The 10 Best France Animation Movies And Series List

The 10 Best France Animation Movies And Series List. You should check out these France Animation Movies. These France Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


France Animation Movies

1. The Legend of White Fang (1994)

France Animation

Directors: Steve Majaury

Wendy, a courageous and compassionate 12-year-old, develops a close bond with White Fang, a wolf-husky hybrid. Together, they embark on numerous escapades in the challenging Klondike region of Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush. Throughout their journey, they encounter various obstacles, including wolf packs, gold thieves, First Nations individuals, otters, poachers, and perilous avalanches. – France Animation

2. Horace & Tina (2001)

France Animation

Directors: Michael Carson

Horace is a diminutive and irritable gentleman of two centuries, renowned as the most accomplished prankster in the world. His senior sibling, Tina, is a 271-year-old incurable romantic who delights in meddling and dispensing advice. Lauren Parker becomes aware that she is the sole individual capable of perceiving Horace and Tina, and must maintain their existence as a clandestine matter from her acquaintances and loved ones, lest they suspect her of losing her sanity. – France Animation

3. Madeline’s Christmas (1990)

France Animation

Directors: Cassandra Schafhausen

During the Christmas season, the children eagerly anticipate returning home for the holidays. However, unfortunately, all of them fall ill except for Madeline. – France Animation

4. Madeline and the Gypsies (1991)

France Animation

Directors: Cassandra Schafhausen

The scene commences with an owl gracefully landing on the Old House. Inside, the Girls partake in their customary routine of having dinner, brushing their teeth, and retiring to bed.

The following day, during their walk, Madeline catches a glimpse of a sports car passing by and indulges in a daydream of driving various vehicles, ranging from a sports car to a steam locomotive and ultimately a tugboat.

Ms. Clavel intervenes and brings Madeline back to reality. Pepito appears, exuberantly shouting from across the bridge, announcing the arrival of the Gypsy Carnival in town. The Carnival Caravan parades by, showcasing the various amusements the Gypsy troupe has to offer.

Madeline implores Ms. Clavel to allow the class to attend the Carnival, and she acquiesces. The group enjoys playing games, observing the Gypsies’ exotic animals, and riding the Ferris wheel. Abruptly, a fierce storm ensues, forcing the Gypsies to close down the carnival. Ms. Clavel gathers the Girls and escorts them to the taxi stand to return home. – France Animation

France Animation Series

5. Busy World of Richard Scarry (TV Series 1993)

France Animation

Directors: Marcos Da Silva

A captivating and informative program designed for children, showcasing cartoon animals residing in a small town and highlighting the bond between a feline and an annelid.

The widely acclaimed children’s book series by Richard Scarry, centered on Busytown, is now adapted for television, chronicling the daily routines of the Busytown inhabitants, primarily featuring Huckle Cat and his companion Lowly Worm, along with their neighbors, including Mr. Frumble, Bananas Gorilla, Sergeant Murphy, Wolfgang, Billy Dog, Hilda Hippo, and Mr. Fix-It.

The charming characters from Richard Scarry’s literary works are brought to life in this animated series, based on his best-selling books, Busytown and Busy, Busy World. The show highlights beloved characters such as Lowly Worm, Huckle Cat, Hilda Hippo, Sgt. Murphy, and Bananas Gorilla.

Each episode comprises three brief stories, connected by shorter musical segments that impart fundamental safety tips and elucidate the mechanics of various objects. – France Animation


6. Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea (TV Series 1985)

France Animation

Directors: Michel Gauthier

The subterranean society known as Arkadia has initiated an expedition to explore the surface world with the aim of restoring its waning sun. Once a highly advanced civilization, Arkadia was forced underground following a catastrophic event that brought about the end of the world.

In the aftermath of this cataclysm, the Arkadians retreated to the depths of the Earth and created an artificial sun, the Shagma, in an attempt to forget their past on the surface and start anew by erasing their mistakes.

However, after many years, the Shagma began to falter, prompting the inhabitants of this extraordinary civilization to take drastic measures. The children of Arkadia, along with their sentient vessel, breached the forbidden museum, which was accessible only to its custodians, and reactivated the long-dormant computers therein. – France Animation

7. The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures (TV Series 1997)

France Animation

Directors: Marcos Da Silva

Emily, a rural mouse, and her metropolitan cousin, Alexander, engage in joint escapades during the turn of the century. Their encounters with humans, other creatures, and thrilling circumstances frequently result in difficulties. However, by pooling their resources, they can surmount any obstacle. Moreover, they acquire knowledge about the locales they explore and the phenomena they encounter. – France Animation

8. Tootuff (TV Series 2001)

France Animation

Directors: Daniel Duda

The young Titeuf, a mischievous yet well-behaved child, endeavors to navigate his daily tribulations, including matters of love, friendship, school, and family. Additionally, he grapples with the realization that he is no longer a child. – France Animation

9. Gadget Boy and Heather (TV Series 1995)

France Animation

Directors: Pascal Morelli

The bionic detective, who holds the distinction of being the world’s youngest and most inexperienced, is aided in his investigations by his nanny, Top Secret Agent Heather, and his loyal robotic canine companion, G-9. – France Animation

10. Li’l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers (TV Series 1997)

France Animation

Directors: Peter Viska

The narrative chronicles the exploits of a cohort of juveniles and their escapades in the Australian outback. The eponymous protagonist, Li’l Elvis, is a ten-year-old boy who bears the weight of the world on his shoulders.

He possesses an innate aptitude for music, a penchant for mischief, and an ardent desire to ascertain his true identity and regain his normalcy.

The opening sequence and score allude to the possibility that he is the illegitimate offspring of Elvis Presley, as he was purportedly ejected from a gold Cadillac in a guitar case.

He is reared by Grace and Len, proprietors of a truck stop, who are ardent aficionados of Presley. Given Li’l Elvis’s musical prowess in both singing and guitar-playing, Grace is convinced that he is Presley’s progeny. – France Animation