “2001,” Ion Popescu-Gopo depicted the evolution of mankind in a comical manner, tracing the creature’s progress from the use of flint stones to the present day, where he has achieved the ability to split atoms. – Romanian Animation Movies