The 25 Best Switzerland Animation Movies of All Time

The 25 Best Switzerland Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Switzerland Animation Movies. These Switzerland Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Switzerland Animation Movies

1. Approved for Adoption (2012)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Laurent Boileau

Jung, a 42-year-old cartoonist, identifies as European on the heads side and Asian on the tails side. Despite his civil status indicating his age as 42, Jung prefers to consider his birth at the age of 5 when he was found wandering alone on the streets of Seoul by a policeman.

As one of the 200,000 adopted Koreans scattered across the globe, Jung has decided to embark on a journey to South Korea to reconnect with his roots, breathe in the air of his home country, and possibly uncover traces of his biological mother.

This documentary-style trip of self-discovery and reconciliation with his heritage leads Jung to reflect on his life story through animation. – Switzerland Animation Movies

2. 2012: Time for Change (2010)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Joao G. Amorim

The documentary film proposes strategies for transforming our unsustainable society into a regenerative planetary culture. This can be accomplished through a personal and global shift in consciousness, as well as the systemic application of ecological design. – Switzerland Animation Movies

3. My Life as a Zucchini (2016)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Claude Barras

A 9-year-old boy’s intriguing nickname is Courgette. Though his singular tale is remarkably all-encompassing. Following the disappearance of his mother, Raymond, a police officer, becomes friends with Courgette and takes him with him to his new foster home, where he lives with other children his age.

He initially finds it difficult to fit in this unusual, occasionally hostile atmosphere. Courgette finally learns to trust, though, and he just could find real love with Raymond’s support and his new pals. – Switzerland Animation Movies

4. Waltz with Bashir (2008)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Ari Folman

Director Ari learns about an old friend’s reoccurring nightmare in which he is pursued by 26 aggressive dogs while they are out at a pub. The same amount of animals each night.

The two soldiers conclude that their Israeli Army assignment in the first Lebanon War in the early 1980s had some significance. Ari is shocked because he no longer remembers anything about that time in his life.

He proceeds to meet and interview former friends and allies all around the world after being intrigued by this riddle. He must learn the truth about that period and himself. As Ari looks more deeply into the enigma, strange visions from his past start to appear. – Switzerland Animation Movies

5. Loving Vincent (2017)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Hugh Welchman

After numerous failed postal delivery attempts, artist Vincent van Gogh asks his lazy son Armand to personally deliver his final letter to his now-deceased brother Theo to a deserving receiver a year after the artist’s passing.

Despite resenting this futile task, Armand goes to Auvers-sur-Oise to visit Dr. Gachet, who is said to be close friends with Vincent.

Armand meets many of the residents of that village while waiting for the doctor to get back from his business. These individuals not only knew Vincent but also reportedly served as models and sources of inspiration for his artwork. – Switzerland Animation Movies

6. Alice (1988)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Jan Švankmajer

A memorable and surreal adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” on the big screen, including a single human performer and a wide range of intricately detailed and surprisingly simple stop-motion animated characters.

The original plot is fairly accurately continued, but fans of the director’s previous works won’t be at all startled by the various detours into Svankmajer territory, complete with living slabs of meat. – Switzerland Animation Movies

7. No Dogs or Italians Allowed (2022)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Alain Ughetto

The village of the Ughetto family was Ughettera in northern Italy around the turn of the 20th century. The Ughettos long for a better life outside of the area because it has grown so tough to live there. According to legend, Luigi Ughetto crossed the Alps and began a new life in France, drastically altering the course of his beloved family’s existence. His grandson revisits their past while traveling through time. – Switzerland Animation Movies

8. The Masters of Time (1982)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: René Laloux

Mike, a cutting-edge interstellar transmitter given to him by his father, Claude, is the only thing keeping Piel, a little kid stuck on Perdide, a desert planet where huge killer hornets dwell, connected to the outside world. Piel must use all means at his disposal to contact Claude’s buddy, Jaffar, a daring space explorer, as soon as Mike can send a distress signal to have any hope of surviving on the hostile celestial body. – Switzerland Animation Movies

9. Deep 2 (2017)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Julio Soto Gurpide

When humanity left Earth in 2100, a colony of exotic animals still survives in the ocean’s lowest reaches. Evo, a scholarly and clumsy angler fish, and Alice, a neurotic deep-sea shrimp, are Deep’s two unwavering pals.

