The 10 Best Egypt TV Series You Should Watch

The 10 Best Egypt TV Series You Should Watch. You should check out these Egypt TV Series. These Egypt TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Egypt TV Series

1. Al Kabeer (TV Series 2010)

Egypt TV Series

Director: Ahmed El Gendy

A small-town mayor in upper Egypt meets an American wife and has twins. One of the twins remains in the town while the other goes to America with their mother.

When the mayor passes away, the child who has grown up in America returns to Egypt to take his father’s title. The two sons fight over who will succeed him, but in the end, they come to understand the importance of family and face difficulties together.

A wealthy Upper Egyptian tells his only son that before he passes away, his twin brother Johnny (who emigrated to the United States with his mother) has inherited half of the wealth and the mayor’s seat. The son of the wealthy Upper Egyptian tries to take the wealth and the seat, but Johnny comes back and runs for the mayor. – Egypt TV Series

2. Devil’s Promise (TV Series 2022)

Egypt TV Series

Director: Colin Teague

Cairo and his wife Zeina were diagnosed with a rare and untreatable brain tumor. He refused to accept the diagnosis and tried his best to save his wife, but eventually, there was only one choice left to him: to make a deal with the devil, Iblis.

In despair, he signed the contract, trusting that his wife would survive and that Iblis would take his soul as he died. However, after Zeina’s “miraculous” recovery, it became apparent that everything was not as it should be.

He began to hear demonic voices, a strange mark on his back, and violent fantasies that soon came to pass. His soul was already decaying, and now this gentle, gentle man was turning into a violent, out-of-control, and unmanageable liability.

Furious at the unfairness of the contract, and fearing for his life, he visits the mosque and attempts an exorcism, but to no avail, he consults a well-known specialist in the field. – Egypt TV Series

3. Finding Ola (TV Series 2022)

Egypt TV Series

Director: Hadi El Bagoury

Ola is a mother and a pharmacist who is faced with a new reality after a life-changing event. She is struggling to find her way in a rapidly changing world while also trying to rediscover or reinvent herself. Her life is in a state of flux as she juggles her duties and her desire to bring love into her life. – Egypt TV Series

4. Fath Al-Andalus (TV Series 2022)

Egypt TV Series

Director: Mohamed Sami El Anzi

Narrative of the life and reign of Tariq Bin Ziyad, leader of the Umayyad army, Tangier conquest, Ceuta conquest, Toledo conquest, Andalusia conquest, Musa Bin Nusair. Tariq ibn Ziyad launched the conquest of Hispania for the Islamic Umayyad, and along the way, his morality and ethics became a model for generations to come. – Egypt TV Series

5. Newton’s Cradle (TV Series 2021)

Egypt TV Series

Director: Tamer Mohsen

A miscalculated escapade turns the lives of a married couple upside down. They each take a different course until they cross paths again at an unexpected crossroads. An ill-fated expedition upends the lives of a married couple, leading them down divergent paths until they unexpectedly converge at a crossroads. – Egypt TV Series


6. The Hunter (TV Series 2014)

Egypt TV Series

Director: Ahmed Medhat

The story centers around a young man who works at a security company. After his accident that took him out of work, he is called back to help investigate an old case called “The Hunter”.

A former law enforcement officer, who tragically lost his vision during the apprehension of one of the most notorious criminals known as “The Hunter,” responsible for the murder of his wife and daughter, is still alive. Driven by a desire for retribution, he seeks to bring the “Hunter” to justice and avenge the loss of his loved ones.

A disgraced former detective who was blinded in a daring pursuit after the notorious serial killer “Hunter” was called back by the police to help investigate a new case against his old enemy.

With his revenge on the man who killed his family and his old ambition to catch the killer, he tries to find Hunter after the latter returns to the crime scene. – Egypt TV Series

7. Bimbo (TV Series 2021)

Egypt TV Series

Director: Omar Roshdy Hamed

Bimbo, a narcotics distributor, has expressed his willingness to settle his outstanding debts following a robbery that resulted in the loss of all his funds. As events transpire, Bimbo finds himself embroiled in a complex investigation involving a homicide and a missing person, assuming the role of a detective. – Egypt TV Series

8. Investigation (TV Series 2022)

Egypt TV Series

Director: Mohamed Fathi

The narrative centers around a detective novel, with the protagonist, Hisham Khairy, embarking on a quest to unravel its intricate code and concealed mysteries. He initiates a thorough investigation of various locations, individuals, analysts, and investigators in his pursuit of the truth. – Egypt TV Series

9. Kamel El3adad (TV Series 2023)

Egypt TV Series

Director: Khaled El Halafawy

Ahmed, a skilled plastic surgeon, and Laila, an accomplished cosmetics entrepreneur, found themselves enamored with one another upon their initial encounter. Despite the obstacles presented by their disparate familial backgrounds, the couple resolved to unite in matrimony. – Egypt TV Series

10. Ghamam’s Island (TV Series 2022)

Egypt TV Series

Director: Husain El-Minbawi

Khaldoun and Aika, the gypsy, have established themselves on the island of Ghamam with the intention of exerting control over its inhabitants. They believe that the island harbors a valuable treasure that remains undiscovered and is determined to expand their influence in order to execute their plan. – Egypt TV Series