The 10 Best Georgia TV Series You Should Watch

The 10 Best Georgia TV Series You Should Watch. You should check out these Georgia TV Series. These Georgia TV Series will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Georgia TV Series

1. Ginny & Georgia (TV Series 2021)

Director: Anya Adams

Ginny Miller is an angsty, awkward 15-year-old who often sees herself as more of a grown-up than her 30-year-old mother, the alluring and alluring Georgia Miller. After years of running, Georgia wants to settle down in beautiful New England and provide her family with what they’ve never known: a good life. But it’s not all about carpooling and kombucha; Georgia’s past threatens her new lifestyle, and she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her family. – Georgia TV Series

2. My Wife’s Girlfriends (TV Series 2011)

Director: Giorgi Liponava

Nina Tina and Kato are childhood friends. Nina is a housewife. Tina is a feminist and Kato is an event manager. Nina and Kato will join the new friends in the third season of Natashka. In the fifth season of Anka and in the seventh season of Nato. Later, Nina and Kato opened a cafe. – Georgia TV Series

3. The Real Housewives of Atlanta (TV Series 2008)

Director: Rick Rojas

A reality television show about the personal and professional lives of six women living in Atlanta, Georgia. The Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise has broadcast fifteen seasons and focuses on the personal and professional lives of numerous women living in and around Atlanta. – Georgia TV Series

4. Paradox (TV Series 2014)

Director: Zurab Menteshashvili

Irakli is a young, successful scientist who is investigating the phenomenon of death when his family tragedy strikes. After trying to commit suicide and falling into a coma for five months, Irakli awakens in the apocalypse of vampires. – Georgia TV Series

5. X Factor Georgia (TV Series 2014)

Director: Simon Cowell

X Factor Georgia is a Georgian version of the popular British television show The X Factor. It is a music talent show that features singers of all kinds competing in auditions from all over Georgia. The show was first aired on the Rustavi 2 channel in 2014. The show is divided into boys, girls, kids, and groups categories. – Georgia TV Series


6. The Samsonadzes (TV Series 2009)

Director: Harry H. Novak

Gela is a Georgian TV show that is similar to The Simpsons. Gela is a family man from Georgia, who works at a local Bank. Gela lives with Dodo, Gia, Shorena, and Kote, a talking parrot. The plot of the show changes from episode to episode. For example, Gela wins the lottery, his parents move in, etc.

The show promotes itself as a show about the life of ordinary people in Georgia. Some of the character’s flaws are based on real-life Georgian stereotypes, like a love for alcohol or a rural outlook. – Georgia TV Series

7. Kerchi: Dakarguli Gmirebi (TV Series 2015)

Director: Levan Dabrundashvili

During the Soviet assault on the Kerch peninsula, ethnic Georgians fought in the Red Army. The history of ethnic Georgian resistance to the Red Army in Kerch during the invasion of the peninsula by the Soviet Union. – Georgia TV Series

8. The Voice Georgia (TV Series 2012)

Director: John de Mol

The show is divided into three phases: a blind audition, a battle phase, and a live performance show. During the blind audition, four coaches, all notable recording artists, select teams of contestants.

During the battle phase, each coach has the opportunity to choose which of their team members they want to be on their team, and if more than one coach wants to be on the same team, the performer will have the final say as to which team they want to be a part of.

Once each coach has filled every available slot on their team, a batch of singers are mentored and trained by their respective coaches. In the battle phase, coaches must compete against each other in a sing-off on a ring-like stage.

The coach who wins each battle will be the one to go into the first round of the live show. During the live show, the remaining acts compete head to head, and the public vote will decide who will move on to the next show. Finally, the coach will choose which of the remaining acts to advance to the finale. – Georgia TV Series

9. State of Georgia (TV Series 2011)

Director: Leonard R. Garner Jr.

Georgia Chamberlain is a brash, southern 20-something actress with a big personality. She moves from the South to New York City to make it big on Broadway. She moves in with her quirky, science-phobic best friend Jo.

Together, they pursue their acting dreams as they juggle part-time work and numerous auditions, many of which end hilariously. Georgia’s Aunt Honey lets the two of them rent out the basement of her opulent New York apartment while they pursue their dreams in New York City.

Honey keeps Georgia and Jo on the right track as they pursue their dreams of becoming famous. In New York City, Georgia moves in with Jo, a science-phobic friend who wants to get into the Physics Department of a leading university. – Georgia TV Series

10. Tiflisi (TV Series 2014)

Director: Levan Dabrundashvili

The history of the nineteenth-century Georgia. The series has a very large scope, which is accurately reflected here in the Bible to understand Tiflis. The series, in Georgia, is, for the last time, the best picture, given that it is the shortest time-takes series.

It is directed for a certain part of his films, from which there is great pleasure. The picture is full of dramatic and striking images. The series narrates how he fights against innocent people. The violence is the daily killings.

The blackmail is the blackmail. It doesn’t have to be serfdom or mismanagement leadership. Some people have the conscience and humanity to change the dukes, welcome to enable the thieves. – Georgia TV Series