The Kraken, the protector of the abyss, will send Deep and his buddies on a treacherous voyage to locate a new home when an accident destroys their current one.

They will be joined on their journey by Maura, a hungry moray eel, and together they will visit incredible locations like the buried metropolis of New York, the Titanic, or the Arctic, dealing with formidable foes and amusing circumstances. – Switzerland Animation Movies

10. The Swallows of Kabul (2019)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Zabou Breitman

Various characters battle to escape a harsh existence characterized by persecution and misery in the ruins of a profoundly depressing metropolis during the Taliban’s rule in 1998 in Kabul. While the young in-love pair Mohsen and Zunaira hope for a better future, the hopeless prison warden Atiq can only pray for his terminally sick wife Mussarat. – Switzerland Animation Movies

11. Seven Crystal Balls and the Prisoners of the Sun (1969)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Eddie Lateste

Seven archaeologists are the targets of a long-standing Inca curse after they uncover an ancient Inca temple. Once a day, all at once, they awaken for a few minutes in Europe after falling asleep one by one and experiencing hallucinations of the Inca god.

The sixth archaeologist is put to sleep by the contents of a crystal ball that Indios toss into his car at the start of the story. In Moulinsart, the final awake archaeologist remains with Tintin and Haddock. The lightning strikes and the lights go out.

The Indians use this to put the final person to sleep and to apprehend Professor Tournesol, who has exposed himself as a desecrater of the sanctuary by donning the Inca god’s bracelet.

Tintin and Haddock, two of his companions, pursue the trail to Peru, ascend the mountains through snow and forest, and eventually find the temple of the sun, where they are both captured. They are left with no option but to decide which day they want to perish from sunburn.

Tintin makes intelligent decisions and can take advantage of a solar eclipse. The archaeologists are released from their curse and Tournesol is set free in the conclusion after he receives forgiveness. – Switzerland Animation Movies

12. Yuku and the Flower of the Himalayas (2022)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Arnaud Demuynck

Yuku sets out in pursuit of the Himalayan flower, a plant that can be found in the highest mountains. To discover it and deliver it to her grandma as a gift, she must contend with sewer rats, birds, an enchanted forest, and a wolf. – Switzerland Animation Movies

13. How the Toys Saved Christmas (1996)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Enzo D’Alò

Granny Rose, one of Santa’s elves, asks Mr. Grimm to help deliver all the toys when she becomes ill and needs to take a day off on Christmas Eve. Nobody but the toys are aware of Mr. Grimm’s intention to sell the toys at auction to the highest bidder.

His strategy will prevent the toys from reaching the kids who will use them to fulfill their destiny. The story follows the toys as they battle to stay away from the ruthless Mr. Grimm and find their real homes once they decide to deliver themselves. – Switzerland Animation Movies


14. Lucie, postrach ulice (TV Series 1980)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Jindrich Polák

A children’s fantasy comedy featuring young Lucie, Osvald, the evil ringleader of the boys’ party, and two magical figurines. Six-year-old Lucie is excited to start school for the first time.

Additionally, she has no one to play with because all of her friends are currently on vacation. Girls in Osvald’s fifth-grade class are unimportant to them. Unless she steals from a store to show her strength. In the department shop, Lucie picks up a box of plasticine.

And this is the start of an exceptional adventure because two magical plasticine figures that are already within the box emerge, becoming Lucie’s legendary friends with whom she will embark on the most amazing trip at the end of the summer. – Switzerland Animation Movies

15. Max & Co (2007)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Frédéric Guillaume

At the age of 15, Max, a fox, embarks on a journey to Saint-Hilare with the intention of locating his father, the renowned troubadour Johnny Bigoude, who vanished shortly before Max’s birth.

Along the way, he encounters Sam, a mischievous fairground performer, who introduces him to the captivating Fly Swatter Festival. Upon arriving at his destination, Max discovers that Saint-Hilaire is under the control of the corrupt frog Rodolfo, who oversees the production of flyswatters.

Max’s musical talents leave a lasting impression, particularly on the intelligent, charming, and resourceful mouse Felicie, who persuades Rodolfo to employ him. – Switzerland Animation Movies

16. Ted Sieger’s Molly Monster – Der Kinofilm (2016)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Matthias Bruhn

Popo and Etna Monster’s lone monster and dearly loved one is Molly Monster. She spends her days playing with her best buddy Edison, a clockwork toy with a personality of his own, in her comfortable surroundings. However, Molly embarks on a quest to find her new role in the family after Mama gives birth to an egg.

She travels far from her home and across the Wild Hills to Egg Island, where she is reunited with her parents, her new mini-monster brother, and her mother and father.

The perspective of a young child, “Molly Monster” explores the concept of becoming a brother’s sister and the excitement that goes along with it. An experience that is charming and amusing for preschoolers everywhere. – Switzerland Animation Movies

17. Puppies and Kitties (TV Short 1982)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Guido Manuli

Four pups and four kittens attend school. They have a pet pigeon. There will be disagreement on whether dogs or cats make the best pets. Dogs visit the bookstore to understand their history, whereas cats visit the museum. – Switzerland Animation Movies

18. Death and the Winemaker (2021)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Victor Jaquier

In a land of fairy tales, a winemaker produces the most wonderful wine ever. He learns that his bride is the next person on Death’s list when she decides she wants to sample the wine. – Switzerland Animation Movies

19. Chris the Swiss (2018)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Anja Kofmel

Jessica Kiang, a critic from Variety, commends the animation for its exceptional quality. She notes that the animation is particularly captivating, evoking a sense of admiration that the protagonist felt as a child toward her larger-than-life relative.

The animation is characterized by boldly drawn continuous lines in black and white, which are solid and simple. The protagonist, Chris, is easily identifiable by her stripy scarf, while the villains, such as Chico with his dark-ringed eyes and widow’s peak, are appropriately depicted as menacing. – Switzerland Animation Movies

20. Chobotnice z druhého patra (TV Series 1986)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Jindrich Polák

Young Eva and her younger brother Johnny are on vacation with their warring parents when they discover two weird friendly sentient octopuses composed of a peculiar material that attracts electricity in a filthy lake. They treat them as if they were pets. – Switzerland Animation Movies

21. Red Jungle (2022)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Zoltan Horvath

Raul Reyes was eliminated in a coordinated operation by the CIA and the Colombian army. Following the operation, Reyes’ computers were seized, revealing a decade’s worth of emails authored by the individual responsible for negotiating the release of 100 hostages, including Ingrid Betancourt. The film explores the clandestine workings of the long-standing communist guerrilla group, as their revolutionary ideals gradually gave way to a harrowing reality. – Switzerland Animation Movies

22. The Record (Short 2022)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Jonathan Laskar

A traveler presents a magic vinyl record to an antiquarian, saying, “It reads your mind and plays your lost memories.” He keeps playing this never-ending record because he is obsessed with it. – Switzerland Animation Movies

23. Pingu at the Wedding Party (TV Movie 1997)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Seishi Katto

When a wedding invitation shows up and the Pingu family comes, there is excitement all around. However, due to an absentee groom, a new arrival, and the mayhem caused by a damaged present, things do not go quite as planned. – Switzerland Animation Movies

24. Abel’s Island (Video 1988)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Michael Sporn

Chirico Flint and his wife were enjoying a picnic one summer afternoon in 1907 when a sudden downpour caused them to become separated. After a long flight, Abel finds himself alone on an island in a river, unable to swim due to the strong current.

Abel makes repeated attempts to flee the island using a variety of techniques, such as flying on a leaf, rowing a shoddy boat, etc. He makes an effort to lead a somewhat regular life in the interim and even picks up sculpture as a new interest. Abel still hopes to leave the island and reunite with his wife in the metropolis. – Switzerland Animation Movies

25. The Fox and the Bird (2019)

Switzerland Animation Movies

Directors: Samuel Guillaume

A lone fox unexpectedly assumes the role of a father figure for a newly hatched avian offspring, necessitating improvisation. The fortuitous intersection of their paths results in the formation of a familial unit, albeit temporary, as destiny ultimately serves as a reminder of their respective predetermined paths in life. – Switzerland Animation Movies